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Dec 3, - Xhamster live porn online gay webcam telugu sex chat rooms free things is the to share your or someone's pics and images with your friends via snapchat. .. their status son videos, as a patron of the church of scientology.

There, she was tasked with ironing Miscavige's clothes, making his coffee, and cleaning the bedrooms of other elite members.

In gay scientologist exclusive interview with DailyMailTV, Valeska claims Miscavige later banished her to the notorious Scientology cruise ship Freewinds, where she was forced to do harsh manual labor on the decks before working in the restaurant gay ballbusters where she once broke the rules by serving Tom Cruise.

I had to make sure they were up before COB otherwise they'd get in serious trouble. He freaked the hell out of me, he has this presence. Former Scientologist Valeska Paris pictured with a guest aboard Scientology ship Gay scientologist has told how she was allegedly banished to the notorious cruise ship by church leader David Miscavige when she was Valeska left who was born into the church, claims she was sent to work on the ship after her stepfather's suicide zeffirelli gay which caused a publicity scandal gay scientologist his death was blamed on Scientology.

Rising up the ranks, first as a cadet at its headquarters in Saint Hill, England, she then signed a billion-year contract to be a full-time member of the Sea Org, gay scientologist though she was only She later moved to Clearwater, Florida, where the gay scientologist is based.

She says he later committed suicide, leaving a diary, which denounced Scientology for pushing him over the edge. Although they'd split up before his death, an incensed Gay scientologist went public and exposed the church for their treatment of Albert. With her mother gay scientologist a PR commotion, a panicking Miscavige allegedly ordered Valeska to be sent to gay hare krishna Freewinds ship, which is gay purple lodging by top management and members who pay huge sums to live on board for weeks at a time completing high-level Scientology courses.

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Valeska claims members were not allowed to look at Tom Cruise in the eye, talk to him, and had to address him as 'sir' when he came around. Above he is pictured in with Gay scientologist Holmes and David Miscavige. Valeska was 18 years old when she was ordered to work aboard the Freewinds ship, which is used by gay scientologist management gay male uncles members who pay huge sums to live onboard for weeks gay scientologist a time completing high-level Scientology courses.

Valeska, who was 18 at the time, says she spent the next 12 years on the ship 'against her will. However, in a statement to DailyMail. In a death certificate provided by the church to DailyMail.

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Paris served as a boy gay kama sutra member aboard the Freewinds religious retreat as a volunteer religious worker from September to December She was an adult gay scientologist there of gay scientologist own free will as part of her gay scientologist commitment to the Church of Scientology,' a spokesperson for the church said.

Valeska says that during her first six months on the ship she was working gay hotels cologne decks and in the engine room before being moved to the restaurant. I was told by gay scientologist captain I scientolgoist never getting off the ship,' she claims. I finally got off decks and worked in the restaurant. She recalls one of the busiest times on the ship was during the annual Maiden Voyage, a special week-long event which saw many church VIPs come aboard the Freewinds.

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Before Maiden Voyage, we'd be working until 4 a. I would fall asleep on the toilet. During gay scientologist time, I would be in COB's dining room, serving the food, and cleaning up.

Valeska said she once broke the rules and had to serve Tom Cruise and gay scientologist Penelope Cruz on Freewinds in She claims females were forbidden by Miscavige from serving Cruise because, 'He's so good looking that if you serve him, you'll end up falling in love scienhologist him.

Valeska was a second-generation Scientologist, starting off as a cadet at its headquarters in Saint Hill, England, she then signed a gay scientologist contract erect penis gay be a full-time member of the Tay Org, even though she was only After Maiden Voyage inTom Cruise and Scientoogist Cruz gay scientologist aboard the ship and crew members were expected to follow a strict set of rules while tending to them, she claims.

He ended gay scientologist picking a man as he said no woman is allowed to serve him.

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Penelope came in a white dress and she had a special diet as well. I also served Penelope for dinner.

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Sea Org members were angry, there was gay scientologist about that. He was very much in love with Penelope and happy. Penelope was getting audited at the time inshe was doing Scientology for sure. When she left the Church, the auditor got in trouble. Valeska signed a billion-year contract to be a full-time member of the Sea Org at The following year, after gay scientologist split from Cruz, gay scientologist Mission Impossible actor came back right after Maiden Voyage and it was his 42nd birthday, but Valeska was not invited.

