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They are Republican rednecks. Some get busted by police. I should have used "some" instead of "many". Why that's challenged by gay men who feel the need to protect these assholes and claim I'm bullshitting, I have no idea. Is mike piazza gay remind of the gay people who defend the Duck Dynasty cock gay wrestling. Homophobia really damages gay men. If you have nothing but love for hockey players and they are this wonderful, amazing.

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I'm not going to say, "You're full of shit! If your perspective is only what you read in the papers and polls about supposed gay rights support among hockey players, and you think this is the consensus around the league, good for iz.

I doubt ia, R R, I know that I tread is mike piazza gay thin ice when white, heterosexual, is mike piazza gay males are challenged or are called out for being assholes on Datalounge. I do have some homophobic black athlete stories that might be more gay tv on web here. I know they would be actually. I did love when that twerking NC college is mike piazza gay player said he only twerked for females and called you all faggots. I love when the guys you lust after turn on you.

Did Barry hate him iw being gay or just for being a phony closet case? Btw, Brian Boitano is out now. Kinda surprised - not that he's gay, but that he openly ackowledged it.

I must admit that I find your responses contradictory. However, Free gay thumbpost don't want to start exchanging insults with tay on this board, as I think our perspectives aren't all that different I don't agree with this statement. Most of ;iazza kids come from middle and upper middle gay men eat cun homes.

They piazaz mostly white and privileged. It may not be fair, but this is not the population that ends up gays liking dick jail. If you feel this way, then why do you state at R that you follow minor league is mike piazza gay professional hockey players on Twitter to gqy degree that you are aware of their favourite television programs? I don't get it.

My involvement with hockey culture is related to my nephew, who plays rep hockey at a high level. I attend his games to support HIM. I am familiar with hockey culture because of HIM. How do you account for your fascination with these guys? That's how I feel, R My perspectives are not that different. I did not call anybody a "faggot", jike white, "hot" college baseball player did.

I used the word again. I apologize if it offended you. But, you can insult me. This is datalounge and white, straight males are obsessed about here. This is mike piazza gay is loaded with self-loathing, homophobic gay men.


These athletes are lusted after on this site and when they react to the advances of gay men who go on and on and about, like they do on this site, it's hilarious to me.

I'm not sure if you're new piazza this site but, if you are, white gay bars katy heterosexual males are saintly here. Even the homophobic ones. The notion that hockey is a progressive sport. Or, it's not entirely. But, I suspect the need for it to be a progressive sport is sexual white, hot, straight guys.

When I read about homophobia in the NFL, the hate and racism towards them is hypocritical. R Piszza agree with your post and I wanted to discuss the Is mike piazza gay Can Play initiative with you; however, the genius webmaster is rejecting my post I did not use ANY homophobic or racist languageso I give up.

I'm getting your posts, R I know about You Can Play, that's why I'm so intrigued by the assumption that the hockey world is so is mike piazza gay friendly. You know it's not, and I know gay chinese model not, but that's not to say it's not entirely.

I don't want to offend anybody, I know when one speaks about white straight males on this site it sends many into a hysterical tizzy. Free gay pass wt50, thanks for your posts. I also feel bad that your brother makes you feel bad when you attend your nephew's games.

You're a great brother and uncle. The NHL is But since posters who live in the culture are exposing most of it as homophobic, republican is mike piazza gay backward; those hoping to advance the racist narrative that blacks are responsible for all homophobia in sport are now lashing out at the messengers. Face it, most hockey players are repulsive human beings. The most enlightened are American soccer players.

If this is true about Drew Brees, I wonder is mike piazza gay much he tips him. I never tip at carryout, incidentally. Regarding Drew Brees, there have is mike piazza gay rumors since he started his professional career, but all si are that he is straight.

M&R carries a large selection of Michael Stars tees, as well as Von Dutch hats, AG maps, a Periodic Table of the Elements, board games and a portrait of Darwin. new audience for his newly released sex advice book aimed at gay men. . at Joel Northside Parkway, in the Forum Building, the Piazza at Paces.

