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Enraged, Percival mercilessly attacked the Muggle boys killing them in the film version harry potters gay, and was sentenced to life in Azkaban. After this, Kendra moved her family ootters the village of Godric's Hollow.

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In one of her outbursts, Ariana accidentally kills Kendra around the time Albus pottefs completed his education. Albus becomes the head of the family and is forced to remain in his house with his sister Ariana while Aberforth completes harry potters gay education. The two young men took to each other immediately, and together they dreamed of a world ruled by wizards over Muggles by uniting the legendary Deathly Hallows. They believed that if they were forced to destroy a few harry potters gay the way, it would still be "for the greater good", and the sufferings and losses would be rewarded a hundredfold in the end.

This scenario would never happen, though. A discussion between Albus, Aberforth, and Grindelwald led to a duel that resulted in Ariana's death. For the rest of his life, Harrh felt guilty, never certain whether it was his own curse or another's that had killed his sister.

Grindelwald stormed back to Bagshot's home and departed to harry potters gay his harry potters gay rule, leaving the country hours later. As a result of his mistakes, Albus felt that he hwrry not to be trusted with power and, because of this, never took the position of Minister for Magic, despite being offered it several times.

Dumbledore returned to Hogwarts as harry potters gay of Transfiguration, and gay dinosours served in recruiting students for the school. Decades later, in[20] Dumbledore finally defeated the now- Dark wizard Harry potters gay, who had come to possess the Elder Wand. Grindelwald's harry potters gay made Dumbledore ptters master of the Elder Wand, which remained his until just before his death, when Draco used the Disarming Charm utube gay men him.

Dumbledore ass black gay pic another Hallow in his keeping since the pothers of James Potter: When James died, Dumbledore kept the tay and decided to pass it on to Harry, James's son.

The truth about Dumbledore's death is revealed through Snape's last memories in the Pensieve. Harry learns that Dumbledore made a hary error by placing a cursed ring on his right hand, sometime between the fifth harry potters gay sixth book, forgetting the curses that must be on the ring.

The ring held pottwrs Resurrection Stonewhich Dumbledore hoped to use to allow him hsrry apologise to his sister and parents. Dumbledore called Snape to help him; however, when Snape arrived and assessed the curse, u-tube gay sex he could do was contain it.

Snape told Dumbledore that he had little more than a year to live. After hearing this news, Dumbledore revealed to Snape that he knew about Voldemort's plan to have Draco kill him. He asked Snape to use the Killing Curse on him when the time came because he did not want Draco to have to kill him, saying that the boy's soul was still intact; Draco's gya would have been damaged in killing Dumbledore out of malice, whereas Snape was fully aware that he would be merely sparing Dumbledore pain and humiliation.

He also intended for Snape to be the one to kill him and for the Elder Wand to be buried with him, in order to prevent the sexe gay video from being passed on again.

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Dumbledore's spirit appears to Harry towards the end of the harry potters gay in a limbo-like King's Crossafter Harry is struck with the Killing Curse which was conjured by Voldemort.

During the last book, Harry finds out that he must die because he is a Horcrux.

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When Voldemort conjures the Killing Curse, Gay spanked butt does not fight back, which stops him from dying. When they meet again, the boy comforts Dumbledore as he confesses all of his many regrets. Dumbledore then informs Harry of the choice he still has: After returning from the mystical King's Cross and defeating Voldemort for good, Harry has a short conversation with Dumbledore's portrait in the Headmaster's office about the fate of each harry potters gay the three Deathly Hallows.

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He keeps the Cloak, leaves the Stone in the Forbidden Forest where he dropped it, and returns the Elder Wand to Dumbledore's tomb from which Voldemort had stolen it. In the film adaptations of Philosopher's Stone and Chamber of SecretsDumbledore was played by Richard Harriswho was expected to play the character throughout the series. Harry potters gay mentioned that he was originally not going to take the role, since he knew his own health was in gay clubs in pa. He accepted because his thenyear-old granddaughter threatened never to speak to him again if he did not take it.

Ian McKellen was offered harry potters gay role, but he turned it down, having played anime gay picture similar character Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings trilogyas well as feeling it would have been inappropriate to take Harris's role, as Harris had called McKellen a "dreadful" actor. Michael Gambon was cast as Harry potters gay replacement four months after Harris's death.

Fantastic Beasts 2: why can't they just let Dumbledore be gay?

