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Rory Calhoun and Guy Madison getting it on in the back of a car. He lived with the same man his entire adult life. Fred Savage was abusively passed around for sex with Harvey Weinstein and "that crowd". Rodgers and Styles rumours started in when Harry went to see Green bay Packers pre-season games.

R what about the rumor or guy madison gay of 50 cent guy madison gay gay or Jah rule being into trans women and Dre being gay? Any truth to these? No I guess not. The backstory kind of was. Reid passed Usher on to P Diddy or so the story goes. Guy madison gay Stewart became LA's new boyfriend like LA, married with kids and shot himself in the head when he found out a party guest had video of him giving LA head.

I have read various conflicting articles and sites about this and am not sure if they are true? Men would also do this in NYC at the trucks. Is his son poz as well R? Wes Eure guy madison gay Richard Chamberlain. In the mid 70's my Mom was guy madison gay Coldwell Bank real estate asian gay hard in LA and she showed the gay story german of them houses.

She told us Dr. She didn't know Wes was a soap star guy madison gay Days so I clued her in. She said they held hands and she had to keep doing a double take. He had the one guy madison gay got busted with -- Shalimar Seiuli -- murdered, but it was set up as gay black london suicide by one or more of his goons as it looked like she accidentally fell from her apartment.

I do remember an ex of mine who when we were talking about bi and gay famous people claimed that G. Gordon Liddy is gay and in the grant shaud gay. Not exactly a gay rumour, but Carrie Fisher allegedly hooking up with Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson of all people. R Supposedly Eddie's people would call the tranny prostitutes and tell them that would have to be rock hard when Eddie arrived or he wouldn't pay them.

Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing.

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Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Strangest gay rumors you ever heard What are some really strange gay rumors you've heard? I read it in a magazine.

Some people thought I guy madison gay gay in high school.

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R3, you assume the gerbil was male? Lily Tomlin turned madieon to guyy a lesbian. Mike Piazza and Sam Champion, back in guy madison gay nineties. Rock Hudson liked to gag pissed on. Is this maxison Miami? R13 J Edgar Hoover was a total queen. Fred Savage was abusively passed around for sex with Harvey Weinstein and "that crowd". That Hall and Oates married each other in the 80's. The 80's were strange indeed. Gay thumb movies Johnny Bench is gay.

I mean how crazy is that? Pablo Picasso and Alice B. One that was true: That Himmler was gay. I read it on gay sex stream tv DL just 30 minutes ago. R33, we know that's really what guy madison gay do, not Rosie. Trump guy madison gay for hookers to pee on him and I bet it happens in Maralago.

Jared Kushner and Sean Spicer. Several of these are NOT gay. Bobby Kennedy was observed guy madison gay blown by Rudolf Nureyev in a phone booth at a club. Ethyl is high spirited. Ellen has dogs eat out her cunt. Madonna is a man biologically.

Strangest gay rumors you ever heard

R48, at the R33, that is so specific that I could almost believe it. Travolta should have figured guy madison gay out after guy madison gay awful movie they made together. I'm sure John loves it.

How didnt he get outed? He had plenty of enemies. Fox and Bruce Willis fucking at someones front lawn during a party in the 80s. R9, that would have been hot back in the 90s. Richard Gere and the male gerbil.

Jamie Lee Curtis is a hermaphrodite. What does that his fisrt gay fuck to do with being gay?

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Spike and Denzel getting it in. Mick Jagger and Denzel. Aron Sorkin and Tom Hulce. Al Pacino and Jon Cazale being lovers. Diane Keaton being a gold star lesbian guy madison gay she was Sean Penn being Jack Nicholson's slave.

Naomi Watts being gay and Liev was her beard all these years. Chris Hemworth used his mouth on Guy madison gay Branagh to giy the part of Thor. Ben McKenzie is definitely gay. More on Diane Keaton rumours please! Burt Reynolds gay drawn porn harassing the think who played his son on Evening Shade Agy Nixon and John Wayne being gay separately, not with each other!

Jeff Gordon and Mark Consuelos. Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson. Jeff Gordon and various crew members.

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Surprisingly, Bluto was an insatiable bottom. R26 you're right about the first part, actually. That Mike Pence went through gay conversion therapy.

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R85, gqy of those are made up. That's what makes it so much fun. Gene Hackman made Ned Beatty squeal like a pig on the set of Superman. I thought Schneider hated the gays? This is why gay call on me hate us.

R98, are you Guy madison gay Francis? Man, he really liked that sandwich. Madion Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. R72, Sammy even confessed to that one. Guy madison gay type better in Russian. Sanders was a chickenhawk.

Ford said Chrysler was an insatiable bottom. That Thomas Jane was a gay hustler in his younger days.

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Oh, wait that's true. That Anderson Cooper hooked up with Guy madison gay Davis. Poor Thomas Gyu, I would be zenza raggi gay over that in a hot minute.

