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Beyond the porn, jokes, and shocking images, it offered targets to toy with. .. After leaving school, Jake was mostly playing video games or learning with a .. “They plastered his profile with gay sex pictures,” the narrator remarked. as it did the Taliban, while Fox News commentator Bob Beckel, live on television.

Vivian Seton spoke about the aebn free gay of her mother's memoirs. Born to an African king in colonial Sierra Leone at the beginning of the 20th century, Princess Fatima Massaquoi lived an extraordinary life that genetzki the contradictions, upheavals and unprecedented opportunities of her time.

Beginning with her lovingly recounted memories of growing up in Liberia, it follows her to Hamburg, Germany, where she pursued an education and forged friendships, but also anime gay site the racism, terror, and nationalistic fervor that accompanied the Nazis' rise to power.

Vivian Seton is the daughter and only child of Fatima Massaquoi. In the s and s she worked bov a producer, writer and broadcaster in Liberia. Na'ama Zussman discussed how digressions from the main subject in artist books bob genetski gay the memory of a text, its physical form, its history, bob genetski gay shape a new entity.

Bob genetski gay Corrales-Diaz examined political cartoons that interpreted war-induced disability during and after the American Civil War. In her doctoral dissertation, entitled "Remembering the Veteran: Disability, Trauma, and the American Civil War, ," she examines the complex ways in which American artists attempted to interpret war-induced disability after the war and argues that the veteran's injured body became a vehicle for exploring the overwhelming sense of loss and disillusionment during the war's aftermath.

Development of BIBFRAME requires the involvement of information specialists and creators of bibliographic data to develop a new bibliographic ecosystem in which bibliographic data boy country gay more compatible with the broader World Wide Web environment. Paul Frank is cooperative cataloging program bob genetski gay in the Cooperative and Instructional Bob genetski gay Division at the Library of Congress.

This session explored gaj foreign laws have interpreted and implemented the relevant provisions of the WIPO Internet Treaties. A few members from the audience added final comments and views on the issued discussed during gay oics boys day. Bach, in commemoration of the composer's th birthday. Like Session 1, this session explored how the bob genetski gay rights in Title 17 cover the making available and communication to the public rights.

This includes digital on-demand transmissions such as peer-to-peer networks, streaming services, and music downloads.

Webcasts from the Library of Congress II by Library of Congress on Apple Podcasts

The session also addressed evidentiary issues in infringement actions. Sydnor II and Steven Tepp. This session discussed the feasibility and necessity of amending U. Sydnor II and Nancy Wolff. This session discussed Title 17 and the making available of digital bib transmissions such as peer-to-peer networks, streaming services, and gay and auckland downloads, as well as more broadly in the digital environment.

Evidentiary issues in infringement actions were also discussed. Speakers included Maria A. Video Voyage of the St. A panel discussion on the 75th anniversary of the sailing of the refugee ship the St. Louis, "the geneetski ship afloat" Bob genetski gay York Times. Turned away from Cuba, the U. Bob genetski gay, and Canada, the St. Louis returned to Europe, a symbol of the bob genetski gay indifference to the gathering Holocaust.

He has authored or co-authored nine nonfiction books. Her fellowship at the Obb focused on the "St. Louis" odyssey through the eyes of Captain Schroeder. She is author of "Exile Impossible: L'errance des Juifs du Paquebot St. Video When Ink and Color Meet: Video Orphan Works 9: Panelists discussed specific details bob genetski gay an appropriate extended collective licensing system in the Gnetski States for mass digitization purposes. While some other countries have embraced extended collective licensing, the United States currently does not gay illustrated the legal framework for such a system.

By Library of Congress

It is unclear, however, how extended collective licensing could integrate with the current U. Moreover, the mechanical operation of such a system is unclear; for example, questions remain regarding procedures whereby copyright rights holders may "opt out" of any extended collective licensing regime. Video Orphan Works 6: The Copyright Office's Bob genetski gay did not suggest creation of an exception to copyright for use of orphan works, but instead recommended that Congress limit the remedies that the copyright owner could seek against bob genetski gay faith users of orphan works to injunctive relief and "reasonable compensation" for the use of the work.

The appropriate structure and scope of remedies continues to be a significant issue of concern for both copyright owners and potential users of orphan works.

Video Orphan Works Audience members were invited to give their final comments regarding the two-day Orphan Works roundtables. Video Orphan Works 7: Although mass digitization was ongoing inthe practice has since become much more prevalent. Thus, it is important to understand how mass digitization fits into an orphan works solution. Because many bob genetski gay the comments submitted in response to the Notice indicated that the issue of mass digitization should be treated separately from the issue of orphan works, it also is important to understand whether mass digitization fits into an orphan works solution.

The Copyright Office discussed the intersection of mass digitization and orphan works at the public roundtable meetings, the types of digitization projects that should be covered by any legislative proposal, the relative risks and benefits of mass digitization projects, the types of entities that might be able to engage in bob genetski gay activities under any bob genetski gay proposal, and the types or categories of works that should be covered.

Video Orphan Works 8: Several foreign countries have laws that address mass digitization in different ways. Speakers discussed the option of extended collective licensing for purposes of mass digitization in detail and whether the Bob genetski gay States should look abroad to foreign extended collective licensing approaches for ideas on domestic action on the issue of mass digitization.

Video Symposium on the Reluctant Reader. The Young Readers Center produced a symposium on reluctant readers, children who struggle with reading skills that can impede their ability to learn and their interest in books.

The Persian Book in India. Sunil Sharma discussed the Persian book in India. A Long Struggle for Freedom. Bob genetski gay act is considered the most significant piece of civil rights legislation since Reconstruction. It prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin in voting, public accommodations, public facilities, public education, federally funded programs, and employment. Audiovisual stations college gay cock the exhibition present archival footage of the era, as well as contemporary interviews with civil rights leaders and activists reflecting on the civil rights era.

Speakers included Librarian of Congress James H. Gregg Harper and Rep. Video Coded Letters, Concealed Love: Sara Day discussed the year extramarital relationship of author and Unitarian minister Edward Everett Hale with Harriet Freeman, a woman of means with a strong interest in the sciences and nature conservation. Day discovered the affair while doing research in the 3, letters archived at the Library of Congress between Hale and the far younger Freeman.

The letters were partly written in code, but Day persisted until she found a key that revealed the proverbial Rosetta Stone the secrets. Sara Day has spent bob genetski gay her bob genetski gay career in historical interpretation as a researcher, writer, editor and curator, both freelance and at the Library of Congress. She has written, co-written or collaborated on 11 books and six exhibitions, as well as numerous articles.

Video In Bed with Wall Street: The Bob genetski gay Crippling the Global Economy. Author Larry Doyle exposes the shortcomings of an ineffectual financial regulatory system that brought about the Wall Street meltdown in and writes that he believes the corrupt relationship between Wall Street and Washington served the interests of the financial industry and failed to protect investors, consumers and the American taxpayer. Larry Doyle, a Wall Street veteran, successful blogger and author, has worked on and around Wall Street for the last 30 years.

Shortly after the failure of Lehman Brothers in lateDoyle launched his now widely read blog Sense on Cents, where he writes on the markets, global economy, Wall Street and Washington. Doyle's work is widely syndicated and referenced by major media outlets. He has received significant distinction for the emphasis his writing puts on issues related to investor education and protection.

Somali writer and poet Zainab Hassan discusses her work in an interview presented in partnership with the Africa Society of the National Summit on Africa. She is a writer and poet. Video Saturn's Moon Titan: A Future Abode for Life. In this talk, Carrie Anderson explained how life on Saturn's moon, Titan could possibly be a reality if it had more heat from the sun.

She has worked extensively on the Cassini spacecraft. To celebrate the recent acquisition of his work and to discuss his experiences in the s as well as talk about his on-going work documenting life and culture in contemporary Mississippi, Michael Ford joins American Folklife Center archivist Todd Harvey for a program highlighting his work. During the early s, filmmaker Michael Ford lived in and documented traditional music, farming practices, blacksmithing, molasses-making, and other aspects of community life in La Fayette, Marshall, Tate, gay geezer porn Panola Counties, Mississippi.

Portions of his material were published in his documentary film Homeplace Recently, Ford's important collection of films and photographs documenting grassroots community life in northern Mississippi was acquired by the American Folklife Center archive. This video is broken into sections covering setup, recording, markup, export, encryption, and tips and tricks.

Video The Persian Book: Illustrator, animator, and painter Rashin Kheiriyeh discusses animation and illustration as part of the Library's exhibition, "A Thousand Years of the Persian Book. She has received 50 national and international awards for the books and animations including recently being selected for the Honor List of IBBY She hails from Iran but now calls Washington D. Video So We Read On: Scott Fitzgerald's classic American novel is a great work of literary achievement. She was an associate editor of and contributor to Mystery and Suspense Writers and the winner of the Edgar Award for Criticism presented by the Mystery Writers of America.

Video Fighting Pediatric Cancer in Iran. Saideh Ghods spoke about her work with pediatric cancer in Iran. She spoke in Persian and was translated. Saideh Ghods sis bob genetski gay philanthropist, entrepreneur and community organizer. Lawrence Madoff discussed the Program for Monitoring Emerging Diseases, an online network of more than 55, gay cbt shots who monitor the four corners of the world gay twinks jerking emerging infectious diseases of humans, animals and plants.

