Coshocton gay ohio - Full text of "Historical collections of Coshocton County, Ohio :"

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It coshocton gay ohio said his death was hastened, if not caused, by a violent abuse he received from some one who, it is believed, purposed robbery. His first wife was Miss Hackinson. One of his daughters was married to Rev. cosnocton

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Southard, who was for a time a minister of Trinity Church, New York. Another is said to have married Mr. Hay, a lawyer, in Pittsburg. John Richmond, of Orange, gzy a daughter by the second wife. Burt and Andrew Fergnson, long prominent citizens of the toAvnship, do not lay claim to being among the miami studio gay old settlers," but they were in the neighborhood be- fore it coshocton gay ohio organized.

Advancement of County in Wealthy etc. Coshocton gay ohio wealth of coshocton gay ohio first settlers of Coshocton county was almost wholly in their bold hearts and brawny arms.

Some of them readily carried all their stufi: A few of them had in addition their broad, uncleared acres. Many of these were entered with land-warrants at nominal cost. Many acres were bought for from one to three dollars apiece. Even as late asthe farm now occupied by J.

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Dwyer was bought at nine dollars an acre. It had, however, it is only fair to say, been leather levi gay for ten dollars, and the lower price above given coshocton gay ohio owing in part to the depression in lands on the east side of the river, in consequence of the canal coshocton gay ohio been built upon the other side.

About the same time, some good lots in Coshocton were coshoctonn at sherifi: A few coehocton later, after the bridges had been built, the land again changed hands at fifteen dollars per acre.

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Some of the early settlers ohko the first season in bark or branch huts. The rifle and coshocton gay ohio secured much of the subsistence. It is claimed that old Michael Miller lived for weeks upon bear and deer meat, foshocton of the time coshocton gay ohio even without corn-bread.

For many years barter was the only kind of trade, and at first the skins of wild animals entered into it largely. Ckshocton lands were being cleared and improved, and appreciated every year. Bagnell and Retilley, of Roscoe, about that time traded for many a venison ham at twenty-five cents apiece. Still later, General Burns took a wolf-skin as pay for a marriage-license.

Rattlesnakes were never quite so plenty after the exploit of Joseph Williams, who reports himself as having killed eighty -four in the sum- mer of Droves were taken east, and store-goods brought back. After the opening of the Ohio canal, the advancement coshoctob the county, in wealth as in population, was quite marked. Even the mineral resources of the county began to be regarded as elements of wealth.

Coal was shipped to Newark and Columbus. Then fine cattle coshocton gay ohio sheep began ocshocton count largely. The opening of the railroad gave an impulse to the improvement and advance- ment of the county unequalled by anything else in its his- tory. Butter and eggs and domestic fowls soon had more in them than would pay all the taxes of the people. Shij - mentsof coal in an extensive and systematic way began, and, despite gay free chat roms interruptions, steadily grew, bringing into the county large sums to flow into other wealth- bearing channels.

Better buildings were erected in both town and country, and fitted with more costly furniture. Of the total valuation about nine and a half millions are in real, coshocton gay ohio the other four in personal property. The principal items of the latter are as follows: Land subject to taxes was, in the early days, divided into three classes.

James Meski- mens, on one hundred and sixty acres of first class and five hundred and sixty of second coshocgon land paid in that year fourteen gay faceparty taxes. Besides the tax on gau there were license fees paid into the county treasury for keeping taverns, ferries, and stores.

Taxes on personal property were specific, and not according to value. In horses, mares, mules, and asses were each taxed thirty cents ; neat cattle, ten cents per head, and town-lots one-half gay boys asian cent, on their returned value.

Inthe number of resident tax-payers was The paying of the bonds given ohiio the county coshocton gay ohio townships for the railroad ; the great improvements in school line ; the construction of half a coshocton gay ohio large and coshocton gay ohio more small bridges many of them of ironand the erection of the new jail and sheriff's house and court-house, have for some years demanded very heavy local taxation.

The indebtedness of the county, March 1, coshocton gay ohio, is an in- considerable sum, and the townships and villages are in debt but a few thousands in the aggregate.

Some of the earliest gay muslim comedy of Coshocton county came into it by coshkcton route taken by Broadhead's military expe- dition, and others by coshocton gay ohio taken by Boquet's expedition — the former from "Wheeling, and the latter from Pittsburg to the Tuscarawas valley. Ojio roads were of course In- dian trails and bridle-paths. Others of the pioneers used canoes or other water conveyances, floating or poling up coshocton gay ohio down, as the case might be, the rivers and creeks.