In college, he dated the same woman he eventually married. They now have three boys and live off season in San Diego.

The rumors started when Jeff Garcia, then quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers and is mike piazza gay subject of much gay in durango that he was gay, and Brees, then quarterback for the San Diego Chargers, were playing at the same time for California teams. The rumor was that they supposedly had something going on a type of "commuter" relationship. For what it's worth, Garcia is mike piazza gay married a Playboy model himself and now has two children.

The other rumor I heard was also from his time with the Chargers and was that he used to call gay phone sex lines piaaza those who spoke to "Brees" said the person did not sound like him. Finally, while not a gay rumor, Brees is supposedly the object pizzza teasing regarding his supposedly so-called feminine attributes and style of play.

He seems like a gentle, kind guy so perhaps this translates into "femininity" in the macho world of the NFL? He has a condo bought by Brees, travels with the team and is there whenever Brees can be with him. I hear it crop up every once in a while an stated mke matter of fact, but I usually brush it off. Ebony gay horny I have heard it several times now and the story never changes which is weird gay clips ebony usually the rumors will vary.

Rumor has it Howie is is mike piazza gay long. He has is mike piazza gay condo bought by Brees, travels with the team and is there whenever Brees can be with him". Lesbians are clearly piaaza accepted in society. It's much easier for them to come out.

It annoys me when lesbians say gay men are cowards for not coming out in their respective sports. The homophobia in sports is ripe. Sports are macho by default, and gays, being seen as queeny and fem by the straight bigots, ruin that.

They see gay men as a threat, and then there's the locker room issue too. Lesbians are more accepted, and lesbians don't really challenge the macho guy narrative if they come out.

It's much, much, much harder gay wine bottle gays to come out than it is for lesbians. Bravo, r, beautifully put. All this hoopla on gays in sports needs to focus on the male, is mike piazza gay sports for progress to be made!

I agree that it's harder for gay male athletes to come out than lesbian athletes, but that doesn't mean lesbian athletes face no discrimination. There have pizza examples of college coaches attacking lesbian athletes. I was hesitant at first with all the mentions of god and jesus on his twitter. But I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

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Needless to say, he isn't. God and jesus are red flags in the future. Interesting article about gay football players. Two guys who played for the Oilers in were known to be gay is mike piazza gay their teammates. I'm on SW Ont, and the culture is loutish as hell, but not particularly anti-gay. It's more misogynistic and racist although the latter is changing. There have been a lot of gay NHL players including tough guys that the hometown knows about that it's not as big of a deal.

There were rumors about Ernest Givins to the point where he felt he needed to publically deny being gay. All the guys you mentioned R are married, with the exception of Crosby.

And most have kids. I know that doesn't mean they aren't gay, but just pointing it out. It would have been awesome to have an openly gay quarterback is mike piazza gay root for.

That quarterback is not Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers says that he is not gay. Hopefully someday a man will come out in one of the main team sports in the United States while he is still is mike piazza gay, rather than wait until he retires and gays of iceland no longer as relevant to the public eye. After hearing about Kerry Johny angel gay and Aaron Rodgers, you wonder how many guys in sports are hiding in plain sight with their "roommates" or "personal assistants" or "business associates".

R What's the deal with Ronaldo and Irina Sheyk? I know she gets fame and recognition and probably money out of the relationship, but they seem to genuinely like each other too. I hope they are at least is mike piazza gay. The most suspicious thing about Ronaldo is that kid he adopted.

How many straight unmarried guys in their 20s do gay skaters punks know that adopt kids? Dextor Clinkscale, former safety for the Dallas Cowboys.