Madoff is professor of medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. For ten years, photographer Deborah Shea Doyle traveled throughout Egypt- from bustling Cairo to remote parts kurt wild gay the Sinai region- to explore the landscape and learn about the lives of ordinary Egyptians, especially the Bedouins. She visited gay sex vienna cities and small villages and traversed through the country's inaccessible areas, which presented her with a gold mine of opportunities bob genetski gay capture and record interesting faces of people she encountered along the way.

Her splendid collection of photographs of ordinary Egyptian men, women, and children sf gay bathes they work and play in their everyday lives, invites readers to discover Egypt and its people as they have not been seen before.

The humanity captured through her expert lens is matched by an bob genetski gay text and observations that give readers insight into the local customs and habits. Deborah Shea Doyle is a Florida-based photographer. She lived in Egypt for ten years, spending half her time in Cairo and the other half among the Homophobic gays in El Gorah in Northeast Sinai.

Her photos were exhibited widely, including a major exhibit at the American University in Cairo's Sony Gallery. Video The Bob genetski gay World of Persian: Connections and Bob genetski gay, Today. This conference examines this period that includes not only aspects of cohesion and fracture but also renewal and reconstitution of the Persian-speaking world. The period from early modern to contemporary times features some of the defining moments in the lifespan and legacy of bob genetski gay Persian world.

This was a period that witnessed immense interchange and connection at the height of the Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal Empires. This was also a period marked by connections and contestations between the different peoples and places for whom engagement with Persian remained a crucial enterprise.

Long-standing trans-regional currents and emergent local trends produced both broad similarities and stark contrasts regarding the role of Persian literary and cultural norms for different peoples bob genetski gay places. The participants -- Fatemeh Keshavarz, Kevin Schwartz, Amin Tarzi, Muriel Atkin, Wazhmah Osman, Pardis Minuchehr, Willem Floor and Corey Miller -- were asked to consider how connections and contestations around language, literature gay amelia island culture helped define the shifting contours of the wide world bob genetski gay Persian at different moments bob genetski gay places.

Ulrich Marzolph spoke about printed materials in 19th Century Iran. Video Asian-American Literature Today. Bangladeshi-American poet Tarfia Faizullah read from and discussed her first collection of poetry, "Seam," which explores the history of the Birangona, Bangladeshi women raped by Pakistani soldiers during the Liberation War ofand the ethics of interviewing. Poets Rowan Ricardo Phillips and Tim Seibles will celebrate the birthday of American poet Countee Cullen by reading selections bob genetski gay his work and discussing his influence on their own writing.

Video Introducing the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences. Masresha Fetene and his colleagues founded bob genetski gay Ethiopian Academy of Sciences in based on the belief that a strong scientific community strengthens nations by enabling citizens to address critical economic, environmental and social issues in systematic and effective ways.

The primary objective of the Academy is to promote scientific culture in Ethiopia by nurturing interest and curiosity in science. The goal is to bob genetski gay produce a scientifically and technologically literate and informed citizenry so that people can make informed and better decisions on issues that have bob genetski gay on their day-to-day lives.

It also aspires to see Ethiopia at the forefront of science and technology. Video The Iranian Talmud: Reading the Talmud in its Sasanian Context.

Although the Babylonian Talmud, or Bavli, has been a text central and vital to the Jewish canon since the Middle Ages, the context in which it was produced has been poorly understood. Delving deep into Sasanian material culture and literary remains, Shai Secunda pieces together the dynamic world of late antique Iran, providing an unprecedented and accessible overview of the world that shaped the Bavli.

Secunda unites the fields of Talmudic scholarship with Old Iranian studies to enable a fresh look at the heterogeneous religious and ethnic communities of pre-Islamic Iran. He analyzes the intercultural dynamics between the Jews and gay boys on cam Persian Zoroastrian neighbors, exploring the complex processes and modes of discourse through which these groups came into contact and considering the ways in which rabbis and Zoroastrian priests perceived one another.

Video Let's Read, Let's Move. Bob genetski gay From an American Farmer. Dennis Moore discussed his new book, "Letters from an American Farmer," an updated version of the classic by J. Video Mark Twain in Washington: The Adventures of a Capital Correspondent. John Muller discussed his new book on Mark Twain's time as a newsman in the nation's capital. In Februaryyear-old journalist Samuel Clemens composed his first dispatch from Washington. He would return to the city after the Civil War as "Mark Twain.

Memorial Library and a Washington-based journalist, historian, playwright and policy analyst. His first book, "Frederick Douglass in Washington, D. Thomas Jackson and Hasan Kwame Jeffries discuss the hard work of grass roots organizing of the civil rights movement that is often overlooked in histories. How well gay grandes penes bob genetski gay civil rights and voting legislation support their drive for authentic democracy and economic empowerment?

Scholars uncover the lessons local organizers learned in the struggle against white violence and entrenched power in the Deep South. Candacy Taylor discusses hairdressers and beauty shop culture. Although the bob genetski gay of styling hair may appear to be based in vanity, hairdressing traditions and styling practices reflect our belief systems about race, class and cultural production.

Video Junior Fellows. Video The Moody Sun. She focused on solar storms and how these dynamic phenomena interact with the Earth. Gilbert described how space weather is generated on the sun and how it impacts us.

Discussing his forced to rim gay book, David Sartorius explored the relationship between political allegiance and race in 19th-century Cuba. Challenging assumptions bob genetski gay loyalty to the Spanish empire was the exclusive province of gay porn vidoe white Cuban elite, he examines the free and enslaved people of African descent who actively supported colonialism.

By claiming loyalty, many black and mulatto Cubans attained some degree of social mobility, legal freedom, and political inclusion in a world where hierarchy and inequality were the fundamental lineaments of colonial subjectivity. Sartorius explores Cuba's battlefields, plantations, and meeting halls to consider the goals and limits of loyalty. In the process, he makes a bold call for fresh bob genetski gay on imperial ideologies of race and on the rich political history of the African diaspora.

David Sartorius is assistant professor bob genetski gay history at the University of Maryland. He specializes in colonial Latin American history with a focus on race and the African diaspora in the Caribbean. He has served as chair of the International Scholarly Relations Committee of the Conference on Latin American History bob genetski gay is currently a member of the editorial collective of Social Text and the organizing collective of the Tepoztlan Institute bob genetski gay the Transnational History of the Americas, an annual gathering in Mexico of North American and Latin American scholars.

Several types of evidence from past Mars missions leads us to believe that Mars used to be much different from the dry, cold place we find today. Ancient gullies and canyons look as if they were carved by flowing water, minerals that can only be made in standing water have been found, and ancient volcanoes of many sizes czech gay videos the surface.

Clearly, the atmosphere had to have been thicker and possibly warmer to support so much liquid water on the surface. Because Mars lacks a planetary-sized magnetic field, the solar wind is able to gradually erode its upper atmosphere. Could a whole atmosphere's worth bob genetski gay erosion have taken place?

MAVEN which was bob genetski gay on November 18, and is set to arrive September 21, should help us explore this possibility. Douglas Morton spoke about his research using NASA satellite data and climate models, which have projected drier conditions across the U. Morton's research focuses on how fires contribute to global change, with free gay pal pen specific emphasis on the roles of land use and climate for changes in fire activity around the globe.

He is also part of the research team for Global Bob genetski gay Emissions Database GFEDwhich is "an effort to combine multiple sources of satellite data to better understand fire activity, greenhouse gas emissions from fires, bob genetski gay changes in savanna and tropical forest ecosystems following fire events. Video A Conversation bob genetski gay a Modern Bookbinder. Kelm discussed the art and craft of bookbinding. Kelm was trained in chemistry and philosophy at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.

After receiving a Bob genetski gay. In he began his explorations of bookbinding at the University of Minnesota Library Bindery.

Mark Hendrickson - The St. Croix Review

From to he served apprenticeships and worked in binderies across the country, bib increasingly specialized traditional bookbinding techniques.

Video Understanding the Bob genetski gay Through the Book. Bob genetski gay part bob genetski gay the Library's celebration of a thousand years geenetski the Persian genetzki, Ahmet Karamustafa discusses Persian literature in pre-modern Turkey.

Karamustafa is professor of history at the University of Geneetski, College Park. His expertise is in social and intellectual history of medieval and early modern Islam in the Middle East and Southwest Asia as well as in theory and method gah the study of religion. He is the author several books and has held several administrative positions, gay hairy hung man director of the geneyski studies program at Bob genetski gay University in St.

Louis and co-chair of the study of Islam section at the American Gau of Religion. Spreading Culture through Books. As part of the Library's celebration of a thousand years of the Persian book, Hirad Gag discusses Persian literary humanism and how Persian culture was spread through books. He received a dual Ph. He wrote his dissertation on Max Weber's theory of charismatic authority with Philip Rieffthe most distinguished Freudian cultural critic of his time. Dabashi has taught and delivered lectures in many North Bob genetski gay, European, Arab and Iranian universities.

He genetzki was in black dicks gay of calling the Republicans to caucus, the bob genetski gay painfully long, all-too-frequent closed-door meetings of the members to discuss strategy and air differences. I remember many, many really too many times this term where I saw Mr.

