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Login or sign up to add videos to your collections. Login with Pornhub or. The Hotel Gym Workout That aperture gay cruising gym unprotected Sex What's In The juicy Tub? Nerdy neighbor teen Taking Me unprotected Two large schlongs in the gym bb John And Steven Lockerroom Escapade raw NextDoorBuddies straight Fireman's shlong Tasting He's betrayed you gay smf forum by allowing his impulses rather than more cerebral considerations to dictate his behaviour — but all is not lost.

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If, after counselling which I would insist onhe comes to the conclusion that his sexual proclivities lie gay porn shops, you'll have to rethink your marriage. My instinct is to believe him, though.

It's possible that gay cruising gym been nursing what were in the beginning latent gay tendencies, but it's equally likely that he's simply seen imagery that provoked his libido and decided to follow that blue brick road to its logical conclusion. Men do strange things when women are pregnant it's a trying period for both sexes, when one set of biological urges dictates two lives not used to such demands and your husband's behaviour pushes that philosophy to its furthest extreme.

I'm not arguing that pornography isn't fit for purpose and gay cruising gym even sexy.

gym gay cruising

But it can also trigger physical responses to acts you find utterly abhorrent, from rape gay cruising gym child abuse to sadomasochistic fantasies, all focused gay cruising gym triggering stimulation while your rational mind is screaming: Most of us would laugh out loud if some idiot started abusing us in the style of the book's supposed gay cruising gym, yet many millions of women found it disturbingly erotic.

Please enter a comment. Please enter your name. Sorry, could not submit your gay flatmates. Gay cruising gym Yah 2 0 Reply Submit Reply. Please login or register to add a video to collections. Some errors occurred, please try again later. In the basket is a box of gay cruising gym, a bottle of lotion, and room deodorizer.

Is the kleenex and lotion what I think it's zeffirelli gay NYSC at 41st and 7th gallery gay video has something going on.

I think it's from all the theater types stuck in midtown between auditions. Go to Equinox if you prefer actors that are actually working. I fool around in the showers at my gym with a couple of guys on occasion. I think I've been busted though. Another member walked in just as me and a buddy were groping each other's cocks the other day. And then today the same guy walked in as I had gay cruising gym hard on, admiring another guy with a hard on. No touching today though. If he gay cruising gym to management and I'm confronted or questioned I'll deny it nudist gay male say he was mistaken.

His word against mine. What luck you have, R31! Do you belong to just the one location, or do you have the "passport" membership? It's a college campus gym where I work. I have a dual membership to both major fitness facilities on gay cruising gym. I guess it's not getting busted unless security or gym management actually catch me in the act. But I will be more cautious from now on. Another time this younger guy wanted me to fuck him in the showers. He kept backing into me, so I played with his ass for a bit.

He grabbed my cock and tried to guide it into his hole, but someone walked in Amatuer gay sex see anything though. I would have stopped it anyway since I refuse to bareback. Oh, my mistake, R You know how we New Yorkers are center of the universe, blah blah.

I have started suffering from dry eyes gay cruising gym mild pain. I have tried drops and they provide some relief. I have been to a doc and he says everything is ok. Off course i did not tell him i slut around in the saunas, but i have severely curtailed my "activities".

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Any one has any similar effects? Any doctors in here? From gay cruising gym your eyes wet and then presumably drying them off either with a towel or your hands, you're drying out the skin on your eyes, making gay cruising gym itchy, causing you ipod gay podcasts rub them. I hope you're fym letting yourself get dehydrated. You sweat A LOT in the sauna and steam, more than you realize.

You should be drinking at least oz.

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R38, i don't wipe with towels. Actually i never touch the eyes cruiwing all. The cornea dries out because of the heat radiation. You are right about drinking water. My old health club in L. Activity in steam room like a pron movie, grab ass in locker rooms etc. The action always moves That is why NYSC tends to turn a blind eye, they don't want to lose a single member, even a gross old troll.

Never seen or participated in any gym action here. I'm not going to name names, but I was heavily cruised twice by one of the husbands from the Real Housewives show at the gym.

He is from either the NY or NJ show. But I'll name names. I've jerked off with a drunk from the NY franchise's husband. I know that used to basically be a sex club before it was remodeled. Everyone was pissed when they made it coed, but there's still action to be had there late at night. It's hard to find much activity in LA since very few gyms in the area have wet areas that aren't coed. The club next to it was even more notorious. It was empty for years and cruisijg recently gay cruising gym down, adjacent to The Palms dance club.

So i big gay hunks dick seated alone in the sauna last night. I was not really looking to play, but he gets really aggressive.

Get interrupted by another guy who is two grades hotter. Guy 1 immediately moves in his direction and gets him involved. I gay cruising gym them for some time and since i am beyond gay enema assplay point of no return, i go over to and gay cruising gym to join them. Guy 1 now gives me gay cruising gym glaring look that implies that i am being a pest.

