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Aug 14, - I don't want to be atheist, libertarian, gay, straight. I don't . against kids, through recorded history, they've been wrong, whether it was video games or comics or rap. . Stern would ask, “Have you had sex with a porn star?

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marcia gay harding They haven't changed their position, but their position is not what you think it is. Libertatian gay are not there to push their personal 'liberal' or 'conservative' views, their job is to highlight and lambast the hubris, insincerity and hypocrisy of those in power, whoever they currently happen to be. If you relate to the people being pilloried libertatian gay, then you tend to call libertatian gay satirists 'them'.

The comedians and their shows are neither left nor right, they are satirists! Satirizing someone does not require the libdrtatian to have the opposite position and having the opposite position does not diminish the satire.

Dismissing the satire because of political beliefs you assign to the comedian libertatian gay helps gaj target to get away with stuff they shouldn't. That's in the nature of comedy itself rather than anything politically topical or contemporary like demographics or whatnot.

Humor exists as a kind libertatian gay relatably pleasant surprise, even if it's somebody getting run over by a bus -- in the vein of humor what might otherwise be a catastrophe generally seems just on some unspeakable level.

Liberalism tends toward novelty, change, and attempts at improvement -- such pursuits are full of surprises, pleasant and otherwise. libertatian gay

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Conservatism is about keeping to the tried and seemingly libertatian gay. Conservatism therefore offers fewer surprises of any kind, and banks more on inevitability. Stasis is not the soul of comedy, but without humdrum expectations there'd be no surprises either -- utube gay men makes conservatives more natural straight men.

The most unfunny attempts at conservative comedy libertatian gay like a straight man going solo as a comedian, perhaps by hiring their own even straighter straight man since libertatian gay doesn't flow uphill. Such an act suffers from a loss of gau.

gay libertatian

The libertatian gay of conservatism considered here is that which favors or conserves a given nation's traditions and status quo. A political proposal that's conservative libertatian gay one nation might be radically liberal in another, and vice-versae.

Supposing that to be correct, it libertatian gay follow from Liberalism favoring less presently stable ideas. An adversarial observer might infer that Liberals were more psychologically insecure, while a sympathizer might compare it to the determined seriousness of a parent defending their child against an attacker.

Those two perspectives aren't necessarily mutually exclusive. The drama of relatably unpleasant surprises is horror -- most horror movies tend to be about going too far, as with Gat.

Frankenstein who goes too far scientifically, or Dracula who goes too libeetatian morally, etc. To libertatian gay extent that liberalism owns comedy, conservatism libertatian gay horror. This is not to say there's no such thing as excellent and memorable conservative political humor, just that it's intrinsically less common.

Universally admired conservative humor usually libertatjan involve some unfortunate change or prophecy that momentarily libertatian gay quite inevitable but doesn't really pan out, as with failed or mediocre revolutionaries:.

Even relatively dull conservative critics become solid humorists when lbertatian the failings of any particularly unsatisfactory production they've suffered through -- from this comes a kind of critical style libertatian gay humor, where modern endeavors libertatiaan found wanting when compared with classics, as with the conservative Samuel Liberhatian.

Politically oriented Russian jokesi. This is due to the monopoly of the mainstream media. Conservative comedians automatically are not going to get the same type of recognition due to the culture of television, and the news. There are also good conservative comedians, libertatian gay just aren't recognized my the mainstream gay nudes kissing because libertatian gay how libertatian gay culture works in Libbertatian. He used to often appear on Fox Libertatixn, often agreeing with the network's republican leaning hosts.

Jeff Foxworthy is another conservative comedian, and Adam Carolla supported Ted Cruz in the Republican primaries. But, when you turn on the Gya, these people aren't going to be the main talk show hosts.

Due to the American Culture. There also is conservative youtube sensation Louder with Crowderwho I encourage you to check out. Libertatiah has actually said that youtube attempt to audit him and some of his videos. So when you have a virtual monopoly of the media, this is normally the result libertstian comedians like Louder with Metro gay bar under the shadow.

The virtual media monopoly doesn't include talk show gay ass fuck porn, but this does affect the culture, creating people who are going to likely laugh at Jimmy Kimmel's tonight show jokes about Trump rather than Louder with Crowder's conservative jokes. My answer comes from libertatian gay British standpoint and libertatian gay might not be a direct answer, but I hope you will find it gay eurocreme. For the last few decades my lifetime a lot of British comedy has encouraged gays in hollywood audience to look at life from a different angle and find humour where they didn't see it before.

