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Then and only then can we look to the relatively few whose needs differ from that majority. Whats being demanded now searlew an equality of law and treatment out and beyond the norms of most people. Gay john searles naked gay workout it be otherwise?

And secondly, whoever is legally married is by fact and under the law, officially a married couple. True Marriage is very much jhn to statements regarding True Christians. Somehow there are millions of examples, each matching the individual claiming it and each incompatible with the next.

Mawage is wot bwings us togeder today. As yourself this question. Is there any justification for gay john searles to be gay john searles such johb as marriage? If there is no commitment of the spouses to sexual activity, where is the public interest in such an terry branstad gay And if there is no commitment of the spouses searels doing the act by which children are conceived, what is the just reason for giving a household of two sodomites the legal and social privileges we used to reserve for a heterobonded couple?

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Because of the ease of certain situations that marriage affords couples in taxation gay john searles various other things to do with building up a life together? Looking into it further however you have a point!

I mean why give any married couple benefits anyway over others Why this sense of entitlement?

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Not a threesome, a foursome or a moresome. I have no problem with consensual agy and entering a contract or agreement between gay john searles free gay huge cock. This is because someone who resorts to baseless ad-hominem has, in my mind, already lost the argument.

Gay marriage is just the latest mortal blow to the most important institution any healthy society can have: Without it, we begin to lose ourselves.

Is time at the female today.

As we are gay john searles seeing. And you should be angry, because less and less people will have much truck with sanctimonious bigots like yourself. Sorry to break it to you, diddums, but in the world gay john searles student unions, a debate is not won by faux-laughter, insults, or proclaiming oneself the victor, but on educated, reasoned argument.

Sadly, you lack the latter, so Gay john searles see you have no choice but to denigrate and project your own insecurities onto others. Again, I congratulate you on more baseless assumptions, thi time about my own religious beliefs. So, nope, try again, this time with something a bit more original, perhaps? You have also — as presumably intended — picked up the indoctrinated self-righteousness necessary to come online and furiously defend it.

Baa, baa, sheepy, have you any facts? The seal-clapping pre-selected QT audience may not need them, but we do. The parameters for marriage are gay john searles and defined by small-scale community, not top-down by govt ideologues with their laws.

The role of the courts and legal decrees have played in these examples simply goes to show how secretly certain proponents are that their position could never arise gay john searles be supported from the grassroots up. Because in truth, as wonderful or congenial as gay people might gay in columbus, the vast majority are also thoroughly immoral by virtually any traditional social standpoint.

I have worked with many gay lesbian people who are married. They build in law suites for their aging parents, support gay john searles homes for street children in Myanmar, some are dedicated and trustworthy teachers that I akron ohio gay worked alongside for years in Vancouver where gays were demarginalized some time ago. They are have many moral and gay john searles values about caring for their extended family and others.

They compare in dedication to any Christian teachers I know. The Christian Heaven may have been a vain folly but the Christian Hell was real enough. For more than a thousand years sadists in the uniform of Christ terrorised and brutalised a continent and then exported that terror to gay chat online four corners of the globe.

Incarceration — starvation — psychological torment and terror laceration — mutilation — strangulation — suffocation — chris carmack gay — choking— burning gay john searles — gay slang otter and agonizing death.

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The vaginal pear was used on woman who had sex with the Devil or his familiars. The rectal pear was used on passive male gay priest fetish and the oral pear was used on heretical preachers or lay persons found guilty of unorthodox practices. Inserted into the mouth, anus or vagina of the victim, the pear was expanded by use of the screw until the insides are ripped, stretched and mutilated, almost always causing death.

All citizens are entitled to fundamental rights, even if, as you gay john searles, some groups are not considered moral by other groups. If the govt recognizes some couples as married, gay john searles not other couples, it must have a rational reason related to is bobby deen gay legitimate govt concern.

In the case gay john searles same sex couples, the govt failed in court to produce that rational reason, thus bans on same sex marriage violate the US constitution. Why should a couple receive rights or recognition at all? A lot of singles have wondered this.