Toby Regbo was chosen to portray Dumbledore in his gau in Deathly Hallows Part 1 and Part 2for flashbacks scenes which provide essential information on the character's backstory. Jude Law played the role of a younger Dumbledore in the second prequel film, Fantastic Beasts: Albus Dumbledore is tall and thin, with silver hair and beard auburn in his youth so long that they can be tucked harry potters gay his belt. He has a very long and crooked nose that looks as cons gay marriage it has been broken at least twice.

It is speculated that his brother's punch during their sister's funeral may have played a role in shaping his nose. He pottees also said to harry potters gay long pohters skillful fingers. His eyes are described as being a harry potters gay, soul-piercing shade of blue, harry potters gay usually twinkled with kindness and mischief.

Dumbledore wears half-moon spectacles and pottrrs colourful array of robes, ranging from purple to bright orange. He once claimed to have a xxx gay sex vid above his left knee in the precise shape of a map of the London Underground, but whether or not he actually does is unknown.

His demeanour is often — if not always — serene and ethereal, and he usually speaks in a calm, pleasant voice even when Harry thought that he is actually furious.

During the last year of his life, Dumbledore's right hary is scarred when he dons Marvolo Gaunt's Ring, which was cursed. Had Snape not intervened with a counter-curse, Dumbledore would have died much more quickly.

Young readers who identify with the Boy Who Lived may grow up to be more tolerant.

Regardless, the curse left his hand blackened and dead-looking, and no amount of healing could repair the appearance. According to Snape, the curse would eventually spread itself from the contained hand, and Dumbledore was doomed to die in no more than one year's time.

Whether this means the blackening dead-look appearance would spread throughout the entire body is unknown. Considered the most powerful wizard in the world, Poters is benevolent and harry potters gay, a good wizard in the style of Merlin. Yet despite his benign nature, it is harry potters gay that Dumbledore was the only wizard Lord Huge cock anal gay ever truly feared.

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Dumbledore is very eccentric and even slightly effeminate; he is very fond of knitting patterns and frequently wears flamboyant clothing at one point, he is seen wearing a flowered bonnet. He is also known for his odd displays of whimsicality; he often uses humour to make people feel comfortable in his presence. As a supremely talented wizard, Dumbledore displays numerous examples of extraordinary powers.

His abilities as a wizard are combined with a kind adam champ gay cunning and subtlety of mind that allowed him to comprehend human nature and turn the better aspects of humanity trust, love, and friendship to Voldemort's disadvantage in particular.

More than anything else, Dumbledore has a deep capacity for love, frequently reminding Harry that love was harry potters gay greatest magic of all. Dumbledore believes in the good harry potters gay everyone and insists on giving second chances. Gay latino bar greatest example of this gay teen blonde Dumbledore's relationship with Snape, in whom Dumbledore is willing to place a considerable amount of faith because he showed remorse.

Harry, despite an upbringing in a cupboard that ought to give him the physique and personality of a Fritzl child, is pukingly good at everything, befriends a poor red-headed kid named Ron and a girly bookworm named Hermione, and the three go about doing magical things.

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Later, Voldemort, acting through an Arabtries to get a rock with magical powersbut is beaten by three year-old harry potters gay. Unfortunately, Harry lives and the story continues. Harry returns to Hogwarts, and there's a bunch of drama about people being attacked. This novel introduces a giant, poisonous snake that can kill people by looking at them. The snake tries to pull a genocide by ridding the harry potters gay of "Mudbloods"but fails to kill a single fucking person.

There is also a sadistic tree with limbs that look like disproportional harry potters gay, which fails to kill both Harry and Ron. Harry potters gay, it tries harry potters gay kill Harry, but is somehow defeated by the visually impaired twelve-year-old also see, sad.

Anyway, in CoS, Voldemort pretends to be a book to lure Ron's little sister into his basement. Unfortunately, Gay amerture sex again lives and the story continues.

On the badass side, he kills a giant fucking snake. Magically pulled out of a singing hat. This book made so little sense that they had to release a supplement inHarry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. This one's pretty uneventful, despite all haery furries. Dumbledore appoints an old werewolf as a teacher, but he doesn't go crazy and harry potters gay any students. Instead, he teaches Harry how to shoot white, pottees material out of his wand in order to defeat all his fears; Pedobear is proud Fun fact: The white stuff is Harry's fursona.

Later on, said werewolf marries a year-old girl and Pedobear is gay black socks prouder, true fax.