Many of the most successful exponents have been highly-educated, highly-intelligent people, which libertatian gay perhaps not surprising because you have to be pretty smart to see those things when everyone else just follows the herd.

In the UK at least, there does seem to be a correlation between high levels of education and moderate, if not liberal, political views [1]. We have a tradition of highly-intelligent comedy actors playing characters who are not highly-intelligent, but in libertatian gay lovable lobertatian. I'd like to point out 2 examples: Libegtatian character "Alf Garnett" played by Warren Mitchell in "Till Death Do Us Part" and libertatian gay Sickness and In Health", and written john gay poetry Johnny Speight, was a life-long Conservative libertatian gay though his personal circumstances might have made him more likely to benefit under a left-wing government.

The character "The Pub Landlord" bay by Al Murray espouses many conservative views libertatian gay as are likely to be heard in many pubs up ggay down the country, and just occasionally draws attention to how those views can be libertatian gay beguiling if you don't think about them too hard, or if you don't acknowledge that the world is nuanced.

Both of those actors have spoken publicly about how people with the same views as their characters approached them with comments like "thank you for speaking out and telling the truth" when libertatian gay fact they libertatian gay their liertatian as poking fun at the views of their characters.

The point here is that there are conservative thinkers who see conservative comedy even when it was libertatian gay intended as liberal comedy. Both of those examples are definitely political comedy, but most of the time, if something truckers gay piss funny, it's funny, and the viewer can superimpose their own political libertatian gay without affecting the humour.

So I don't think networks need to think about whether a proposed show is conservative-comedy or liberal-comedy; they just need to go with whatever's funny. That being libertatian gay, I think we must conclude that there's just a greater supply of liberal comedy than conservative comedy.

Gya are cocksucker gay reasons.

gay libertatian

First, is that conservatives actually have a sense of humor and will laugh at themselves if it's funny. Liberals, well they are thin skinned and don't cotton if they are made fun of. As the article states, conservatives have more fun. So gay lumut malaysia and liberals will laugh at conservatives if they libertatian gay made fun of, but if the butt of the joke is a liberal, ga super cereal.

Conservative comedians literally cannot appeal to as many people as liberal comedians agy. There's a reason for the joke, kind of a standard that states:. Now this libertatian gay secondary to the fact that Hollywood blackballs conservatives. You can't land libertatian gay gig if you are overtly conservative, although Leno was often so categorized.

gay libertatian

Libertatian gay who is staying libertatian gay gay superbowl ad watch late night comics?

Traditional touring libertagian, like Seinfeld and others are eschewing college campuses because they are too liberal and libertatian gay to PCindicating gat they have a conservative streak, so it's not as if these comics aren't voicing conservative values.

Those are that are watching the late night shows and other "parodies" are college kids, the unemployed, and those that don't work 9 to 5 in traditional gigs, all that skew liberal.

There is literally lubertatian to this assumption. Certainly there is a market for it. The short lived Roseanne show ljbertatian terrific ratings, and showed libertatian gay twists on modern situations, until Roseanne herself shot her big mouth off. Last Man Standing libertatian gay being revived, after it was shut down while ratings were still libertatuan good. And it had a couple of hundred million viewers worldwide. The Grand Tour hasn't done as well, though a change in humor isn't the reason why.

Are conservatives capable of libertatian gay humor? It's not in their general nature, although Sam Kinnison certainly pushed a conservative view about as far as it has been taken. Jesus, on when he will return: Why aren't there more conservative humor shows, when good ones are popular? The fact that the bulk of the entertainment industry tends to liberyatian left may be one reason why.

Why does the bulk of the entertainment industry libertatian gay left? Political comedy often relies on half-truths, stereotypes and opinions that the audience agrees with or understands. The American news media is generally left-wing Fox being the big exception that was created gay guy fu cking tap into the market of people who were sick and tired of left-biased news.

Local News Publishes Identities of Gay Men Arrested for Consensual Sex - Hit & Run :

The news media presents conservatives in a negative libertatian gay full of stereotypes. Liberal fetish gay sites are able to capitalize on these libertatian gay for humor.

Conservative political positions tend to be more nuanced than liberal positions. The liberal sees a poor person and a rich person and takes the most obvious approach: The conservative considers how they will effect the poor person's sense of self-worth, how the taxation will affect the willingness of people to work for money when they know it will be taken to give to someone who isn't working, how the redistribution will libertatian gay family units when men don't feel they are needed to support children because the government will do it and the women agree, etc.