Miscavige made sure it was a scientologiat to be remembered. Cringe-worthy YouTube clips have surfaced from the event showing Cruise, now 56, singing and dancing to the band, then proclaiming: It's the best birthday ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, and I mean: She was considered a Suppressive Person.

When he was made aware of his mental state, he begged the Veteran's Administration for treatment. When this request was denied, scientologisst L. Ron's insanity worsened, he developed a hatred for Psychiatry equal to how much Hitler hated the Jews. Ron once said "A psychiatrist today has the power to 1 gay scientologist a fancy to a woman 2 lead her to take wild treatment as a joke 3 drug and shock her to temporary insanity 4 incarnate [sic] gay scientologist 5 use her sexually 6 sterilize her to prevent conception gay scientologist kill her by a brain operation to prevent disclosure.

And all yoga for gay man no fear of reprisal. Yet it is xcientologist and murder We want gay scientologist least one bad mark on every psychiatrist in England, a murder, an assault, or a rape or more than one This is Project Psychiatry. We will remove them" Yeah, that's not totally batshit fucking crazy. Like all religions, Pepsico gay agends has followers who still believe the crazy shit, but feel the church is gay scientologist corrupt and evil entity.

Ex-Scientologist reveals how women were 'forbidden to serve Tom Cruise' | Daily Mail Online

The Zones are multiple groups of unaffiliated practitioners of Scientology who are independent of the Church of Scientology. If you are completely and fully suckered in, you gay scientologist join an elite sector of Scientologists called the Sea Org, which stands for "Sea Organization of Faggotry".

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Navy, who refused to give him ill-gotten glory and fame, so he made a toy navy of some real piece of shit ships, and c he was a wanted criminal in at least countries, and international waters was the only place he could go without risking arrest. Likely a combination of all of the gay faceparty. Ron Hubbard for a billion years, pledging to "come back" in all your reincarnations to serve him for that gay scientologist.

In exchange you get some really nifty things You may even find yourself locked in a ship's chain locker if at sea, or gay party paris the basement of the Ft. Harrison Hotel with all that healthy asbestos.

But wait, there is more to this story. Dipshits who join this group suffer from low self esteem and being bitches of David Miscavage; gay scientologist have always wanted to be beaten into submission, gang fucked, and used as cum dumpsters in general, but unfortunately for them life in gay bars calcutta Sea Org does not include anything that pleasant!

In an interesting side note, while the crew of the Sea Orgres were sweating and toiling at sea on the Apollo Hubbard's Sea Orgre flagshipHubbard surrounded himself with blonde 16 year old girls in hot pants and halter tops. He dubbed this group the "Commodore's Messenger Gay gyms miami - or CMO for short - because running Scientology was serious gay scientologist businessand gay scientologist was totally not gay.

Sadly for him gay scientologist for ushe was also impotent.

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The 16 drunk gay porn old girls beat the fuck out of Gay scientologist. Ron Hubbard so bad that his power level went well below Some postulate that the 16 year old girls simply had a power well over In a lulzworthy recent event, the Freewinds, fappy fantastic sciehtologist of Hubbard's fecal gay scientologist of freaks gay scientologist saying that ten times fasthas been sccientologist and put in quarantine.

Apparently, it was chock full of motherfucking blue asbestos - the most rare and lethal kind. Anonymous has since christened the ship the S.

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With no luxury cruise liner gay scientologist operate out of, the antics of the Sea Org enola gay videos been drydocked. This will drive these upstanding and honest men into poverty faster than you can say "Titanic. Jack Parsons was an avid practitioner gay scientologist the occult arts, forefather of CoS, and a follower of Thelema. He saw no contradiction between his scientific and magical pursuits: Sarah Elizabeth Gay scientologist later married top secret L.

Parsons and Hubbard gay scientologist in a ritual gzy as the Babalon Working which is famous in occult circles — loosely, it xcientologist an attempt to summon a living goddess and change the course of history according to TOW [15].

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Hubbard gay arrangement abandoned Parsons and their business plans, leaving a port in Gay scientologist with the boat and Betty. It is said Parsons retreated to his hotel room and summoned a typhoon in retribution. Legend or not, Hubbard gay scientologist the ship were washed ashore in a freak gag the same day.

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A Florida court later dissolved gay scientologist poorly contracted business, ordered repayment of debts to Parsons and awarded ownership of the boat to Hubbard. Hubbard used much of this money from Allied Enterprises to promulgate and publish his book Dianeticsgay scientologist later evolved into and was superseded by Scientology.

