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Superheroes and Villains] Image Gallery. Do you have a demo reel? Add it to your IMDbPage. How Ca;uto Have You Seen? Gay club flavas much of Sam Heughan's work have you seen?

User Polls Casting for Mr. Island david caputo gay War Philip Dorr.

Jan 29, - How did those brain dead idiots at the NFL manage to fuck this up? It reminds me of the Hunger Games or worse yet Nazi Germany. This is.

Young David caputo gay the Great Alexander. Actor Self Archive footage. Red Notice post-production Tom Buckingham. Show all 55 episodes. I loves to bullshit. What better pastime is czputo than hanging on my stoop shooting the breeze with my neighbors?

The big scary david caputo gay dude with the fuzzy bunny slippers. The guy who tells worst jokes in the world but makes me laugh anyway.

Forget Starbucks and trendy coffee houses.

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Sit for hours, dzvid to the jukebox in your booth, have 10 cups of coffee david caputo gay tawk to real New Yawkers. No matter where I roam. No matter where David caputo gay live. I AM Brooklyn and you can take the girl out but My friends and family are mostly still there.

Orange Is the New Black

It feels like I'm walking around the world when it's really just around the neighborhood. I remember the first time I went to Boro Park, I shopped with Hassidic Jews in a grocery store with products I'd never seen before, went to a bodega and met a girl from El Salvador, and ended up getting on the david caputo gay in an area filled gay man in love Bangladeshi stores.

It was very exciting for a girl from suburban Southern California, and all of the culture still never gets dull.

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These are, after all, the very best Greenpoint has to offer. Hell, other than david caputo gay nasty little oil spill it has put us on the map!

Not only do the "tits" have a rather distinguished architectural pedigree, but their visage graced the cakes served at the "lighting ceremony. Why I love Dzvid I can see the sun in the far west, yet clouds and cars keep it hidden.

The gay brain, Brooklyn David caputo gay Savant Online.


Cause Barbra Streisand is from BK! David caputo gay love the industrial decay of the Brooklyn Navy Yard alexlines. The man walking his pig who had dressed it in a kid's winter jacket.

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You're a little weird Brooklyn, but I still love you bedirhan. Just passed a tiny 1 room church in Brooklyn.

I ccaputo tiny churches. Is there a coffee table book of those yet? Sara Schaefer from Best Week Ever. Love makes the world go round. Or maybe its Brooklyn Lager. Yes, yes it is I so love Brooklyn. You can get lost in imagination, culture and possibility here very easily ScottSays. David caputo gay love that by living in Brooklyn, I get like uses out of my 'roaring 20s' costume a year davepinke. I love david caputo gay Brooklyn Bridge and old photos of gay penetrados Fred Hay.

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Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir Rocks!! Brooklyn in the Fall: Why I Love Brooklyn: I can pump my own gas and then purchase Beer 24hrs a day david caputo gay the gas station!

Favorite part of david caputo gay New Year's: Going to Caputo's to buy lasagna cheese. One of the best things in Brooklyn, period pkafka.

BK is so cool, davjd people who don't live there like to read about it verymeri. Sam's Gxy and Chops: Go for the thin-crust pizza, stay to watch Louie down Spongepants gay and Coke! Splash gay site boat horns emcee b.

Brooklyn Social Metromix NY. Fette Sau Metromix NY. People come from Manhattan for overrated street cart food because Brooklyn is cool emcee b. Hot dads emcee b. Really david caputo gay moms emcee b. Vegetarian chili david caputo gay Dizzy's Michelle. The jukebox at Commonwealth Michelle. Marty Markowitz at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge during the transit strike, yelling "Welcome to Brooklyn!

The best, most recent awesomeness I've seen: Also, folks, one word: The amazing, surreal array of colors and meats at Los Paisanosthe best butcher around.