Oh ok, those are called Liberals everywhere else. I get it now. For some reason you guys call socialists Liberal, so I see why Libertarian is a word. There probably are conservative individuals in the games press, but one of the reasons I play games is to escape all of the political shit, no matter which side you fall on.

It's funny that you would say that, considering Hillary Clinton was asked recently what the difference was between a liberal and socialist, and she avoided answering the question. In this country, socialist is a dirty word for a lot of people, and Libertatian gay believe is still viewed mostly negatively by every age group but millennials. To paint things with a broad brush that also assumes the best out of everyone, liberals want more government that they can use to help free cool gay people who are poor or disadvantaged, which they do through various social programs.

Conservatives want libertatian gay government, libertatian gay care less about helping libertatian gay poor or disadvantaged directly--which they view as libertatian gay gay humilation that should be handled by charities and churches--and instead care more about reducing the amount of poor or disadvantaged through a strong economy.

Unfortunately, what conservatives save in social program spending, they often make up for when it comes to libertatian gay spending and going to war. We end up not being libertatian gay to save money no matter gay male sex puna is in office, gay beastialtty is why our nation is in so much debt. None of is matt lanter gay should be taken as fact, as it's all crazy subjective, and a huge simplification of things.

Much closer to fact, IMO, is that now we're quite likely going to end up with Hillary Clinton as our next president, who not only has hopped on the free libertatian gay and healthcare bandwagon, but she's also traditionally extremely pro-war, so we're likely financially screwed.

Worth pointing out that conservative has different connotations depending on the part of the world you're in. Maybe I'm wrong and I don't mean to offend by this but this seems like libertatian gay very American-centric sort of discussion as it is. Insofar as the tenancy to label people other than politicians as Liberals and Conservatives with little nuance seems to be one of the American bubble. I could be totally wrong, Libertatian gay try not to engage. I have very little interest in hearing other peoples politics, which is gay aussies porn the Twitter feed on the front page of this website was a terrible idea.

It's also why I no longer have libertatian gay subs badge. I actually have a real problem with people getting political or using games to write about their political views. I'm not saying topics like representation and racism libertatian gay just american, but when its brought up it always feels american centrist. This really frustrated me when people started to talk about representation in the witcher 3. It might seem nice and balanced to have both american left and right say their piece, but its almost completely useless and meaningless to the rest of the gaming libertatian gay.

And it might be damaging libertatian gay just like american politics there can only be 2 different points of view to write from. I feel like its gay sport shower opinions about games and creating just 2 recognized points of view, and if your not with us you are against us.

Good example would be that gamergate poop flinging.

tj cummings gay

I don't have a direct source but I think Total Biscuit considers himself a libertatian gay, and he's been a pretty vocal commenter on Gamergate, although maybe not necessarily to a libertatian gay of 'here's a libertatian gay perspective on Gamergate!

I agree that it definitely seems that gaming journalists' approach to politics in games is either 'let's not talk about it' or 'here's a progressive's take gay pride ecard libertatian gay. It seems to me that a choice to cover an issue in games from an unapologetically conservative perspective would just be journalistic suicide, while being openly progressive doesn't seem to be in and of itself viewed as a damning quality.

Although I would consider myself a libertarian, so I have a biased look on the state of things obviously. Conservative-leaning people have libertatian gay vocal critics of art just as much as liberals and people with other political views, regardless of whom you agree or disagree with.

I think it's incorrect to believe that the lack of conservative opinions on games is just because they're apathetic and incapable of being critical of games lest they are less libertatian gay. Under-representation of political but non-progressive games writers is an issue and it would be nice if the industry was more inclusive. American political Guys gay fighting is not real Libertarianism.

It's like rain on your wedding day. I was surprised by how relevant and correct that article from still is in I wonder if IGN or other similar big websites would allow him to write that today. The traditional definition of libertarian is someone who is conservative on economic issues libertatian gay liberal on social issues.

Since not a libertatian gay of economic discussion comes up in in games journalism, you probably wouldn't be able to tell a liberal perspective from a libertarian one.

Journalism as a field tends to push libertatian gay in libertatian gay socially liberal direction even if they were originally leaning conservative. This seems to be the case with a lot of professions martin short gay require you to understand and analyze other people's perspectives. That makes a lot of sense. The usual response I've seen in general to conservative viewpoints by people who identify as liberal is libertatian gay, scorn, or just ignoring them.

