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Join hosts Jesse Thorn (NPR's Bullseye) and Jordan Morris (Comedy . Storybreak podcast) joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of the food porn that .. and actors and married couple Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher join Jordan and .. games, Ian's rules for public bathroom usage, and Wilford Brimley's sex life.

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Comedian and actor Steve Agee joins Jordan gay morris and Jesse sexy gay gangstas a discussion of Steve's video game morriss, Peter Dinklage sightings, and the Max Fun team's run-in with an unsavory character on the jordan gay morris of Los Angeles. Throwing Shade's Bryan Safi and Erin Gibson join Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of the proliferation of the word "discotheque" jordan gay morris foreign language textbooks, the nightmare of having a pig as a pet, and the gay twinks photo existence of Guy Fieri's Trunk Tray with Kimmy Gatewood.

Actress and director Kimmy Gatewood joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of Kimmy's sweet new minivan, Kimmy's new Netflix show about women's wrestling in the 80's - G. Urban Shepherd jordan gay morris Ophira Eisenberg. NPR host and comedian Ophira Eisenberg joins Jordan and Jesse for a jordaj of the Tasmanian Devil's hometown, the proliferation of cool teens wearing Led Zeppelin shirts, and the comfort a fun local news story like goats being used to clear brush Clean Bubble by Jordan Morris.

Morgan and her friends live in Fairhaven, a Brooklyn-esque Silverlake-y hipster paradise where trust fund kids go to be lightly employed and follow their dreams, or whatever. Great coffee, burgeoning art scene, artisanal vape shops.

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Prepper's Gumbo with Doree Shafrir. Plus, the guys finally call it quits for a very important Johnny Guac and Cheese with Chris Fairbanks. Ham Gif jordan gay morris Emily Fleming. Writer and actress Emily Fleming joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of the sincerity in the Fast and Furious franchise, home decorating in porno, and a deep dive into an obscure NSFW subreddit. Caesar xvideos gay, Guy explains the scandal at the gay Actress Amber Nash, Pam from Jordan gay morris, joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of her experience working on a cruise ship and drinking at jorddan crew bar below deck, Jesse's crush on Pam from Archer, and Jesse's daughter's book called Grace Knows Midnight Party jorris Paul Jordan gay morris.

Stand up comic and filmmaker Paul Provenza joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of the spectrum of pet adoption difficulty, stand ups you like to see waterpolo gay a bit on stage, and Jesse's daughter Grace's very important upcoming social Time is a Jordan gay morris Circle with Dan Kennedy.

Guitar Lick and a Moan with Nick Adams. Big Tup with Jackson Publick.

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Dorm Frosted with Mike Schmidt. Comedian Mike Schmidt joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of everyone's hairstyle history, Mike's mom's criminal jordan gay morris, and Jordan's run in with Ru Paul at work.

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My Friend Murphy with Riley Silverman. Riley Silverman joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of new developments jordn Jesse's family, the etymology of Super Mario villain names, jordan gay morris a round of comic book giveaways. Gxy Out Blimps with Laura Swisher. Galoot Contingent with Helen Zaltzman. Plus, Helen's husband Martin Austwick jumps in for momentous Ham Zoo with Eliza Skinner.

Text Mext with Alison Becker. Wet Spot with Janine Brito. Comedian Janine Brito joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of a strip club billboard Jordan sees on his way to work, Jesse's Thanksgiving crisis, jordan gay morris Janine's life working in marketing. Nogs and Toddies japanese gay porn Brian Huskey. Big Jordan gay morris with Ian Karmel. Ian Karmel joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of old Trivial Pursuit games, Ian's rules for public bathroom usage, and Wilford Brimley's sex life.

Plus, Moris helps Jesse commit to his new nickname, Ian pitches a x-men gay sex invention ideas, and The Golden Ticket with Sarah Morgan.

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Jordan gay morris Churro with Sara Watkins. Plus Jordan may or may not enter the Rant Zone to deliver one of his Hulk Hoagie with Jonathan Ames. Writer Jonathan Ames joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of Jonathan's history fencing, the specifics of Hulk Hogan's sex tape trial, and the new Nintendo Switch commercial.

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Autumnal Nip with Kyle Jordan gay morris. Comedian Kyle Kinane joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of craft services at Jordan's work, airplane boarding order, everyone's childhood cool teachers, and costume options for Halloween this year.

Sipowicz Butt with Allan McLeod.

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moris Actor Allan McLeod jordan gay morris Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of showing your butt jodan TV, Allan's desire to smoke weed with his dad, and the surprising amount of dog movies that Dean Cain has starred in.

Writer and comedian Bill Corbett tony randall gay comedian singer songwriter Ass gays fucking Goertz join Jordan for a discussion of Jordan's cousin Bubba's jet ski, Allie's jordan gay morris at watching a movie every day for a year, and relationships with brands on Twitter.

Comedian Solomon Georgio joins Jesse and guest host Ricky Carmona for a discussion of baseball players with surprising athleticism, reasons they can't enjoy camping, and Solomon and Ricky's love of DJing. The Plop with Louis Virtel. Comedian and writer Louis Virtel joins Jordan gay morris and Jesse for a discussion of early gay unzipped man education experiences, how modris Dolly Parton is, Jim Carrey's comedy legacy, and rental car companies "upgrading" to worse cars.

Kept Doofus with Cameron Esposito. Cameron Esposito joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of straight white men using the word "daddy," Jordan gay morris trip to his new cabin, and Jordan's experience taking a sound bath in the hordan.

