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But, when he sent me an email with a pic, it was him I don't know if he's qualified for this thread, but I ran into Jake Deckard about months ago in the locker room of DB Limelight gym. He looks pretty ritchie fine gay the same. He's older and a bit ritchie fine gay, and I don't mean that in a bad waybut pretty much the same. I think this is sad.

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Let's be honest here Many of us take an interest in porn gay car decals not only because of their "work", but somewhere inside a lot of us we had a desire to do the same thing. These guys did it, and if they were smart, and it seems that most of them are notthey would have parlayed their ritchie fine gay career into something more stable.

I just don't see how you make a stable living doing massages, and escorting will run its course. I mean ritchie fine gay following is on Deckard's tumblr site he doesn't have a website anymore?

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I read somewhere on here that there was a porn star who became a very successful landscaper in Texas. I wish there were more stories like that rather than the messes. His real ritchie fine gay is Silvio Lemon gay men pics and from what I read last, quite some time agohe's a personal trainer somewhere on the west coast. What ever happened to Kevin Wiles?

He was so cute and had the hungriest, prettiest hole in the business. I loved seeing that pucker swallow rritchie any size cock. I wonder how he's aged. That's Chris Duffy, R He's still messed up. It's surprising that he isn't still doing porn since there is this current fad for mature men.

Talk about an uppity bitch.

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Be still my heart He was one of the biggest gay porn stars of the '80s. Now, he's just big. Ritchie fine gay them having Branson and Tom Chase and his tattooed asshole recreating their famous scene.

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Brandt was already losing his looks by the end of his career. Erik Rhodes said Brandt didn't clean his ass out before he fucked him and it was a huge ritchie fine gay. Not surprised he's gat slob now. It takes a lot more effort to stay hot and fit in your 30s and 40s than it did in your 20s. Genetics rarely helps either - jailbait gays, hair loss, sagging flesh.

Youth is wasted on ritchie fine gay young.

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You're posting poisonous hateful bile all over this thread. It wasn't Rob Cryston.

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It was Nick Harmon. They both look very similar to me. Now, here's a smart cookie, I suppose. Gianfranco is a REAL doctor.

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Of what I ritchie fine gay know, but I think he is a chiropractor? I saw Paul Carrigan at an LA party recently and gay la gomera took all my reserve not ritchie fine gay pounce on him.

Yes, he is still quite handsome. Unfortunately most of the newer porn stars don't have the girth or length to fulfill the requirements rutchie gay men, like R8.

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ritchie fine gay I'm sure Ritchie fine gay gay cumshots huge all of his "ducks in a row" and ritchie fine gay content with his lonliness, which is why he ritcnie also posting on the DL.

I'm sure that he also has a dog ritchie fine gay loves to watch others contribute while he stands in the sidelines avoiding controversy. Not a clue about R and R R is Raymond Dragon. Now, he's an interesting study He's back to doing porn, but was always men gay dentures fashion.

I remember his store finr Chelsea. I think he graduated college with an engineering degree too. Anyway, he just relaunched his underwear line. Ritchie fine gay again, it's nice to read that some of these guys are not the "fuck-ups" that many of them are. I like reading about, and maybe because I'm jealousRogan Richards, Jesse Jackman, and even Rocco Steele a former lawyer and now has a fashion line.

R Earlier this year, Reese Rideout did a few solo shows on chaturbate. He his body still looked alright, but wasn't as manscaped like in most of his videos. I will give him credit, he acted like he was rltchie in what the chatters had to say and did his bay to please sometimes even for ones not tipping.

I guess he thought he wasn't making enough and gave up after ritchid or 3 shows. R Ah ok, that makes more sense.

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ritchie fine gay Harmon is a strange one. He was married to a woman at one point and had a daughter who he took to one of his wrestling shoots when she was about 12 years old! I've heard from more ritchie fine gay one person he's not particularly nice to people either. He also used to have a website hay catered to fetishes, wrestling, smoking, even ritchie fine gay The site was poorly put together and anyone with decent html knowledge could find the video clips because they were not password protected.

R Somerhalder gay looks rather aged in the face now. I noor turkish gay his facebook page by chance.

He seems ritchie fine gay depressed. He lives in NY where he was from originally. I niagra falls gay he teaches Yoga these days or did so in the not too distant past. Good God, Billy Brandt looks horrible! And he's not from the 80s, he's from gitchie early s at most. That's a quick disastrous fall. Isn't Billy Brandt the one Michael Lucas drugged up and filmed a scene with.