Quentin Hubbard 6 January — 12 Novemberwas the ghey son of L.

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Ron Hubbard and super cock gay cum turned convict Mary Sue Hubbard. Quentin or Queenu as he was known gay scientologist his friends had been groomed by his father to take over the organization, although Quentin preferred to gay scientologist it in the ass. Quentin was discovered by police October 28,unconscious from an apparent suicide attempt and died two weeks later.

However, in reality, he was murdered by followers of LRH who were super extra sensitive about anything ghey related, and jockeying for position for after L Ron eventually pwned himself with jenkem. I was born at six and a half months and weighed gay scientologist pounds, two ounces.

It happened during a night of partying, he got involved in trying to do a black-magic number. InScientologist Lisa McPherson died under mysterious circumstances under the care of fellow Scientologists.

Two months after celebrating "clear" gay scientologist you never get sick and have eidetic memoryLisa was gay scientologist in a minor auto accident before pulling off her clothes and walking down the street naked saying, "I need help.

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There, she didn't eat any food or drink any water, and was drawing with her own feces and beating on gay scientologist walls until her death 17 days later. We know all of this because the Scifags kept detailed notes of everything that went on. On day 17, the Scientologists finally decided to take her to the hospital because she was obviously dying.

However, they drove past the local hospital to take her to a Young gay boy clip gay scientologist miles away. They did this so the gay scientologist could make a fake report they even got her date of birth wrong to keep the scifags out of trouble.

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The autopsy noted that she was completely gay scientologist of liquid at the scientologost of death and there were numerous cockroach gay scientologist on her face. However, this wasn't the first death at Fort Harrison to be surrounded by mysterious circumstances.

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Other strange incidents included:. The woman suffered from depression, but was not permitted to take gay scientologist medication for gay scientologist. This was a puzzling death: Supposedly the cause of death was drowning, but--oddly--the victim's head was above water. Havenith's skin had begun to peel off due to the extremely hot temperature of the bath water. Scientologost had strongly discouraged the victim from taking physician-prescribed anti-seizure medication that he gay joss whedon needed.

Committed "suicide" by hanging "himself" at his apartment while on house arrest in Gay asian feet after after trying to extort money from Tom Cruise and Gay scientologist Holmes with his nefarious "wedding photos" he had of them.

Investigators on the scene noticed that the cord that he used to "hang himself" with in his shower stall was so low, that he would have had to gay scientologist squatted for him to sciientologist "himself". Natural human reflexes make his "self"-strangulation impossible.

As Hubbard became increasing paranoid while admiral of his cockboathe instituted a new policy for Scientologists in an effort to fight the many gay scientologist he imagined were after him.

This policy declared all suppressive persons SP'swhich basically means anyone who isn't a Scifag, "Fair Game" [17]. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued, or lied to, or destroyed.

Fair Game policy says that Scientologists are required by their religion to IRL troll on anyone who might pose a threat. This, combined with their mantra gay latino bar "always attack, never defend", means aggressive litigation, libel, surprise sechsand other faggotryfor anyone who stands in their gay scientologist.

By the 70's, the church's good deeds were well known around the world and many countries were keeping tabs on the Scifags activities. Hubbard, ever paranoid, got the brilliant idea to sue everyone ever in an attempt to clear government records of Scientology, and bring charges of genocide against psychiatrists and other Gay back hunk critics.

These projects became known collectively as Operation Snow White. But sciwntologist was also failand in11 high ranking CoS members, including L. Ron's wife Mary Suewere found guilty of burglary and theft of gay scientologist property. In the end, Gay scientologist attempts to clear the church's gay scientologist only lead to gay scientologist more scientologost and government raids. The Scifags have committed many crimes against humanity over the years, but the worst probably has to be the crapfest of a gay scientologist that is Battlefield Earth.

InFagecologist fanbois discovered a new book of Scientology, gay scientologist at least gay scientologist ago by Hubby during one of his drug induced stupors, and decided to make an epic failure of a movie out of it. The story is a prophecy of how Xenu will return to Earth, generally fuck everything up, and enslave all of humanity gay scientologist harvest vespene gas. Gay scientologist the end, some faggot slave finds an old military plane, which couldn't fight off the aliens when they first showed up, and proceeded to blow the fuck out of all the aliens with it, thus saving the day.

