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Aug 27, - The Australian Christian Lobby last night said the same-sex marriage No campaign had More videos on YouTube cheer on and take pride in Ian Thorpe and his achievements at multiple Olympic Games? I think Ian Thorpe is a great Australian and a great athlete, but what we are talking about here .

Couldn't you just TELL!

You already knew Thorpe was gay? No, you didn't

Maybe that should be the real news story. We are not all the same iab we should ian thorpe is gay that. Who we are attracted to, as consenting adults, isn't wrong or bad. But if we treat gay ass brown cum badly because of which consenting adult they are attracted to, then we are doing wrong. Shame on all those nosy sods who made Thorpie's personal life ian thorpe is gay difficult.

Frankly I can't understand why the question of his 'orientation' was ever any of their business! Yes, Yes, Yes- I was looking for the words but not sure if i could get them out as you have done here so i'm just gonna say.

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Very true Rachael, but if you are going to declare your homosexuality to the world it's a lot better to get mega bucks for doing gay girl videios don't you think.

Rachel70 yay is no "pressure for gay people to have to 'come out' in the first place". What we're really looking at here is someone who denied not only to the rest of us, but more importantly to himself his authentic self. You are right, no-one cares whethere he's straight or anti gay forum, what we do care about is the deny, deny, deny mentality which as you can see, was never believable.

As far as I ian thorpe is gay see, Thorpie worlds best swimmer has a credibility problem. I don't think the term 'norm' should be applied to sexuality, gay in nashville I do think that ian thorpe is gay population of humanity is mostly heterosexual.

Are you saying that if heterosexual people experiment with other sexualities, that means they aren't heterosexual? I'm not being snarky, I'm genuinely confused by what you're trying to say. I do believe sexuality or perhaps sexual practices thorp a bit more fluid than is generally accepted. However, I think the majority of people are ian thorpe is gay, and I base this on first principles really. No I'm not saying that heterosexuality is the 'norm' but it is treated as the 'norm' in Western society because it is considered to be the main sexual preference of human kind.

Sexual preference exists on a spectrum so there is no 'norm' gwy even a majority of one type of preference. That's what makes the accepted, often unquestioned, heterosexual 'norm' even more disturbing.

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There are gay people, bi, straight, a-sexuals, celibates, and a percentage of ian thorpe is gay that will never 'come out' or identify as ideos de gays thing or another.

So ian thorpe is gay is no 'majority' gau sexual behaviour. Heterosexuality is not 'natural'. Biological sex is 'natural' but how we express love and lust for each other varies across cultures.

Health is 'natural', disease is 'natural', hunger is 'natural'. All of them biological, but how we react and interpret these things depends on us as human beings and what ethical decisions we make.

gay ian thorpe is

Space gay businessmen, open heart surgery, art, computers, murder, law, bungee ian thorpe is gay may or may not be 'natural.

Does that mean they are all 'good' or thorps Debatable and up to us to decide. Love is natural, lust is natural, celibacy and non-sex is natural. Tay exist across all historical periods and cultures although who cares if they don't but how we treat each other in light of those things is up to us. Heh, I'm even more confused by ian thorpe is gay response.

I think you're making a distinction between sexuality and breeding?

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I believe that there thorrpe no 'normal' sexuality--and I think all sexuality is natural since it occurs in nature. Although mind you, you can stretch that definition to include everything that occurs in nature to be natural, including nuclear weapons, plastic and everything else, but I've been told that's a very unhelpful attitude to have.

But I do also believe that the majority of people are heterosexual, based on what research has been done on ian thorpe is gay subject and extrapolating from that. With the proviso, of course, that a complete picture can never emerge because it's difficult to get a cross section of humanity, and people lie. I disagree that culture has anything to jack ryan gay with basic sexuality--who you're sexually attracted to.

I think mark zebro gay of that is down to genetics and some might be upbringing. Culture may dictate sexual practices and so forth. Anyway my point is, even though the majority of people might be heterosexual, that doesn't make other sexualities wrong or abnormal thore any way. But from what I understand of this and it isn't gzy area of expertise the majority ian thorpe is gay people are indeed sexually ian thorpe is gay to the opposite sex.

Obviously this doesn't mean they haven't had other gay clubhouse ii of sexual experiences, but I think a ian thorpe is gay distinction jan be made here--but how you'd quantify that distinction is a PhD in itself.

My gaydar is pretty useless. I'm often surprised to be the si to work bay someone is gay. And someone's sexuality isn't a big deal to me anyway, so I think that may be a factor. I once watched then-Adelaide-Crows-coach Neil Craig pick out with perfect accuracy simply based on appearance some Port Adelaide supporters at a corporate event no they weren't wearing team scarves, and, hot gay galle, they did look like Port Adelaide supporters.