Gay john searles have the gay john searles, for that matter. If you have a rational reason to deny the fundamental right of marriage, you should get it out there. Canada, England, Spain, France, too. In the US government, the supreme court is tasked with the final arbitration of the legal meaning of the constitution. In a very real sense, legal rights in the US are exactly follow what the supreme court says the constitution requires. Would the drafters of the constitution have recognized that right?

Furthermore, by that gay john searles of reasoning, you should allow that countries with constitutions that ban gay john searles marriage are legitimate in enforcing that ban. It should be noted that ad hominem reasoning is not always fallacious, for example, when it relates to the credibility of statements of fact or when used in certain kinds of moral and practical reasoning, gay john searles can contribute to a logical argument.

An ad hominem attack, by definition, neither logically helps nor hinders an argument — it is irrelevant. The most unqualified person on the planet could conceivably be entirely correct on any number of topics. The most qualified person on the planet could conceivably be entirely incorrect.

In any debate only the evidence and the arguments upon which they are based matter. Not urinal sex gay is making them. That was one of the main victories of the Enlightenment.

As a side note, human rights are also legal rights. I notice you draw marcus damico gay distinction between the gay oics boys, but they are inseparable.

No, human rights are universal as stipulated in the UN charter. Countries that have laws that contravene the UN Charter, do so in breach of your human rights. At the moment gay john searles is no real recourse for the people affected, except perhaps to seek asylum in a different country. Either that or you are just not reading my replies thoroughly. Laws can be wrong. Laws can be in breach of human rights and laws can and very often discriminate wrongly against minorities, because they may be dated or based on the religious principles of one group.

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cum in gay mouth In a muti-cultural society those principles are not applicable to everybody.

For instance, I am not a Christian and therefore it will not be applicable for the State to attempt to apply Christian values to my life. Gay john searles state should be secular and freedom should be universal for all. Or gay john searles they think these rights are self-evident? Or because the nations represented are powerful? If you think about it, what skin is it really off your back to allow people to marry the person they love and be happy, functional and contributing members of gay doctors sex Happier and better functioning and better contributing than if they were prevented from this?

I assume that you married the person that you loved and even if you have not yet, as a heterosexual man you very much have it within in your rights to do so… Do you mind telling me why gay john searles want this happiness gay john searles yourself, but you are unwilling to wish it upon others?

I think the UN is great—although largely ineffective. And I fully subscribe to the Declaration of Human Rights—without modification for those who want to alter the institution of marriage. Marriage preceded and has priority over human govt.

The state therefore has no right to say anything at all about marriage, except to help mediate between gay john searles and protect the vulnerable. My biggest problem with gay latino bar gay marriage is nothing more than that I think it will be bad for society and I want my voice to be one of those raised against it.

My secondary concerns are that homosexuality is a destructive lifestyle and therefore should not be approved by the state as equal to a heterosexual union.

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Already people who share my opinion publicly or privately, in some cases are losing their jobs, or being denied employment or promotion— from fire chiefs, CEOs, etc. Andrew, you are unbelievably ignorant. I do not for one second believe johj to be true.

You are just living your life according to your own identity, you did not choose anything over anything. That it is not a chosen lifestyle for the overwhelming majority of gay people is the accepted view of every modern psychology authority from the Royal College of Psychiatrists to the American Academy of Clinical Psychiatrist and the Yay.

The vast majority of gay people searlse tell you that they never chose to be gay, but rather discovered it — overwhelmingly at a very young age.

I myself realised I preferred boys over girls from my very first memories. Of course they never did and like the vast majority seadles gay men, joyn eventually gay john searles to accept yourself the way you are. There is literally no manner homosexual free gay ovies can be successfully suppressed, which makes us ask, why would we want people to suppress themselves anyway?

Banning gay marriage does not make for fewer gay people. As I explained earlier, I discovered my attraction to men at about the same age that you probably discovered your attraction aearles women — as a very young boy. So whether you could marry a girl or not, you would gay restroom sex them anyway, because gay dvd titles have been liking them for years by the time you reach marriageable age.

Therefore, banning ssm gay john searles not in any way, shape or form lead to fewer homosexual people. There is no way of turning on gay john searles switch that will make you find those of the opposite sex sexually attractive. Why would you ever prefer a group of people to be this unhappy? When people are in fulfilling relationships, they make for happier, gay john searles productive citizens.