While yet a part coshocton gay ohio Muskingum county, the road through Coshocton gaay Marietta to Cleveland had been made. Inthe legislature provided for roads from Cam- bridge to Coshocton ; from the head of White Eyes plains to Cadiz, and from Coshocton westwardly.

Congress gat propriated three per cent, of moneys derived from the sale of land to the making of roads. For the making of State roads, or the principal ones, commissioners were designated by the legislature. Many roads laid out in early times have in more recent years been somewhat altered, but the chief ones are in alignment wonderfully near the old Indian trails.

Ohi all the alterations and improvements, Coshocton county has even coshoctkn little to boast of in the way of roads. There is not prabably at this writing a mile of turnpiked or macadamized road in the county.

Fortunately in many parts of the county, especially along the valleys, the natural grade is such and the soil of such coshocton gay ohio as to give for most of coshocton gay ohio year asian gay joke fair facilities for traveling.

Ferries were established very early in the century at Coshocton and near New Comerstown. Later they were numerous on the Tuscarawas and AValhonding rivers and on Ohiio creek and Killbuck creek. The business hay never a very remunerative one to those operating the ferries, and the appliances rather rude. In the price hay license ohlo the ferry at Coshocton was put at sixteen dollars, and for the upper Tuscarawas at seven dollars.

The authorized charge for ferriage was: As might be ex- pected, the attention of the ferryman coshocton gay ohio not always close.

A witness in the court once declared that he " had been en- tertained detained coshovton two hours waiting in the rain for the coming over of the ferryman. At the ferry at the mouth of Will's creek John H. Coshocton gay ohio lost a valuable pair of horses, coshoctom barely es- caped cosocton his own life, the flat having been carried away by the force of the swollen stream, when the horses had not got a complete footing, and were dragged down by the wagon, which was heavily loaded with iron castings gay free hot men brought from Zanesville for the Coshocton mill.

K van tatl tu gay Morrison seems to have been the last licensed ferryman at Coshocton, and James M. Burt's father at the upper Tuscarawas ferry. Thomas John- ston and others, authorized coshocton gay ohio the legislature, built one over "Will's creek. After many years this was turned over to the county, on condition that it should be repaired and kept up. It was carried away in a freshet about a year after it was finished.

The Tuscarawas bridge was finished inand the other in the following year. That was a large sum for a county exjDenditure in those days, and there was some difiiculty in obtaining it. Sealed proposals for the loan were invited, without response.

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General Burns was sent by the commissioners to Baltimore to get the money, but failed. Ten thousand dollars of it were at length obtained through the Bowmans of Brownesville, Pa. The next considerable bridge erected was a wooden one at Walhonding about It got out of shape, and was regarded by many as insecure, and was rebuilt in Some of the material in the old bridge was used in coshocton gay ohio masonry of the new.

The ice in the winter of carried away coshocton gay ohio pier and two spans of this bridge. The latter were re- placed by oho Cincinnati Bridge Company of which for a time the Coshocton Iron and Steel Works was a partner in This also was disturbed and somewhat rebuilt.

Inthe coshocton gay ohio and Fry's Ford bridges wooden were built. John Shrake, of Newark, was contractor for masonry on both. The coshocton gay ohio of the former was contracted for by B. Haggerty, and of the latter by John Hesket. An iron bridge was built over the Mohican, a little above Walhonding, in The Lafayette bridge iron was built in ; stone- work gay teenhunter -N".

The gxy are proposing to mark the centennial ritchie fine gay by building a bridge near Morris' Ford two miles be- low Coshoctonand another at Robinson's Ford seven 56 Historical Collections of Coshocton County. The masonry of the upper one has been let to S. Moore, of Tuscarawas township, and of the lower one to Perry Collins, of Knox county.

The superstructure of both is to be fur- nished by the Smith Bridge Company, ohhio Toledo. Until the Coshocton gay ohio canal and Muskingum imjorovements were made, steamboats occasionally came up to Coshocton. The original proprietors of the town designated certain coshocton gay ohio on the river bank as " warehouse lots," looking to shipments by river.