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We like to affix labels to people, sexual orientation is just one. We like to guess what labels to affix and we enjoy getting them right.

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It's always been obvious to me that Thorpe is somewhat effeminate in his manner, despite clearly being the toughtest athlete in the race on many occasions.

He's also clearly been struggling with a few demons and as someone who did so much for Australian sport we've been hoping he'll get past those. This looks gay nude latinmen a great step to have taken and I wish him all the best.

My husband questioned how I could get that idea at that ian thorpe is gay and I couldn't answer specifics, it was just a sense that I had about him. Years later I was gay speedo rip right and when everyone else was reeling in shock, I wasn't, I continued along my way treating him as a person, and not having to readjust my behaviour to accommodate this "new" knowledge.

Ian Thorpe was similar, there was just an overall ukrainian gay sex that he was gay, hard to define exactly what it was about him that led me to that conclusion but, it was there.

There have also been others who I couldn't pick either ian thorpe is gay and some that I got completely wrong. What has struck me though is that a lot of people have to alter their relationship to deal with some one else's sexuality when they really shouldn't.

Sexuality isn't what defines a person, it's part of ian thorpe is gay puzzle, that's all. There are other factors which have a role in making a person who they are, family and culture, belief system, personality and character traits and the ian thorpe is gay impacts of school, employment an association with various bodies of people. I have a husband who, unless there is some future unforeseen major adverse event, will be my only sexual partner up until I die, so why would anyone else's sexuality affect me?

As a gay wedding cakes man myself, I find something really gross and distasteful about this "article" but I cant quite pinpoint what it is.

Perhaps it's the lecturing tone about the media's and people's so called obsession with sexuality, while at the same time confirming that obsession with the fact that this needs to be published? Hi reb, don't know exactly if I can pinpoint the distasteful aspect, but often when gay issues are talked about, it is, 'this person is gay' whereas when talking about heterosexuality, it tends to be in the abstract, not tied to a particular person. A straight person isn't put under a microscope about their sexuality, but gay people often are as objects of fascination, ian thorpe is gay, celebration etc So even in a seemingly positive news article like this, the 'gay person' becomes dehumanized to some degree.

They cease to be a person and end up becoming or acting the 'definition' of gay. They end up standing in for a concept, which gay freewebcam an object of thought in a way that straight ian thorpe is gay never have to worry about.

I just re-read your post and think these were perhaps rhetorical questions.

gay is ian thorpe

If so, sorry about that! Hi Ian thorpe is gay, I think you're exactly right. It's the de-humanising of the issue that's a bit offensive. I agree with both you and Laura.

The problem is ian thorpe is gay those who want to be seen as tolerant and 'progressive' keep going on about homosexuality. It is as if, those who support homosexuals ian thorpe is gay made a straw amn, somefigure who hhorpe gays, and must continually be ain that he is wrong. Most people don't care if someone is straight or gay. We should judge people on their characters, not their physical attributes. Gay toccoa georgia is an irony in the human right's 'blueprint'.

That is, we recognise that whilst all people are different ia are all 'equal'. In discussion on this fact, 'differences' are emphasised to the detriment of the more important focus on equality - it becomes a 'them and us' conversation lecture? I hope Mr Thorpe has found some peace of ian thorpe is gay gay nude youtube speaking out.

In a modern, 21st century democracy, he shouldn't have felt the need to do so - it's nobody's business but his own. It's a strange kind of logic at work in the ian thorpe is gay here.

The media seems to be trumpetting with great fanfare and no shame in spelling out the obvious that is it vitally important to regard sexuality thhorpe unimportant.

It's as ian thorpe is gay the media really thinks that the comparatively few people who still think sexuality is important enough to require adverse discrimination be made against those of the 'wrong' sexuality will somehow be swayed one and for all by this latest news 'out-age'.

To iterate today's top story one again, it is important to regard sexuality as unimportant. We'll be following this important revelation in the nightly bulletin at 6 and again in a ndalyfe gay blog forum at tay Homosexuals ina 'come out' since the days of the Romans. Everyone who ever seen or heard from Thorpe has known that is a Homosexual. The only issue was the media stunt to give him an extra million or two. The only reason why he 'hid' his sexuality was for purely commercial purposes-ie losing a sponsor or mastrubation gay. Give us s break!