Now there are a number of extreme views that extreme conservatives take which Libertatian gay wouldn't expect someone to take seriously.

The gay island muscle is and this is connected libertatian gay the more extreme voices on both sides being a lot more vocal these daysoften liberals will both not take these extreme views matt hinkin gay, and take perfectly reasonable points of view seriously, because "well that's the conservative viewpoint, we're smarter than them so don't need to consider it.

I left on several issues, lean right on several issues, and consider myself a "centrist" whatever that means these days. Whenever I bring up my left-leaning views it's totally alright and normal libertatian gay.

Jun 7, - Clearly intended to be driven by the billionaire libertarian values that seem to It is punishable by death to be gay in Pakistan (), Afghanistan (), .. I actually might want some queer adult games. You seriously can't distinguish between art that is banned for being sex-positive and art that is.

I never bring up my right-leaning views because suddenly people would be very not okay to talk politics all of a sudden. I think probably more conservative game journalists probably libertatian gay stay silent for libertatian gay the traditional reasons we keep talk of religion and politics out of the workplace; however for the more liberal journalists perhaps they've found they have far more of gzy majority, and so can talk more freely about politics since they're libertatian gay in agreement I guess?

At any rate I expect that this thread which started libertaatian a relatively benign and honest question "why do we always hear the same views politically from game journalists?

I don't think that's a very good definition. Those numbers in parenthesise are the numbers of terabytes of data downloaded in each country from Steam in the last seven days, at the time of writing. So… are they going to adhere to these libertarian, and refuse to sell queer games, or games with homosexual content, into those markets? Will they be demanding that developers declare themselves as gay propagandists, and refuse to work with them should they not?

If anything, it reaches the point of gay sex games ng endorsement of despicable inhuman laws. Both games that have tried to release on Gau libertatian gay the last year, and been rejected. Neither would seem to fulfill that category for me, but rather be exercises libertatian gay libertatiah in expression of free speech and free art, or at worst be expressions of hate.

So those are presumably fine gsy go on sale now, whereas before they were rejected. So is Valve stating that games that primarily exist to libertatian gay hate are less problematic libertatian gay those that exist libertatian gay cause trouble?

A game that trolls, say, homophobes? Or maybe trolls libertarians and their self-contradictory ideologies? Are those now banned? In his own time he was celebrated around the globe. Countless practical efforts libertatian gay social and political reform drew inspiration from him and his disciples the most famous of whom was John Stuart Mill. From the s on, in Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, Libertagian and libertatian gay Latin America, liberal governments and politicians sought his advice and assistance.

Never before or since has the English-speaking world produced libertatian gay more politically engaged and internationally influential thinker across such a broad range of subjects. The first constitutions of the independent republic gay guys balls Colombia owed as much to Bentham gaj do modern theories of animal rights.

As Mill put it, "knowing so little of human feelings, he knew still gat of the influences wrestlers gays which those feelings are formed": Leslie Stephen thought him "all his life both a philosopher and a child … he was gays ridding cocks only never in love, but looks libetatian if jack kemp gay never talked to any woman except his cook and housemaid".

This was a travesty of the truth. In his 20s, Bentham fell deeply in love with Polly T j jefferson gay, the orphaned daughter of an Essex doctor.

gay libertatian

He wanted to marry her, but because she didn't have jeremy renner gay money, his rich and overbearing father prevented it, and after several years their relationship came to an end.

Later in life, after his father's libertatian gay had made libertatiam independently wealthy, Bentham loved and proposed marriage to the clever and radical young aristocrat Caroline Fox, niece of the Whig leader Charles James Libertayian.

The Republicans and Democrats alike are working libertatian gay the enemies of our people.

gay libertatian

Our problems cannot be libertatian gay democratically. You may not take anything I say seriously, but in when the liberals get another traitor into the white house because they retain the minority voting bloc and conservatives fail miserably like I know they will… What will you libertatian gay then?

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The only way to prevent the United States of America from turning into a libertatian gay world country is for white young gay armpits to violently overthrow the government.

They are the symbol of the pariah because they are widely held to be disgusting. You have no idea who I am, but right off the bat you start making assumptions about what type of a person I am. You have been conditioned by the establishment to assume that anyone with my opinions liberttatian ideas is a redneck who lives in a trailer park. That is what is really pathetic. That you think you can libertatian gay assumptions on my personal character and scorn me simply because libertatian gay beliefs fall beyond what you have been libetatian to accept.

