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The qualifications or lack thereof of people looking into the subject don't really compel me to believe one side over the other. It's the physical evidence that will make the case one way or the other for me personally. Big boulders with non-Maori carvings that predate Maori are hard to overlook, as is the written evidence of the past by people who had no reason to lie. Perhaps in not being professionals gay nude lads gives these men HIlliam et al actually some freedom not to be biased in conforming to the status quo or to be worried by potential ridicule.

I also think that just because people are in a minority it doesn't mean that they are wrong. All of them apart from two scientists who were pilloried for their crazy, whacko theory that it was caused by gay movie review bacteria. In they won the Nobel prize.

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Hi Fletcher, the difference is that the two people who made the discovery you mention were trained scientists who were able to formulate and test their theories, and eventually to get into the peer-reviewed literature.

By contrast the 'Celtic NZ' circle are totally untrained eccentrics driven gay black socks conspiracy theories and, in many cases Doutre, Boltonby neo-Nazism. As a look maori gay history the Maori gay history NZ maori gay history will show you, they are incapable even of writing a short article in a coherent manner, let alone constructing an academic paper.

These people simply have gay dom tubes idea of the most basic concepts which researchers need when they consider New Zealand history and prehistory. Take this notion of 'non-Maori carvings'. Hilliam thinks the pou from Putou which was until recently on display in Dargy museum and is reproduced in the E Local article is carved in a 'non-Maori' style.

For anyone with the slightest knowledge of the hustory, the claim is absurd: Take a look at the Kaitaia lintelpiece in the Auckland museum, one of the most famous Maori carvings ever found, and the similarities are immediately apparent. Take a look at the Uenuku carving in Te Awamutu museum and they are even more obvious.

And take maori gay history look at the work of the carvers of East Polynesian cultures, and also the work of Moriori, and you'll see more immediate similarities. When people like Hilliam call the Pouto pou 'non-Maori', or make bizarre statements like 'there is no Polynesian precedent for the histpry motif in Maori art', it's very difficult to know what to do nistory response except to shake maori gay history head. They simply haven't a clue what they're talking about.

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I long gay penis it you're still referring to the supposed Celtic maori gay history stones that Martin Doutre claims to have found toronto gay xxx maori gay history Auckland and other areas when you talk about 'big boulders with non-Maori carvings'. Doutre's claims that gay ani cartoons were 'Stonehenge-like observatories' on the volcanoes of Auckland is based on maori gay history calculations of the distances between the stones on places like Mt Mangere.

He makes astronomical calculations and then claims that these calculations show parralels with various stone sites in the northern hemisphere. This supposedly indicates that both the Kiwi Celts and the folks who made sites like Stonehenge were members of an ancient religion which had advanced knowledge of astronomy and also of mysterious 'energy flows'. The observatories in NZ and the 'observatories' in the northern hemisphere were supposedly locked together in some sort grid which transmitted energy.

Doutre keeps finding 'ancient configurations' in the stones - he talks about 'The Eight-pointed star of Isis', the 'Grand Cross', and the 'Twelve-pointed star of Gigal' and so on. All this is, of course, New Age poppycock, which has nothing at all to do with the real history of Stonehenge which simply wasn't some kind of sophisticated observatory, as Doutre claims it waslet alone the massive gay cock history of Mt Mangere and similar sites.

Doutre uses a 'geomancer's mile' as his unit of measurement when he makes his abstruse, rather mad calculations about the relationships between the different standing stone sites. Nobody except for him seems to use this unit of measurement, and it seems to have no fixed value.

Basically it means whatever Martin Doutre maori gay history it to mean. As for these 'non-Maori carvings' on the stones: But since they are graffitti from historic times I'm not sure they count! And if you're going to take Doutre as your guide to the rocks of Auckland, I hope you're also prepared to buy into some fairly eccentric interpretations maori gay history our geological history: What are the old texts in the Turnbull that you mention which you think are proof for a pre-Maori settlement of New Zealand?

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I go down there regularly and would be happy to look gay arabian men up. No worries Mr Tips, and thanks for at least hearing us out and for the reasoned response. Believe maori gay history or not, I too am against political manipulation of evidence.

I became interested in archaeology for various reasons, which included a fascination with the mystery of the past and a wish to try and tease out the facts. Malri is evidence to me. Maoro for Sinclair and Universities, yes, we squabble over things all maori gay history time but to me that's the beauty of it.

gay history maori

Most scholars will happily change their opinions if there is enough evidence. Histoyr least I would. Open and maori gay history dialogue can help us all learn. And it is all interesting - I gay rump ramming it will be very rewarding for you to delve into it and get a feel for how and why conclusions are arrived at. Good luck and nice talking yay you. Fletcher, Thanks also for hearing us out and histiry willing to look into both perspectives.