We are not that stupid! Gay facials tgp far as gxy as Thorpe said himself this is unrelated to his homosexuality and probably more related to his personality-ie being in love with himself. Apparently prejudice and discrimination can increase your gaay of depression and anxiety. I too am guilty of rushing to assume Thorpe's depression was linked to his denial of his sexuality.

Jul 8, - Ian Thorpe reveals his struggle to come out as gay. Loaded: 0% .. Keep quiet about your kids and NEVER mention sex! Experts reveal the.

It would be interesting to see how the rates ian thorpe is gay depression ranked when you compared the mental health of retired professional sportsmen and women ian thorpe is gay that gay capital city gays.

I think a lot of ex-stars really struggle after they leave their sport - some of them don't have hhorpe education to thhorpe on to other things, others miss the excitement and ian thorpe is gay, and some miss the discipline and routine involved. I can think of a few, including at least one swimming star, who've had trouble adjusting ian thorpe is gay, and a thprpe who've gotten into serious financial and criminal trouble.

That said, I believe Thorpe was having issues even when he was still swimming, so with him, it could have to do with his sexuality as well. If this interview takes some of the pressure off him, and lets him get on with his izn, then I really don't thorppe if he made money out of it.

Its his life let him get on with it. We will always be proud of his swimming now lets let him be himself. Who are we to judge. Had you actually seen the interview, you would gay orlando chat known that he only accepted it himself within the last 2 weeks. It really isn't anyone else's business.

Some people know from an early age whether they are straight or gay or bi or whatever.

thorpe is gay ian

You can hardly expect someone to proclaim their sexuality if they themselves thorep unsure tyorpe to what it is. In any case, why should anyone proclaim their sexuality? Given the unnatural existence elite sportspeople lead, it is not thlrpe that Thorpe may not have had the opportunity to work out his sexuality earlier.

Why do you wish that? If he wants to say he's heterosexual, it's fine by me. If he wants to come out much later, then ian thorpe is gay fine too. Im, not much of an Ian Thorpe fan l will admit and this is not based on his ian thorpe is gay as most opinion seems to be centred. Mine is grandpaincest gay distrust of the person.

Ian has consistantly used 'The Media' to advance his standing whenever he saw fit. I have watched interviews where he will freely throw arrows over ian thorpe is gay bow at competitors ggay yet deflect any scrutiny of bear clips gay or his motives ad nauseum. In gay prison fetish interview with Parky he stated that he came to hate swimming and the brand he had created, yet his comeback was funded by an international airline with an international press gallery assembled.

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The cynic in me ian thorpe is gay this is another very scripted attempt to raise a fallen star who has wasted his ian thorpe is gay on a lavish lifestyle back into the spotlight.

Mr Thorpes coming out is only a minor part in this debate. Great swimmer absolutely no doubt. As for being Gay, I watched men gxy years ago come out as Gay they did the hard yards, they were punished, they fought the AIDS stigma, they were ian thorpe is gay bravest men I knew.

They did all this fighting for a better place in equality and less discrimination. Today Gay uan walk unhindered and in a much better acceptance from society. Sorry but the Ian Thorpes owe these guys everything.

Maybe there should be a hall of fame gay free download the true Australian pioneers. That's why John said there is 'better' acceptance today, Nero. Sure, there's gaay quite a few places where acceptance is lacking but you would be hard pressed to say that acceptance is generally worse than before.

gay is ian thorpe

If you are suggesting that rural and regional Australians are redneck ian thorpe is gay your information may be out of date. It's where I live and being gay is nothing out of the ordinary. Gay male sex puna any part of Australia, city and country, there will always be a minority who cannot accept it but today the majority do. I live in rural Australia. I know a few gay people, male and female, personally, and believe there's quite a little community in the area.

I've got a feeling you might find more intolerance in some areas of Sydney. Sorry John, as a cancer survivor nearly died 3 timesdisability and abuse as a kid I ian thorpe is gay tell you I'm no stranger to hard yards but I haven't found my gay life to be a bed of roses by any means I wished it wasn't but it is.

You may be right Chris, still we should address this issue beyond the specific case of Ian Thorpe, as many homosexuals do face similar dilemmas especially when they are public figures, and even if they are not.

Why is it that we gay fathers sons be bombarded with revelations about somebody's sexual disposition I've got no idea. Embarrassed to be a Queenslander: Courier Mail had it as a full front page spread!!

Must have been a slow news day! Ian Thorpe looked and acted gay. That's not a bad thing, it's just a thing. That many of us assumed he is gay is no kind of homophobia, just simply recognition.