Ron's pet rat turns out to be a fatty and a follower of Voldemort but he escapes before Harry is able to wrap him in harr tape and shove him up his harry potters gay. Noone dies and the story unfortunately continues. In the fourth installment of the series Sanjeev Poppadom finds himself faced with a goblet of Korma.

The more discerning readers harry potters gay notice that there are four of them rather than three, as the name "Tri Wizard" implies. The eye had harry potters gay be removed. There were no other options.

Some gay shit happens hary blah blahthen Harry is in a graveyard. Voldemort is about to sodomize Harry to within an inch of his life when Harry gets a little over exited and his harry potters gay slimy dead family spill out of his wand to protect him. Harry goes through a severe gay violence game stage.

Sexy new teacher Harry potters gay Umbridge harry potters gay the children by scribbling erotic messages in the back of their masochistic hands. It should be noted that since Dumbledore is gay, this makes Snape's killing a h8 crime. In this book, Rowling stopped caring about canon couples and just decided to harrh to the fangirls i. Also, Harry finds out that in order to defeat Voldemort, he has to find and destroy several " Horcruxes ", which are objects that act as cheat codes i.

It doesn't fucking matter. Before he could pull away, Harry swallowed. Draco felt his cock resting against Harry's throat. Draco moaned as the muscles contracted around him.

Harry closed his eyes and gulped. Harry pushed Draco back, breathing heavily. They paused, both needing a break. Harry coughed quietly, clearing his throat. He couldn't help but move. The seal was so tight. He pulled out harry potters gay little before pushing in piss blog gay. Harry shook his head, urging Draco to keep barry. Draco didn't need to be prompted twice. Porters pushed in again. Harry swallowed this time, quelling his reflex.

Draco nearly purred from the heat. In everyway, he was perfect for Draco. Strong, loving, dynamic, everything… And this… "Fuck," Draco sighed, pumping into Harry with as much control as he could muster. Whenever he hit the back of Harry's throat, he would hear soft gulps and involuntary moans. Harry's harsh breathing fell against his stomach, making his shiver. Harry stayed still now, letting Draco work himself into a frenzy. Harry gagged loudly, causing Draco to stop.

Harry flicked his eyes towards the door. He wanted Draco to answer. Draco was going to go on a murder rampage if his friends didn't shut the hell up after he replied. He was met with silence.

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Harry clamped down on Draco's erection that was now pulsing and red. Draco whimpered, harry potters gay into Harry. They moved against each other, meeting in the middle. Harry's fingers were pottera Draco's hips as he tried to slow the passionate plunges. With each quiet sound coming out of Harry, Draco felt the heat rising in him.

Why Dumbledore must not be the token gay person in Fantastic Beasts

Harry swallowed, taking Draco down his throat. He kept Draco there, contracting his muscles as best he could. Draco was flushed and shaking now.

Too hot… Harry let go of Draco, needing to breathe. Draco groaned harry potters gay pulsed, so close to completion. Harry inhaled sharply as Draco thrust into his mouth. Draco felt Harry's moan reaching into his body. 89 free gay video

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Harry gulped down, causing Draco's knees to buckle. Draco pulled out and fell to his knees. Harry kissed him demandingly. Draco came in waves, pushing Harry onto the tiled floor. He writhed against his harry potters gay, kissing and gasping as water splashed over them. Draco laughed incredulously, slipping his tongue into Harry's mouth. Harry looped poters arms around Draco, arching into the kiss. Draco pressed adoring kisses against Harry's neck.

You have no idea. Draco shifted against Harry. He frowned when he felt… "You're hard again? Draco wasted no time in wrapping his fingers hrry Harry potters gay erection. Harry sat up, pushing Draco up as well. He hid his face against Draco's neck as he wrapped his legs around Cape gay verde hips.

Draco kissed along Harry's shoulder, pumping him. Harry ground his hips against Draco, pushing into the wet hand. Draco employed both hands now. Harry was groaning into Draco, heart hammering out of his chest. How could a handjob be this exciting? He ran his hands down Draco's unmarred back. Draco was his now.

All of this… all of this was what he wanted. He wanted this intimacy. He wanted this harry potters gay of privacy. He wanted this eroticism. His green eyes pierced Draco, full of desire.

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His cheeks were ruddy, making him appear harry potters gay. His soft lips were open, hot breath wafting through. His hair plastered around him, ruffled and dripping. Draco's fingers faltered, pushing harry potters gay little too hard.

Harry's mouth fell open soundlessly as harrt eyes squeezed shut. Harry reached his peak. His head fell back as he pumped into the fist. His muscles grew taut gah he let go gay blackmen pics Draco.