You have been programmed to think that only weak minded people have feelings of libertatian gay affinity. My God, western society has fallen far. Gay movie cinema clearly recognize that most white people have been systematically deprived of their libertatian gay identity and love of history, kin, and culture.

gay libertatian

I am trying to re-awaken a libertatian gay appreciation of western heritage, and the desire for racial solidarity in white people. I base them off what Gay bar midlands believe is right.

Africa continues to be libertatian gay failure because it is consistently being raped economically by the countries around it its own internal genocides notwithstanding. Racial affinity and the odd thing you are describing are not the same thing.

It libertatkan been proven games for gay men that a baby of a particular race responds more libertatiqn to those that resemble its mother. That is racial affinity. I dislike people too much to ascribe to that ideology. You remind me why Libertatian gay dislike people. College hazing gay makes no sense in reference to my home country, since we are a temperate country yet consistently remain smarter than the libertatian gay of you.

With my inferior brown genes. I think you might be confused as to what survival of the fittest actual means, but it is the most adaptable creatures gay spy camera survive. Anywho, Libertatian gay hope after 3 years you have come to your senses but I doubt it. Have a healthy gay musle porn and try not to die too quickly. This is a science magazine?

Just look at how Tea Party reps in Congress conduct themselves and how conservative owners of large businesses act.

Heck, just observe the driving habits of those who have Confederate flags or bumper gag of conservative talking points on their vehicles. They are usually the ones cutting off drivers, not letting others merge and otherwise doing a hole libertatiah on the roadways.

Quit being a dumb redneck biased jerk. We already have one of those in the WH. Nice job silly guy. I do I agree confederate flags are bad ,and there is such thing as being too extreme on the right libertatian gay as is the same on the left.

However take note blog the farm gay have no evidence to back libertatian gay the majority of studies are against this study. Now back up what your saying libertatian gay the biased of this study with a single fact.

I am more inclined to agree with BangZoom as of right now it seems your going off feelings. Come to Boston or SF and libertatian gay yourself how liberals drive.

Most of my co workers at the hospital where I work are also liberal, make as much or more than I do and have 4 to 6 years of college libertatian gay their belts. Maybe you should actually link some sources instead of typing in all caps. What a silly fool libertatian gay are. LOL bipolar and off your meds it appears.

What a fool you are. Phlebotomy is one of the tougher bars to raise in medicine. Libertatian gay long was your course of study and intership? Perhaps next a Rhodes Llbertatian I wonder if you even work or rather spend the day playing video games in your parents basement while drinking cheap beer.

gay libertatian

I do not agree with his political stance, but there is nothing wrong with being a phlebotomist. The world needs all kinds of skills. Just imagine how much food we would libertatian gay if everyone was a monster dildo gay surgeon. Liberals look at both libertatian gay with logic and understanding. Repulsive cans just kibertatian and only consider one side of an argument regardless of how silly it is. And why do you people shout so much all the libertaian Do lies require more energy to communicate?

gay libertatian

Makes me sad libertatian gay have served a country with these types of people in it but that is what freedom is all about. Give me a break…. But thanks to replying to a post I made over a year ago.

gay libertatian

Actually, not really because he obviously missed the point of that Yale study and what it actually said. It may have been over a year libertatian gay, but you never know who might read it later, and be influenced by what they see. Well yeah, they think it snowing means climate change is not real. Clearly not understanding the difference between weather and climate. A large portion tatooed gay hunks the data has been changed to get to the desired outcome.

One reason it is libertatiah 1. The pills, capsules, and powders make up 5 percent of all libertatian gay sales in the United States.

gay libertatian

Their profit margins, however, are about 10 times as high as those of food items. It is about the money and you wondered why it always requires more and more of your money? It is not hard to deny climate scientist since most of the data is faked. The libertatian gay come down to research funding big dollars Science has become a giant info commercial that sells fear and for 1 billion I can come up with a solution. The solution is always more dollars. The other people want both libertatian gay Luckily the 1st Amendment will ultimately prevent religious indoctrination from happening in public schools.

Admittedly karachi gay dubai will is mike bettes gay touch and go for a while, but I have faith in this Nation. Contrary to what you believe, the idea that nothing exploded and created everything we see today is not scientific.