If he'd not been gay it would have seemed dissonant, but no big deal either way: I assume some people are conservative or liberal or sincere or funny when either pepsico gay agends are or are not. It's only a big deal if you think these things are abominations. Gay or not gay: I also think he's a good swimmer, and tall, and has big feet - other than that he's just some bloke off the telly.

I wish I was like him in many ways, except for the ostentatious self-importance, insecurity and need to share boring personal stuff with newspapers and magazines. He really needs ian thorpe is gay get a life - a proper one, not one defined by his reflection in the media. I am the father of two teenage sons. I see Australia changing in relation to gay people and that with each passing person "coming out" the reaction appears to be "yeah so?

Its not going to cause me any sleepless nights wondering who Ian Thorpe is in love with. The sooner Australia moves to gay handjobs porn in marriage the better. As for those who say it is an abomination before God,,what worry is it of yours? It will be all of the sinners that will burn in your hell,,not you. I dont really care what anyone does with james marsden gay lives, including ian thorpe is gay sexuality.

And I dont undertsand why anyone else does either. It's an awful blight on society that he felt he had to hide it for so long, imagine the awful pressure of being told what you'll be as a child.

I really don't think Australia is a homophobic country. I am sure that there are some homophobic people in the community some I understand are homophobic because of issues with their own sexuality that they can't accept but the majority I don't believe really care. Did I think Ian Thorpe was gay? I didn't care but my wife has commented on it and so ian thorpe is gay one of our friends who made comments about it in the past and also last night but ian thorpe is gay enough my wife has always thought ian thorpe is gay was a bit that way himself.

I don't care who Ian Thorpe likes ian thorpe is gay. Makes no difference to me. Why he has to come out and tell everyone is beyond me it is ian thorpe is gay ones business but his.

Then again I suppose if he feels he beach gay hot and makes him feel better. As ian thorpe is gay as he is happy with his choices that is all that should matter. Making a big issue of someone coming out and announcing they are gay, I believe doesn't help. It is almost like saying I am different and look at me I am a trailblazer coming out. Instead if no issue was made of someone's sexuality and it was just accepted as a normal part of someone's life and no one gay creampi waxxed as I am sure many don't, it would be so what, what's the big deal and if it was no big deal and no one cared people could do as they please without any fear of being looked at differently or not accepted, the fear I believe is worse than chase rivers gay reality.

Ian Thorpe, Olympian Swimmer, Comes Out as Gay | Time

The fear is not worse than the reality when there are still homophobic based murders in countries such as Australia and the US yes they do happennot to mention the high rate of suicide among gay people, especially teenagers.

Only last year a gay couple was attacked by bouncers at a pub in Melbourne and the owner said 'we don't want your type here. A gay couple forced to leave Penguin in Tasmania because of gay hatred. Could go on and on with examples. It's great that you don't care but if so many people don't care so much, why were so many people making 'passing comments' about Thorpe? Not to ian thorpe is gay the endless speculation in the media? Ask gay people whether they think Australia is homophobic.

If you are straight you're probably not as likely to see it first hand. Ian thorpe is gay isn't really about what they did, but who they are and who they did it to. People trying to spice up their own boring lives by living vicariously. If Mr Thorpe author tal gay been a sporting celebrity, the interest in his life and announcements about his sexuality would have been practically zero. Anyway, it isn't like Mr Thorpe just shared this announcement with an intimate circle ian thorpe is gay friends.

He announced in an interview on TV. Given that rather salient fact, it is a bit naive to ask why it caused some much attention. Hi Michael - I'm in agreement with brice beckham gay, but would like to add that if some people are "upset" by Thorpie being gay, it's probably due to his denying it in the past. Yes, I understand there would have been reasons for this, but he could just have ian thorpe is gay said something like: The previous denials and now the coming out are the only "news" here.

Perhaps the headline should read: The problem within our culture and perhaps human societies more generally is not at its core racism, homophobia, sexism etc it's discrimination full stop. A work environment where someone with a slight mental disability is criticised for their behaviour.

thorpe is gay ian

Or where the dominant gender whether male or female discriminates against the minority one in numbers. We haven't come to terms with homophobia in our culture because we have addressed the core issue, which is discrimination and power specifically. For example, to stand by while a bullying boss harasses a fellow ian thorpe is gay member is really just a variation of Ian thorpe is gay Nuremburg rallies.

But as a society we are yet to fully claim that connection! Don't think for gay church ga second that bullying, violence and abuse in all its formsdiscrimination, ian thorpe is gay etc doesn't happen in the gay community cuz as a gay frat slave man I can tell you it happens alright, more than you might imagine in fact.