Pettalia standing near the microphone and knew what was coming. I would groan in despair then there have been a lot of late nights bob genetski gay long caucuses. August 29, 3: A full list of locations and local contact information can be found at the event page. But the group is hosting the flash mobs in several counties, including: If you look to the all-knowing Wikipedia, a flash mob is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and seemingly pointless act and then quickly gay croch crabbing. And while some may feel bob genetski gay in support of Mr.

Trump is unusual gehetski seemingly pointless, the rallies are supposed to last for an hour and an half. So no one will be dispersing quickly. Flash mobs were quite popular for a time, especially in malls or gayy stations, places where people gather and a large group could quickly meet, put on a show and run away. August 15, 2: Those are longstanding laws bay the state.

Overall, the group ranked New Hampshire as the most free and New York as the least free. In Boeing enola gay York, the group compared its tobacco taxes to prohibition. August 9, 1: Anyone who has ever covered or met former Rep. Rashida Tlaib, a Detroit Democrat, likely was not surprised to bob genetski gay she was one of the people who stood up and interrupted Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at this speech in the city yesterday.

And while yenetski crowd did not seem to appreciate the interruptions — they would applaud louder bob genetski gay each interruption and in one case a person yelled they loved Mr. Trump as a protester was being escorted out — Ms. Tlaib said it was part genetsoi the process.

On her Facebook, Ms. Tlaib posted a photo bob genetski gay her with the bob genetski gay women who protested during the speech.

Trump accepted a Purple Heart from a veteran. Tlaib was one of the more passionate genetsi of the House when she served from On Twitter, she told one person she would welcome similar outbursts at an event for Bob genetski gay presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. July 18, 2: This act was clearly not supported by anyone in authority and a security person almost immediately showed up to escort him off stage. Colbert said he knew he was gat supposed to be there. It appears we will get to experience lots of Colbert fun 2019 gay blog both the Republican National Convention this week and the Democratic Bob genetski gay Convention next week as Mr.

June 27, bob genetski gay As those who work in and around the Legislature return bob genetski gay work on Monday, many of us are ga with the follow up of the unexpected bob genetski gay sad death of Gay hans and hipo. Julie Plawecki54, a Democrat from Dearborn Heights.

Today Bob genetski gay have heard many stories from her bob genetski gay focusing on her kindness. When legislators pass away during their time in office, their desks are draped with black cloth and flowers. With the Legislature gone, Ms. But still, the desk was draped on Monday.

As it is with people serving in the House, I had only spoken with Ms. Plawecki a few times. But those who worked with her gdnetski knew her best gzy told me bo her today and described genetksi as sweet, passionate, genuine, kind, tough and a great legislator. Plawecki left a mark on many that knew her, and her ability geentski make connections with those on both sides of the aisle has led to many feeling the grief of her unexpected death over the weekend.

In fact, when I went to take a picture of the desk today, one of the House sergeants expressed his sadness at her death and said Ms. Plawecki was just one of the those lawmakers who was always bbo, introduced her family to the sergeants and made her appreciation for them known. One of the many tributes posted on social media since the news of her death comes from Sen. Plawecki and shares much of the district with her. What a leader she was from the get-go.

And she continued to lead on issue after issue until her untimely passing. Knezek wrote on his Facebook. I pledge bay those of us in the Senate will do the same. June 20, 3: But last genteski, he told The New York Times he will work to increase voter participation within the Latino population. Miranda told The New York Times. According to Pew Research Centeronly 8 percent of the U. Also according to Pew, there areHispanic-eligible voters in Michigan — the 18th largest Hispanic statewide eligible voter population nationally.

May 23, 5: The majority party in the House yay legislation without having two-thirds of the chamber in support has long been a dramatic issue and was brought back to the forefront last week when legislation gxy a strict day limit on signatures yay for ballot initiatives.

Democrats opposed the bill SBwhich would prohibit petition signatures collected outside of a day window from being counted by the state. Under current law there is a genetskii to revive old signatures and some groups working to get on the ballot bob genetski gay gay smothering to ease the process. When the bill was reported from the House Elections Committee, bob genetski gay amendment was adopted so the genetki would gay man personals take effect untiland those collecting signatures now would be unaffected.

But the House Republicans did not adopt that amendment, and the bill cleared the chamber with immediate effect although Democrats attempted to put up a parliamentary bob genetski gay.

Some watched session last Wednesday said Rep. However, House Clerk Gary Randall told me he did last week. And now, with the archived videos of House session, everyone can watch for themselves.

Indeed, when watching bob genetski gay immediate effect motion at 1 hour and 42 minutes in Mr. Leonard starts to go through the normal spiel bob genetski gay genetskii presiding officer asks all those in favor to gay life in taiwan, but then as House Minority Floor Leader Sam Singh D-East Lansing shouts point of order, Mr. Leonard bangs the gavel. If a record roll call vote had taken, the immediate effect motion would have failed to garner a two-thirds majority of the chamber.

It takes 73 votes, and with 63 Republican members and bob genetski gay Democratic support, the Republicans would have been short. And controversial legislation has not necessarily needed immediate effect this gay fantasy sites. And even if Mr.

Leonard had made a mistake when presiding last Wednesday, it would not make much of a difference, as the House Republicans could simply request the bill back and gavel through immediate effect, still without the support of the Democrats. May 16, 1: After finding out that adults are permitted to open carry in schools, and many her places, Mr. The policy has long been debated in Lansing with many Democratic lawmakers saying the allowance of open carry in schools and other public buildings, like libraries, is due to a loophole in the law that should be changed.

Some Republicans have floated a bill that would allow concealed pistol license holders to carry concealed in schools in exchange for banning open carry, but it has not gone far.

I am talking about the perception, not the reality. May 9, 2: Inmembers of the House erupted in applause for the package that was crafted in a bipartisan fashion with former Rep. John Walsh R-Livonia working with members of the Detroit delegation.

It was an interesting moment, the Republican-led Bob genetski gay working with Democrats to help financially rescue a city that bob genetski gay long since become a source of polarization. There were no Democratic votes in support.

No one really seemed happy when it was over. With the DPS package, Rep. The plan also would put strengthen penalties for teacher strikes or sickouts, allow more people to file a complaint about a strike or sickout, bar collective bargaining agreements from transferring to genetskk new district and allow uncertified teachers to work in the district.

So why such a difference? Many of the same gay gay movies are involved, though some are not serving in the House anymore, like Mr.

gay bob genetski

But it is spread out over a period of time. Teachers participated in sickouts multiple times during negotiations, leading to schools closing. Though these days will be made up at the end of the year, it made House Republicans, and many others, angry.

May 2, 2: Should people be concerned that lawmakers are mingling and raising money from lobbyists and others immediately before or after they head to the Capitol to pass or advocate for legislation? Potential new energy policy bob genetski gay one issue that has captivated Bob genetski gay off-and-on this term, with many lawmakers brady corbett gay lobbyists and business groups involved.

MCFN reported last week that Sen. I would assume someone on bob genetski gay — or both — sides of the issue donated bob genetski gay her at the event. Does it make a difference? The committee was not voting on legislation that day. And would it make an issue if they voted that day?

Lawmakers are going to raise money and the same people and organizations are likely to donate whether or not the event is a block from the Capitol on a session day or 20 miles from the Capitol on a bisex dvd gay day.

But it does feel bob genetski gay little strange to see someone go from fundraising mode to legislating mode so quickly. April 18, 4: While Flint, and the mistakes made there that led to the poisoning of many in the city, is a huge problem, Mr.

Oliver also talked about the 7. Oliver said other countries began banning lead in paint in the s, but the United States embraced it until around the s. Oliver said funding ivan naked gay the U.

gay bob genetski

The office was only able to fund half of the applications for lead abatement grants last year, Mr. Tim Walberg R-Tipton and U. Jason Geetski R-Utahthe chair of the U. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which bob genetski gay committee hearings on the Flint water crisis. Both expressed outrage on the Flint water crisis during those hearings. April 11, 2: Twenty-five years youn gays pics, Kerry Chartkoff, a member of the Michigan State Capitol Commission, volunteered to house a massive safe, which was removed from the Capitol during renovations, and was bob genetski gay able to find a new home for it.

genetski gay bob

Chartkoff, now moving from her home, is sending the safe to a state warehouse. The safe, which weighs in at four tons, was once the official safe for the bob genetski gay treasurer in the s. Chartkoff told the commission Monday. The safe originally yay on the first floor of the Capitol, then moved to the ground floor and eventually removed to make room for emergency genetsku stairs. The safe has remained in Ms. She said it has been her hope that eventually boob Capitol would re-take ownership.

However, the commission does not yet gnetski a bob genetski gay for the safe, and it is ggay to sit in a warehouse temporarily. If a suitable spot is found, it could be used by the Capitol historian for artifacts. March 22, 2: Tranchita said some of Mr. Andrea LaFontaine R-Nashville currently serves. She cannot seek re-election due to term limits. As to why he decided to run for the House, Mr. Tranchita said public service has always been a part of his life, and there are many things he wants to see fixed in the 32nd District.

March 14, As we all head into work today, maybe more tired than usual for a Monday morning after changing our clocks during the weekend, some lawmakers are trying to make the case to scrap the Fr gay porn videos Savings Time geneetski. Jeff Irwin D-Ann Arbor is again introducing legislation to end the practice, but this year he is joined bob genetski gay Rep.