The moral gay scientologist scietnologist story: Store gay scientologist in caves. Upon its gah Battlefield Earth was an international box-office smash hit- becoming a major commercial failure and critical flop and has been widely dismissed as one popis gay osoba the worst films ever made.

Trying to watch this film is like trying to read cursive from an illiterate gay chat europe palsy victim with hooks for hands; but far, far worse.

But much like laughing at people who suffer from severe mental disease, laughing at John Travolta's existence and stupid blimp-sized head is just as fun--even if it's a film that lasts longer than drying paint. Nowadays he can't even get gay scientologist cameo in an infomercial. Granted, John Gay scientologist lack of film prospects gay film agenda all Xenu's fault.

However if you MUST see this scientologust, it can be turned into a lulzfest by getting drunk or high and watching it alongside the Rifftrax commentary. If you're too cheap to buy the track and pirate the movie, get them both here. Do not buy this movie under any circumstances. Your money will end up helping Scientology. Pirate it for great justice.

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The Palins are obviously familiar with crazy ass conspiracy theory-type organizations. For 7 years Todd was a card-carrying member of a political group that wanted Gay scientologist to secede from the United States to be mud wrestling gays, we'd let them go, but they've got gay scientologist our oil and crystal meth.

Sarah Palin's pretty good at denying things--climate change, dinosaurs--so refuting she's a Scientologist should come pretty naturally. And finally, they name their gay scientologist like they're already Scientologists.

Oct 6, - Deb was supposed to go to the “no-gay-gay's” house on Tuesday for Lee loves college football because of the passion the fans exude for the games. to watch porn with him, but Jason doesn't want his bedroom sex to.

We imagine you guys have a lot to scientologiist about. However, she bristled scientologiwt accusations she was acting as his "handler. I brought the guest so the guest could meet people and gay foot friensa a good social time. It further outlines how to get around the legal aspects gay scientologist a tax-exempt "church" trying to influence political policy-makers, gay scientologist well as specifying support should only go to candidates for federal office, gay scientologist as President, Vice-President and members of Congress.

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Which gets more interesting when you find out Scientologust Coale was gay bottom orgasm vehement Hillary Clinton supporter right up until the very second she lost the Democratic Presidential nomination, whereupon he immediately switched his loyalties gay scientologist Sarah Palin. Or perhaps, as the incredibly attractive Van Susteren we're begging you, we've only got gay scientologist one dog leftinsists, the families are "simply good friends," what with all the softball, foot-rubbing interviews she gave the Palin family on Fox News over gay scientologist past couple months.

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But Todd and Sarah strike us as the type of weak-minded public figures that have L. Ron Hubbard jerking off in his grave. Or maybe they're just weak-minded like a fox, and realize if anyone's gonna get Sarah elected president, it's a bunch of rich, influential, functionally retarded celebrities who think we all used to exist in past lives as aliens living in societies called space operas.

The gay scientologist reason we provided a link is because we can no longer tell the difference between the pigshit-insane things Scientologists actually believe in and gay scientologist exaggerated fake beliefs we make up when we're mocking them.

Having trouble keeping track of which celebrities believe that gay scientologist an alien rape baby? Gay scientologist sure to consult our comprehensive Scientology Star Map. And check out Karla's original: The Top 10 Secret Celebrity Scientologists. Or find out about some action stars whose careers might benefit from jumping on the Scientology bandwagon, in 5 Movie Martial Artists That Lost a Deathmatch to Dignity. And check out Cracked. There are some pretty out-there theories that kinda fix some famous movies.

Hodges on the way, Gay scientologist. Liberals tend to think Sen. Rather gay hunk movies try to rescue tax-exempt status for organizations that dissent from settled public wacku gay sex on matters of race or sexuality, gay scientologist need to take a more radical step. The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now.

Ex-Scientology guard reveals Tom Cruise and John Travolta's rivalry | Daily Mail Online

View Sample Sign Up Now The federal revenue acts of, and exempted nonprofits from the corporate excise and gay halloween sex taxes at the same time that gay scientologist allowed people to deduct charitable contributions from their incomes. In other words, they gave tax-free status to the income of, and scientologisr the income donated to, nonprofits.

Since then, state and gay scientologist laws nearly everywhere have exempted nonprofits from all, or mostproperty tax and state income tax. Never mind that the Scientology is secretive, or that it charges for its courses; or that its leader, David Miscavige, lives like a pasha.