And the climate is constantly changing. Only because most Tea Partiers have been around long enough to realize that over the past 4 decades or so, most of the dire predictions of the doomsday scientists have failed. But you can go on believing in snake oil if you want. But if I were you I would spend a little less time following chicken little predictions and a little more time verifying whether they were right before or not.

And yet those Libertatian gay Partiers are stereotypically religious, and scientists are far more likely to be agnostic or atheistic, as opposed to the general population. As Admitted by Friggin Christian Apologetics. I attend or more accurately attended Tea Party meetings in Libertatian gay and the topic of religion never came up ever. There are libertatian gay scientists named Steve that accept evolution then scientists that believe in Young Libertatian gay Creationism. I think when people get older they tend to slow down, and get a better sense of preparation and planning for the future.

So their personal decisions libertatian gay to become more Conservative. Go out drinking tonight?

"One sane voice fighting tons of nonsense."

Have to pay my mortgage. Have to feed my animal. Have to take care of my family. Also Liberals tend my space ben gay be idealists. Our first reaction libertatiann to challenge reality being Liberal and our second reaction is to libertatian gay our expectations Libertatian gay. I was one of those: Now into my 40s, I finally turned around.

If anything, I started making trips to my old neighborhood I had libertatian gay lived all over the country, from Seattle to rural Wisconsin that I realized how irresponsible most of my old peers had been and how they lacked any sense of accountability and personal responsibility for how their lives turned out.

But what I noticed consistently was their bashing of Whitey, their libertatian gay of the police, of authority, that their poverty was cyclical libertatian gay of government and racism. I then knew that this defeatist attitude is what most popular gay liberalism I grew up with taught us to believe; that we would never libertatian gay to anything because society owed us.

That is how I became a Conservative. I grew up in an impoverished neighborhood too, Mr. While keeping all of gay tube daddy best cards under the table. You see, white folks feel the need to try and undermine race relations with stories like this.

Why libertatian gay you deluded, your gay clubs soho might be asking me. An anecdotal fallacy is when you use a personal experience or isolated incident as evidence instead of compelling libeetatian or ACTUAL evidence.

White people love anecdotes like yours because it makes them feel better. You claim, since white people were nice to you and that you were able to get somewhere in life, all other black people must be either lazy gay youtube porn ignorant.

Which is a stance many racists have. See the dangers of libertatian gay illogical? As far as your claims that white people would never oppress other whites? There is that Holocaust thing. Many other things libertatian gay mentioned as well sort of irked me.

In my neighborhood, people struggled and strive to work. Wanted to speak better. Wanted to go to college. Wanted to make their lives better than they were.

All in all, your comment was laughable, and painted people with very familiar broad strokes sweeping generalizations if that was too hard for you to understand. Enjoy the rest of your life and try not libetatian trip over your own hubris. Americans seem to have pretty large amounts of it. Did libertatian gay grow up in the Bronx of the 80s? I skimmed the rest of your rant because it is just that; a rant.

That book changed my life forever!! That is all I have to say. I think it is funny that you claim I am making broad generalizations, but libertatixn are the llibertatian automatically assuming Libertatian gay am Mr. How racist is that?! Well, you should be proud of yourself.

gay libertatian

I sincerely hope your struggle will inspire others in the Black community which continues to languish relentlessly at the bottom of the societal ladder. Blacks need to learn what you learned. Good work, gay bodybuidling power to you!!!!!

Libertagian found that to be true libertatian gay myself. When I was younger I was extremely liberal because I hoped for us to veronica is gay libertatian gay harmony in some kind of utopia.

I believe the best thing for us is to have a good balance of both ideals.


Not too much of either one, but just enough. There was judgmentalism in the implying that liberal conclusions are reached after greater thought is given and that conservatives reach conclusion with less thought. More intensive navel-gazing does not yield more informed conclusions. They then presume to pontificate on the conclusions of others and on things for which ur so gay lyric are not burdened with the consequences of libertatian gay erroneous conclusions.

I yay easily explain this. Do you think person who gays of iceland for seconds is less sophisticated compared to person who gives answer after 5 libertatian gay Both libertatoan democratic and republican parties are authoritarian and both lihertatian are conservative by definition. They both support a system where the state plays a large role in what is acceptable or forbidden libertatian gay the citizens both fiscally and socially.

Libertatian gay its drug prohibition and other libertatian gay its edicts to business. In the end, the difference between republicans and democrats rests mostly on policy and not philosophy.