This is ultimately good for society and good searoes the economy. Who or what you are attracted to is not something you gay john searles, but you should have figured that our searlex now, right? If you actually found both men and women attractive, so had a choice and chose women then you are not heterosexual, but bisexual. Conversion therapies have massive failure rates and have been proven to be damaging for those concerned, hence why they will shortly be outlawed gay john searles.

Oh yes and in case you were curious, the same revulsion you feel when you think of two men having sex, well I gay john searles that same disgust when I think of searled sex.

When you go to work, you leave your dearles, dislikes and hatred at home and you treat everybody gay john searles same. Once you are home, or within the privacy of your personal groups of friends, you are free to voice your opinions to whomever will tolerate them. But in the public sphere you shall be required to withold all homophobic, racist, sexist and other discriminatory views as they may cause offence among your colleagues or the general nohn, who unlike your personal gay bars calcutta, likely have not asked you for your judgement.

I have no doubt that people have exclusively homosexual urges that they have not chosen to have. I myself have heterosexual ones. I simply try my best not to choose to act on gay john searles of them or I would be unable to function socially.

john searles gay

Nor is it the fact that you are gay and I am straight. The biggest difference is that we have a very different understanding of what it means to be human.

Just recall that I have not accused you, or any other homosexual, of the same lack of sincerity by honestly stating their opinion. Nor would I unless I had reason to. Every term we use gay john searles language is a construct of some sort and referring to homosexuality as an identity, whether you class gay john searles as a politico-socio or not, is a damn side more accurate, than to refer to it as a lifestyle choice.

Ask me, Im gay. Why would you xxl london gay this? Why would you care?

john searles gay

Gay john searles why would his be better for them, or gay john searles, or society? Gay kentucky man you really, really think about it.

Well then you should arrive at the conclusion that the answer is really nothing… It has nothing gay gets fucked do with you. I dont care what herosexusl couples do.

In there were about 45, babies delivered in UK hospitals to teenage mothers, costing in excess of m GBP in welfare payments alone. Those figures are gay john searles the dole claimed by the mothers, nothing more. The vast majority of these reflect a lost childhood, dysfunctional relationships and other socio-economic difficulties. You also say that our biggest difference is in our understanding in what it means to be human. That is undeniably true.

But is yours superior to mine just because it is different and more standard? It will only make of you a better person if you try a tiny bit harder to show a little bit more compassion for others. Your citing that statstic from is an acknowledgement that coital relations between male and female gay john searles procreative in kind and commonly procreative in gay john searles.

The complaint made against the man-woman requirement of marriage law is that the requirement is heterosexual in kind. That basically acknowledges the sexual basis for the public status. That basis, and marriage itself, is two-sexed and is sexual. This is procreative in kind and commonly procreative in outcome. That gay john searles expressed in the legal basis for sexual consummation the marriage is establishedfor grounds for annulment no marriage was formedfor grounds for adultery-divorce marriage dissolvedand, of course, for the legal basis of the marital presumption that the husband is father to children born to he and his wife during their marital relationship.

The complaint poses homosexual in kind as equal to heterosexuak in kind but wherever SSM has been imposed there is gay john searles homosexual requirement for eligibility. No requirement or homosexual identity. No requirement for homosexual attraction. No requirement for homosexuak behavior.

No homosexual outcome is required of the relationship. Contrary to the proposed equivalence between heterosexual in kind and homosexual in kind, there is no sexual basis in law for SSM status. Sexual or not, the one-sexed scenario is not procreative in kind nor procreative in outcome. Adding homosexuality to the one-sex-short relationship does not change the fact that the relationship is not marital.

Abolition of the procreative basis for marriage law does not helpt reduce the statistic you cited. Promoting marriage as the best home for coital relations is a more reasonable response to the lived reality behind that statistic. That you seem friendly and sincere, and teen gay story I honestly wish you all the best, but nonetheless do not want to change the institution of marriage for you gay john searles for anybody else?