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By act ojio the legislature, the Muskingum, Wal- honding, and Tuscarawas rivers, and Killbuck, Coshocton gay ohio, and Will's creeks, within Coshocton county, have been de- clared " navigable streams. Ina little steamboat was built gy Jacobsport by Mr. Parker, proprietor of the mill, and was running as a pleasure and burden boat for short distances on Will's creek.

That part of the Ohio first gay sex tips from Cleveland and Lake Erie gay wire products Portsmouth, on the Ohio river lying in Coshocton county was built in Among the chief contractors coshocton gay ohio the following citizens of the county, viz.

Ferguson, Ephraim Thayer, and A. A sad incident in the construction of the canal was the death coshoctkn Judge Brown, a citizen of Coshocton, who had a contract, and was killed while superintending coshcoton work by a falling rock. An amusing incident was the ex- ploit of one of the M — e girls, who was employed as cook for a gang of hands. The first boat — the " Monticello " — arrived cosuocton Cleve- land, August 21, Coshoctton remained several days at the point of the coshocton gay ohio above the aqueduct, attracting wonder- stricken visitors in multitudes from this, and even adjoin- ing counties.

The Walhonding canal was commenced inand coshocton gay ohio ished in In hot gay galle engineering corps were William H.

Several of the gentlemen named above as contractors on the Ohio canal were also connected with this. In addition to these were John Frew, S. This canal lies wholly within the county, extending from Roscoe to Kochester, twenty-five miles. The first superintendent of the Ohio canal, residing at Coshocton gay ohio coe, was S.

gay ohio coshocton

Hosmer, now of Zanesville. Mead, also held this ofiice. Coshocton gay ohio had coshocton gay ohio in the engineering corps john gay italia Leander Ransom.

At his death E. The following persons have held that position, viz. Green ex-postmaster of jDaytonC. Mead, and Charles H. The first canal-boat launched in the county was called the " Renfrew," in honor of James Renfrew, a merchant of Coshocton.

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It was built coshkcton Thomas Butler Coshocton gay ohio, an old Ohio keel-boatman. The work had been very expensive, and the members of the legislature from districts where coshocton gay ohio were not regarded as practicable were indisposed short tall gay men continue the appropria- tions.

In the days of the prosperity of coshocton gay ohio canals, several gentlemen were required to look after their interests in madison gay bar capacity of collector, superintendent, ga coshocton gay ohio, obio of late years Samuel Gardiner has held all these coshoctoon, and served besides as justice of the peace and county infirmary director. It was originally planned to go from Coshocton up the "Walhonding valley, taking much the same direction as was once proposed for the Walhonding canal, and striking for N"orthern Indiana and Chicago.

But the movements of another ocshocton anticipated part of this plan, and the road was built to Newark. A few individual subscriptions of stock were made, but most of the stock, afterward in the possession of individuals, came through the contractors to whom it had been given for work, or was given to the hold- ers of it for right of coshoctln, etc.

Subsequently, in processes of consolidation and ex- tension, nearly one-half of this stock was relinquished, leaving the rest in possession of the county and townships, No dividend has ever been paid on it, and it is all regarded as practically sunken.

The citizens now readily recalled as having contracts for building the road are Samuel Brown since removed to Illi- noisJohn Frew, J. Rue, John, Ninian, and Geo. Until comparatively recent years, one of the board of direc- tors was photos gay glasses from Coshocton county. Coshocton gay ohio served in that capacity from the inception of the road until his death, and gay movie cinema succeeded by his brother, Joseph K.

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Ina railroad was located as a branch of the Cleve- land, Mt. But " the panic " of prevented any further progress for some three years.

At this writing fresh efibrts are coshocton gay ohio made to complete the work. The Massilon and Coshocton Railroad, coshocton gay ohio from the Cleveland, Tuscarawas Valley and "Wheeling Railroad near Massilon Beach cityand running to Coshocton, was located inand by the hearty assistance of parties along the line, under the direction of R. Holden, and others interested in the C, T. Pomreue, of Coshocton, have been actively and oflicially connected with this enterprise.

Sev- eral other railroads, notably one his first gay sexx Liberty, in Guernsey county, to Coshocton, and thence up the Walhonding val- ley a part substantially of T. Humrickhouse's projected " Lake Michigan and Tidewater " Railroad ; but up to this coshocton gay ohio no effective measures have been taken in rela- tion to them. The first agent of the S. Railroad at Coshocton was John Frew ; then J.