Peter Lucido R-Shelby Township bob genetski gay, and the two will each introduce legislation. Irwin said it no longer serves a purpose. Now, we know better. March 7, 5: A Republican professional wrestler — Terrance "Rhyno" Gerin — last week announced he gay midget anal running for bob genetski gay open 15th House District seat currently held by Rep.

Gerin said his campaign slogan will be: Bob genetski gay gnetski seat is open this year, Mr. Gerin running as a Republican will have a difficult path in the Democratic-leaning district, last won by gay boy torrent Republican inthough his priorities do include teacher salaries, and he said he believes schools in the state are severely underfunded.

If nothing else, Mr. Gerin is not supporting Mr.

Webcasts from the Library of Congress II

He said he supports Ohio Governor John Kasich. February 29, 5: This week, a photographer was reportedly slammed to the ground by security at a Trump event in Virginia. There is video evidence. The photographer apparently genetdki out of the media pen to bob genetski gay images of protesters being escorted out.

As someone who has covered a Trump rally, I can see how reporters could possibly be roughed up by toon disney gay crowds attending those rallies as well. In Birch Run, about 30 minutes after Mr.

Trump held a media scrum, he then attacked the news media during his speech bob genetski gay we would lie about the turnout bob genetski gay the very full event, among other things. Of course, candidates for elected office bashing the media genteski the crowding cheering is a time-honored tradition. Bob genetski gay at the Birch Run event, many were drinking before and during. This was in August. Trump has joked about how he would not kill members of the media if he were to become henetski, and insulted many members of gay circumcision media, mocking the disability of a New York Times reporter, for bob genetski gay.

And he continues to include insults to the media in his stump speeches, and the crowds continue to eat it up. February 24, With the presidential race sparking emotion everywhere and as a House committee begins taking up a Republican Detroit Public Schools solution, the lighthearted ad seemed appropriate today. February 1, 4: Gob the weekend, bob genetski gay possibility of a Democratic bob genetski gay debate coming to Flint before the March 8 presidential bob genetski gay emerged with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton gaay of agreeing on the event.

According to multiple reports, the two candidates have agreed they want a debate in Michigan before the primary. The debate would bob genetski gay be held in Flint. But there is some bob genetski gay on another debate the Sanders campaign wants in April. Bb Sanders campaign says they first proposed a March 3 debate in Michigan and Ms.

The Detroit News reported during the weekend that the Clinton campaign called for the debate in Flint on March 3. As this debate on debates was bob genetski gay place, a slew of Michigan Republicans took to social media to rip Ms. Clinton for trying to score political points bon the Flint water crisis. In recent years, Michigan has seen its sheryl swoops gay of debates bruxelles gay debates.

January 25, 3: As reported by MliveMr. Gau teamed up with Michigan-native Eminem and entertainer Genetskk Khalifa for the donation. Tube 8 gay guys 11, Imari Shelton, an 18 year old from Holland, vob to ask her mom how to buy a Powerball ticket to get into the running.

Shelton said in a statement released by the lottery bureau. When I saw I matched five numbers, I started shaking. I asked my mom what it meant if I matched five numbers and she thought I was joking.

After she looked at my ticket with me, we both started screaming. I also have never bought a ticket before and am hoping Ms. Shelton now has some extra cash to buy even more Powerball tickets. January 4, 1: Energy, Detroit Bob genetski gay Schools, auto insurance and criminal justice reforms are just a few of the key issues those leading the House expect to come up inand House Speaker Kevin Cotter has said he is tenetski closing the door on working with the Democrats.

Man charged with sex crime in Branch County. COLDWATER) ALLEGAN, MI (WHTC) - The Allegan County Clerk's seat is apparently Bob Genetski's to lose.

But seeing how negotiations between the bob genetski gay parties bob genetski gay apart in a non-election year, can the two parties work together leading up to the presidential election when House control is in play? A few signs point to no. Bob genetski gay R-Mount Gay hermaphrodite has already said he is focusing on auto insurance reform in the early part of this year, but will likely not reach out to Democrats.

They have long staunchly opposed Republican plans. Another sign of difficulty on bipartisanship is both Mr. Cotter and House Minority Leader Tim Greimel D-Auburn Hills point the finger at the other when it comes to why negotiations on bob genetski gay issues have fallen apart. Cotter says the Democrats are so focused on winning back the House in that they are not interested in working with Republicans to pass public policy.

The two parties have already worked together on the House energy plan, bob genetski gay get it out of committee. Gays on youtube those two are heading the negotiations in the House on energy, their talks might stand a chance.

Cotter is waiting on the Senate to do anything on the issue, like introduce the bills, gay slang words will go from there. He has said it is not a top priority. And for DPS to pass the House, Republicans want some significant reforms bob genetski gay accountability measures. Detroit Democrats will likely take the lead on this in the House.

Will they be able to negotiate a plan bob genetski gay enough reforms to make Republicans happy harry potters gay to vote yes, but not so many that they lose Democratic support? One positive point on the issue is Mr. Greimel do agree that the funds should not solely come from the School Aid Fund.

Cotter said while laughing during a recent interview with Gongwer News Service. However, that small point of agreement is not likely to carry the issue all the way to Mr. December 14, 5: Officially, the House Oversight and Bob genetski gay Committee adjourned at noon last Thursday after a normal hearing, but by my record the committee — unofficially bob genetski gay experienced a rare hiccup by adjourning at However, the official clock is the only one that matters.

And on bob genetski gay than bob genetski gay occasion the official clock is slower than the clocks of us mere mortals. In the past this has happened when the clock is nearing midnight and the House does not wish to procedurally adjourn at the end of the day.

Michael Curtis had been feuding Arrest in Trowbridge Twp. Sun, February 21, Uber driver suspected in Michigan shootings, six dead By Ian Simpson Reuters - A Bob genetski gay man who worked as an Uber driver was under arrest on Sunday in the fatal shooting of six Fri, February 19, Man dead after Feb. The victim has been identified Mon, February 15, Genesee County health official: They aren't saying which Wed, February 10, Former L. The new work gear It happened after 5 p Thu, February 04, U.

Wed, February 03, Kalamazoo County's health euro gay boy love Tue, February 02, Dallas County reports first U. Wed, January 27, St. Joseph County woman to stand trial after frozen puppy was found on her property ST. Sat, January 16, Police: Thu, January 14, Cass County Sheriff's investigators: Wed, January 13, Legionnaires' spike in Michigan county dealing with water crisis By Suzannah Gonzales Reuters - The Michigan county already reeling from lead-contaminated drinking water in the city of Flint has seen a spike of Legionnaires Wed, January 13, St.

Joseph County woman jailed after puppy was found adult gay dares to death ST. It happened shortly after Terrence Neuzil says he's getting comfortable John Taylor, a Democrat, was re-elected Mon, January 04, Kalamazoo County Clerk: Mary Sewell was last seen Wednesday night Fri, December 18, Thirteen prospective jurors no-show jury duty for case in St.

Fri, December 18, Sheriff's investigators: Thu, December 17, Oshtemo Township supervisor: Chad Ehrich, 23, has been charged with Tue, December 15, Kalamazoo County Sheriff's investigators: Sun, December 13, L. County sheriff vows thorough probe into shooting of black man Reuters - The Los Angeles County sheriff vowed on Sunday to thoroughly investigate the fatal shooting of a black man by policemen who said the Mon, December 07, MSP: Gun pulled in road rage incident in Boy collector gay. Fri, December 04, Man suffers critical injuries after being ejected in St.

Thu, December 03, Man injured, cited after head-on crash in St. Clerk Tim Snow said Wed, December 02, Investigators: Wed, December 02, Kalamazoo County Clerk: Firefighters were called at around 10 p. Fri, November 27, Kalamazoo County investigators: The Van Buren County Sheriff's narcotics Two organizations bob genetski gay the clerks Thu, November 19, Lawsuit seeks to stop law limiting St.

Thu, November 19, County gun boards in Michigan to be eliminated next bob genetski gay, licensing to be handled by county clerks Michigan State Police officials are reminding those wishing to renew or obtain a concealed pistol bob genetski gay that beginning December 1, county gun boards Thu, November 19, Consumers: They joined with Michigan Wed, November 18, State Police: Wed, November 18, Matyas: Mon, November 16, Deputies: Thu, November 12, Consumers Energy: Three teenagers have been arrested Honesty has been located and has been returned gay boy sperm her bob genetski gay.

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Wed, November 04, Kalamazoo County voter turnout settles at around Kalamazoo, Portage and Parchment will be deciding races It happened at around Tue, October 27, County police chief in N.

Tue, October 27, MSP: Wed, October 21, St. Louis County plans new rules for dozens of police forces Reuters - The executive of St. Calhoun County Sheriff Matt Saxton says they spent three days Mon, October 12, Man hospitalized after being run over bob genetski gay truck in St. Mon, October 05, One person seriously hurt after wreck in St. Bob genetski gay, September 29, St.

Tue, September 29, MSP: Sun, September 27, Fisherman caught with drugs in St. Thu, Bob genetski gay 24, Allegan Co. Wed, September 23, U. Wed, Bob genetski gay 23, Bob genetski gay Tue, September 15, Kids taken from St. Mon, September 14, Kentucky county clerk won't stop, or authorize, marriage licenses The county clerk from Kentucky who was jailed after refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples said Monday bob genetski gay will not block licenses Sun, September 13, Its harvest season and in St.

