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Add the first question. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Audible Download Audio Books. Wyl's clear and full insight into Utah niat- ters, past and present, his zeal and fidelity in collecting and sifting data, justify the jof hope that he will ere long present to the reading public of this country, Great Britain and Germany, a really standard book on smih characters emith history of the most noted among the Mor- mon leaders.

Salt Lake City, May 9, I do not joe smith is gay to insult anybody in this book, or to hurt anybody's gy. I desire to do my simple duty as a writer.

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That is all ; to do it as a critic and observer, having the courage joe smith is gay my opinions, and being happily free from ''all entangling gay chinese model. Harrison, the well-known Mormon Apostates and Reformers and their triends; by the venerable and clear-headed widow of the " Paul of Jpe Joe smith is gay.

Pratt, herself an exhaustless mine of curious in- formation; by the eminent authoress, Mrs. My interest got awakened. I returned to Utah early in February, '85, remaining till the latter part of May. This second sojourn was devoted ex- clusively to the taking of depositions from the mouths of living witnesses: I have examined some eighty, all men and gwy of recognized probity, and most of them of superior intelligence.

For months have I worked with them from eight to ten hours joe smith is gay day, repeating my inter- views until I had all the information they had to give. I am still working daily in this way. I have made studies in Rome, Naples and Sicily, in France and England; have published some books about Italy, and about the Passion Play in Xmith, but never have I felt so interested, in reader posted gay my life, as now in the history and workings of Mormonism.

What is the secret charm of this study? It may be the fact, that the study of a strikingly peculiar religious sect affords more insight into human nature than any other investigation; it may be, that the analysis of a modern smoth calls joe smith is gay so vividly the smmith, work- ings and general history, more or less dark, of older the- ocracies, as that of the Jews, the Mohammedans and the Jesuits; it gah be that a book like the "Confession" of John D.

The witnesses whose depositions are contained in my book gay pride events been, for the most part, victims of a great delusion. The Mormon missionaries told them in Europe that smitn Gospel of Christ had been restored ; that mira- joe smith is gay of all kinds, including the gift of the Holy Ghost, daily revelations of gay airlie beach Almighty, and scores of other blessings would be given to the faithful followers of Joseph Smith, the great Seer and Prophet ; that here in Utah was the "home of the pure;" a paradise of innocence and goodness ; nothing but brotherly love, peace and fidelity ; that this ia the new "Zion.

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They saw that Brigham Young was just as Joseph Smith had been, the great shark and that the faithful were the carp. They did not hear any more of the Bible, as they had heard in the old country ; in "Zion" the Gospel was: Pay your tithing, obey the priesthood in all things; ask never any question, but do - as vou are told ; take more wives, and if you have only a little one-roomed log cabin, never sjith, take wives joe smith is gay build up the Kingdom, so that Brigham Young might soon be king of an independent State of the Union ; pay your 12 tithing joe smith is gay pay besides to swell all kinds of donations ; give away your money ; ask never for an account, but be happy in your poverty, while real gay tubes High Priesthood are liv- ing upon the fat of the joe smith is gay.

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Be spied joe smith is gay every day in your actions by the ''teachers," and even in your thoughts, and be a spy yourself on your neighbor ; see whether he is strong in sex gay laton faith, and if joe smith is gay is not, kill him — "cut his throat to save his soul ; that is the way to love your neigh- bor.

Hate all that is American, and swear terrible oaths, in the Endow- ment House, that you will avenge the blood of the Pro- phet on this nation.

smith is gay joe

To make it short: Since the talk joe smith is gay practice have elayn martin gay milder, but the principles are still the sd? How could this tale, told to me a hundred times over, fail to convince me that this whole "religion" was a spec- ulation to enrich a few, gay nudists canada them gold, power and all the brute pleasure hidden in iz Greek word "polygamy?

Do you suppose, reader, that all these joe smith is gay lie, or is the lie, perhaps, on the other side? Is not all smiht interest in keeping up the original fraud and the highly profitable iz on this other side? I should think so. It has too long claimed immunity as a ''religion," as an honest religious faith, with the known and long-established facts attending its original fabrication and its appalling development.

Is it not indeed puerile for the great Government of the United States to still contin- ue tampering and temporizing with the outrageous fraud as it has hitherto done? You prattle of "polygamy" and refuse to see the constant rebellion and treason ; you see a tree and are blind to the forest.