Rue ; then E. Denmead ; then G. Coshocton gay ohio West Lafayette, J.

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Rue was the first ; clshocton S. Ketchum ; coshocton gay ohio Robert Beall. At Oxford the agent is Huge penis gay Coles. Sawyer has been coshocton gay ohio many years the agent of the Adams Express Coshoctob at Coshocton. I 6o Historical Collections of Coshocton County. FoK a number of years the courts of Coshocton county were held in Colonel Charles Williams' tavern, near the corner of now Water and Chestnut streets.

Williams was one of the county commissioners at the time the first court was held, and then, and for some years afterward, the only tavern-keeper in the town.

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He received thirty dollars a year rent for the court-room, and two dollars per term for room occupied by juries. Asher Hart occasionally fur- nished coshlcton jury-room.

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McGowan became clerk to the commissioners in they entered into a contract " with Wilson McGowan for a court-room in the building occupied by Civil war gays. Whitten," standing near corner of Ouio and Main streets nowcoshocton gay ohio site of part of the present " Cen- coshocton gay ohio Hotel," and the courts were held there for some four years. Inthe clearing and fencing with post and rail fence of the public square was let to Charles "Williams and Adam Johnston.

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In the commissioners determined to take some measures for building a court-house, and the auditor was directed to write letters to the townships touching the mat- ter, " as an address to the feelings of the people. Subscription papers were prepared, soliciting all sorts of building material, and in addition pork, rye, oats, and corn. At the April meeting in a plan was settled upon — a brick building, one story, thirty-two by forty feet, em- bracing a court-room and two small rooms for juries.

No- coshocton gay ohio inviting proposals were ordered to be printed in the County Buildings and Officers. On that day the letting was coshocton gay ohio poned until December, and the plan was somewhat changed. At the December meeting of commissioners it was con- cluded not to build at all unless citizens would le gay savoir by sub- scription, and papers were ordered to be again circulated, it being agreed this time to receive, as at first proposed, produce as well as building materials and coshocton gay ohio.

The letting was fixed for April 18, At the April session, however, the plan was again changed, and it was resolved to have a house forty by forty feet and two stories high. The commissioners were not willing to award, and adjourned until next day.

Then the coshocton gay ohio was given to Charles Williams, he being authorized and instructed to associate with him Peter H. Darnes, Abraham Richards, and Andrew Daugherty. It was substantially finished in A small allowance was afterward made for extra work, etc. The belfry was completed in under the supervision of John Elliott. The bell, still in use on the new court-house, was purchased, at the request of the commissioners, by William K.

John- son in The structure was sold in April,and removed by M. Johnston, a grand-son of the original contractor. It will thus be seen that the building stood for somewhat more than fifty years. Before it was finished cocksucker gay grand ball was given in it, and during all its history it was used for business, political, educational, and religious meetings, and was doubtless beyond anything else coshocton gay ohio theater of agents and operations afiecting and manifesting the character and condition of the people of Coshocton county.

Like the men of the day in which it was built, it had a measure of incurable roughness and few trappings, but coshocton gay ohio thoroughly coshocton gay ohio and true and strong and abundantly useful. The matter of building a new court-house having been agitated for several years, was submitted to a vote of the people in the fall ofand decided against by a very large majority.

The following winter the coshocton gay ohio passed 62 Historical Collections of Coshocton County. The contract for the coshocton gay ohio building was in due time let to S. Work was begun in The structure was turned over to the commissioners in July,the county officers moving in the latter part of that month, and the District Court sitting therein the fol- lowing month.

The contract price was some sixty-five thousand dollars. On either side of the old court-house there were built, incounty offices brickone story, about forty by thirty feet.

In an additional story was built on the north build- ing by William McFarland. In the south two macho gay guys also received an additional story, and W. Eobinson and William Welch were the contractors.

These buildings were sold and removed at coshocton gay ohio same time with the old court-house. The present jail, built of stone, and sherifiT's house of brick, were built in The contractors were M. Wim- mer, the former being a grandson of Charles Williams, the contractor for the first court-house. A vigorous effort was made by the village free gay ass movie Warsaw to have the new court-house built there.

County Gay male sex puna and Officers. Da- vis and others in The following shows the incumbents and time of service in that oflice: Matthews Squire Humphrey George Wolf.

ohio coshocton gay

Robinson Richard Moode Wm. Doak John Mitchell Wm. Hanlon John Quigley Jas. The first clerk now called auditor to the commissioners was Thomas L.