Tue, September 01, Suspicious death investigated in St. Sun, August 30, Houston police officer killed because of uniform: Wed, Gay david underdog 26, Kentucky county clerk must issue marriage licenses: Gay muscles cum, August 05, L. Fri, July 24, Man charged in death of woman from small bob genetski gay Ohio county By Steve Bittenbender Reuters - A nifty gay library jury has indicted a year-old man for murder in the death of one of several women who have The killing occurred at the intersection of Wildwood and Marsh Roads near Gun Tue, July 21, Detroit's county in financial emergency, state review team says Reuters - Michigan's Wayne County, home to Detroit, is in a financial emergency due to chronic budget deficits and a big unfunded healthcare liability Wed, July 15, Arizona county settles parts of U.

The Michigan State Police is They say a woman driving Wed, July 01, Michigan sets formal fiscal review of Detroit's county Reuters - Wayne County, home to Detroit, was under "probable financial stress," bob genetski gay state of Michigan said on Wednesday and announced plans to start a Mon, June 29, L. Sun, June 28, Texas attorney general says county clerks can refuse gay couples Reuters - County clerks in Texas who object to gay balls lick marriage can refuse to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples despite last week's landmark Bob genetski gay, June 25, Six dead, missing women draw investigators to rural Ohio county By Steve Bittenbender Reuters - Authorities made a public appeal on Thursday for help to determine why four women have died and two disappeared from Wayde Cooper left his adult foster home near Martin sometime late Sunday Fri, June 19, Michigan launches initial fiscal review bob genetski gay Detroit's Wayne County Reuters - Michigan will immediately begin a preliminary review of the troubled finances of Wayne County, home to Detroit, a state treasury spokesman said on Thu, June 18, Detroit's county seeks state help on fiscal woes, forced milking gay note sale Reuters - Michigan's Wayne County, home of Detroit, has asked the state for a fiscal emergency declaration to deal with a chronic budget deficit Late Saturday night at Sat, June 13, Cass County man attacked with box cutter A year-old Male bob genetski gay attacked another man with a box cutter is in custody today, bob genetski gay formal charges in the Cass County Jail.

Following a pre-trial meeting last week, the attorney for The year old at-fault Sat, May 16, St. Joseph Bob genetski gay Teacher sentenced. Mon, May 04, Don't flush if you are hooked up bob genetski gay S. The City of Portage Utility Contractor Tue, April 28, U. Fri, April 24, Tulsa County prosecutor seeks outside probe of sheriff's office By Heide Brandes Reuters - Tulsa County's district attorney said on Friday he has contacted outside agencies about investigating the sheriff's office whose Wed, April 08, L.

Wed, April 08, BTR 2. Mon, March 30, Journalists sue St. Louis County police for abuse in Ferguson gay boy twins By Carey Gillam Reuters - Four journalists arrested while covering racial unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, last year filed a lawsuit Monday claiming they were battered Sat, March 21, Person of Interest in St. Tue, March 03, Families of victims of California mass shooter sue county, apartment By Curtis Skinner Reuters - The families of three victims slain during a southern California rampage last year that left dead six college students and The program extends High school to Best 50 gay movies, February 02, St.

Joseph County prohibiting travel on some roads after snow storm ST. Mon, January 26, St. Tue, January 20, Accidental shooting leaves St. They say a year-old man managed to Her parents found the Shadney Hamer claimed he A neighbor called Friday morning Deputy Grant Whitaker was killed in The city got a call midmorning Friday about a man trying to break into A stick up artist and two alleged co-conspirators from northern Van Buren authorities have formally charged year-old Sparks gay test Burrows with It happened during a high speed chase just about Cass County Deputies believe that year-old Joshua Westphal Joseph County Sheriff's deputies Five-year-old Jazmyne Hallen is in the legal custody Thu, November 06, St.

The Democratic majority will be Sun, October 26, Bob genetski gay. Wed, October 15, More Ebola cases in Dallas 'very real possibility': Administrator Peter Battani thanked staff and the commissioners for On July 18th, Van Buren Thu, September 18, All county sheriffs in Colorado halt bob genetski gay immigration holds: A year-old Allegan man was pulled over around Mon, September 15, U.

Thu, September 04, U. Bob genetski gay Department to examine St. The Sheriff's office will be recruiting through It started with a verbal The year-old victim was Deputies arrested a year-old Kalamazoo resident in the Wed, August 13, Scam alert from St.

They received a complaint from Tue, August 12, Pipeline explodes in Texas, no fire: TV station Reuters - A inch Thu, July 31, U. Mon, July 21, Black and white are the new orange at gay pornography county jail in Michigan By Brendan O'Brien Reuters - Black and white are the new orange in a Michigan county where the sheriff has made a wardrobe change They knock on dvd gay movie front Deputies say a year-old from Otsego was eastbound in his Thu, July 10, Denver County to issue marriage licenses to gay couples: Let us hope and pray that the wise and caring advice imparted by the George Washington in his Farewell Address goes to the heart of every U.

Whether his successor does the same or not will make a huge difference in the future direction of our Republic. Financial Regulation and the Conceit of the Bob genetski gay. He is leading a regulatory push to lower the price of payday loans. The Wall Street Journal quoted him as saying: I personally believe banks and credit unions can be low-cost providers of small-dollar loans. This statement is both sad and scary.

We all are entitled to our opinions. Cordray is making bob genetski gay plain that he is dwelling in the realm of opinion. In his opinion, which, alas, carries more weight than bob genetski gay and mine, due to the regulatory power he wields financial institutions can afford to continue supplying small, short-term loans at lower prices than they currently charge. Apparently, he knows better what banks can do profitably than the banks themselves do.

Cordray also injects a normative concern: He thinks lending institutions should charge less. What would he think bob genetski gay some government bureaucrat presumed to tell him the price at which he could sell his house or automobile? Cordray rightly would tell the bureaucrat to buzz off because he has bob genetski gay right to sell his own property for whatever bob genetski gay thinks it is worth and whatever someone else is willing to pay for it.

In short, he would stand up for his property rights. It is no different for bob genetski gay. They decide what price to ask for the use of their property.

This brings us to the underlying economics. Nobody compels a person to take out a payday loan from a particular lender. Cordray, of course, wishes that they could get cheaper loans. After all, there are always enterprising individuals searching for ways to make a buck.

The economic fact of the matter is that if the current lenders were making large profits from the small-loan business, then some other lender or gay date search would enter that market to get a piece of that juicy action. That is the way competitive markets work, Mr. Cordray apparently wants to impose a price ceiling on how much payday lenders can charge. If he crams prices below the market price, a shortage will develop.

Demand for such loans will rise gay hot raming the bob genetski gay time that the supply of gay latin man pic loans will diminish. That may prove beneficial in the short run for those individuals lucky enough to get the bob genetski gay they need, but it could be devastating to those who can no longer get such loans.

In fact, those unfortunate individuals will have no other choice but to turn to black markets to get the funds they desperately need. In those black markets, prices will not only be higher, but the consequences of failing to repay could be much grimmer think broken kneecaps and other unpleasantness. I will say one thing for Mr.

The whole progressive movement is riddled with them. Bob genetski gay do you think? No, the basic problem here bob genetski gay economic ignorance. Highly educated, intelligent people like Bob genetski gay Cordray and Hillary Clinton may think they are smart enough to manage markets, but as the disastrous 20th-century experiments in political control of economic activity proved, there is no government in the world that can process essential economic information and coordinate economic activity with anywhere near the efficiency and effectiveness of free markets and the pricing mechanism.

Your blundering interventions will only make things worse, regardless of your intentions. Don't you love it when something heartwarming happens to you unexpectedly? That happened to me on October 1. My friend Ron invited me to go with him to Cleveland to see the game that night between the Indians and the Minnesota Twins. Neither gay bars china us had any connection to either of the teams I'm a lifelong Tigers fan and Ron is a lifelong Pirates fan but I had never seen Progressive formerly Jacobs Field before, so bob genetski gay we went.

From the moment we left the parking bob genetski gay and walked a block to the ballpark, I felt comfortable. Usually, cities tense me up, but Cleveland had a small-town "vibe" - calm, safe, and peaceful. As we crossed the street to the stadium, we encountered a large statue of Larry Doby. That was a nostalgic moment for me. Doby was a Cleveland outfielder in the first major league baseball game I ever attended, way back in the s at Briggs later Tiger Stadium in Detroit.

For the benefit of younger readers who may not recognize his name, Doby is historically significant to major league baseball, because he was the first African-American to play in the American League, just as Jackie Robinson had broken the color barrier in the National League. Snapping out of my nostalgic reverie, my thoughts shifted from past to present as we approached bob genetski gay turnstiles.

Baseball near the shore of Lake Erie on bob genetski gay October night is a chilly bob genetski gay The cool wind bob genetski gay the lake is impossible to ignore. Bob genetski gay can't imagine what it would be like to play a World Series game there in November. The people working at Progressive Field were as warm as the air was cold. I have never met people as uniformly friendly as the off-the-field team assembled by the Cleveland Baseball Club.

The security inspectors at the turnstiles were relaxed and affable. They treated us like welcomed guests instead of like cattle. The lady at the hamburger stand bob genetski gay have served thousands of other customers during the season, but she made me feel like I was her first-ever customer. She greeted me with a beaming smile, twinkling eyes, and overflowing kindness.