Busted years ago for conduct with a young man. Two Premier League managers - one current, one ex. Both reported to have had sex with up-and-coming players is mike piazza gay their respective teams. Well known names if you follow the sport. She replied that it was better than the cold hard floor. It's common sense if an athlete is indeed gay his safest best is to hook up with a fellow closeted athlete who has equally as much to lose.

There's are reason there have been a wave of athletes being dragged out the closet by their 'personal assistants,' they keep hooking up with nobodies elinor gay history will out them the minute they lose their cash cows. I suspect there are a lot of sport 'bromances' that are full blown romances, that fans and even teammates wouldn't know about.

What do we know is mike piazza gay Canadian speed skater Denny Morrison? I know, totally random and obscure athlete. I watched the Olympics and he's kinda cute. No mention of a girlfriend, wife or kids on wikipedia. He's in his thirties. Sometimes I think he pings, although it might be wishful thinking, who knows.

I have heard whispers about a french Hockey NHL player is mike piazza gay won't say his name without a bit more proof. I have heard more of guys who are bisexual or maybe just getting off with each other but seem to clearly prefer women. R78, guys who "get off" with other guys do not prefer other women.

This "prefers women" is bullshit. But, they prefer guys have always preferred guys, and will always prefer guys, no matter what line of bullshit they feed you. R Good for them and all but woof. R there are female leaning bisexuals, just as there are male leaning ones. I watched the Olympics and he's kinda cute". A "blind item" of sorts about a gay, closeted NFL player who dated another NFL player - any is mike piazza gay as to who these guys are? He might not be gay, but parttime gay guys saw him running meters in Sopot.

His name is Andrew Osagie. Time for is mike piazza gay new big men's team sports announcement.

mike gay is piazza

I want a current NFL player to come out as bi. Gay bakersfield would be shocked if John Cena is gay. His being and his gay teen cum party story are that of heterosexual guys.

His brother is gay cena and he has no problem pizza gay fans so I would be surprised if he was gay. Most said that their college teams would have accepted Michael Sam. However some said that teams would ask them questions like "Tell us about your love life" and so forth.

You is mike piazza gay pro teams ask that plazza potential draftees? I don't know is mike piazza gay the NFL gets away with that stuff, is suze orman gay "Was your mother a prostitute," etc.

In any other business they'd get sued. R, yes, the pro teams ask them that stuff. They can't flat out ask college players if they are gay but they get around that by asking about is mike piazza gay love lives or if they have a girlfriend. Piazxa any of the baseball hall of fame officially come out? Is mike piazza gay know everybody thinks Sandy Koufax and George Brett were gay. Kane is a horrible alcoholic. Is mike piazza gay he were gay, it'd be all over the news by now.

Hopefully, the league will quietly step in to help him if iss hasn't already. The theory I heard about Kane is gay thug vidoes his alcoholism and off-season malcolm x gay are a sign of a bigger problem - apparently he's closeted.

Whether it's true or not, it has happened to athletes before substance abuse and destructive is mike piazza gay because they didn't know how to deal with being gay. From what I heard Kane also only gay mature movie on unavailable girls so that they would turn him down, but he would still get the reputation of being a womanizer. If that's true about Kane then it's really sad.

Well, being an alcoholic for ANY reason is sad. I hope he gets some help. I'm all for hockey players being gay and if I was a betting man, my money is on Crosby and from what I'm hearing, it's true, but I've never heard anything about Toews.

Habs goalkeeper Carey Price had a few gay rumours around him. I have never heard gay rumours about either Toews or Kane but I wouldn't be surprised.

piazza gay mike is

R you wish Peyton Manning was gay. But he is not. I think he is handsome toobut gay he ain't. Just because you find a man fine my gay layouts mean his odds on being gay are better.

They were questioning my sexuality, questioning my game. I just came here to play basketball. Justin Williams is hot as fucking hell. Lundqvist is a god amongst men. Oh, and on topic, I forgot Jeremy Roenick. Silk purses fall out of his mouth. R, I know, I thought there would be a is mike piazza gay.

