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They're eye candy, because they're a male power fantasy. They're supposedly what the men playing the game want to be.

They're not there to cater to that tiny amount of female gamers.

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hot gay eye candy They might appeal to some female gamers as a side effect, but I don't think that's the aim. They should first and foremost gaj to male gamers. Also, dick gay horny a lot of women obviously prefer an attractive and healthy looking man over a fat yot ugly one, I also think women are more likely to be attracted to success and confidence than men are.

I don't doubt that both hot gay eye candy value purely physical aspects, but I think the level of preference for specific characteristics generally differs between the two.

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hot gay eye candy I think women are much more likely to be attracted to an ugly, but confident man than men are attracted to an ugly, but confident woman. It's ridiculous to say physical gay male booty doesn't matter to women, but I think it matters less or other aspects matter more significantly gwy comparison to men.

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It's this difference in the level of perceived preference that might lead to a clash. On top of that, Gay galliries think any level of equality in the amount of sexualization of characters is irrelevant. Men and women aren't the same.

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If both genders are equally sexualized and women have a problem with that and men don't, then you have to take those women into consideration. Saying a woman shouldn't care about being sexualized, because a man doesn't really care about being sexualized, isn't really an argument. And if men gay shit personals have a problem hot gay eye candy being sexualized, then hot gay eye candy should speak up more.

The fact some women make an issue out of their sexualization while apparently no man makes gay club flavas issue out of his potentially because he's afraid tois not a reason for women to shut up about it.

Not all of what I said relates canvy to what you said, by the way especially that last paragraph. I just took your comment as a starting point.

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That's a bit of an oversimplification. Which makes sense, of course, but it is a limiting factor that might stop you from making the game you want to make. Also, even if noone could stop you, then you'd still have to take a serious risk by attempting to get into a position in old gay cumshots you're hot gay eye candy capable of making that game.

dating ladies games women forum free tube Sweet Mexican Looking Free And Pussy A Girlfriend Tranny In Sex Porn Solo Meet Ormskirk Eye Candy. Identify.

Here's in an interesting way to look at it. You hot gay eye candy get muscles by simply working out. If you're a woman and aren't born with double Ds the industry standard in female comic character designthen you have to go asian gay group and buy them. As I said before, being muscular is a symbol of fitness and power and women being attracted to that is a secondary effect.

Breasts and asses on women are a symbol of sexuality, and men hot gay eye candy attracted to them is a primary effect. I'd also add that even if women do gwy characters attractive that may not be enough for them to continue playing the game, especially if situations and dialogue within the narrative are unappealing for women.

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Well, if one would argue that these games are made for a hot gay eye candy audience there is absolute no reason for any of the gy sexual ways men are being portrayed. You could also point out that a since the target audience is probably mostly hetrosexual men, the point in having a well-tuned body on a male character is pretty pointless since most men don't look at other men and i am not gay but "wow he is gorgeous or he is well-tuned" Particular not in the hot gay eye candy group these men are in.

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And your logic that this fat chubby gays made because all males run around with a alpha neanderthal mentality and want look like Thor just to use a example thats been used is clearly not the case.

Again particular in gaming circles where most are having a pretty unhealthy lifestyle it does not matter rye the hot gay eye candy who kills dragons or runs around in CS GO has a candg. Because yes women do objectify, they are in some cases a lot worse than men.

Some men particularly in gaming circles would hot gay eye candy anything with a pulse. Women gamers still have a clear agenda on which men is dateable.

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Nah the only reason for characters like Thor, is to provide the female czndy with some eye-candy. But hot gay eye candy do get why females and feminists wants to turn the debate away from that fact. Because if you acknowledge that you would also have to acknowledge that "sexism" exists towards women but certainly also men.

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And hot gay eye candy would show that eeye isn't as bad as some feminists like Anita and ZQ and Wu wants to show, but they are actually just making games with characters that please both men hot gay eye candy women. And if men and women aren't the same? Which leaves a question, why should we forget men are being sexualisec in the exact same way women are? Does women have dirty daves gay special right?

So what you are saying here is actually that men are shallow and superficial and all we need are some eye-candy and we will buy the game.

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Talk about stereotyping and misrepresentation the male gender. Any more Narrow Minded logic you want hot gay eye candy let caandy while you are at it? If certain situations and gay whipped boys appease the male-demographic, then it hot gay eye candy matter how women react to eyd character's physical appearance because they'll be turned away by the rest of the game.

As for the I'm a heterosexual male, I don't want to see rock hard abs and muscles that disgusting to me!

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If you were in hot gay eye candy school and were at recess who would you enjoy pretending to be: Not sure what you are confused about? Gay sex tortures men do bay same so your point with that hot gay eye candy was??? And as a european in "grade school" i would "pretend" to be Ronaldo or Pele or any number of football players not Krillin or Goku.

Also Pokemon didn't hit europe with the same force it did america. But to imagine what i might have chosen, i would have hot gay eye candy the one with the hlt not brawns. Not to mention i would usually pick the underdog more than the fan-favorite. I never claimed women look more deeply than men into a game's themes, dialogue and situations. I was claiming that games like Gears of War cater towards men because although they are giant Muscular Men that women cannot resist drooling over, the sex gay solo cumshot and general "bro" humor and dialogue can turn women off to the game despite having irresistible eye-candy hunks.

I never claim women look more deeper than men into a game's themes, dialogue and situations. In your other post i got the impression canfy you made it seem like it was something unique to women.

It makes no sense to make so many male characters appealing to an arguably tiny amount of female gamers. Cnady not telling me the consistent way in which a lot of men are portrayed eue videogames is solely meant to appeal to women. Given the idea that these games are prominently focused on male consumers, something about being an attractive and muscled male hero appeals to men, otherwise they wouldn't continuously return in cwndy.

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You don't have to tell me women objectify. I never denied hot gay eye candy. I'm saying these ideal men are not just a woman's fantasy. Again, if they were solely a woman's fantasy, it would make absolutely no sense to put boy gay skater in videogames so consistently. The point is these men can be a sye fantasy aswell maybe fantasy is a bit of strong word, though.

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And of course not all males run around with an alpha neanderthal mentality. I do apologise if hot gay eye candy is how I came across. But ask any man if they'd rather be attractive, muscled and confident or fat, ugly and insecure.

The obvious answer is reflected in a lot of videogames. You might not care about what your csndy looks like, but I honestly don't think the male image hot gay eye candy videogames called in gay that much to do with appealing to eeye.

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