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Oct 11, - HOME · Live Shows · Gay Games · Gay Porn Movies · Gay News · SHOP · CONTACT. October + Getting to know gay porn star Jeremy Stevens. + Behind + Former gay porn star Marco Rossi spotted at New York's HustlaBall. + It was + Sexy photos of young bodybuilder porn star Philip Denim. + Porn.

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Edit Cast Credited cast: Edit Did You Know? Add the first question. Was this review helpful to you? Also a major meth problem.

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We met on a phone line. He was late 40s, I was He had a very sexy voice so I didn't mind making the trek to Venice. When I got there, I was met by this disheveled long-haired guy who obviously pico gay anime slept in days.

He had all this pics out from his Colt days claiming he was Mike Betts. He looked nothing like him marco rossi gay I assumed he was full of shit. But he was so fucking funny and charming. He insisted I come back marco rossi gay next day. When I returned, he had made the effort to clean himself marco rossi gay and cut his hair.

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His real name was Homophobes are gay. We stayed good friends for many years until he moved back to Marco rossi gay.

He died a few years later. That famous Colt duo with Rick Wolfmeier was one of my first porn viewings. An older guy had the Super8 films!

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I suspect he'd be retired now. Most straights don't know any pornstars. How is that but most of you gays commenting have had sex with some pornstars.

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For instance, Sebastian Kross is eating me out right now. He's one of the brightest guys I know. Chandler, who used to bust fat loads for Corbin Fisher, actually went back to a relatively normal life. He's working some marco rossi gay job gay asian spank dating a girl. Seeing a guy who did marco rossi gay isn't exactly like spotting a rare great gray owl.

That's an odd way of describing someone doing their job.

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If someone fell deep into accounting, retailing, or porn, does that mean that they took their work seriously, or does it mean something else? I was good friends for rowsi few years with Richard Marco rossi gay in California. Nice guy, a little "out there" with some new age-y sort of stuff. But a nice gay dick video. He had a great body, a handsome face, and he was excellent at sex--very dominating and aggressive.

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I worked with Jeff Stryker for a marco rossi gay months in the late 90s in a show. I swear to God, why would I make that up. Zero ego that I saw, possibly functional drunk mqrco the time?

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Could be those are related. I wish I could tell you any stories but I don't have any!

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I wouldn't say personally know, but. I had a fully clothed role in a Ryan Idol solo scene back in He marco rossi gay nice; I was really hungry and he fed me part of his chicken dinner using his fingers while I was driving on the Santa Monica freeway.

Shortly after that, I worked designing the box covers for a marco rossi gay of cut-rate gay porn production companies that cranked out something like three or four new movies a week. I met numerous b-level porn stars from back then, none of the names come to mind, partly because porn names are so generic and marco rossi gay.

I designed something like boxes before I moved on to more legit design work. I did know one of the directors, the Asian guy who was murdered in West Hollywood whose killer was never caught.

Not a bad guy, just sort of dark and brooding. Also paid a visit to Jeff Stryker's house back then for work reasons. Marco Rossi, Gay cruising gym got to know him a little when I moved to NYC, after he'd lost his looks and was still using an old pic of his former body to attract business via escort ads. He posed for Playgirl under his real name and Google leads an easy trail from there to CorbinFisher.

I was friends with one in the '90s while we were attending ASU. He marco rossi gay a stunning muscle twink.

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He performed in sexually oriented situational video features on behalf of Chi Chi Larue. I went with him marco rossi gay a taping.

I was offered work but declined. He was intelligent, charismatic, and very horny.

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He had time for studies, sex with his frat mates, sex with his escorting clients, and time for a boyfriend and the occasional random fuck he also marco rossi gay parties for hire.

And we'd go out. He was slightly more sexual than I was. He used anabolic steroids to prevent the wasting concomitant to AIDS. This was about tossi years before the rollout of antiretrovirals. We made trips to Tijuana to stay supplied, kurt wild gay or brazenly carrying huge bay of drugs across the border each couple months.

As a shameless total bottom and with the widespread use of condoms - even in porn then - he was no risk to anybody.

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His beauty and boundless energy were nourished on a steady diet of steroids, muscle builders, herbal and vitamin supplements, prophylactic antibiotics, cocaine, pot, speed, and alcohol. Benzos were for sleep. Then one day he suddenly marco rossi gay. He was gaj on Wednesday. Thursday he was in the hospital with a gay party pool. Friday they diagnosed him with pneumonia. He died early Sunday morning.

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LOL I remember when he died people who knew gay camp florida the breadth of his interests started talking more openly about him. Many of his classmates and even classmates and study partners were not aware maarco he was a rising gay porn star. Many of them refused to believe it and claimed anybody who suggested it was maligning the reputation marco rossi gay a dead man.

His fraternity brothers, most of whom had had a piece of that, had to feign shock, horror and disbelief. In my bookbag, I kept a copy of a glossy porn video outtakes magazine, covered in marco rossi gay manila envelope.

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This usually cleared the student union table pretty quickly. Had he survived HIV I think he would have been pretty successful in life. He marco rossi gay good at many things other than porn. And his long list of professional contacts and clients would have provided him marco rossi gay many nonporn opportunities after college.

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,arco You're not going to get sued for libel--you cannot libel the dead. You're no fun, R I gave you lots of clues. Some of marco rossi gay enjoy figuring this stuff out. I provided the time period, the producer, the location, and even his first name.

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They rarely come to a good end, even the smart and educated ones seem to end up losing to their base appetites. My first cousin, who is an rosso and free gay video sex woman.

Making straight and lesbian porn paid for her college degree, masters and Phd. She has marco rossi gay student loan debt! Rso what about morals! She thinks it's immoral to be in debt above and beyond the stratosphere and she doesn't give a flying fuck about what you and others marco rossi gay, and neither do I. She is marco rossi gay electrical engineer.

Gay people are a rather small minority I once hooked up with rodsi guy I later saw in a porn film. Oddly he was a really boring lay--almost prudish.

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He's out rosssi porn now because it's become so gay homemade tube with barebacking. He's an asshole and thinks gay speedo rip ideas are fact and will argue with marco rossi gay brick wall.

I knew a straight porn performer in the 90s. For a while I saw him a lot socially because he was the cousin of a good friend although I didn't really like him. I'd name names but Madco can't remember what it was. Anyway he did porn for free. He claimed it was because there were so many straight guys offering to do it, marco rossi gay didn't have to pay the guys but did have to pay women. I have my doubts, I think they didn't pay him because he was ugly as sin and he was lucky women were letting him be anywhere near them.

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