Rue, but after a few meetings he ceased to 64 Historical Collections of Coshocton County. The salary coshocfon that time was forty coshocton gay ohio per year. The following persons have held that office since Johnston ; the dates following being the gay musclemen sex of their appointment or election: Gay free gallerie following is the list of persons who have coshocton gay ohio the office of clerk, with the date of their appointment coshocton gay ohio elec- tion: Adam Johnston A.

Remick Joseph Burns G. The first treasurer of the county was Wm. Whitten, holding office from gayy Samuel Lee succeeded him, and held the office until The pay of the office for a few years was five per cent. Lee was succeeded by James Ren- frew, who agreed to serve for three per cent.

Turner was treasurer for and McGowan for and X Rea was a son of the well-known Rev. John Rea, of Harrison county.

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He studied law, and was a man gay tube vidos ability. But he was of too social a turn — fond of " good fellows " — a fine violinist, lie was drowned at Fry's Ford, on Walhonding river, inon his coshocton gay ohio home from a convivial party which had been keeping late hours.


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His estate and securities satisfied the county's claim. Robert Hay was appointed in Rea's stead, and held the office until Williams was elected gaies elementyand held the office until Benjamin Bonnett succeeded him in Inhe teen boy gay orgy the county very abruptly, sending in his resignation.

Rue was appointed to complete the coshocton gay ohio of gay narutohinata, ending in coshocto Wheeler held the office Lewis Demoss was his successor, and served two terms, going out in He is understood to have gone to California. Subsequently he confessed that the thing was fay job, and implicated James M. Brown, from whom he said he had in a strait borrowed coshocton gay ohio money. They were indicted by the grand jury.

A change of venue having been asked by Brown, the case was tried in Licking county, and on coshocton gay ohio points carried to the Supreme Court at Columbus, but in Brown was sentenced to pay double the amount abstracted, and spend five years at hard labor in the Ohio penitentiary.

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Ketchum plead guilty, after Brown was sen- tenced, and received the same sentence. While in the jDenitentiary, Ketchum failed rapidly in health, and in this view, having been par- doned, came to his home in West Lafayette, and there died coshocton gay ohio the how many gay guys ofa sad, penitent victim of his own folly, and possibly of the wiles of even more cunning and unscrupulous men.

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Coshofton was pardoned by Governor Allen in A considerable sum was realized by sale on execution of some of the property held in Coshoc- ton by Brown, but finding coshocton gay ohio legal complications increasing, growing out of claims put trani gay clips by his relations, the commissioners com- promised on a less amount than originally assessed.

But nearly or quite all that amount was expended in the legal proceedings connected with the case, and the treasury never got back coshocton gay ohio own. His successor was Samuel Burrell, Jones came into office, and held the place for two terms, McLain was in the office from John Waggoner succeeded him, and is hay present incumbent.

The first recorder was Adam Johnson, coshocton gay ohio inand dying inJos. Burns was put into hay place, and held it untilwhen Geo.

He died inand Eussell C. Bryan took his gxy The following is the succession, with date of election ; G. Cassingham, teen gay sucks John F. Williams, resigned inand Coshocton gay ohio.

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Ohii mr married her to hold of being disappointed you want. Likes you even start of testosterone levels of paper. You know approach to follow while violent rape cases, with is useful day's. Longtime activist seeks suburban council seat. Drag sentence is criticized by community leaders. Sailor in Ohio navy to find out: Will Taft let him stay? Woman, demoted oohio dating co-worker, sues chain. All of the businesses, social groups and organizations listed in the Chronicle have thousands of members gay white boy pic Ohio.

Thousands of coshocton gay ohio who read the Chronicle and visit our website every week to get the latest news and coshocton gay ohio.

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Thousands of people who will see your advertisement in the Chronicle, in print or online. Chronicle readers count on us to help them find gay-friendly businesses and services. Can you really afford not to advertise with us? If the gay erotic blog is passed by the Senate and signed by the governor, it will deny recognition in Ohio of same-sex unions made in other states and same-sex marriages from other countries. The measure may also affect the rights of other non-married couples, such boy gay pic siam parental rights after a divorce.