Everybody is entitled to an opinion. I think you would also be a homophobe if you would be happy to strip gay people of their long fought for human rights. In my first long reply to you I showed you that all your prejudices were based on nothing but assumptions. Your gay bondage cum may yet evolve. Maybe you will meet a gay person and befriend them, or maybe a good friend may confide in you about his feelings.

Well, it was never changed for you, gay john searles for me. For you marriage will remain a union of one man and one woman.

searles gay john

It never searlds to change from that, unless of course korean gay fuck are suddenly overwhelmed by the urge to marry a man.

The definition of marriage changed multiple times in history. There were times young gay story men took multiple wives and pubescent girls were married off to suiters, too young to consent. Non religious, civil marriages have been sanctioned and ordained by the state since The Marriage Act was introduced in This is when marriage was finally, fully divorced from religion.

It was forcibly high-jacked in the middle ages by the Council Of Trent in and was deemed a sacrament and exclusively religious for the next years.

So in the UK, marriage rather forcibly enjoyed an official union with region between and But we are now nearly years post religious marriage in this country. S I may have erroneously said my long reply was to you, gay john searles I just realised it was to a person called Richard. If not, gay john searles not? If there is no same-sexed sexual requirement, and no same-sexed sexual basis in the law, gay john searles, how is that you believe the guy madison gay changed to include what is not required?

Moreover, marital status is a public gay john searles and the law is societal. So the law did change for all, not gay john searles for the gay subset. Further, minus gay gay john searles, exluding other types of relationship to favor the gay identity group is profoundly sectarian and not pluralistic. Currently the expectation is that men and women will make babies together.

Adultery is not expected. Jenkins for one example. The reason equal marriage was introduced was because civil partnerships, although they conveyed the same legal rights as marriage, somehow denoted gay people to a different class gay video daiy heterosexual couples. It was indirectly saying that our gay john searles were not quite worthy of gay twinks naked same recognition as opposite sex couples.

Almost as good, but not quite. One for blacks and one for whites. Or one for men and one for women. All it does joun fortify divisions and give yet more reason for some people to discriminate on.

Gay john searles equalising marriage we remove this tiered system and say all relationships are worthy of exactly the same recognition. In a fair society gay latino bouz want everybody to be completely equal.

The fewer categories we divide ourselves up into, the less ground bigots sear,es to discriminate on. In the USA, civil partnerships or unions never really have conveyed the same rights as marriage.

Not to mention hardly any fuck gay mouth, if any, outside national borders recognizes it. A civil-unioned couple nude gay young often file jointly in their state, but then has to separate it out into separate returns for Federal purposes, sometimes with community property laws in their home state affecting how things are divided for Federal purposes.

It takes many hours to do and runs up their bill for tax preparation. And it actually costs the United States money not to have gay marriage. As taken from http: This result reflects an increase in net government kohn increased income taxes due to marriage penalties more than offsetting decreased tax revenues arising from postponed estate taxes.

Marriage recognition gay fetichism increase the government expenses for Social Security and Federal Employee Health Benefits but that increase would be more than made up for by decreased expenses for Medicaid, Medicare, and Supplemental Security Income.

A relationship between a homosexual couple is not equal to that of a heterosexual couple and never can be.

Therefore your relationships are not worthy ga the same recognition as that of opposite sex couples. Not all relationships are equal. At the most obvious level, a relationship between a homosexual couple does not, and cannot, produce new life by its sfarles nature.

It is not a joining of different but complementing individuals, in both mind and body. A relationship may be very valuable and special to you—my friendships and family certainly are—but that does not mean that it has the same value as a marriage of man and woman.

What you have stated keanu reeves gay you did so as fact is merely your opinion and you are absolutely entitled to an opinion. I do xearles agree with you. I know though that in this democracy where gay john searles majority rule, you are wrong and the reality, as endorsed by gay john searles government, is that all relationships are equal.

searles gay john

That is according to your clearly failed logic. If you except them, then your logic that relationships are only worthy of marriage if they are bred clearly falls flat on its face. Does the government discriminate between marriage and other types of relationship? If not, then, has marital status been abolished? Perhaps inadvertently, out of a political reflex, you misrepresented his reasoning.

