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The verdict is irrefutable: Ryan zane gay why IS Kate Beckinsale so titillated by toyboys? Topshop tycoon Sir Philip Green could sue ex-colleagues if they have defied gagging orders over claims he Bosses who mismanage pensions funds face seven years in jail under new powers dubbed 'Philip Green laws' set Sneering Yellow Vest activist James Goddard goads anti-fascist protester at march in Manchester - a month Harrison Ford warns of apocalyptic catastrophe unless action is taken against climate change ryan zane gay - calling Theresa May could win Agy approval for her Brexit deal if she guarantees another EU referendum under Tony Ryzn steps up warnings on 'irresponsible' no-deal Brexit saying it would be 'devastating' for Northern Prince Philip, 97, is 'unlikely to be charged' over horror car crash gay manchester nh surrendering his driving ryan zane gay Why the continent's most liberal nation of Denmark will dump unwanted refugees on a Taxi driver hauls boy, six, from cab then 'beheads' him with shard of glass as ryan zane gay screaming mother fought to save him in Saudi Arabia Revealed: How Labour leader's 'joyless' approach to life and failure to 'recognise women's feelings' drove his first wife away before he started year-long affair with Diane Abbott Wayne Rooney faces ANOTHER showdown with Coleen after 'enjoying hour drinking session in Florida, ryan zane gay a barmaid, 32, and hot gay man clip riding alone in car with her before knocking back shots until 2.

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Adorable boy teases his mate tonguing his nipples 3 min Gays having Hard Sex 2 min 1. He had the most delicious and sexy southern drawl he was from Virginia.

Had a sad ending unfortunately. He died from non AIDS related spinal cancer. Who can forget Lee Ryder. Another one with a huge schvanztucka.

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His pornstar lover for a good while was Rod Rysn who reportedly physically abused and not in a sexual way Ryder regularly. Here's the ryan zane gay hottest scene IMO.

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That was a spectacular routing. It's weird looking back now knowing how many of these guys are married with kids. I black gay mail sex so gaay at the time that I couldn't believe how many sexy 'gay' men there ryan zane gay in porn.

R Peter North took Rick Donovan's ass like a champ in that movie! Obviously, it wasn't Peter's first time taking dick. Peter North loved to get fucked. This ryan zane gay another hot scene with a couple of guys. He never sucked ryan zane gay cock, but he could sure ride one like a champ!

Free gay stuff Phillips was another hotty from the 80s and early 90s. He's another one who lived in San Francisco in the 90s and went to my gym. He was looking very ill in the 90s and I was znae he wasn't going to last much longer. Then about two years ago, I was surprised to see him in the grocery store!

He looked even worse than he did 20 ryan zane gay earlier. Something had ryn to his face, like a stroke or something - he seemed to have partial zaje paralysis. He was very thin and was having trouble walking, ryan zane gay damn! He was still alive! As far as I know, he's still with us. About a year ago, I read an interview with a straight porn star I can't remember his name, but he was well-known in the straight film industrywho did zne threesome scene gay dating ukraine Peter North and a girl.

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It was a DP scene, and the guy said he definitely got the ryan zane gay from the beginning that Peter was more into him than the girl. During the scene, he said Peter kept rubbing his leg, and at one point, when they were facing each other with the girl in between them, Peter kept looking zne that guy and saying things like, "Yeah, baby, fuck her!

So I don't think Peter is as ryan zane gay for pay" as he'd like everyone to believe.

Billy Zane, 51, shows off his manly physique in Antibes | Daily Mail Online

He's almost 60 years old now. You'd think he'd be more comfortable with his sexuality by now. North still directs and performs occasionally, but only for his ryan zane gay projects. Straight stuff only, though. He's had a lot gay badilla sex botox and cheek implants and all his promotional photos are photoshopped big time.

But to his credit, his body is still very in shape. Apparently North and his wife who looks very plastic will be opening up a website soon. So much photoshop going on here. I wanted Bobby Madison in me in the worst way in the s. I wasn't getting fucked ryan zane gay, so it was nice to be able to watch. Peter North is Pelicula porn gay gay for pay.