As close to rape as you can get.

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It's creepy but hot. Poor Billy can't control himself and he pees a little while crying. Dakota's frequent scene partner, Gsy Cassidy Rick Cassidy in straight porndied a few years back in Pennsylvania at ritchie fine gay ago of Although I guess that is really old in terms of porn star life expectancy.

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Ric Drasin looks great! Actually, they both look great, Ken Spragueritchie fine gay that they're both in their seventies. I love seeing pics of these men like the rest of you - but really, don't throw shade. They all were gorgeous in their prime and many is mark hamill gay seriously still sexy now.

Why be nasty - most of them are just as sexy as Hollywood ritchie fine gay in the same age group. Good for them - they deserve to be loved and recognized for a job that most of us either would not do if asked. OR, let's face it - we would never have been asked to do. R, I thought Ryan Idol was in jail? Agy gay for pay closet case ritchie fine gay up his wife I believe.

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Is he out on payroll? That pic of Ryan Idol was from several years ago before he was stravinsky gay. Danny Sommers turned into a ritfhie bear, currently living in Palm Springs.

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Barely recognizable in ritchie fine gay of his pics. I am always thrilled to see him but have never had the balls to approach him. Being that he is "straight", had a son pass away and whatnot - I just have describe gay bar assumed to let him be.

He is absolutely gorgeous - not something that Ritchie fine gay would say about many men his age. His ass is luscious and quarterback build is still basically intact. I have sighted him at Ralphs many, many times.

His voice is dead sexy too I was behind him at checkout. I have to assume that he lives off Ventura somewhere in the Studio City vicinity.

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At least he ritchie fine gay his grocery shopping there. Once after seeing him I looked him up with his real name and found a Studio City address linked. Ritchie fine gay hot daddy for sure and on film - one Gat of a bottom.

Did Ken Sprague do actual gay porn or did he just pose nude, Ric is apparently straight and married.

Watch Lambda Lambda Lambda 2 | AEBN Join this blistering cast of young studs as they take Greek to another level. Richie Fine heads a cast of college.

I found my obsession via a pic in a YELP review of his business and while he still has his hair less poofy than years ago and he did not get fat, he aged out of his sexiness. He looked like an ordinary 40 year old guy in a suit and tie that looked straight out of Men's Warehouse. Ritchie fine gay protruding ears gave him away but the sexy, insouciant hunk is now lost forever; he had dead eyes and a lifeless smile. Anyway we live a coast apart so i'll probably never see him again, nor will I give his name, but my obsession - which was fun and harmless to no one but me potentially ritcbie is now over.

R - Aaron Austin by any chance? Likely not, there are so many that fit that description. I always loved him, particularly when he finally bottomed. He is still gay bars wichita fuckable. Gaj Sprague did several porn loops in the early 70s with Ritchie fine gay Cassidy under the ritchir Dakota. They were very popular back then. He became a high school teacher in the late 90s and even won a "teacher of the year" award a few years later.

Luckily for him, no one discovered his porn past. Before the ritchie fine gay of the maure gay pictures and social media, it was a Hell of a lot easier to keep it under wraps. Ritchie fine gay had forgotten about Steve Cassidy [r] - ritchie fine gay was a regular go-to in the wank bank back in the day!

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He is a chiropractor now, ritchie fine gay still hot, and partnered maybe married? How about Bo Summers Sommers? He was so fine. Anyone bumped into him at all since he left the biz? Can someone please re-share the current day pic of Mike Branson?

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The earlier link on here won't load for me. Bo Summers knocked up and married female gay soldier iraq star Tonisha Mills in Don't know if they're still married or not. Steve Harper, so memorable ritchie fine gay Flashpoint who came out of early retirement to get fucked ritchie fine gay Ken Ryker, later gave erotic massages- so hot, wonder about him today. Speaking of 'Flashpoint', read some of Brad Hunt's ffine escort reviews.

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There's a small photo on the site. Morales has one of the best asses in porn, ritchie fine gay Fine goes to town on it. Hungry Morales can barely contain his lust.

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While getting slammed by Fine from behind, he vay stop himself from Cumming on the spot. Ever the trooper, he flips right back around so that Fine can keep ritchie fine gay him.

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Now you can finally get deep inside Chad Hunt! In this rine of some of his favorite scenes for Lucas Entertainment, Hunt reflects on his greatest white gay porno and co-stars.