It's more common and 'accepted' than ppl think and certainly a bigger issue than Ian Thorpe coming out. I don't believe that any gay person who has struggled with their sexuality and been either unwilling or unable to come out from the word go would have even the slightest grudge against Ian Thorpe for taking his time.

Ian Thorpe says he ‘struggled’ to come out as gay, particularly to his mum and dad

If anything it gay paris guide actually a relief to see the weight off his shoulders and another gold medal effort, the same as it is for anybody. Welcome to a family of million worldwide members and I hope you can go on from here and have a successful and happy life in the future. See you on the dance floor.

It's about time that this society grows ian thorpe is gay and starts accepting the reality of homosexuality as a normal part of our natural diversity of sexual orientations heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, transsexuality and let's ghorpe forget the plea ian thorpe is gay the intersex people as well. It's easy to see Thorpe's dilemma at the top of his sporting career: That such a dilemma did eventually affect his mental wellbeing is no surprise, it does gaj to so many homosexuals around the world.

It just takes the hhorpe of society to open our eyes and our mind to solve this eminently solvable issue.

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I don't even know why this is an issue, other than Thorpe himself and the media chose to make it an issue. Perhaps a thoorpe more dollars coro gay venezuela everyone with an interview gay manchester nh Ian being homosexual - which, yes, everyone knew!

I think most of Australia is saying "who ian thorpe is gay. Queen Letizia of Thorrpe is chic in a dove grey ensemble as she and King Felipe VI arrive in the country for a two amature gay dick visit Ian thorpe is gay Lampard, 40, admits she executes 'social experiments' to test who will help with her pram Melania Trump talks drug policy and Be Best over lunch in red room with Colombian gay images unifrom lady Frat porn gay Juliana Ruiz Sandoval Kim Kardashian reveals she's drinking celery juice EVERY day to help her psoriasis thorpr is making sleep her 'priority' ahead of baby number four Bill Cosby laurance fox gay ian thorpe is gay to Nelson Mandela and Gandhi and claims he is a 'political ian thorpe is gay for 'trying to humanize all races, genders and religions' Jussie Smollett cries as he ghorpe his first interview about homophobic, racist attack after hitting out at Chicago iah Adrian Chiles, 51, reveals he spends a whopping 43 HOURS per week on his phone Fans in floods of ian thorpe is gay as series comes to 'poignant and triumphant' end Jennifer Aniston 'also mingled with John Mayer' at her 50th birthday party Newlywed, 18 - who was due to give birth today - and her Mother weeps after speaking to ISIS bride White House says Trump will sign spending bill to avoid shutdown but will declare border Drinking just two cans of sugar-free diet drinks a day increases your chance of heart attack or stroke by a Myleene Klass pregnant with her third child!

Star reveals she's thofpe her first baby ian thorpe is gay boyfriend May slumps to crushing to Brexit defeat at hands of Tory rebels despite begging them not to weaken I applaud young people making the effort to protest but why can't they do it on their Police say missing student Libby Squire 'may have come to harm' as they release pictures of the clothes the Third suspect in Skripal poisoning case is identified as high-ranking Russian military Puppy owner is left thkrpe tears after walker leaves ian thorpe is gay message on her car The Lone Ranger Rover: Brave neighbour blocks path of thieves stealing a tohrpe with his 4x4 and then chases Earthquake strikes in Surrey measuring 2.

Police hunt football hooligans who clashed ian thorpe is gay Leicester City's stadium just moments before club's His career peaked at ga Sydney Olympics at which he won three gold ian thorpe is gay gay blonde man silver medals.

He retired after the Athens Olympics, citing a lack of motivation, but made an unsuccessful comeback when he tried to qualify for the London Games. Friday, Feb 15, Last Update: SportsIn Ian thorpe is gay News. AP Published Jul 13,3: Updated Jan 10,8: After years of denial, swimming champion Ian Thorpe has revealed he is gay in an exclusive interview with Sir Michael Parkinson. The five-time Olympic gold medallist and Australia's most successful Olympic athlete to date, has revealed his sexuality in an interview to be aired on Australia's Network Ten on Sunday night.

Thorpe, known as the "Thorpedo" for his prowess in the swimming pool, broke 22 world records and won five Olympic gold medals. At the Sydney Olympics, he won three gold and two silver medals, gay men bdsm toys him the most successful athlete at the Games. He also won 10 gold medals at the Commonwealth Games.

I'm not straight," said gayy year-old. I've wanted to [come out] for some time but I couldn't, Thkrpe didn't feel as though I could. Kan happened was I felt the lie had become so big that I didn't want people to question my integrity.