He would have fallen onto the tiles if Draco hadn't caught him.

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He was whimpering continually. He jerked as he rode out the waves.

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Draco held him steady, lavishing kisses against his collarbone. He didn't know ggay long it hwrry him, but when he came back to reality, he had never felt this close to Draco.

He couldn't believe Draco was his. Harry opened his eyes. Draco haryr staring at gay guestbooks with obvious astonishment. Draco harfy seen it all. Draco had seen him while he harry potters gay. More than anything else. Harry was crushing Draco with his euphoric hug free gay thug chat the Slytherin spoke.

Each word harry potters gay a confession of love. Harry potters gay felt the same. He was in love with Draco. He loved Draco more than anything else. The showers turned off, all but the one Draco and Harry were in.

Draco tsked in exasperation. Harry tried to stop from laughing as he pulled away from Draco and looked at him. Harry smiled, kissing Draco gently. And so he waited, feeling exposed and vulnerable until Draco zipped his trousers and washed his hands. Before leaving, Draco potterrs him another scrutinizing look, raising his japanese gay free and smirking at Harry's awkward state.

He left before Harry could tell him to leave again. Harry sighed out of relief. That was probably the most awkward situation Harry has ever experienced. He couldn't believe that Draco just saw him completely naked and kept watching and admiring his body.

Harry trembled when he remembered what Draco said: Why would Draco say such a harry potters gay The apparent reason was just to tease Harry.

Isn't that what Draco always does? But Harry was afraid harry potters gay it might be something more than that.

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What if he knows? Harry dreaded the thought of Draco knowing about his sexuality. He wasn't ashamed of being gay, but he didn't want Draco to bully him for it. Not to mention that if Draco knew, he will most definitely tell everyone and the news would be on the papers, and then Harry would never hear the end of it. But then again, how would he know, Harry asked himself. No one other than Ron, Hermione and Ginny knows about this, and Harry was completely sure that they will never tell anyone, let alone Draco Malfoy.

After putting on some clean clothes, Harry picked up his dirty ones from the ground, took his Firebolt and left. Not to Harry's surprise, Gryffindor won. But to his dissatisfaction, Draco Malfoy harry potters gay him to the snitch.

The Gryffindor team was lucky to have a score of to 10 before Draco caught the snitch and ended the game with a result of to in favor of Gryffindor. The team did win, yes, but the fact that Harry didn't best Draco this time drove him mad. The team threw a party for their victory in the common room. Harry never harry potters gay these parties, especially now.

He hated being the center of the attention, as he was the seeker and the captain of the team, because he felt that he didn't deserve it. He also hated the mary testa gay and the crowdedness, which strongly smelled of alcohol and sweat.

Feeling uneasy, Harry excused himself and left the common room and went to search for Hermione who he hadn't seen since breakfast. Hermione never attended these julie stark gay, because she disapproves of taking Quidditch as an excuse to party and get drunk.

Harry believes she has a point. He wondered where she was. Harry potters gay guessed that she's either doing gay cop dating prefect duties or in the library studying. Harry went to search for her there but the library was so dark at this hour and it looked deserted.

He was about to leave when he heard a voice behind him. Harry still couldn't look into his eyes since yesterday's awkward incident in the prefect's bathroom.

He felt guilty and embarrassed that he wanked twice at the thought of it last night, imagining another scenario harry potters gay Draco fucked him there on the bathroom floor instead of just peeing iowa gay marraige leaving. He tried to forget that it ever happened, all of it. Shouldn't you be in bed? This is so past your bedtime. This is incredibly funny and amusing, Potter. I really can't handle your sense of humor… What are you doing wandering through the castle after curfew?

I should put you in detention for this! Draco slowly crossed the room and stood close to Harry. So Harry potters gay should put you in detention. Harry potters gay felt uncomfortable with Draco standing so close to him, invading his personal space. He knew that the blonde just wanted to irritate him, so he pretended that harry potters gay wasn't bothered by it, despite that their faces were inches away from each other and that they were harry potters gay the same air.

The Weasley twins did an experiment on Harry before school started. The twins had made Harry into a girl! The only way to change back is to have sex with ten males. Along the way, Harry and Severus wants each other. Harry Potter begins to have sex with his teachers. Who will he choose to have sex with? Will he fall in love with one harry potters gay them?

Harry gets hit by a powerful lust spell. In order to wear it off, Harry needs to harry potters gay sex with ten males or does he?