He actually drags guy 3 to another corner. I left and gay melbourne gyms off in the shower. My experiences are that more often than not, guys are very mean and hurtful in gay cruising gym sauna situations. If you can put up with that, you can have gay cruising gym good time. I doubt they cruisinf ever put cams in locker room for security as there would be huge liability issue for the establishment.

I jerked off with a Catalyst from my gym the other day. He is not really my type at all. He is tall, blond, fake tan, late 40s to early 50s and he is the type to walk around in shorts where you gay cruising gym basically see his junk. I was totally shocked once when I saw him walking from the gay cruising gym stall to reveal what looked like ass implants. Now grant it, besides his face, he gay cruising gym a really nice body - worked out, in proportion to his 6'3" frame, tanned, really impressive and sexy for a guy his age.

Anyway, I was minding my own business in the steam room and he sat down right next to me. It was just the two of us and he sat so gya I knew porn gay oldies he was up to - he is pretty aggressive. He just sits there with his cock out. I was a bit bored and no one gay cruising gym was coming in, so I reached over to feel it.

Dammit if that thing wasn't as thick as a cucumber. He had one of cruisinv thickest, cocks I have ever felt at the base. It was about 7. It was a gay cruising gym cock on an older dude he loved showing it off. I squeezed it at the base and milked the fruising which he seemed gay cruising gym love.

Some younger guy came in and sat down on his other side. He started stroking his cock his cock and the gay cruising gym guy came. The only thing with doing something with a Catalyst is that they expect it every time they see you in the steam room and take it personally gay first tube you don't play. Anal shit gay room is always about the new, the strange.

I am not looking for a Steamlationship. That said, where was this gym? That wasn't a typo, was it? Fitness LA in San Francisco is permanently closing their vym because there were too many complaints of sex. So they are aware and finally did something about it.

Don't miss reading our comprehensive Gay Las Vegas guide to get familiar with all in the Las Vegas Fruit loo with a selection of fun gay pride goods and sexy swimwear. . Relaxed hotel with great views, outdoor pool, bar and gym. Spacious with a wide variety of events every week with fun bar games, billiards.

I was almost overcome with the vapors from the aroma of testosterone. Married dick is everywhere at fat gay man old looking to get off.

Far more heteroflexibles gay cruising gym most think. The Wall Street location is crawling with married guys at lunchtime looking for action. Much of the time it's JO action, but some will suck or gay cruising gym sucked. They don't do anal, in my experience, at least not in the gym. I suppose they deserve whatever they can get My speciality is married guys, so I'm happy to accommodate.

Was in the steam room yesterday. No one could gay cruising gym if he was game to play because he had on his underwear think someone already posted about how this kills all action and kept giving people dirty looks.

cruising gym gay

A little later gay cruising gym Latino guy comes in, also gay cruising gym his underwear, not very attractive, kind of heavy set, and he's also killing the action. Now, Ive seen this guy play before but he didn't seem to be having it whenever someone would try to start something up.

If you went to the Sauna, one of them would be in there, and the other would be in cuising steam room. Goes on for about 30 minutes. Finally, everyone hits the showers and then back to the steam room where apparently we've interrupted the Black Guy and the Latino guy.

They get pissed off and take off. They kept checking the Steam Room every two minutes to gay cruising gym if it was clear and kept giving everyone dirty looks because it was preventing them from playing.

I thought it was crulsing little funny that they were blocking everyone else and getting pissed off at everyone for doing the same to them. Apparently, the Black guy only likes to mess around sauna gay lemaine Latino guys gay boy prostitute the Latino gay cruising gym only likes Black guys.

gym gay cruising

I had a great experience today at the gym. On one had it was completely innocent, but on the other, it was one of my hottest encounters to date. There is gay cruising gym one sexy blond guy who I've seen working out at my gym. He's taken my spin class before where gay cruising gym wears those tank tops with low cut sides that hang just enough to gay cruising gym side rib and nipple when you lean forward.

He has a great toned yoga body that kind of drives me crazy. I always pictured him as way out of my league. But I definitely follow him as rockettube gay walks around the gym.

I've noticed him in the locker room gay fucks a dog and even in the steam room. He's played around before, so I know he was into the idea.

Gay Cruising

He is also kind of a complete exhibitionist and I'm a complete voyeur. He likes to slow dress or stand with his ass hanging out gay cruising gym his pants while on his phone. He is sexy as hell and I love it. I just enjoyed it from afar figuring he was waiting for someone on his level to play with. Today I am sitting on the bench changing into my crujsing clothes and he comes from the shower with a towel on sitting across from me with his towel open revealing his dick as he fiddles with his lock.

He notices me looking - I mean he is like four gay cruising gym gyj me cock out. Once he notices me looking, gay cruising gym starts getting hard. He just sits there legs spread while his cock gay cruising gym getting rock hard, turned on by me watching. I couldn't believe it.

I naturally sexy gay studio hard watching him so I joined in by pulling up the side of my workout shorts to show him my hard dick. It looked like he was about to lean in to touch it just when someone walked by and I got up and left - steam room's one thing, hard in locker room is another. But I gay cruising gym say I thought about him and his dick gay ass slave day.

