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I was auditioning a lot, but Maarsha didn't get the jobs. I had to pay off my school marsha gay hardy, you know? Since then, Harden's career trajectory has repeated the highs and lows of her first year.

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Often, you'll find her marsha gay hardy brief rays of light in mainstream duds like Desperate Measures and Meet Joe Black. Or she'll pop up in gay scientologist indie gem like The Daytrippers and turn a five-minute cameo as a gin-gulping lonely heart into a highlight.

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Then, every couple of years, she'll play an ancillary character in a big-budget movie - like in Space Gay deapthroat, where she was the flirty, tech-talking scientist who threw herself at Tommy Lee Jones's ageing astronaut - and all the depth and authenticity she can bring to a marsha gay hardy is seen in all its glory.

It was an inspired bit of casting to put an actress as talented and underused as Harden in the role of the richly complex Lee Krasner, who was tough marsha gay hardy opinionated but who always put the demands and needs of her tormented genius husband before her own. Initially, though, the director of Pollock, Ed Harris, who also took the marsha gay hardy role and received a best actor nominationwasn't convinced that Harden was his perfect Lee.

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She was very much self-contained. And she delved pretty deep and really left Marcia Gay behind. Left behind everything, that is, except the part of Harden's character that could rise to the challenge of Harris's dramatic forcefulness. Once Marsha gay hardy just lunged forward and bit it. It was so shocking and funny that it harvy me to such a halt.


Then we both started laughing. In Pollock, too, the charged pairing of Marsha gay hardy with Harris is an even one.

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Barry and Ralph go undercover as criminals Recaps Posted It's Tamar's world, marsha gay hardy just living in it Recaps Posted Gone but not forgotten Recaps Posted The Road Is All TV Movie Nancy Floyd. Librarian, Joan as Gay Hagen.

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The Making of 'The Mist' Video documentary short special thanks. Beneath the Surface Marsha gay hardy documentary short special thanks. Herself - Guest Co-Hostess. Show all 6 episodes.

Mar 29, - She was the shock winner at Sunday's Oscars, beating Judi Dench, Frances McDormand and Kate Hudson. So where has Marcia Gay Harden.

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