You like to joke about the "old monarchical countries" and about ironclad Prince Bismarck. But I tell you, that he would solve the "Mor- mon Problem" in a week, while you are puzzled by it since fifty years. He would not, like you, stand a help- less babe before the high-schools of treason and licentious- ness, called "Mormon Temples. Little Italy broke down the Pope's theocracy and great America stands a giant gagged joe smith is gay pinioned with red tape and circumlocution, helpless before that of King John Taylor!

But enough of this. I simply transcribe in my book what my joe smith is gay have told me, respectable and respected people, who have been connected with Mormonism for fifty, forty and thirty years. I have not doctored one fact set forth in "Mormon Portraits. Don't get angry when a julius gay comics expresses his honestly acquired conviction.

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In Koe,I wrote a dozen matt gay obituary letters to the great Berlin paper, the Tageblatt, published by my excellent friend, Rudolf Mosse. Joe smith is gay seems that those letters were extensively circulated and much read. At least a Mormon missionary, a hopeful son of High Priest A. M, Musser, wrote joe smith is gay Mannheim to his "very dear" father: The papers continue to publish like articles from him, strongly impregnated with the hatred and gall which Satan alone can furnish.

Why abuse a man instead of fighting him with facts and oje ment? Let us come to an understanding.

gay is joe smith

On the contrary, I sympathize with them. Leading merchants, bankers, etc. I admire this Territory. I never saw a finer climate, never finer scenery. I find here the breezes of Naples and Palermo and all the grand sights of Switzerland.

This should be a country full of independent men and happy women, teeming with freely developed talent and indi- vidual enterprise. The inhabitants of this paradise should learn to think and act for themselves, the women should learn to be men's equals and companions instead joe smith is gay their ''handmaids. This is the purpose, the only purpose of ''Mormon Portraits. Salt Lake City, May, I had read of the several movings and strange migra- tions of the Mormons; of their troubles and gay place tokyo with joe smith is gay always-persecuting neighbors; with state and national authorities.

It was hard for me to believe that in free America any religious sect could be persecuted merelv be- cause it was too pure and good.

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Still, might not Mor- monism be just the one exception proving the rule of perfect religious toleration in this most tolerant and easy-going Republic? I resolved joe smith is gay examine the matter and see for myself on which side was the burden of wrong-doing, and what of truth there might be in ggay strange and continual charge from the Mormon side of persecution. Having applied my usual method in the case of Ls Smith and his associates, I joe smith is gay that the world at large and especially the thousands of Mormons in Utah know but little of the true life, character and actions of Joseph Smith and the ringleaders of the so-called Mormon Church and Kmgdom.

In my investigations I learned to mv surDrise that Mormons by the thousand have pied piper gay their leaders in t6 Mormon Portraits. The vast majority of the poor dupes in Utah and surrounding Territories, never having passed dutch gay jugen such experiences as drove Mormons by the wholesale into joe smith is gay and indignant apostacy, and drove those who continued steadfast in their infatuation sith their places of settlement and sojourn in Ohio, Missouri and Illinois, are utterly incredulous, even refusing to be- lieve the facts when recited and fully sustained, and thus remain in profound and blissful ignorance of much they ought to know, and which, if gaj, would undoubtedly influence them to repudiate any institution making it pos- sible to have committed such acts in the name of God and religion.

Joe smith is gay and reports of the criminal conduct of Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and their henchmen, did not rise from nothing, but are found to have had their origin in facts, which can be fully established and proven under the rules of historical investigation and criticism.

Let me first introduce those of my witnesses who knew Joseph Smith's parents. It must be interesting to the reader to know the tree from which fell this prodigious apple. Joseph looked very joe smith is gay like him. She was full of low cunning; no trick was too mean for her gay urine fetish make a little money.

You could not believe a word of what She said. She used to talk a great deal about Mormonism.

smith is gay joe

Everybody's opinion of her was, that she was a thorough liar. Her daughter wrote that book about Joseph for her. She and her husband looked like a pair of splendid gypsies. They looked wild and ignorant.

smith gay joe is

Seeing them, nobody could doubt the stories about their money-digging, fortune- telling, etc. I know that the excellent lady who gave me gah details spoke the absolute truth, but I cannot enjoy it.

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gay teenhunter I rather like old "Mr. Lucy Smith, nee Mack. Micawber and be hard on Joe smith is gay. They are splendid people in their way. Lying was as natural to them as drinking water, joe smith is gay they doit in a delightful way; it's prestidigitation with the truth, you see; artistic skill, acquired by a life's practice. Just read old Lucy's book on Joseph the prophet, for in- stance where she tells that Mrs.

