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All collisions between gay south padre gas particles are elastic, which means they do not lose any energy when they rebound off each other. In practice, real gas particles do have measurable sizes and sometimes attract or repel each other.

Nevertheless, the ideal gas equation is a highly successful way to understand how gases shift and change depending on their surroundings. The law states that the product of the pressure P and volume V of a gas is directly proportional to its absolute temperature T, measured in kelvin.

On the right-hand side of the equation is the number of moles of gas gay lussac s law n in the system, where gay lussac s law mole is equal to 6.

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Also on the right is the universal gas gay lussac s law Requal to 8. The ideal gas equations can be used to work out how much air inside a cake will expand though it's unlikely to be used for that but it also applies to plenty of other situations.

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Ever noticed a bicycle pump get hot when you fill a tyre with air? That's because you're quickly putting energy d the air inside the pump by pushing the piston and reducing the volume at the same time, which causes the molecules teen gay sex porn bounce around faster in a smaller volume and luxsac gas gay lussac s law up.

Refrigeration works in the opposite way to the bicycle pump. If you release a gas very quickly from high pressure inside a storage tank, say to a region of lower pressure outside air at atmospheric pressuregay lussac s law the gas will expand.

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The energy required to do this will come from the molecules of gas themselves and so the overall temperature of the gas will drop. You can see this in action when pressurised carbon dioxide inside a fire extinguisher turns gay lussac s law into a frost when it is released through the nozzle and on to a fire.

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