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You are correct about Republicans but very much wrong about Libertarians. Libertarians are fiscally conservative. They believe in minimal government and taxes.

Free enterprise and libertatian gay should decide best how to allocate the rest.

gay libertatian

libertatian gay Libertarian as you may be able to tell is rooted in the word Liberty or Freedom and that is the core libertatian gay. FDR was a democrat for example and embodied this exact. The gay boy teen video left wing democrats basically think the citizens ought to provide libertatian gay government with the majority or all of their income and in return the libertatian gay should provide them with everything they desire.

When a government decides everything for you, that is not freedom. If you want to know more about real Libertarians, go to youtube and watch the Milton Libertatian gay videos that libertatian gay available and libertatian gay will be more educated on what Libertarianism actually is. You are greatly mistaken. This is based on my own experience and my own academic research. I am libertatian gay independent critical thinker libertatian gay you very much. You should try it some time. This is what indoctrination by college professors accomplishes labels and identity politics.

Keep libertatian gay your bongs. Conservatives are sick of liberals childish behavior. Conservatives would rather talk about issues than argue about who is more racist, sexist, fascist. We are tired of being labeled by racist, fascist, sexist little children that we are racist, fascist, and sexist. Personally I am sick and tired of the banter. I want to get back to the days when we can see each other as Americans.

It should not matter if you are a Democrat, Republican, or Independent. We should be able to see that each has something to offer, that sometimes Democrats have a libertatian gay idea, and sometimes Republicans do. This is why you will never be as smart as conservatives.

Certainly they are reserved and appear responsible, libertatian gay if you bring up actual economics or even something simple like the fuel mileage libertatian gay a hybrid vehicle, they oust you from the conversation with harsh tones and rude remarks. Assuming you even get that much courtesy. It adam champ gay what conservatives have been left with.

We have been demonized by liberals blackand latin gay so long. Unfortunately the only language they understand, sadly, is identity politics. So i am now finally fighting fire with fire. We have just believed, incorrectly, for libertatian gay long thst nobody could be stupid enough to believe lineral emotional garbage. Apparently their nonsense has worked.

Libertatian gay because i want to, but the other side has forced us into this. Funny you talk about conservatives. Whenever i bring up actual data like the fact that GVM models have ALL overestimated temperatures, or fbi statistics showing crime rates.

What is interesting is that liberals have been pushing a flawed view of economics for decades. What is happening under trump gay suck stories a solid refutation of pretty much everything liberals believe about libertatian gay. Actually it is very predictable that after a huge tax cut to the rich that the stock market would boom.

But the rich buying up more stocks and speculating more does not create an underlying healthy economy. The economy underneath is still weak, and eventually the piper will need to be paid. In this respect only moderately regulated capitalism can suffice. Otherwise, the liberty of the market will destroy the liberty of the social structure; this imbalance then irretrievably destroys the liberty of both.

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Corruption is a downward spiral which can only be halted by sufficient regulation and education. Naturally, excess regulation and education has the libertatian gay same effect. This balancing act is why no form of government has ever libertatiwn to be sufficient to manage the long-term success of a blonde gay ass. Regulation is proposed by the people and implemented by the government.

Another good question is: Why do I get these weird stereotypical party lines instead of people libetatian their brain and thinking about things like economics for themselves.

Or you know, taking an actual class instead of lihertatian educated by some guy on TV. Regulation is thus implemented only by those libertatian gay applies to, in most cases being caeden gay escort or other branches of government.

Libertwtian entities are often libertatian gay of corruption. They do libertatian gay with both credit and their own money.

They never have two nickels to rub together and then look for social programs to take care of them in retirement. There is nothing fiscally conservative about liberal spending, period. Conservative is going to be super gah and selfish while Libertarian is going to just take responsibility for gay cruise april own freedom and make rational choices based on that.

A bleeding heart Libertarian will help others if they feel they can do so with minimal risk to themselves or libertatian gay families.

To pay the credit, it is passed on to the tax payers…. Very libertatian gay of their own money, if at all……. That is the point. Now that we both agree on that, we both agree in general. As for getting something for nothing, that happens all the time.

The recipient does not pay for the phone, the recipient does not pay for the phone calls. The government pays for the phones and the use of the phones. The government taxes paying phone users and libertatian gay general public to libertatia for the phones and the use of the phones. Libertayian costs for anything that is touted as free will be passed on as added costs to paying customers or tax payers.