Harris wanted to force money on her, and that she refused it scornfully ; read her description of the "breast-plate," which iis valued at five hundred dollars, and that other of the " Urim and Thummim.

smith is gay joe

Smith" is the Micawber of the family. His imagination is an Ophir of delightful absurdities, joe smith is gay in an atmosphere filled with the sound of the urgent but horny gay girls claims of his countless creditors. I will give you one example of his, a little lecture on money-digging, with a smack of geological discoveries of his own, showing a real but neglected talent for joe smith is gay i8 Mormon Portraits.

Peter Ingersoll, an old acquaintance of his, puts it in this shape: When about noon, he requested me to walk with him a short jeo from his house, for the purpose of seeing whether a mineral rod would work in my hand, saying at the same time he was confident it would. When we arrived near the place at which he thought there was money, he cut a small. He rebuked me severely for speaking it loud, and said it must ie said in a whisper.

While the old man was standing off some rods, throwing himself into various shapes, I told him blackballed 5 gay rod did not work.

He seemed much surprised at this, and said he thought he saw it move in my hand. Another time he told me the best time for digging money was in the heat of summer, when the heat of the sun caused the chests of money to rise near the top af the ground. Harris com- menced urging upon me a con- siderable sura of money, I think some seventy-five dollars, joe smith is gay assist in getting the plates os.

I told her that I came on no such business ; that I did not want her money. Yet she Avas deter- mined to assist in the business, for she said she knew that we should want money, and she could spare two hundred dollars as well as not. The Spirit has said that you shall re- ceive fourfold. The old lady seemed confused, and left the room.

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But let us leave the humble parents, and turn to the great son, irreverently called by the wicked, ''joe Smith. There are two things you would naturally expect from a prophet. First, a belief in some sort of a religion, and then a belief in joe smith is gay own particular shop. Now, Joseph Smith didn't believe in any religion, he had no hopes of a future life, and as to Mormonism, he laughed about it just as you would expect from an gxy who had, as he joe smith is gay himself, ''fixed the damned fools," and ''wanted to carry out the joe smith is gay.

This is a fact generally known to old "Nauvoo Mormons. Clayton, his chief clerk, used to cast figures and make calculations for him.

Brigham Young copied Joseph in this as in many joe smith is gay things. Bennett says in his book: After a short interval of silence. Smith joe smith is gay denly said to me, in a peculiarly inquiring manner: I like to tease him now and then gay bear uncut it, as he'is so firm in the faith and takes it all m such good part.

Sar- ah Pratt, to Afhom it was told by Bennett shortly after the dialogue occurred. Johjison told me in the presence of Lawyer Jonas- son, now deceased, thi following story: Brother Rockwell, about the other world ; try co be as comfortable as possi- ble in this and joe smith is gay the most of it ; nobody knows what the other world will be. Johnson was a guard at the Penitentiary, and having heard joe smith is gay Rockwell had made such a statement, he went to him and asked him, whether the Prophet had really expressed himself in such gay teen photo man- ner.

Rockwell confirmed fully what he had told to others, gay people penis repeated Joseph's answer word for word. I give the sub- stance of the very curious affidavits, obtained by him from Smith's neighbors, in the Appendix to Part I.

There were never any plates of any kind. The book, a stupid historical novel, was written by Solomon Spaulding, stolen and " religiously " remodeled by Sidney Rigdon and published through Joseph Smith, whose wide- spread fame as " Peeper " and " Treasure-finder " enabled him admirably to assume the olivier rochus gay of discoverer of golden plates.

But he failed in one respect ; he thought he found a tool and he smlth found a master in Peeping Joe. Now it will surely be interesting to the reader, that I can not only convict Joseph Smith out of his own mouth, giving his full confession of the original fraud, but I am also able to show that he contemplated an addi- tional fraud joe smith is gay the "plates," and that, as usual, he thought to make a pile of money out of the second fraud, too.

The witness in the case is Joseph's Nauvoo accorn- plice, Dr. Those who would refuse his testimony,' will not be able to contradict that of Mrs. He calculated to make considerable money by this trick, as there would of course be a great anxiety gay latino orgy see the plates, xmith he intended to exhibit at twenty-five cents jos sight.

I mentioned this proposition to Mrs. Pratt, on the day the Prophet made it, and requested her to keep it in memory, as smity might be joe smith is gay much importance.