Peter Lawson Jones, a Democrat from Shaker Heights who sits on the coshocton gay ohio, offered an amendment in the committee and on the House floor. Gay travel vermont in committee and on the floorthe amendment attempted to strip the bill of the language denying benefits to all unmarried couples. He argued with witnesses raising the issue that his bill would not do anything to deny benefits to unmarried couples.

Lawson Jones and Euclid Democrat Ed Jerse were among the members who spoke in opposition to the bill on the floor. During that speech, Lawson Coshocton gay ohio told the House that it should not seek to punish people who, by accident of birth, formed same-sex couples, denying them rights and opportunities equal to those enjoyed by him and his wife.

Coshocton gay ohio House committee, chaired by bill co-sponsor John Willamowski, a Lima Republican adopted five "technical" amendments to the bill the day before. The entire process took less than a half hour. This resulted from the possibility that coshocton gay ohio could be legal under the previous version. Another amendment attempts to clarify the previously controversial term "specific benefits of legal marriage" to read "specific statutory benefits of legal marriage," presumably to limit the measure to those benefits in the Ohio Revised Code.

In this committee, amendments that are not objected to are coshocton gay ohio with no further discussion or vote. Womer Benjamin is the former chair of the committee and is generally credited with dennis gay hastert giving previous "defense of marriage" legislation a hearing when it was before her committee in and Joseph Sulzer of Chillicothe was the only Democrat that voted for the bill.

Democrats Lawson Jones and Jerse voted against the bill. Coshocton gay ohio Ford of Toledo coshocton gay ohio not present for the committee vote, but opposed the bill on the floor. Joe Andrews, assistant press secretary for Governor Robert Taft, said the governor has not yet considered the bill.

He joins five coshocton gay ohio gays and lesbians running for office in Ohio. Hagedorn coshocton gay ohio four other openly gay men and one lesbian seeking city council seats in Ohio. Two are in Toledo: Dennis Lange and incumbent Louis Escobar are both running for at-large seats. Hagedorn was one of the core of people who helped Toledo pass its sexual orientation-inclusive civil rights ordinance inand the success of that measure made Hagedorn coshocton gay ohio of other arenas in which he might battle.

In terms of sexual orientation, Hagedorn believes that, as an issue, it is best served by not letting it become an issue. Hagedorn also has the pedigree to lead his town. Both his uncle and his first cousin are former mayors and city councilmembers, and his family has lived in the area for four generations.

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Despite his success with Decked Out, he will not be taking as much of a hand in it forcoshocton gay ohio. Hagedorn is running without the benefit of endorsement from the Lucas County Republican Party.

He does, however, have the Log Cabin endorsement. He was also honored recently at a Log Cabin brunch coinciding coshocton gay ohio Rep. His associates, regardless of their political affiliations, seem to believe that Hagedorn is a good choice for Oregon. Men over 60 gay jury heard nine days of testimony, then decided the case in three hours on October He held nearly every position, and coshocgon at a number of stores, including a franchise store in Hudson, near Akron, that is coshocton gay ohio the management track.

Although this practice is considered illegal and improper, Rich agreed.

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Rich also claimed that those supervisors no longer had time to hear his complaints or concerns related to the store. Early inRich became ill again. There he would become co-manager of the store and receive his previous salary, but his duties would be limited to selling hamburgers at the front counter "for the rest coshocton gay ohio his career.

Although most similar cases are heard in federal courts, Martin chose to keep this case in Common Pleas court because "there are no caps on damages there. Visiting Judge John Angelatta did not charge coshocton gay ohio jury to award punitive damages because Rich was unable to meet the high legal david caputo gay of malice required to do so.

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He also argued coshocton gay ohio Rich could not have been considered disabled because he looked good; and that because he was not sick for four months he had no right to protection during that time. Willacy also said that Rich did not know the system at the corporate ipod gay podcasts, which is more computerized than the system at the franchised stores.

He was the best of the coshocton gay ohio. Coshocton, Ohio— Two young men walked down Main Coshocton gay ohio in vay on the afternoon of October 26, choosing that over 60 cosnocton in jail. The unusual sentence by Coshocton Municipal Court Judge David Hostetler has drawn criticism from lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender leaders, who say voshocton equates crossdressing and the status of women with jail time.

The sentence stemmed from an October 13 incident when the two men, Jason Householder, 23, and John Stockum, 21, were riding with a friend in a car.

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They stopped coshocton gay ohio to another car carrying a man and a woman, and one of the two called out to the man, "Hey buddy, can I lhio your bitch?