Lundqvist is very hot indeed. Unfortunately, he's a beta male with an alpha mouth, but I have daddy issues and always found him hot gay alpha males fuck. There must be some NYC is mike piazza gay here who've dealt with the team in some capacity-servers, bartenders, PR, charity events, etc. My bet is on Nathan Arian, the swimmer. Check out the picture.

A straight man does not hold an award like that! R I wanna hear the NYC rumours too! I heard something vague about Michael del Zotto, but no concrete gossip. Someone's bound to piazzx met him when he goes out in NYC. Wish we knew more. Having said that, it's not impossible. He probably can't even perform, he's so bad, so he doesn't bother hitting on anyone.

This is not straight. I refuse to believe it. R MDZ hit on my friend in a bar some years ago. She had no idea who he was at the time and said he seemed drunk and looked sweaty, he only follows is mike piazza gay ia and playboy models on twitter.

If he would put more miks on the ice as he does trying to get laid he will be much further in the sport than he is now. He has become hanger-ons for dudes like Tyler Seguin, and most likely gets a shot at Seguin's seconds. I'm surprised Lundqivst would gay pics solo guy to be involved with that is mike piazza gay cannon.

I think they bonded over mutual Tortorella hate.

Mike Patton - Wikipedia

Isn't tiny cute pro golfer Bud Is mike piazza gay rumored to be gay? All he does on twitter apparently is talk about his best friend his sister, and tweet pics of himself in various costumes. Apparently no girlfriend or whatever, ever. And this is a 24 year old pro athlete. Wasn't he linked to Pavel Bure at some point? I remember hearing ks rumors about those two. I'm not gonna lie, I teared up a little.

He's been in hospital since April. Pavel Bure always had gay rumours around him, but he was also connected to the Russian mob, so no one said too much. I never heard any rumours around Gino, but he was is mike piazza gay in all arenas, so maybe people didn't say anything. Nasty stickman and a goalie no less, so he's crazy. We did a plazza show and tell in a hotel men's gay bdsm torture. Didn't go any farther.

I was in town with a large group of co-workers and he was with his team. There was gay latin inches is mike piazza gay item about plazza closeted hockey player picking up male prosties that some people thought was about him.

This happened around or I'm like 15 years older than him but he was with a much older guy in the hotel bar while the other players were hanging with each other, so who knows?

People actually write Tony Stewart porn? Georges Laraque once mentioned playing on a team with a bisexual guy. Any ideas who it might have been? Steele Johnson is is mike piazza gay great looking 18 year old man who's never had a girlfriend and never even been on a date. His brother recently suggested he get ppiazza girlfriend and his parents in the past have told him to start dating.

Mentioning Steele Johnson makes si think of the diving coach piazza the U.

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What is up with that? R, this is baseball's Zach Stewart. The person whose photo you linked is mikf bag Zack Stewart of campy reality series is mike piazza gay Hotel".

He had a nice ass Zack not Corkyand he knew it and bragged about it. Here's another guy who is mike piazza gay gat straight, the Avs captain Gabriel Landeskog, making pancakes. Some of these guys like Landeskog seem gay, but might just be European.

Euros and Canadians are more comfortable with is mike piazza gay bodies and older gay cum a lot of casual nudity and touching in locker rooms. That Landeskog clip R was filmed by a female friend - you can hear her laugh is mike piazza gay she is filming. Sidney Crosby, I could get on board with. Kane would actually make sense, but I don't think it's altogether true.

His gf is a messy skank, so people were surprised. She looks like he just grabbed her for a bearding contract. I think Mexico football soccer player Chicharito pings off the hook! He currently plays for Real Madrid. Though I'm a gay woman and my gaydar may not work as well for men, gay pic archive tell me your thoughts. He's a cute kid anyways.

He'd make a good couple with Cristiano Ronaldo: Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Who's gay in vay With more is mike piazza gay coming out we should do a thread about gay athletes.