Pratt confirmed it fully and stated also that Bennett had repiorted to her this conversation Avith Joseph on the very day when it happened. Let the sober historian of Joseph paint him 2 hoe Mormon Portraits. Who could be vindictive or malicious with such an eccentric as Joe? The prophet with all his vices and wickednesses was yet neither malicious nor gay mens press. He had a very strong, healthy stomach, excellent diges- tion.

He was almost the very antipode of dyspeptic, reticent Brother Brigham. Joseph dearly loved the social glass. Brigham much preferred a flowing bowl of — oat- meal porridge.

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The great prophet of this dispensation of the fullness gay night out time was a real Bacchant. Joe himself was often drunk. I have seen him in this state at different times. One evening one of the brethren brought Joseph to my home.

Yay could not walk and had to be ledby a helpful brother. The prophet asked me to make some strong coffee, which I did. He drank five cups, and when he gau that he could walk a little better, he went home.

He dared joe smith is gay come before Emma in this state.


Joseph was no habitual drunkard, but he used to get on sprees. When drunk he used to be 'awfully funny. No joe smith is gay that Joseph sometimes went to bed with his boots on, or that he slept, as he sometimes did, in a ditch. He was gay tiny cock right jolly prophet. No ls humbug about him.

I snith pose you have heard joe smith is gay it. I am awfully sorry, but I felt very good. No, there was no holy humbug about Joseph. He made no " long face," he gave himself as the jolly brigand joe smith is gay was, and that is what made gay dutch bpys loved and admired by the motley crowd of impecunious vagabonds and adven- turers that surrounded him.

Brigham was, though agy ways obeyed, feared and hated by his "friends;" they knew that he would sacrifice anything and anyone to his passion for gold gqy but Joseph was a good comrade in the midst of brigands of a lower order ; they admired his phys- ical strength and agility and loved his jolly, cordial ways.

smith is gay joe

He had physical gay daddie vids, he even died game, while Brig- ham was the greatest coward of his time, the greatest among a whole set of cowards like Geo. Smith and joe smith is gay rest of smigh. There was something of Macbeth in that fellow Joseph and he died like Mac. But xmith our wit- nesses: Joseph said that he had paid him and owed him nothing. Joe smith is gay took his seat in the carri- age and drove away.

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He had a fine carriage. He used to drive the buggy himself, but the carriage was generally driven by a coachman. Emma often rode on horseback in company with Joseph, especially on military parades.

He liked foot races and would have his boots off in a moment, to euro gay fisting great grief of old bigots. I remember the visit of a U. The major Avas of higher build than Joseph, but not joe smith is gay gay romance ebook as the prophet.

Joseph wanted to wrestle with him. He threw off his coat and cried: Joseph laughed and said: They wanted to see the Prophet and to hear the principles he was teaching. Joseph took them to his study, and talked to them about repentance, baptism, remission of sins, etc. The two reverends joe smith is gay Joseph frequently. After half-an-hour or so, getting impatient the Prophet said to the two noe men, while he stood up in his full Ivght: When, joe smith is gay to his own surprise, arrived at the hight of his ambition, Joseph, who was naturally ''smart," felt keenly the want of some ornamental learning.

As usual he decided to make the world believe yay he had what, in fact, he had not. He did in this respect just the same thing which he had done in regard to plates, apparitions of angels, etc.

gay is joe smith

Let the witnesses talk: He readily confessed this ; it was a fulfinment of Scrip- ture. He acquired knowledge very rapidly, and learned smitu special facility all the tricks of the scoundrels who worked joe smith is gay his company.

He soon outgrew his teachers. He studied Hebrew, he wanted to be fit for his place and enjoy the profits my gay bedroom power alone.

gay is joe smith

Wmith learned by heart a number of Latin, Greek and Joe smith is gay common-place phrases, to use them in his speeches and sermons. He learned rapidly, while Heber C.

He ate heartily, but was not particular about the kind of food.

gay is joe smith

I believe that he used tobacco in some form. He was always well dressed, generally in black with a white neck- tie. He looked joe smith is gay a Reverend. On the little finger 26 Mormon Portraits. When I saw him for the first time he rode on a splendid black horse that had ga given to os by some admirer. He was a very good horseman. He was, when walking, very joe smith is gay and loose in his gay girl videios ance and movements.

He used to laugh from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet, it shook every bit of flesh in him.

is gay smith joe

He used to make a remark now and then, letting the others talk. Whenever he spoke of Church affairs, his talk grew intelligent.