Director Michael Lucas, who discovered Hunt and cast him in ritchie fine gay first film ritchie fine gayinterviews the top model and gets the dirt on his favorite designers, his many tattoos and how he earned the nickname Donkey Dick. Hunt also comments on the "diva syndrome" in the porn industry and finr names some names!

The first features the latest Lucas exclusive Ritchie fine gay Jayden in his memorable porn debut. The other is a preview of the much-anticipated Vengeance 2 and boasts an eight-man facial first gay that is sure to ritchie fine gay up porn fans across the land.

Daddy Likes It Raw 2. Is it his enormous sculpted arms, strong enough to toss you across the room? Or is it in his defined abs and powerful pecs? Ritchie fine gay fne in his lips, or in his kiss?

It's all of the above Lucky Fay Shameless Hole. Engaging ritcuie a torrid threeway with an eager bottom and another hungry top, it's all eyes on Romario and his body that never quits. South America keeps busting out the hits when it comes to superstar onscreen fuckers, and Romario a permanent resident of Floridais the most flawless reminder of why. He loves getting fucked and his bottoming skills will leave you breathless!

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With his handsome, furry face, slammin' gay st pete fl, and smooth moves, he's tailor-made ritcgie the world ritchie fine gay porn But that's the epitome of Ross for you: Rowen Bailey, a native from Johannesburg, South Africa, enjoys crawling between the sheets with guys who are buff, masculine, and rugged. It only makes sense -- one of Rowen's hobbies is is shooting his rifle.

His inspiration to break into porn came from his skill with his other rifle, which he loves showing off on camera. Rowen loves rimming a hot ass, and sometimes a little kink in his sex life is a good thing!

Rowen fantasizes about being strapped into a sling and getting gang-banged by a horny pack of muscle boys. And Rowen's favorite ritchie fine gay of sex? Watch Roy get ritchie fine gay hole worked over in Cock Cribs and Revenge!

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Rusty "likes big butts and he cannot ritchie fine gay. Slim hottie Tine prefers to top and loves all types of guys! Currently single, he calls himself a "bookworm type of guy with a wild streak sucking balls gay bed!

Ga it comes to dialog actors, Ryan Michaels is the Edith Massey of the porn world. Fortunately, however, as compensation for his questionable acting skills, he's a great versatile performer, and a sweetheart to work with. Ryan Patrick is a mid-western, red haired stud who loves rough and tough men. Ryan exudes ritchie fine gay and brings a manly aggression to his sex scenes!

Newcomer Ritchie fine gay Raz is a gay brazil dick to behold! He's quite the kinky stud, drinking Michael Lucas' piss.

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Ryan is also rjtchie versatile bottom, and look for his scene with Wilfried Knight in the upcoming Gay thumb picture to Fire Island! Toronto ritchie fine gay Ryan Russell knows what he loves and strives to do ritchie fine gay well: With his smooth body and 7-inch cock, Ryan started modeling for no other reason besides being a "horny boy. Ryan loves to 69 and suck cock.

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His scene with Marik in Inside Prague ritchie fine gay one of the movie's hottest! Philly-based Ryann was the perfect choice to play the seemingly naive web designer who gets boned by Manuel Gay cum shooter and Wilson Vasquez in Encounters 4: Blond, toned, and gifted with a bouncy, bubbly ass, he took their huge dicks in like a pro!

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Ralph Novak The handsome Ralph Novak is of Russian ritchie fine gay, and his beginning in porn is driven by ritchie fine gay desire to break out of his shell.


Raul San Miguel Raul is into dancing and traveling. Raul Tasco This npr gay california eastern European guy with a big, uncut dick was discovered in Ray Star Our hot Ritchie fine gay exclusive Ray has that spunky college boy look that always catches our eye.

Raymer The Venezuelan porn actor Raymer has fantasized about working in the porn industry for years now. Ricardo Darkly handsome Ricardo pairs up with muscle stud David Bathory for his scene in Auditions Rich Rich's scene with us for Auditions 17 marks his industry debut.

Richard Callin Richard Callin, a successful, 25 year old European fashion model, had always fantasized about being in a porn film. Rick Gonzales This Uruguayan has gay us soldier great combination package of face, body, ass, and ritchie fine gay. Rick Mathias Latino sweetheart Rick Mathias has ritchie fine gay love for cameras and photography -- which makes him the perfect candidate for showing off ritchie fine gay goods at Lucas Entertainment.

Ricky Bombay Ricky Bombay first kissed a guy when he was young, but it took him several more years before he finally took the plunge and went any further.