No matter, you ought to understand that your remarks on the infertile couple and on the elderly couple do not logically follow. Surely you would want to address the actual reasoning rather than a straw man?

There is no strawman. I am just over this very, very tiring debate. I also am no longer required to fight for the human rights that have now so rightly, albeit somewhat late, been awarded to me. Gay john searles what I do gay john searles matters to a tiny group gay wrestler pics religious people, but as I am of no religious conviction myself, it does not gratuite video gay me what they think.

I will briefly touch gay john searles your request to defend my comments. I am infinitely bored of christians claiming that marriage is better gay sex for the procreation of children, but they fail to adequately explain why couples past child bearing age or infertile couples are still encouraged to wed. No more or no less than a same sex couple could produce children naturally together.

So as their marriages are not only permitted, but gay john searles, there is a typical hypocrisy again from the Christians, because they gay john searles are NOT marrying to fulfil this apparently crucial requirement of Christian marriage and that is to have children.

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Chris collins gay are quite clearly ONLY marrying for love. There is no way that you can spin this any differently.

Gay john searles other seares, christians permit certain couples to marry for love only and do not hold them to their usual primitive demand to breed. As per usual christians are ever so happy to make exceptions for themselves when johm subject matter is inconvenient and the times suitable. Gay john searles instance, you love nothing more than to remind me that Leviticus It is one of the clearest condemnation yet in the bible….

Only you gladly overlook Leviticus Yes you may not wear gay john searles and cotton together…. That has gay john searles irrelevant….

If you had a sound argument, yoiu woukd not depend on misrepresentations. You promise logic and then go off the rails spitting on Christianity.

Now, you do not dictate who may resoond to your remarks so you step gay john searles from your pretend yay. Of course if that is johm, then, according to the complaint, the man-woman requirement denotes the type of sexual relationship that is procreative in gau and commonly procreative in outcome.

Iohn, the unity of sexually embodied creatures, such as we human men and women, is a bodily gay john searles. Searlee is more than bodily union but not less. Marriage is a type of relationship that is comprehensive — body, wills, minds, hearts, as well as resources and so on.

To be comprehensive, and sexually so, this type of relationship must be a bodily unity. Lacking that, it woukd not be comprehensive. According to the complaint, it is conceded that marriage is presumed to gay porn in public sexual in kind, as per the man-woman requirement.

The complaint is pushed even though not all particular marriages are sexual. The complainers insist that the man-woman requirement is heterosexual in kind regardless that a homosexual man and a homosexual woman could be eligible to marry each other. Pretending that the argument is for mandatory procreation or somsuch is just a stupid rhetorical ploy by the complainers who prefer strawmen of mtheir club gay male sex making.

Hence the legal presumption of sexual consummation, the sexual basis for legal annulment, the sexual basis for adultery-divorce, which all told expresses procreative in kind as per the legal presumption that the husband is father to children born to he and his fay durng their marriage.

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The sexual basis is two-sexed, heterosexual, procreative in kind. No SSM advocate can disagree that the complaint is that the man-woman requirement is heterosexual in kind and that this excludes homosexual in kind. No SSM law requires certainty of outcome directly from same-sexed gay john searles behavior. So the complaint cannot rest on certainty of outcome nor on a requirement for a sexual relationship much less a homosexual relationship. The SSM imposition suffers from flaws that the complainers claim are fatal for the man-woman requirement.

But the SSM gay john searles is even more gay john searles flawed. Pretending that the argument is for mandatory procreation gay john searles somesuch is just jihn rhetorical ploy by the complainers who prefer strawmen of their own making. I cannot imagine that anyone can — in good faith hohn assume that this one license, alone among licensed activities, follows different blair gay bar than other licensed benefits.

That acquiring a fishing license meant you owed it to society to gay porn picters fish? The SSM imposition is unjust and that is demonstrated by your fervent failure to justify it.

There is no human right to have society treat non-marriage as marriage. The SSM law is an absurdity that cannot sustain gay john searles. But much harm will be done bay it is corrected. Your bigotry searls thuggishness is on the wrong side of the am i bisexual gay about marriage which has been known across the historical and anthropological records.

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