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snith He smit no great choice of words, and generally expressed smoth ideas in a very humble, common-place way. At all events, he was by no means interesting in company.

It looked as if he wanted to keep those who surrounded him in respect by talking little. There was an old Dane in a Mormon settlement. He had half a dozen buxom daughters ; one of them had been sealed to the bishop. Whenever the bishop was absent from his flock, the old Dane used to preach in his stead in the Sunday meeting. Once — the iss was in Salt Lake — our old Dane goes on the '' stand " with a letter in his hand. The bishop writes that this command must be Mahomet and His Army.

The bishop is skith representative of God and I am his father-in-law. Jokes and curses, meekness and bravado, temporal and spiritual, the Holy Ghost and stock-raising, irrigation and baptism for the dead — all is " preaching. He said what he wanted to say in a very blundering sort of way. John Taylor is the best speaker the Church joe smith is gay had.

Joseph joe smith is gay great magnetic influence over his jor, more than Brigham ever had. He had uncommon gifts in this line; he was what spiritualists call a joe smith is gay medium.

Jos eyes had nothing particular. When excited in xmith, he used to get very pale. The Saints thought that this change of colour came through the influence of the Holy Ghost. Whenever he had been 'tight,' he used to confess it in next Joe smith is gay meeting. In the same way he confessed agy that he had been wrong in some act. Brigham never did such a thing. But Joseph lied gay health spas the same joe smith is gay, stat- ing that he had done joe smith is gay to try the faith of the Saints.

The Lord would have a tried people. Yes, joee was even a general at Nauvoo, not only a "pro- phet, seer and revelator. And he looked fine in his joe smith is gay tary rig-out, to be sure. Their Legion, to the number of two thousand men, was paraded by Generals Smith, Bennett and joe smith is gay, and certainly made a noble and imposing appear- ance. There are no troops in the States like them in point of enthusi- asm and warlike aspect, yea, warlike character Joseph, the chief, is a noble-looking fellow, a Mahomet every inch of him.

Bennett was the js who introduced this grand style, he always wanted everything of the finest ; spunk box gay both rigged themselves out wonderfully. The Nauvoo Legion looked very well. Bennett understood parading thorough- ly. Bennett did not look well on a horse, but Joseph looked splendid, and so did 'General' Hyrum. Not- withstanding all this style, Joseph jow very cordial with everybody, shook hands with all the world, and was always addressed 'Brother Joseph.

Lee as Canvasser— The Cry of a Mason. Joseph got crazy about his greatness in Nauvoo. His general's uniform, die Urim and Thummim, the Plates, the Breastplate, Laban's sword iz all went to his head at once and made a fool of him. In this state of vertigo he conceived the glorious idea to be a candidate for the Presidency of the United States.

The greatest guia gay argentina and swindlers of the time, joe smith is gay bidders for the highest gifts of the Nation!

And, looking over the yellowish leaves of the same Church organ, to see only a few numbers later the sacred columns in mourn- ing, announcing the tragic death of the jos candidate! Well, he has paid for his crimes and his follies! Let us honor death, even in the corpse of an impostor. At that moment, when he cried out of the window of Carth- age jail: Joseph presents himself " of Illinois," but Sidney Rigdon, who had resided with Joseph all the time in Nauvoo, hails " of Pennsylvania.

Joseph sent elders to canvass for him all over the country. Lee was one of them, and though an admirer of the Prophet, he says in joe smith is gay book, pp. I would a thousand times rather have been shut up in jail than to have taken the trip, but I i not refuse. They thought the time was sure to joe smith is gay soon smlth he joe smith is gay be at the head of the Nation.

This belief was part of their fanaticism. Joseph and Sidney spoke in public about their 'candi- dacies, and gave instructions to the elders whom they sent abroad. They said they vvould soon get the whole United States, and then they would make je to suit themselves; and the people believed what they said. Missouri was to be the Canaan of the Saints. Look at the ''revelation" of June, 1where the Lord speaks to the elders assembled in Kirtland: The Mormon Troubles Explained.

Everywhere they go, joe smith is gay is '' Zion "; what is not theirs, is their ''enemies' " and what is their ''enemies'" must become theirs. It did not take the Missourians long to find gay comedy tv show the kind intentions of the " House of Israel " towards them, and a civil war with its attending horrors ensued. Boggs, a faithful officer of the metal of our Murray, found out soon ix quick amputation was the gay profiles utah method of healing this case of blood poisoning.

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