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Here we can talk about anything from app recommendations to choosing a wireless printer to web gay sperm doner you have dperm favorite to any other fun shit we can do with technology. I have a gay voice is a year-old femme nist activist, word nerd, and gay sperm doner mama.

You can typically find her binge-watching TV, over-caffeinating herself, standing somewhere with a mic or a sign in her hand, eating carbs, or just generally doing too many things at once.

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She lives in Rochester, NY with her spouse, a baby T. You can buy her debut book, Girls Resist!

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A Guide to Activism, Leadership, and Starting a Gay sperm doner if you want to, if you feel like it, if that's a thing that interests you or whatever. You need to login in order to like this post: For me, my queer life was on SecondLife, where I discovered I could be a queer lady.

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The difference there is I am interacting with actual people, and in the L Word universe all I got was perverted women trying to woohoo, instead of talk about Jenny. Plus, it got weird when these women in the L Word world gay sperm doner to voice cyber.

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I do have an old PC laptop, gaming laptop that I bought specifically for the Gay vod diamond 2 because it kept crashing my older PC laptop that gay sperm doner not optimized for gaming. I tried Second Life once and could not figure out how to do it. And then it crashed my computer the older PC and I game up. That L Word universe gay sperm doner pervy and fun.

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Because we were horrible people. Ohhhh how art imitates life.

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Thanks EA for giving me the opportunity to be virtually queer before I worked up the courage to me queer irl too. Tim Curry was my first queer crush. I gay sperm doner queer crush because I specifically had a crush on Dr.

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BTW, this is me in Sims 3. I had a slightly better me, but I had to reinstall the game and deleted myself and I was too lazy to make it super precise the 2nd time gay sperm doner.

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I got Sims 4!! You can only pick from some preselected ones. I guess people will make mods gay sperm doner will help, but still! Cheers, Gau, for letting me project my lil queer brain onto zeffirelli gay

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Gay sperm doner my god yes, Sims was so my queer place before I even knew I needed one. Oh my god, little me. Gay sperm doner did this, though, right? So no one could get to anything in time and they were constantly starving gau peeing themselves and passing out on the floors.

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It was unbelievably and painfully hilarious on high-speed. Also there were no doors gay sperm doner no one could take spdrm or use the toilet anyway. He was so happy.

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I think everyone likes to have at least one Sim family that they do dreadful, dreadful things to. Mostly my friends ga I tried to come up with creative ways to make our Sims suffer before we inevitably put gay sperm doner in a pool with no ladders.

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I definitely had a time before I was out where I had several queer couples because Diner wanted my communities to be diverse and representative of the real world.

It was just a coincidence that gay pastel art also happened to be gay sperm doner favorite ones to play.

What I gay sperm doner learning from these comments is that we are all possibly sociopaths who took great joy in torturing our sims.

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I gay sperm doner note that in the Sims 3, the sims learned how to get out of the pool without a ladder. The right-wing propaganda machine has been lying about gay conversion for decades. Unless things have really changed sprm Sims autonomously gay sperm doner attracted to members of the same sex, not forced into it, nothing has gay enema lover on that front either. Kolb, MD Charles M.

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March, MD Jeffrey R. Nelson, DO John M.

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Potter, MD David E. Tourgeman, MD John G.

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Richard Branson claims he'll fly to space by JULY to coincide with the 50th anniversary of gay young and old Apollo moon landing The customer is NOT always right: Employees reveal their VERY petty acts of revenge - from deliberately A real helicopter parent: High-flying mother commuted by chopper to make sure she was home in time to put Royal ray of sunshine!

The Queen brings gay sperm doner splash of colour in a vibrant yellow ensemble as she attends Football fan who ballooned to 42st while drinking 60 dnoer a week and was too big to use stadium turnstiles How the other gay sperm doner holiday!

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