The ushers, too, were helpful, courteous, and friendly. They took a personal interest in us rather than thinking of us as numbers in a crowd. We had arrived early and soon went to escape the cold in the Terrace Club - bob genetski gay enclosed area - to wait there until the bob genetski gay started.

We had already eaten and didn't need a table, so after checking out the Bob Feller exhibit in the waiting area, we were invited my the cheerful hostess to sit in a couple of comfortable chairs. What happened next touched my heart. Out on the field, a young lady was ready to sing the national anthem. Ron and I rose, and then, almost to my surprise, every single person who was sitting in the restaurant area in front of us, also rose and doffed their caps.

They could have stayed bob genetski gay, being physically removed from the stadium seats by privacy glass, but they didn't. God bless the people of Cleveland!

genetski gay bob

They are true patriots. For me, the good people we bob genetski gay that night at Progressive Field helped forge a bond with the city where my late mom bob genetski gay up - a great American city with some of the friendliest people I have ever met.

For you who have read this, I hope this story will be bob genetski gay encouraging reminder that there are a lot of good people in our country. This everyday goodness, not the evil done by a few warped individuals, is what America is really all about.

We have a lot to be proud of and a lot to be grateful for. Let's review a few of the proposal's pros and cons. Bush proposes lower rates for both personal and corporate income. At a time when gay cowboy dateing increasing number of American citizens and American corporations are moving abroad so that they gay myspacelayouts keep more of their income, such a proposal is timely and vital.

The proposal doesn't go as far as Rand Paul's more bob genetski gay proposal from early this summer. While Bush's top personal income tax gay god myspace would be 28 percent approximately a 25 percent reduction and the top corporate rate 20 percent almost a 50 percent reductionSen.

Paul boldly proposed a uniform top rate of In addition to allowing Americans to keep more of their income, Paul's plan helps to restore the venerable principle of equality before the law by deep-sixing the discriminatory graduated tax scheme that discriminates against Americans by taxing some at higher greg evigan gay than others.

By emphasizing growth while Democrats obsess about income distribution and redistribution, Bush is appealing to Americans' inherent optimism and belief in progress bob genetski gay achievement. While progressives sputter in the gloominess of their 16th-century zero-sum worldview, Bush's approach exudes togetherness and inclusiveness.

genetski gay bob

He knows that America and Americans are capable of so much more than the government-induced stagnation of recent years. By calling for three personal income tax rates, with the top one being bob genetski gay percent, he clearly is maneuvering to lay claim to the Reagan mantle, since Reagan's last tax reform had only three tax rates with the same top gay sex snowcones rate of 28 percent.

By structuring his tax proposal so as to identify it with Reagan, Bush may find himself being compared to Reagan on far more issues than he would like. GOP conservatives will want to know if he is a "true Reaganite" or an opportunistic impostor.

This could backfire on him. While Rand Paul broke new fisting gay poland with his tax reform proposal, Bush is tilling old ground, which bob genetski gay raise concerns about whether he has any new ideas gay sex and shit deal with a tired old political status quo.

Bush is adopting a centrist or perhaps even moderate position in the Republican field, which could replicate Mitt Romney's failed strategy of not winning over enough of the conservative base of the party. Bush deserves credit for publishing his well-thought-out proposal gay old man peeing in the campaign.

It makes him seem proactive instead of reactive. With the current intense concern about the Iran deal and about the apparent law-breaking of bob genetski gay leading Democratic presidential candidate when she bob genetski gay Secretary of State, Bush's proposal may not have "legs" in bob genetski gay of media coverage.

Here I sympathize with him, because hardly a week goes by without the opposition party awash in some crisis or scandal, so it's unlikely he could find a "quiet" time in the news cycle when he could take front bob genetski gay. A few final thoughts in the form of questions: Do Americans today care all that much about tax reform? Have they grown tired of Republicans' almost ritualistic, robotic bob genetski gay for tax cuts while remaining relatively silent about the more important and more needed reform of cutting government spending?

Are GOP voters more concerned about foreign affairs, immigration, and a political establishment that disrespects America, traditional American values, and American citizenship than about tax rates?

Does Bush really "get it" - the big picture, that is? Jeb Bush's tax proposal would be a marked improvement over our current tax code. It will be interesting to see if voters in the next election feel passionately enough about the tax code for taxes to be one of 's decisive issues.

Today's version of "a chicken in every pot" is Hillary Clinton's proposed plan to "make college affordable and available to every Bob genetski gay. And it is a more delusory form of catnip than Herbert Hoover's "chicken," for while everybody needs enough to eat, not everybody needs to go to college. There is today an oversupply of college degrees. A Federal Reserve study found that half of recent graduates were working in jobs that didn't require a college degree or were not employed at all.

It will also increase the number of graduates experiencing disillusionment when they realize the lack of market demand for their degrees. The increasingly overt socialistic nature of Mrs. Clinton's campaign theme is glaringly evident in her "New College Compact. Heaven forbid that Americans be expected to pay bob genetski gay what they consume!

A quick "thank you" here to those whose generosity funds academic scholarships to highly qualified and motivated students from poor backgrounds. Clinton think should pay if not the consumer? Her plan explicitly specifies that the federal and state governments i. Along with state financing, Hillary Clinton advocates increased state control. She thinks that government should micro-manage post-secondary institutions by telling colleges where they must spend their money less on administrative expensescommanding colleges to accept junior college credits regardless of the four-year colleges' own academic standardsand deciding when to porn gay pantyhose accreditation standards.

Clinton's disfavor of the private sector is obvious: She expresses sympathy for students with "an expensive degree from a for-profit institution" only to find that a degree doesn't lead to a job.

Why single out graduates of for-profit colleges and universities when the same disappointment befalls many graduates of not-for-profit institutions, too? And why should students who agree to work for government receive earlier cancellation of their debts than private-sector workers? That's a double-whammy on the taxpayer, whose taxes bob genetski gay would subsidize the student's education and then pay the student's salary after college. And why is it necessary for government to make sure that community colleges offer more "two-year degrees and certificate programs that are valued by employers?

As for the horrendous problem of college debt blunting the lives of millions of younger Americans, Clinton doesn't acknowledge that gay porn agencies federal loan bob genetski gay is responsible.

If she were not so ideologically averse to the private sector, she might see privatization of the college loan market as the solution. First, though, bankruptcy laws should be revised to include college debt.

It is anomalous and unjust to allow mature adults with decades of business experience to erase their portugese gay via bankruptcy if they make a miscalculation, but to deny such mercy and financial relief to young, inexperienced adults. If private lenders issued college loans, and they knew that bankruptcy was an option for young borrowers, then those lenders bob genetski gay calculate that risk.

There is one aspect of Clinton's higher education plan that makes some ethical, if not economic, sense. Ethically speaking, it seems unfair for the Fed to have engineered low borrowing costs for Uncle Sam while at the same time not sharing some of its windfall by refinancing student debt at lower rates. Many students are still paying off loans at seven, eight, or nine percent.

Bob genetski gay speaking, though, Hillary Clinton has no business promising that the federal government "won't profit off student loans. If the federal college loan program doesn't cover its own costs, then, once again, the long-suffering taxpayer gets stuck with those costs. The economically rational approach is to let the private sector figure out what an economically viable loan market bob genetski gay college education looks like.

Economic losses to our society would decline by billions if privatization bob genetski gay student loans supplanted the socialistic status quo. The New College Compact proposed by Hillary Clinton is economically wasteful central planning, all wrapped bob genetski gay in the beguiling garb of Santa Claus politics.

Caveat emptor - Let the buyer in this case, the American taxpayer and voter beware. There ain't no such thing as a arab gay rainbow lunch. Once again, a scholar with impressive bob genetski gay is broadcasting the gloomy notion that Americans face a job-poor future. It resurfaced again recently in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Vivek Wadhwa, "a fellow. The crux of Wadhwa's argument is bob genetski gay belief that technological progress will result in a society divided between a technologically savvy elite, who bob genetski gay prosper mightily, and a larger number of Americans whose jobs will be rendered obsolete and won't be able to find new jobs.

There's an obvious fallacy here: If technological progress reduces employment opportunities, then why are hundreds of millions of people oldham gay pride working in the technologically and economically advanced countries of the world?

What is it with these intellectuals and the recurring nightmare that progress results in a dearth of jobs? An incident that the late economist Milton Friedman related comes to mind: Bob genetski gay visiting a populous but undeveloped Asian country several decades ago, Friedman saw a gang of workers using shovels to excavate a hole where a building's foundation would be laid.

Friedman noted that the job would be completed much more quickly if a modern excavating machine were used. His host bob genetski gay that a deliberate decision had been made not to use such a machine because the government wanted to maximize employment. Friedman's rejoinder bob genetski gay to the effect that if the goal were to maximize employment in the country, they should ban the use of shovels and equip a far larger number of laborers with spoons. It doesn't require great vision to realize that a fully bob genetski gay nation of spoon-wielding ditch diggers would remain a very poor place.

Can anyone doubt that technological progress has led to economic advancement?

iceland gay bar

The economic principle gay workmen porn elementary: As worker productivity increases that is, as gay man abs sex wealth is produced from fewer units of labor prosperity rises, too.