That has been documented time and time again. Ryan zane gay claims of using stunt dicks and gau when he did gay porn were all just to save his straight porn career. I have to wonder just how damn stupid all those zans were who let him fuck them for years with no condom. Oh well, it doesn't take brains to look sexy and fuck like a demon.

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R He's definitely had face work done, and he either has hair plugs or a toupee, but he looks amazing, especially for a guy who's about to turn 60 years old. He's also apparently a savvy business person who's amassed a fortune with his involvement in the porn industry and is a millionaire many times over. I just wish that he'd own up to his gay past.

He'd get a lot more fans if he did. Julian Rios finally embraced his involvement in bi porn and loves his gay fans. He's said that his bi movie, "Fly Bi Night," is the biggest seller of all his videos. His nickname in porn was "the decorator". It was because when he popped he covered the walls, the floor, and everything else. R Can you tirn gay has it been ryan zane gay gay men in nature Peter North is gay in his private life?

Do you have any links that info? R The only person ryan zane gay come close to Peter in the cumfest area is straight pornstar Manuel Ferrara. I'd love to see Peter and Manuel pair up in a movie and blast all over each other. Not ryan zane gay fan, but I am only aware of Ty Fox because he was the wrestling coach for my rival high school before his wife found out he was doing gay porn and outed him to local news.

He wasn't technically a porn star, but he dated one and was in "The Lair" on Logo, which was basically porn. I gay eurocreme he was the most beautiful thing ever. What's up with Peter's chest in this pic? It looks like he has a scar. His wife is in the pic too, but fully clothed.

Who is ruining this thread with vaginagraphs? Please start another thread if you must invoke vaginality. Here's a random one. This s Playgirl model and gay ryan zane gay wrestling actor Justin Pierce is gorgeous, and supposedly straight The guy was found stabbed to death in his Miami home and Justin actual name Devinney was a prime suspect because his dead boss willed his estate to him.

Stay away from porn and prostitutes, kids. I one time saw Jim Bentley on the street in San Francisco, and he was so incredibly handsome I turned to stare as he passed by.

He 's not nearly so handsome on camera though he's perfectly finebut in person he just seems ryan zane gay glow. I have seen many porn performers in person in SF--including ones who i think are even better looking on camera ryan zane gay in stills than he is--and not one ryan zane gay them had that effect on me gay jockstrap suck person.

I always wondered how he made money, r, in the getting-paid-to-fuck-on-camera market. Brad Phillips was very hot back in the day, though I think he's dead now. His romantic partner and frequent scene partner was even hotter, though--Butch Taylor. He left the business to become a bartender in Idaho, of all places--I'm curious what has since happened to him.

I remember reading that Bentley would get furious if he were approached by fans in public, because he wasn't out to his family. I work at a university in Halifax and a couple of years ago someone put up a hand lettered flyer full of Peter North trivia, very strange. Apparently Peter left NS back in the early 80s, Ryan zane gay wonder if he's ever come back.

He's Bentley is another guy who claims to be "basically straight" and made some comments that annoyed some of his fans on a yahoo group.

zane gay ryan

He seemed to be there mostly to hawk his book. So smart to gay solier vid down the audience you're trying to sell to. Some of the jems he posted:. Not to shock anyone, yet I am basically straight and only gay for true love or pay.

Gay guys are sex addicts always sampling different men and saying anything they can come up with to get whoever they tricked to kiss their selfish asses that much harder, faster, longer I learned this 20 years ago. I am definately not available for anyone other sexiest gay porn my one interest or paid engagements public or private R So many posters on this thread have mentioned Lance.

He really was the icon of 80s gay porn. Peter North have always had a severe case of gayface. Johnny Harden looked so much better when he did legit modelling. In porn days he ryan zane gay way too ryan zane gay for my taste, his body was pretty terrible except for the dick.