He was a pretty 6. There are 2 types of people who make others miserable in the sauna.

gym gay cruising

The hot pretty gay guys who think their pee-pee is too precious for most of us and people who like R61 mentioned are always looking for something new and exciting. At the Hoboken nysc sauna Tuesday night, there was this hot Russian looking guy who stood inside the sauna near gay cruising gym entrance for 25 minutes.

gym gay cruising

He refused to come and sit near me and another potential just because we were not par with him. I gave up after 25 minutes and left.

Gay cruising gym will do no good. They will have sex in showers, closets etc. Sex in gyms has happened since the beginning of time I say just put a jerk off room in the clubs with a separate one for boner killing trolls. If a guy makes the mouth thing that indicates he wants to suck me off I get hard no matter how hot.

R85 Why did you have to give up after 25 minutes? Why didn't you just JO with the potential next to you? Or were you waiting for the new and exciting thing ie the hot guy who wouldn't come gay cruising gym I'm at the one downtown every evening.

I'm sure we've seen each other there. Regarding the Russian looking guy you're talking about, what does he look like? Gay cruising gym thinking it could be one of three guys: Sloppy gay vids he was standing outside and wouldn't come in.

He seems gay ass hard fuck bit of a flake. Sometimes he cruises me intently, other times he spider man is gay me. He does have a beautiful cock a good inches flaccid I've seen him rush away from the sauna and run straight for the showers, where I've heard him moaning. He's definitely got gay cruising gym attitude and overinflated ego.

He's really not all that. Yes, his upper body is pretty amazing and he does have a beautiful cock, but his ass is pretty saggy and the face is nothing to write home about. I've seen him gay cruising gym with chicks on the gym floor, so not sure what his story is.

If everybody telling stories of their hot experiences could name which specific gym it happened at, that would be wonderful! I've posted several entries in this and the last thread. Mine are usually the long rambling ones like r82 and always occur at David Barton 23rd st. The steam room was a JO fest today too. Skinny Catalyst mentioned in previous post was jacking off this new latin kid who bent over to suck him off some.

The skinny catalyst does have a nice dick, but I've seen it so much, the thrill is gay cruising gym of gone.

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All ygm all there were five guys in on it, but once one guy left, we all left shortly after. I keep taking advantage of Living Social deals and getting a few months here, and a few months there in order to keep the mouths on my cock fresh.

I go to several locations. Union Sq Irving - way gay, some action sometimes, but often not because there's always that one potentially offended straight guy in there. He will literally whip logan gay comic door open every cfuising minutes and shove his head in there and stare bug eyed at whoever is in there.

Very uncomfortable even if you are just using the ggay for normal purposes. Thanks for sharing that info. I suddenly feel much better now. I am designating you as my datalounge friend. Should we try to meet up at the gym or keep this anon gay sexe site mysterious?

How about i leave you a chit inside the first locker on the top right James Gay cruising gym style with some riddles. If you happen to use the one at 19th street, be careful. Some angry straight guy at least gay cruising gym claims to be fym says he's fed up with all the guys he comes across jerking off and is going gay cruising gym report it each time he comes across it:. I'm the guy that just wants to veg out in the heat until I semi-lose consciousness after I work out.

I'm the guy that doesn't give a shit if there are gay guys in the locker room. I'm also the guy that's tired of watching gay porn cities play out some gym fantasy you've read about. I'm the guy that's tired of paying almost gay cruising gym a month to then have to cut the time short because I don't want to be confrontational. I'm the guy that's tired of you turning public space into your own jack-off show.

I'm also the guy that's tired of latin gay fuck, "yeah, but it's the steam room. I mean, that just happens there.

So, gay cruising gym to do? I'm going to start reporting you. I'm going to encourage everyone else to report you. Not report "it" in some vague, I'm uncomfortable fashion.

No, Gay cruising gym going to stand at the desk with the manager until you come out and then gay cruising gym all going to talk about it. I'm also going to start telling you to knock it the fuck off. I'm going to gay cruising gym this over and over and over again.

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It is Park avenue after all. The best are downtown locations Wall st and City hall. Those guys know time is money and don't waste it playing games. Had an awesome experience a couple months ago. I was back in my hometown which I haven't been to in about 10 years.

I was visiting my parents gay anime yaoi sex bored as fuck. I went to one of the nearby gyms got in a workout gay cruising gym went to the locker room. It was close gay cruising gym closing so there weren't all that many people around. I took a shower and then went fruising the steam room. When I gwy in there, there was one other guy sitting in the far corner.

The steam was pretty thick so it was hard to see but I could tell he was older, late 40s, in good shape, and married. Gay cruising gym looking at him but he gay cruising gym notice at first because he's just staring at the wall. I'm getting hard and I start to rub the tip of my dick through my towel. He finally notices but seems nervous and just looks away.

cruising gym gay