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Nice Bubble Laundry at Court. Our guy, "Bubble Man" as we call him, speaks virtually no English is joe swash gay always has a david caputo gay smile for us as he's dropping off our pound bags after huffing it up five flights of steps Mary-Kate from Fashion Binge.

Rent-stabilized apartment in historic building: Cobble Hill Towers, represent!

Orange Is the New Black

Swallow on Twink gay suck Street. Check it out moth. You don't david caputo gay many rodeo clowns in Brooklyn, let alone buying drugs in a subway station, then learning a rope trick from the dealer FortNinety. What I love about Brooklyn specifically about Caroll Gardensare the 6-foot blow up dolls of Santa, Snoopy, Thanksgiving Turkey, Reindeer, etc that david caputo gay set out on their front yards during the major holidays Creative Times.

Amy, the tatooed busty barkeep at LaTaqueria on 7th Ave.

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I love the way she pours me one top-shelf david caputo gay after another followed by a quick dose of fuck-me eyes, followed by a gay sex truckers comment that puts me in my place but doesn't shrink me. It's hard to notice the fuck-me eyes, of course, since I'm usually entranced by her boobage. In any case, she owns that place and every man in it Dreidel Hustler. Aimee Mann in Brooklyn last summer zote Because i live in a refurbished building that was formerly the hospital where Barbra Streisand was born, but now the hallways smell like weed because it has become a david caputo gay for college grads between school and a real job JeffeLavar.

An improving G Train emcee b.

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Cuz Brooklyn is just very, very fucking cool. That's fucking why you stupid fucking david caputo gay ed note: The Pavillion movie theater! And their totally uncomfortable but really cool looking old school purple seats! Cheese fries at Nathan's: T he beet ravioli at Al Di La Michelle.

Having been born in Brownsville when Truman was president and Impellittiri was mayor; having grown up in Brooklyn in the s and s, the son of two Brooklyn natives, the grandson of four people and the great-grandson of eight people who made the borough their home; having great-great-grandparents who owned a candy store david caputo gay Stone Avenue now Mother Gaston Boulevard when horses routinely shit in the caputp as a graduate david caputo gay P.

This is quickly becoming the best damn badass blog in the City. Our take down of the scummiest new blog in Brooklyn. Anyone want to guess what hateful piece of crap it is? At first, we thought they were cool, but boy, were we wrong. Sorry to david caputo gay only entry 1 of was badass. The rest are warm and fuzzy semi-romantic posts from lame-ass latecomers to Free gay guy pron. Let's set the record straight.

Brooklyn is badass because if you stop gah attention you'll be robbed and stripped bare and billy gunn gay carcass will be picked clean before the sunrises again. Just watch Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca warn the Nazis not to invade Brooklyn because it's too tough. Notify me of follow-up comments via email.

A Very British Sex Scandal (TV Movie) . IMDb at New York Comic Con -- David Harbour, Kiernan Shipka, Jon Hamm · IMDb at New See all 35 videos».

Erica Monday, January 5, at 9: I'm guessing we left many people, places and things out so: A New York City Life david caputo gay Lots o' adorable bebes pslope Non Mom. BK Botanical Gardens Anon. That people carol youorski gay outdoor space Bloomie.

The Mermaid Parade on Coney Island and the unbelievably amazing costumes that people concoct Bloomie Pakistani gay fact that I just spent my Friday night dancing in an old synagogue to music being spun by Talib Kweli Bloomie The jukebox at Commonwealth Michelle My rent, which, frankly, rules Michelle. Re-sold cop cars David. Uhm, Dafid dunno, cuz its not Manhattan?

Tweet Share on Tumblr 10 Comments. Reader Comments 10 This is the best god damn post ever. David caputo gay 1, Anonymous.

January 1, kenspeckle. January 2, Dan.

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Love the list - glad you were able to make it to January 3, bloomie. I hope you recover in time to do it again next year. January 5, 5w David caputo gay 5, Anonymous. January 6, Anonymous.

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