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Totally hot and the dad is hotter than gayy two sons not that the two sons aren't eye candy themselves. Is there a part II out there and if so, do these two lads get gay twin brothers service their dad? Anybody have any Good suggestions? JavaScript is required for this website. Please turn it on in your browser and reload the page.

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They made eye contact momentarily, gay twin brothers Zack saw the desperateness in Cody s eyes. He took Cody s left nut into his mouth sucked hard for a moment, and then let it go. - your result for Brother Gay Porn. REAL Twin Brothers pound With Each Other And A Muscle chap. 2 years ago. 75%. Add to playlist.

Zack then went down on Cody s cock again. He instantly took half of it down, and Cody released a deep sigh of relief.

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gay twin brothers Zack had not had an opportunity to be practicing his cock-sucking skills for the past several years, and the last cock he practiced on was his brothers when it was less than two-thirds beach and pool gay size of its current size.

He was having difficulty taking the entire shaft into his mouth, only taking about five gay twin brothers. This apparently frustrated Cody, who grabbed the back of his brother s head, stood up, and held his brother s head on his cock.

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Once on his feet, he grabbed a handful of hair from Zack s moppy head of hair, and began thrusting his hips into his brother gay twin brothers face. Zack enjoyed being controlled by his brother, a lot.

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With his mouth being used, without gay sexpedition needing to gay twin brothers much work, gay twin brothers reached down with his right hand and began stroking his own cock.

Slowly brothees first, but the intensity of this sexual moment with his brother was way too much, and it did not take long before he was jacking off quite fast.

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Zack was moaning heavily while his brother thrusted into his mouth, sending vibrations onto Cody s cock. Cody had now taken gay twin brothers of his hands to grab handfuls of Zack s hair, just behind his ears. He knew with the moaning Zack was putting over his cock, he could not last very long, and he really did brothes want to.

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But something about Zack submitting gay twin brothers him turned him on in a way he had never been gay twin brothers on before, which made him want to make this moment last forever.

He slowed down his thrusts, pulling everything put the head of his penis out of Zack s mouth, holding it there for a moment, and then slamming it down his brother s throat. Then he would again pull out slowly, and slam it in again.

He took one hand off of his brother s head, and moved it to his cheeks, which he squished to give Zack a fish face, and had the inside of his gay twin brothers pressed against his thick uncut cock. Zack was beginning to moan a lot, obviously enjoying masturbating while pleasuring his gay film clips.

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Cody chuckled at the sight. The moaning was very intense now, and Cody knew the end was near for both of them. He pulled out, and pulled his cock as far as possible to the left, gay business man let it slam on Zack s cheek. Gay twin brothers was excited for a moment, thinking that Cody was gay twin brothers going to service him.

He was disappointed, yet excited at the same time when Cody s cock was in front of his lips.

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Zack did as he was told, opened his mouth, and went back gay twin brothers stroking himself. It didn t take long after Cody began to thrust into his mouth that Zack started moaning again.

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Cody fucked Zack s face as hard as he could, hitting the back of his throat every time. Then, Zack started to moan heavily, giving off a muffled, semi-high pitched 0o0o0o0o0o0o0o. He started cumming, gay twin brothers harder than he had since the days when he and Cody fooled around barebacking gays. The first shot made gay twin brothers up in between his nipples, and the second shot was harder the first, landing on Cody s ass.

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The third and forth shots were retreating, just below the first shot, and then just above his belly button. He cock continued to convulse, oozing out cum, and he let out a moan like no gay twin brothers, in sexual relief.

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This moan, coupled with the thought that someone just orgasmed because they were pleasuring him, sent Cody over the edge. He slammed his pelvis into Zack is christper gay face, forcing pubes up his gay twin brothers, and a cock down his throat, he started brotehrs orgasm.


He shot twice down his brother s throat, letting out a manly moan of lust as he did so, and brothets pulled out his cock to gay twin brothers over this brother s face. The first shot on his face went gay twin brothers, and hit Zack s ear and bed, and then the next went straight down the middle, leaving a line up his face, from his nose and bizarre gay bois his hair.

Then he put the head of his cock at Zack s lips, who opened up and sucked the head for the rest of the cum. He swallowed, and Cody fell sideways next to his brother.

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Thank you for reading. Any and all constructive criticism is greatly appreciated, and all thoughts on the story are as well.


I have two more chapters planned, and based on reviews received, I may continue beyond that. Suggestions are greatly welcomed, and can be sent to.

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Just In Gay twin brothers Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows Suite Life series. Takes place after the HM concert. Cody takes Bailey gat her place, and thing get pretty heated, but she leaves him blue.

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Zack leaves him empty. I need to, uh, talk. Well gay twin brothers was your date? I thought I was going to go in, but she decided she couldn t You were going to go all brotyers way with her, man? Cody was irritated; he shot up and gave his gay twin brothers an evil look.

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Apparently, I didn t need one. Tonight was supposed to be the night. I ve never been so close before.

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So, um, he cleared his throat what s next? Well, that s why I m here. What do you mean?

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You remember when we fooled around when we were younger? Zack s forehead began to sweat a bit.

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I need it again. I m not going to do this again. I want this, but you re using me.