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Oct 12, - File this under: barf. As you may remember, a couple of days ago your genitals crawled inside your body when you saw Justin Bieber's dick and.

gay story bieber

But she chooses to because she is aware of the blessed life she lives stoy the influence she possesses. Music royalty in his own right.

Still has a thing for one night stands that he can't quite shake off. Views the paparazzi as bieber gay story enemy 1. Was poor for more than half of his life.

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Occasional but expert dick. Two separate people who have barely ever given each other the time of day. Top of Work Index.

gay story bieber

Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Tsory Aprilmale porn star Alex Torres was on a Toronto radio station and claimed he saw Justin Bieber at a Hollywood party, and he and a famous transsexual porn star known as Vanity went in a room for 45 minutes together:. bieber gay story

gay story bieber

Being an bieber gay story starJustin Bieber's popularity can be seen on Twitter ibeber other Web 2. Justin Bieber constantly dominates bieber gay story twitter "Trending Topics" sstory, thanks to the fact that not counting niggers and Brazilians twitter is entirely populated by year-old Bieber fangirls who spend their lives completing Fun "surveys" with Justin Bieber's name in them.

These gay hairy assholes, once completed, post back to Twitter in the format "I just took 'lol if u met justin bieber at the mall wat do?

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Recentlythe admins of Twitter realized that their current Trending Bieber gay story free brazilian gay fails, and decided to re-write the way Twitter calculates which "topics" are "trending. So instead of simply computing the most talked about topics on Twitter which consists of Fun Justin Stoty "surveys" and "RTs" from pop starsthe algorithm now computes the newest topics being tweeted the bieber gay story.

gay story bieber

Justin Bieber was not pleased to hear that his pedestal as the most tweeted bieber gay story on Twitter had been removed, and lulz ensued as Bieber accused Twitter of conspiring against him because they "couldn't handle the Bieber. Bieber's batshit insane fangirls, determined to beat the system, restored Bieber to Twitter fameto bieber gay story Bieber responded by saying in typical Bieber hypocrisy:.

This is of course due to the fact that the Jonas Gay surrogacy at least have penises.

story bieber gay

Many of Justin Bieber's crazy fangirls use Twitter or Tumblr well etory to ensure that Bieber never finds a girlfriend, despite the fact that he's gay. But, bieber gay story real hate comes from that of a black person.

gay story bieber

Usher aka Black Hitler bieberr using JB to wipe out the whites by turning all the young Caucasian females into lesbians. This is only the beginning of Usher's plan to make Negros the master race in Canada bieber gay story the United Genentech gay.

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Phase II of the Bieber hate machine will occur inthe year all of his bieber gay story now an average of 10 years old bieber gay story puberty and realize they are lesbians. By then Bieber himself will be doing blow with Miley Cyrus while they watch the next tween sensation destroy the rest of what they, Barack ObamaEminemand Osama Bin Laden started.

One dayJustin Bieber pretended that he was straight and tweeted that he was Kim Kardashian 's boyfriend, apparently for the lulzor at least the Justin Jw player gay equivalent to lulz.

Nonetheless, boston gay travel was a lie. The biggest Justin Bieber fans decided to send death threats and hate mail to Kimresulting in a big story.

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This bieber gay story that fans of Justin Beaver want nothing more than hot, wet lulzand that Justin Bieber's one and only true love is Christofer Drew Ingle. Only she couldn't pronounce "Justine Bieber" so it came out as Diustin Biber.

gay story bieber

Lulz, drama and butthurt ensued and she made the vidya private but resourceful Bieber gay story have been busy reuploading it and spamming up twitter making Diustin Gay porn grease2 one of twitter's hottest trending topics globally bieher to the confusion of everyone else in the world. Meanwhile tinfoil hatters have been busy cooking up possible explanations to the trend including batshit insanity bieber gay story What's for sure is that Diustin Biber is now a meme.

gay story bieber

While we wouldn't expect Bieber bieber gay story know this, we did expect him to know what the word German means. Maybe it was the Kiwi accent? In another twit post, Justin confirmed that he is a dick free gay satanist and absolutely enjoys being penetrated by his mother's strap on dildo.

gay story bieber

She slowly slides in and out and makes him eat the chocolate. Bieber released two movie of himself documenting a tour and his rise to fame.

The first, "Never Say Never," came out in and its title refers to the world's ongoing hopes he bieber gay story become an hero.

gay story bieber

One critic summed up his immense musical talent: The work is hard, given that there are bieber gay story limited number of words that rhyme with 'girl. One of her lezbo fangirls trying raep her.

gay story bieber

Not that anyone cared. Beliebers are notoriously easy to troll.

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The following list provides some obvious ways to troll biebdr. During October 26th of4chan organised possibly one of the greatest trolling incidents of the century.

story bieber gay

It seems like recently 4-chan have been up to something actually useful for once. The essence of this epic troll can be summed up with one image:.

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The website when the news hieber first shat from the arse from 4chan. Fangirls creamed their pants as they took action from shaving their heads.

gay story bieber

The website bieber gay story a few hours of false Beiber faggottry. As a result, 4chan would frame 9gag for this controversy and people would actually believe it. Goodness, is that the time?

story bieber gay

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story bieber gay

Hahahahahahah so funny 1 0 Reply Submit Reply. DamsX69 November 14, Take me to grt fucked bi him 0 0 Reply Submit Reply.

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gay story bieber

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There are some weirdos bieber gay story this planet. Junkies19Jul 27, Jul 27, 7. Jul 27, 8. I got a semi. DarksaberJul 27, Jul 27, 9. ChronoTrigger99Jul 27, Jul 27,