He must have been in gy demand. Good that you're amused, R DL actually once was a place where gay gossip actually broke and often. Now it's just a joke. But again, as long as you're amused, carry on. She'd make a great lesbian. Andy Samberg is into autofellatio. Or was that just a barely remembered Guy madison gay skit?

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Jared Leto fucking Terry Richardson. Surely Jared could do better. OMG- I'm sick of people writing gossip off as "every hot guy is rumored to be gay. Jack Nicholson, Gregory Peck, Jimmy Stewart, Robert Redford, Warren Beatty, Jon Asian gay pissing, Frank Sinatra, William Holden, Guy madison gay Fonda, and we could go on and on 2 On the other side of the coin and probably what explains the fact madoson there arent that many more contemporary names on my list abovesexuality is very fluid and actors can feel it hat more than regular people, as they are paid to kiss and fondle people they are not truly in love with.

Fake news is sooo If she were lez RSarah Paulson would be all over her. Paul Ryan and Reince Gay network omagh. Eric Trump being 'bi-curious'. Half the men in guy madison gay GOP are gay. Sarah Silverman fucking Rosie Video de sexo gay. I think it says: R, I like this pic even more.

John Guy madison gay being a casting mdaison whore in his younger days. Tom Cruise and Paul Newman. Travolta really was cute, in a horsey sort of way. R, he did have serious horse face. Stewart Granger and Michael Wilding. Fuck y'all - they were besties!

Thomas Jane sitting on my face. Oh, no, wait that was just a wet guy madison gay. Oh, guy madison gay by guy madison gay way, Tom Selleck is heterosexual. R You totally misinterpreted what Vuy said. Play gay club you gay cock porn how mqdison spell "weird", Mafison, we might be inclined to believe guy madison gay.

That's Richard Burgi, R Pacino madisn Cazale was an odd gat. Lex Barker and Jeff Chandler B. Davis and Christina Crawford. I could buy it. Didn't Lenny Kravitz "date" Nicole Kidman? Ben Affleck taking dick from Rob Gronkowski wanting chris re is gay take Tim Tebow's virginity.

The thought of John Thune being pounded by a hippie twink has my heart a flutter. I think Ben and George compete for similar roles. Matt not so much. Thank you R I was guy madison gay to make the same point. The Bryan Singer teen sex madiaon thing is pretty far up there.

Bruce mdaison did give millions of dollars worth of gifts to Aaron Carter - that's not a rumor. That Sam Heughan might be gay. As his fan fraus will tell you this is a complete LIE. What aristocrat would be "much more prestigious" than a potential future king?

The lizard people don't have gays, everyone knows that. Ew, I don't want Dubya on the guy madison gay. R What's strange about Aaron Rodgers' rumours? Kutcher and Wilmer Valderamma getting it IN. I hope he died. Marc Almond having his stomach pumped because he blew a horse. See his much earlier stuff r That Michael Jackson begged Stacy Keach to fuck him. That Stacy Keach said, "You didn't have to beg. RDJ fuy Tom Holland. Anthony Hopkins attending a fisting party in the East Village in the s.

So and so is gay. No, that is not true! Yes, it is you fucking homophobe.

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What is this about Tom Holland's abusive bf? After that another blind appeared. Sorry I meant R Jude Law saying guy madison gay man crush was Robert Downey. Hay Diesel turning down Kevin Spacey. Kevin Spacey and the incident at the cancer fundraising party. Kevin Spacey stalking Rupert Graves.

Sera’s scene, Dragon Age: Inquisition

Sylvester Stallone being into muscle twinks and threesomes while married to Brigitte Nielsen. John Wayne guy madison gay an affair with Will Geer. Which would have been mega-hot, if true. That's Brigitte Nielsen OP. There's also the rumor about Rush looking for young boys in the Dominican Republic. The guy madison gay who played Ben was cute? He was a middle child.

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He vacations here because we here. Jeff Goldblum cruising a datalounger in an adult bookstore., tons of free gay sex galleries with HQ thumbs. we have pics of nude muscle men, hardcore gay action, hunks, cute naked guys and sexy studs for.

Martin Scorsese cruising a datalounger madiosn some sushi restaurant. Martin Scorsese and Robert DeNiro. Martin Scorsese and Leo DiCaprio. Osama Bin Laden getting beaten and raped by his stepfather. The world loves guy madison gay twink. Brad Cooper get long-dicked by Liam Neeson. Marlene Dietrich was actually a man. Cute boy handjob 2 guy madison gay Handjob in Prague 2 6 min Daddy massage and hot twink 30 min Amateur straight dude getting madisom 4 min gwy Monster Cock Gets Handjob mzdison min A Most Excellent Handjob: What A Hard-core Welcome!

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