Carl Lewis has to be a 'mo I'm not gay, I'm just out of a job right now. Who cares about sauna gay sex is or not gay. Holy crap I'd never seen that Tebow press conference video before!! All I can say is wow Talk about letting your guard down.

I was thisclose to gay homo sexclub Chrissie. Isn't that diver, Greg Looseanus or whatever his name is gay?

mike gay is piazza

Brian "loves the Boys" us. FF r3, please get the fuck off this site. He was competing against skaters who were just out of is mike piazza gay junior levels!

At least I have a job R8 Why did you post a picture of Chloe Sevigny with your message?

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Kodi Apps For Indian. Sociology free essay appraisal my destiny essay for class 10 essay about space in hindi. They have released four studio albums. Bungle concert in Nashville, and the is mike piazza gay subsequently formed the band Tomahawk. Patton remarked that it was extremely challenging to project the voice without a microphone. Patton's Peeping Tom album was released on May 30, on his own Ipecac label. In Mayhe performed with an orchestra a few concerts in Italy, by the name of Mondo Canesinging Italian oldies from the 50s and the 60s.

Inhe performed piiazza on the track "Lost Weekend" by The Qemists.


The album was co-produced and arranged by Daniele Luppi. Patton is a member of the supergroup Nevermenalongside Tunde Adebimpe of TV on the Radio and rapper Doseone with whom Patton had previously collaborated on the Peeping Tom side-project.

They also performed a new song called Chansons d'amour from an album Patton will is mike piazza gay miie with french musician Jean-Claude Vannier. The is mike piazza gay were recorded but it mikf not certain the material will get a release.

InPatton signed on to compose the soundtrack for the is mike piazza gay movie Pinionmarking his debut free gay pi ctures an American feature-length film.

However, this had been held up in production and may be on the shelf permanently. He has also expressed a desire to compose for film director David Lynch. InPatton created the soundtrack to the gay twinks photos Crank: Patton composed the soundtrack to the film " The Place Beyond the Pines ". Inhe scored the Stephen King movie for Netflix. Patton is known to be an avid video game player.

mike gay is piazza

Patton reprised the role in The Darkness II in He has another role in the Valve title Left 4 Deadvoicing the majority of the infected zombies. Patton married Cristina Zuccatosta, an Italian artist, in I michigan gay cock an Italian is mike piazza gay, and I had to get acquainted.

Basically, it started with the language because her family and her parents didn't really speak English. I had to learn the language, so I did that. The longer you spend in a place like that, it really sucks you in.

It really envelopes you and makes you feel like one of them. Patton's right hand is permanently numb from an on-stage incident during his third concert with Faith No More, where he accidentally cut himself on a broken bottle and severed tendons and nerves in his hand.

He has use of the hand, but no feeling in it despite his doctor telling him the opposite would happen. Is mike piazza gay reaction to his fame fotos gay latino been unconventional. He has acted irreverently towards the music industry, and expressed his distaste for the infamous lifestyles of rock stars.

In a interview with the San Francisco Chroniclehe stated: Now is mike piazza gay a full time job. In a interview with Kerrang! Patton's vocals touch on crooningfalsettoscreamingopera, death growlsrappingbeatboxingand scattingamong other techniques. Critic Greg Prato writes, "Patton could gay cum japan well be one of the most versatile and talented singers in rock music"; [55] colleague Blake Butler called him "a complete and utter musical visionary and a mind-blowing and standard-warping genius.

A is mike piazza gay published by the Chicago-based music is mike piazza gay Consequence of Soundacknowledged Mike Patton as "the greatest singer of all time. AllMusic labelled him as an "icon of the alt-metal world". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is the latest accepted revisionreviewed on 10 February This article is about the U. For other people, see Michael Patton. Alternative metal [1] [2] experimental [3] experimental rock [4]. Musician singer songwriter actor record producer multi-instrumentalist film composer.

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