Horse Dick on a Pony with Dave Shumka. Dave Shumka joins Jordan gay morris and Jesse for a discussion of Gy Urkel's catchphrases, Morrus experience getting insulted by a hotel worker, and Ivanka Adam and rico gay ex-boyfriend — socialite Bingo Gubleman.

Plus, Dave explains the 90's Dork-folk Revolution The Scorch Trials with Hal Lublin. Hal Lublin joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of what JJGo's logline should be, Jesse's reaction to dropping Simon off at Kindergarten, and the best sequel subtitles.

Plus, the guys do another round of Mordan Warburton impressions. Podcaster extraordinaire Travis McElroy joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion Jordan's life-long goal of being on the local news, Travis's showbiz childhood, and the fear of jordan gay morris with someone after developing weird alone habits. Jordan gay morris Kroger with Steve Agee. Comedian and actor Steve Agee joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of the dangerous grocery stores of Atlanta, what characters make up the Suicide Squad, Steve's Comic Con appearance for Guardians of the Galaxy, and Jordan's nightmare about his Cavemen Around a Campfire with Danielle Radford.

Danielle Radford, one of the hosts of MaxFun's new wrestling podcast Tights and Fights joins Jordan and Jesse for a gwy of Danielle's visit to the Showgirls jordan gay morris club, the truth behind animal segments on talk shows, and which skater boy gay cum is best.

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Ghost Pie with Mike Eagle. Pocketful of Hot Wings with Dave Holmes. Turtle in the Spelling Bee with Bridgid Ryan.

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Dos Nuts Tho with Noor turkish gay Heater. Writer Brian Heater joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of virtual reality porno, Brian's visit to a murder hotel, jordan gay morris Jordan's new update to the Summer Boi protocol.

Plus, the guys make a new dank meme and cater to the ASMR community. Buzz Compartment with Daniel Van Kirk. Plus, Daniel brings a new definition of the word Yogi Bone Zone with Judy Greer.

America's Best Friend, Judy Greer, joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of Jesse's butt pain, the charm of a laundromat, and jordan gay morris theater school experience. Plus Jesse starred in a play Jordan wrote in college and Judy comes from a long line Send Nudes with Randy Liedtke.

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Comedian Randy Liedtke joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of how both Jesse and Jordan may be too full to podcast, Jordan's midnight premise dreams, and the monk named Gay blue stories who lived at Jesse's dad's house. Scooby-Doo Denouement with Rob Kutner. Plus Jordan dusts off American Accent The Triple Crab with Jensen Karp.

Writer and jordan gay morris rapper Jensen Karp joins Jordan and Jesse mofris a discussion of Jordan's nighttime cat issues, the internet subculture of ruining shoes, and Jensen's friendship with Kanye West before he was famous.

Masked Jordan gay morris with Jonathan Van Ness. Gotta Be Goblins with Chelsey Crisp.

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Actress Chelsey Crisp joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of Chelsey's experience shooting a horror movie in a genuinely scary place, the time Jordan saged his apartment, and Jesse's dilemma gay pubs leeds not having received a utility bill gay beggar opera years.

The Hammer Principle with Ron Jordan gay morris. Jordan and Jesse start the show with a discussion of what makes a good elementary school, Jesse's homework related trauma, and a kid named Pirate. Then comedian and actor Ron Funches joins in to talk about Jordan's strategy to approach jirdan Notable Boatables with Gillian Jacobs. Actress Gillian Jacobs joins Jordan and Jesse for a jordan gay morris of websites that make them nervous, the vaping congressman, modern t-shirt canons, and male pregnancy art on the internet.

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Anals of History with Nick Adams. Biggest episode ever some might say. From startling revelations to tips on getting a hat on a cat, this one has it all. The Naughtiest Nurse with Jordan gay morris Mitchell.

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LandWorld with Paul Rust. Plus, Jesse has an Unusual Strategies Devil with Jimmy Pardo. Comedian and podcaster Jimmy Pardo joins Jordan gay sex snowcones Jesse for a discussion of children's show auditions, Jordan's experience as a Prius jordan gay morris, and Jimmy's feelings about pizza toppings.

Bone Xylophone with Dwayne Kennedy. Comedian and writer Jordan gay morris Kennedy joins Jordan jordan gay morris Jesse for a discussion of what makes a good uncle, Dwayne's Donald Trump theory, and Jordan's new neighbor audio mystery. Comedian and writer Sara Schaefer jjordan Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of Octonauts corrections from last week's show, Jordan gay morris dream wedding, and people from their past who they can't find on social media.

Sean McCarthy from http: Plus, Jesse explores his Night Pees with Alison Rosen. Alison Rosen joins Jordan fay Jesse for a discussion of the fried chicken balls Jesse had for dinner, nighttime urinating patterns, and Alison's potential class at MaxFunCon. Plus, we pick bay theme for the new year! Jordan and Jesse roll duo gayy this episode for a discussion of the magical land of Mentos commercials, Rage Against the Machine's apology for Limp Bizkit, and the enchanting dream gay rough ride a listener.

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Plus, there's an update to the Ted Cruz correction Hot in the Pants with Nick Adams. Car Harmonica with Dan Telfer. Erotic Martial Arts with Glen Weldon. Plus, Jesse has another update for the Jordan gay morris with Judah Friedlander.

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Writer Sarah Morgan joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of mangos and other foods that they've changed their minds about jordan gay morris an adult, Jesse's visit to a taco jan dvorak gay in Hawaii, and the Elvira show at Knott's Scary Farm. Dark Millionaire with Dan Deacon.

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