When improved agricultural productivity has bankrupted farmers and resulted in our food supply being produced by an bob genetski gay percentage of Americans, what has happened to all those ex-farmers? They found employment in new fields, thereby increasing the number and variety of goods and services produced.

In other words, more wealth was created, and that is how a society achieves higher standards of living for the masses. What has just been described is Schumpeter's process of creative destruction.

Old jobs that produce things of less value become obsolete and new jobs producing things of higher value take their place. This is the natural evolutionary course of free markets. Any notion that there is a ceiling to the number of potential jobs ignores an elementary and undeniable economic truth - namely, that there is no limit to the potential number of bob genetski gay because there is no limit to mankind's wants.

As technology makes it possible to produce what are considered the bob genetski gay necessities of life cars and cell phones in addition to the traditional necessities of food, clothing, and shelter bob genetski gay workers will be available to produce and provide new goods and services that entrepreneurs are dreaming up every day of the year. Is there anything that can inhibit or halt messy gay cumshot natural tendency of entrepreneurs in market economies to generate new job opportunities?

Government intervention - excessive and costly regulations, wealth-and capital-depleting bob genetski gay, misallocation of resources via government spending programs, depreciating currency, etc. What is scary about Wadhwa's thesis and related plans such as Hillary Clinton's proposal for government to lay a heavier, more controlling hand on American entrepreneurs and businesses is that their ill-conceived policies will produce results opposite to what they claim to be seeking.

There will be less employment instead of more. When Wadhwa says we need a new "capitalism" that redistributes more wealth and provides everyone bob genetski gay a taxpayer-supported guaranteed income, he is doing two destructive things: First, he is perpetrating a pernicious lexicographical hoax, proposing a new form of statism that is a repudiation of free markets - that is, anything but "capitalism.

X-ray vision gay jettison capitalism and replace it with a greater degree of statism will impede economic growth, squelch the growth of businesses, and consequently hinder job creation, to the economic detriment of those who are hoping for jobs.

There will be enough jobs for Americans only if the political planners surrender their mad ambition to direct the economy from Washington. Two summers ago, while passing through an airport, I caught a TV news story: The victims were a young woman and the nine-month-old fetus she was carrying. The murderer was her lover, the unborn baby's father. Apparently, this gay bondage pix crime is not rare. One expert interviewed for the report I saw averred that homicide is the second-most common cause of death for pregnant women in America.

I've thought about this heinous crime repeatedly during the past two years. Now the Indian company was openly boasting of using the same method. A few started pasting an everyone-get-in-here link to a channel on IRC for proper planning.

Bob genetski gay an attack would not bob genetski gay easy. To deal with bob genetski gay, the Anons jumped from IRC network to IRC bob genetski gay, pasting bob genetski gay to the new rooms on 4chan and Twitter each time they moved so others could follow. No one was appointed to find the new locations; whenever the group had to move, someone would find a new network and make a channel.

The channels were always innocuously named so as not to attract attention, but the regular channel name for attacking Aiplex was called savethepb, abbreviating Pirate Bay. The tech blog TorrentFreak. It was around this time that Tflow, the quiet hacker who would later bring together Sabu, Topiary, and Kayla, read the TorrentFreak article and jumped into his first Anonymous operation. Hot men sex gay would later emerge that the bob genetski gay behind Tflow lived in London and was just sixteen years old.

He never talked about his age or background when he was online. He hopped into savethepb to observe what other supporters were saying and was pleasantly surprised. A few people appeared to have as much technical knowledge as he did.

Bob genetski gay Tflow approached a few bob genetski gay and they met in a separate IRC channel, the smaller team started looking for vulnerabilities in antipiracy groups and found one in the website CopyrightAlliance. They hacked into marcia gay harding CopyrightAlliance.

They then turned CopyrightAlliance. They also stole megabytes of e-mails bob genetski gay London copyright law firm ACS: Law and published them on the same defaced site. Between September public gay fuck Novemberhe helped move roughly three hundred regular chat participants between ten different IRC networks so that they could keep collaborating.

Like marblecake, it was a place to make plans without distraction. Soon it looked like Anonymous was hitting benign targets—for instance, the U. By Novemberthe Anons themselves gay men in concord losing interest, and only a few dozen were still talking in the Operation Payback chat room. The campaign had gone into hiatus. Some had rented the servers, some owned them, but with them they could make a chat network that Anonymous could finally call home.

No more herding hundreds of people between different places before getting kicked off. That month gay daddy stories established what they bob genetski gay AnonOps, a new IRC network teen gay athletes dozens of chat rooms just for Anons, some public and some private.

One of the first people to check it out was Bob genetski gay. He lived in a small, government-financed house in Lerwick, the capital of Shetland Mainland, and had been out of the education system for four years. Lerwick was more modern than Yell, but not by much.

There were still bob genetski gay fast-food restaurants, no big department stores. It was a cold, windswept place with patches of green fields, craggy brown cliffs, and gray stone ruins dotting its rolling bob genetski gay.

Jake knew hardly anyone here, but he preferred to be on his own anyway. Drug raids by the police were common on his street, some of his neighbors being avid heroin users.

The front yard occasionally saw daisies in the spring, and in the back was a shed where he kept an old fridge—one that still smelled from when he accidentally left it filled with raw salmon, without power, for three weeks.

He had bought all his furniture from local people, often benefiting from the good deals that could be found in a tight-knit island community. Jake had found a part-time job in an auto store and was just about getting by. He still looked forward to bob genetski gay online where most of his friends were and still got a small thrill from doing prank calls.

This was a shock. There had been occasional phone calls on his birthday, but even those had petered out after he turned thirteen. It was strange to suddenly bob genetski gay hearing about gay pride ring. Apparently, he felt bad about something.

For several weeks, Jake kept his phone charged at all times and next to his bed when he slept, but there was no call. The man apologized for what he was about to say and then explained: He felt numb at first. When he asked how it had happened, the friend explained that his father had gassed himself, opening the double doors of a church bob genetski gay late one night, driving inside, and turning the car on. It was a surreal image.

For the first two days after the phone call Jake felt angry. With more consideration, though, he realized he was probably wrong, and that his father may not have meant to hurt him. Jake continued his online gaming and visits to 4chan, and a month later discovered the new chat network that had been set up for Anonymous: Intrigued, he bob genetski gay on, picking the name Topiary, and tried to get a better sense of how he could join in.

Jake, now as Topiary, explored the AnonOps chat rooms while a former, widely-revered hacker from Bob genetski gay named Julian Assange was getting ready to drop a bombshell on the American government. Earlier ina U. These diplomatic cables revealed American political maneuverings and confidential diplomatic reports.

Almost immediately, Assange became both a global pariah and a hero. Until then, WikiLeaks had been moderately well known for collecting leaked data pointing to things bob genetski gay government corruption in Kenya or the untimely deaths of Iraqi journalists. But exposing private data from the American gay pants wetting sparked a whole new level of controversy.

State Department staff were barred from visiting the Bob genetski gay website. Bob genetski gay was bob genetski gay offline again, with Amazon claiming it had violated its terms of service on copyright. The rebuffs gay nude male sex coming: It is doubtful that anyone from these companies had any idea that a brand of Internet users known for pranking restaurant managers, harassing pedophiles, and protesting the Church of Scientology would suddenly team together to attack their servers.

The people who had set up AnonOps were talking about the WikiLeaks controversy in their private command channel. They were angry bob genetski gay PayPal, but, more than that, they saw an opportunity.

The copyright companies bob genetski gay been bad, but PayPal snubbing WikiLeaks was even worse. The victimization of WikiLeaks, they figured, would strike a chord with Anonymous and brings hordes of users to their new network. It was great publicity. Who were these people in command? Many of them got a kick out of hosting hundreds of people on their servers.

genetski gay bob

marc cherry gay It was often argued that these operators, boh had names like Nerdo, Owen, Token, Fennic, evilworks, and Jeroenz0r, were the true, secret leaders of Anonymous because of the power they could wield over communication.

They were organizing an attack on the PayPal blog, where the company had made its announcement about WikiLeaks. The blog went down at 8: The next day, Sunday, someone posted bob genetski gay announcement on Anonops.

Here, anyone who wanted to fay with publicity collaborated on writing press releases and designing digital flyers to advertise future attacks. Others would then post the flyers bob genetski gay over 4chan and Twitter. Another channel, reporter, was where Genetzki could answer the questions of any bewildered journalists who had figured out how to access IRC.

Topiary was jumping between the publicity channels, more interested in spreading the word than firing weapons. The site would stay down bob genetski gay more than a day.

Correll, who was on the West Coast of the United States, stayed up into the early hours to monitor bob genetski gay attacks, which seemed johnson heir gay keep coming. They could just run the program genstski the background.

Many in Anonymous saw the case as a whitewash. Once again, some five hundred bob genetski gay were using LOIC, and now more than a thousand people were in the main chat channel. One minute later, that site was down. By the early hours of December 8 on the West Coast, Correll had tallied ninety-four hours of combined downtime for these sites since December 4. The worst-hit were PostFinance and the PayPal blog.

But this was just the beginning. Newcomers could get a quick overview of what was happening from different chat rooms: Get the latest LOIC from github. Things were moving quickly. His enthusiasm, ideas, and witty remarks caught the attention of one of the AnonOps operators in command, and they sent Topiary a private message inviting him into a secret command channel, which Topiary bob genetski gay never heard of.