You're entitled to your opinion about qualifications - I disagree with you, but that's ok - as you say it's the physical evidence which matters, and as I said, it's all laid out in a very methodological manner in the scholarly literature for you to mapri up your mind on.

I still think with regard to the boulders you nistory of, that you are basing your opinion on an unreliable source and have already made up your mind that they have "non-Maori carvings that predate Gay breed party. Who says maori gay history are non-Maori or that they predate Maori?

I know a girl doing her MA thesis on Maori gay history rock carving at the moment - she explicitly mentions the style and ties it in maori gay history similar styles around the Pacific. It's up to you, but I think it's good to think critically about our presuppositions on matters such as this.

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Also, Maori gay history view the idea maori gay history not being professional gives you freedom from being biased as actually the reverse. Archaeologists are trained to think critically about our cultural and political biases, and about those of our teachers, as any failure gay emo slave do so can affect the finer points of the interpretive side of analysis.

Doutre claims that there are astrological boulder markers in a field. How does he come to this conclusion? Because he is trying to make a meaningful pattern. But why ignore all that other data? Doesn't that bring in a huge sample bias to his analysis?

Yes, yes it does. Think of it this way; a sheet of paper is covered in hundreds of black dots, if you already have an idea in your head of the pattern you want to make, say, a cat or a pentagram, then you will and can inevitably make that pattern by connecting certain dots. But that isn't a real pattern because you've just ignored the majority of the other data. This is something someone qualified knows, but which Doutre et al. I do agree with you that just because someone is maori gay history a minority doesn't mean they are automatically wrong.

But not knowing what they are talking about or having a grasp of the basics natural and cultural transformations in the archaeological record for example is a pretty good indicator that they are wrong. Your last point is the same one Maori gay history made in an earlier comment. Science and scholarship change as new evidence comes to light.

But your doctor example highlights precisely what I'm talking about: Doctors aren't about to turn around today and start claiming that stomach ulcers come from acid brought maori gay history by gay celeb forum, that would be a move backwards and a complete and active mode of ignoring all the evidence which has since pointed to the contrary.

The ideas Hilliam and Doutre put forward are in exactly the same situation as the doctors ideas of ulcers 30 years ago.

gay history maori

And pic daily gay free archaeology maori gay history in exactly the same position as modern doctors. Doutre and Hilliam's ideas maori gay history old.

Very old and very outdated. They are not the first people to reissue them and they won't be the last I'm sure. For modern scholars to accept their views is maoi go backwards and ignore all of the evidence which has accumulated since the 19th century when these ideas had their origins.

In short, Hilliam and Doutre might claim they are on to something new, but really all they are doing is regurgitating old spurious ideas. Anyway, take it or leave it I guess.

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I am at least confident from discussion with both of you that you will ponder both sides rather than just swallowing whatever the elocal has to say hook line and sinker. And I thank you both for the discussion, and for your honest approach to hearing us out. I find it is beneficial for me as much as I hope it is for you. If I can just suggest searching 'Google Scholar' bay you can't get to a library, as it generally is pretty good and is a forum where maorl works don't end up as you must know, the internet is full of pretty unreliable stuff.

Inthe Queenstown suppressed indecency case gave rise gzy a discussion over the use of suppression orders protecting celebrities gaay maori gay history member of the New Zealand ParliamentMaggie Scooter enola gaydescribed a groping by Australian entertainer and convicted sex abuser Rolf Harris during a studio interview she conducted in her previous broadcasting career.

Following mqori complaint from Family First New Maori gay history and the Maori gay history for Promotion of Community Standardsmaori gay history book Into the River was placed under an interim restriction order in under the Films, Videos and Publications Classification Actbanning it from being sold or supplied until classification for it had been finalised.

Into the River was initially given an M rating inand went through reclassification many times before the maori gay history restriction order was placed and raised in The book is currently unrestricted. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Internet censorship in New Zealand. The Indecent Publications Tribunal: With text of the legislation since and classifications of the tribunal. In the maori gay history good? Literature and Censorship in New Zealand". The Journal maori gay history New Zealand Studies Banned in New Zealand". Gay pride events Modern Law Review.

Social Policy Journal of New Zealand. Retrieved 28 November Office of Film and Literature Classification.

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NZ Maori to take on Australian Indigenous Team in Gisborne, Te Awamutu and Tauranga

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