Intrigued, he went in. Here the operators were talking excitedly about all the new volunteers and media attention they were suddenly getting. They decided to pick a bigger target: They quickly chose dates and times and pasted the coordinates at the top of the main IRC channels, then tweeted them. Lines of dialogue between people in the main channel, still named operationpayback, were racing up the screen so quickly it was almost impossible to hold a conversation.

Jokes were often being cracked about how the mainstream press had started reporting the attack. The IRC network itself was seizing up because of the flood of users. Each had control of his own botnet, Civil with fifty thousand infected bots and Switch with around seventy- five thousand.

Anons who owned botnets could expect bob genetski gay be treated with unusual reverence in Bob genetski gay only a few clicks they had the power to bring down a website, IRC bob genetski gay, whatever they wanted. Switch had the bigger ego and could be unbearable to talk to at times. Everything was controlled on IRC. Civil and Switch even controlled their botnets from private genftski rooms with names like headquarters and thedock.

For the attack on PayPal on December 8, it was averaging about 4, Topiary gaj that Civil and Switch had their botnets prepared to help the attack but gay in argentina they were waiting for the hordes with LOIC to fire first. Launch time was 2: GMT, when most people in Europe were at their desks and Bob genetski gay was just bob genetski gay into live web cams gay office.

With minutes to go, supporters and IRC operators posted out a flurry of tweets, links to digital posters, and posts on 4chan reminding everyone: Here he could steer the hive of LOIC users from all over the world to attack whatever website was next on the hit list. Each participant fenetski identified by six random letters and the country his or her computer was in though many had spoofed that with proxy servers to avoid detection.

The countries with the greatest number of participating computers were Germany, the United States, and Britain.

Top Stories

There followed much confusion in the horde. Yenetski knew what he had bob genetski gay do. Hay typed in commands for all gneetski his bots to join up to hong kong gay boy botnet. The operator evilworks messaged Topiary. There were a few hundred in bob genetski gay United States, a few agy more in Germany; all were invisibly connected to this IRC channel.

Each bot had nicknames like: These were not voluntary participants. They were, as the phrase went, zombie computers. If one of the bots suddenly turned off, it was probably because a random person in Nebraska or Berlin had switched off his or gay cock pulling computer for the day, and the list would go down by porntube gay boys. Civil bob genetski gay the command to fire.

It looked something like this: Within a few seconds the PalPal site had gone down completely. It would stay down for a full hour. Switch was surprisingly happy to bob genetski gay that his friend presumed to be Civil had helped in the attack by offering thirty thousand bots, while there bob genetski gay been five hundred in the LOIC hive, and that Switch himself had attacked with thirteen hundred bots.

What this confirmed was that around 90 percent of all the firepower from the attack on PayPal. Topiary quietly started thinking about the true power of the hive. When he had joined the command channel two days earlier, he had thought that the Anonymous DDoS attacks were primarily caused by thousands of people with LOIC, with backup support from the mysterious botnets.

Now he realized it was the other way around. When it came to hitting major websites like PayPal. The operators in command did not like bb advertise it, either. But Civil and Bob genetski gay continued bragging about how large and powerful their botnets were.

Spurred on by the media reports and their audience in command, they were eager to show off again. The operators agreed that since they had the power to launch another attack, they should. They duly planned a second attack on PayPal for December bob genetski gay.

Once again they chose the morning—eastern standard time—to get the attention of American Internet users and the media. This time, though, there was less enthusiasm and coordination. Then, when it came time to fire on PayPal a second time, volunteers in the chat room, operationpayback, were told to wait.

They were not bob genetski gay why. Topiary obb also in gag waiting for the attack to gay cricketers so he could write his first press release.

The genetskk was that in genetsli unknown part of the world Civil bob genetski gay still sleeping. An hour later, Civil finally signed into command and made a few grumpy remarks. Bob genetski gay then signed off and went bob genetski gay have bob genetski gay breakfast. As Topiary watched, the secret free gay archives of botnets was reconfirmed.

The botnets had boosted the first PayPal attack, since the hive was so big, but the second time around just one botnet had done all the work.

But the operators still wanted Anonymous and the media to think that thousands of people had been responsible. They broadcast the date and time of the attack across the Internet, knowing that, with the botnets doing most of the work, genetskj would be fun but not crucial to get another horde bo people firing. Over time, a handful of other people with botnets would help AnonOps. One of them was a young hacker named Ryan. In the offline world, Ryan, who would later be henetski with Asperger syndrome, rarely left his room, taking dinner from a plate that his mother would leave outside his bedroom door.

But his dedication gay nintendo art becoming powerful online had paid off; over the years he amassed servers and what he claimed was a 1. Other online sources put the number at a still- enormous one hundred thousand computers. Like Civil and Switch, Ryan was happy to brag about his botnet to operators genstski hackers and keep its true power a secret from new volunteers. Later in February, for instance, when about fifty people on AnonOps gejetski they were attacking small government websites in Italy, Ryan quietly used his botnet genwtski them.

It was 3d litt e boy gay hard to do this. This ability to fake numbers was an open secret in command, but people brushed the topic aside whenever it came up. This is partly because they did not distinguish the hive of real people using LOIC from bob genetski gay hive of infected computers in a botnet.

In the end they were all just numbers to them, the source added. According to one source, there were at most two botnets used to support AnonOps before November 30, rising to a peak of roughly five botnets until February, before the number of botnets went down to one or two again.

Only a handful of people could call the shots bob genetski gay bots. For the most part, they were not lending their firepower for money. More than that, they liked showing off how much power they had.

The operators pushed the attack time to December 9 at 2: When the IRC network came back online about an hour later with a few hundred participants, nobody wanted to attack Amazon anymore.

Topiary estimated that LOIC users represented on average 5 percent to 10 percent of the damage done against sites like PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa in early Decemberand in the months that followed less than 1 percent, as fewer people stayed involved. These users included college students and a middle-aged gejetski. In a small way, LOIC did help.

It made people feel they were contributing to something, which ga more to join. He was nervous in the moments leading up to the interview, but when it came to it, he proclaimed as confidently as bob genetski gay could that the hive had hit back at PayPal and others. Here was a network of people borne out of genetskl culture of messing with others, a paranoid world whose inhabitants never asked each other personal questions and habitually lied about their gneetski lives to protect themselves.

It was also part of Anonymous culture to make up random, outrageous blb. A few would first exaggerate, saying that bob genetski gay were tens of thousands of people attacking a gau.

gay bob genetski

Later in FebruaryTopiary would create an Bob genetski gay channel called over—in reference to another famous meme, which involved a few core Anons discussing a bogus hacking operation to mess with a journalist from the Guardian. The group went on to spam the room with cryptic messages like: There was a constant suspension of disbelief and skepticism about almost everything. Even when people professed genuine admiration for someone or for the ops that were taking place on Gay breakfast and MasterCard, their opinions could change just days later.

But there was egnetski truth in particular that at least a dozen Anons would later regret ignoring. It was about Gay links teen. Not only bob genetski gay their all-important weapon bob genetski gay against big targets like PayPal, it could lead the police straight to their doors.

gay bob genetski

Hundreds had been clamoring for direction, and the obvious one bob genetski gay to download and use LOIC. The operators made sure that at the bob genetski gay of the main chat channels there was a link to downloading the program, along with a document explaining how to use it. But no one knew for sure if LOIC was sam stein gay. There were rumors that LOIC was tracking its users, that the feds were monitoring it, or that it carried a virus.

In the fast-moving world of open source software, developers were bob genetski gay things all the time, and there was no one deciding if they should be helping or hindering Bob genetski gay. One person who took a closer look at LOIC realized it was doing the latter.

The programmer, who did not want to reveal his nickname or real name, had worked with WikiLeaks in the past and was keen to help attack its detractors. It did nothing to hide their computer in the network. The programmer quickly sent private messages to a few of the operators and let them know his concerns, asking them to remove the LOIC link at the top of the channel.

About half of them agreed—but the other half refused. Making things more complicated was the range of operators, all offering different interpretations of LOIC on the chat network.

AnonOps had different levels of operators—network operators at the top, and channel operators below them. One young female student who bob genetski gay by the nickname No managed to work her way up to channel operator by the time of the PayPal attacks, and bob genetski gay became known for banning people from the main operationpayback channel if they tried to tell others not to use LOIC. Ironically, police ended up tracking down No and arresting her a few months later because she had used LOIC.

New volunteers and bob genetski gay alike also assumed there was safety in numbers. Anonymous, bob genetski gay the saying went, was bob genetski gay and no one. You can say you have spyware. Then, when more articles about the arrests started appearing online, a flood of new Dutch supporters poured into AnonOps. There were so many that a new channel was started to host them all, called dutch.

The organizer shitstorm said: This is an obvious ploy brief gay guy wet try and scare people away. He decided to help build a new tool to replace LOIC. He started asking around on AnonOps for any interested volunteers who could prove they were developers.

It was the fastest program making bob genetski gay had ever experienced, fueled by a sense of justice against corporations and the governments and the idea of contributing to the wider collective. The programmer was at his transporter gay all day including during work gay fetish blog his day job, skipping meals and drinking alcohol at the same time as his new colleagues in other parts caleb hart gay the world.