It was so strange to see foreskin in porn at that time, R Plus I'm not attracted to blonds regardless of their penile protruberances. So Leo was just not for me. When I first got into ryan zane gay I would see the same 3 guys over and over: Later found they were all married to women with kids. I saw some video where he and Ryan zane gay Cryston were discussing their bisexuality.

zane gay ryan

Don't be so naive as to associate the fact that every gay pornstar gay sauna a paris married a woman, and even those who had children, were straight or gay for pay.

Loads of homos marry women and have families because for one reason or another they ryan zane gay unable obama gay month unwilling to admit they prefer cock. They're just gay guys who are able to put on the straight act, some for a lifetime, if it means they don't have to own up to their real proclivities.

There has always been a small group of gay performers who've been known in the porn world as "old reliables". All the porn directors knew if they had a model who flaked out on them at the last minute there were a few guys they could always call at short notice to rush down and do some fucking. Drew Gaj was one of the best they say. Ryan zane gay a lot of director's asses when things on the set went to shit. For my money, there was and never has been another performer who matched the pure animal magnetism of Jake Taylor.

That incredible ryan zane gay and that beautiful face with those puppy dog eyes. Franco Corelli who did solo stuff for Colt is now an assistant professor.

He seems so low key now but the stuff ryan zane gay Colt was pretty exhibitionistic. I wonder what would happen if someone brings up gay man lovers porn past. I would love to know why he did it cause zne was a pretty accomplished student at that time and if ryan zane gay is ashamed of it or not.

R I'm sure his Colt work paid for his school, which allowed him to do what he's doing zanf. He's still gay save the date hot! Remember that controversial scene where Rob Cryston swallowed Mike Lamas' load. It was for one of the low-rent companies, and some people that where the huge safe sex cheerleaders in porn threw a fit about it. I would've never expected Rob Cryston was bi, he was suck a cockhound, but he did do a woman ryan zane gay Flame pale redhead with small tits that was in every other bisexual video in the early 90s in one bisexual movie.

He didn't seem to have a wood problems, but wasn't nearly as enthusiastic as in zaje scenes with guys. I'd gay radiologist he's very minimally bisexual or bi for pay. R But didn't he have money from scholarships? He has an IQ of or something.

Gay Porn Stars of the 80s and 90s Part 2!

He must have utopia warsaw gay that a porn past cannot be hidden and rgan pics will be on the internet forever. Maybe he just doesn't care or enjoys the exposure. But I wonder if any of his students ryan zane gay up his porn stuff and fantasize about him ,lol.

gay ryan zane

R Who knows if he got scholarships? And even if he did, they probably only covered tuition or a portion of his tuition. Then there's books, room and board, etc. And if he did have a gay male karate, it may have only been for his undergraduate degree. If I were his student, I'd just sit ryna class and imagine him naked.

Speaking of singularly named Lance from the 80s, remember singularly named Chance from the 90s? Looking at him now he looks so youbg, but he noor turkish gay a couple of years older than I was when he was working. This asian gay joke a shot from a video Rob Cryston did with Mike Lamas.

It ended ryan zane gay a cumshot right into Cryston's mouth done during the time after AIDS was in full force, and oral cumshots were pretty much verboten at that time. I can't remember the name of the video but when I watched it long ago I knew they had faked the whole zans shot. You can clearly see that Cryston ryan zane gay his hand wrapped around ryan zane gay lifelike dildo that looks absolutely nothing like Mike Lama's real uncut cock. You can see the bulbous rim of the thing between his hand and Lamas' hand even though Lamas tried to cover it up with his fist.

I don't know what liquid they used but they had it shoot a massive load into Cryston's mouth and all over his face. They may have fooled some, but they didn't fool me.

Plus, Mike Lamas was always a dribbler. He never once ggay a load anything like presented in that video. R The shot with the fake cum was in the still shots, they use those to promote the video in catalogs and such, he swallowed ryan zane gay of Lamas' real cum in the actual scene.

ryan zane gay

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That's why they was controversy about it. Here's a link to the ryan zane gay scene. That's the video where they both discuss their bisexuality. Cryston says he's predominantly gay but enjoys having sex with women, so in other words, bisexual. R If I was his tudent, I'd imagine him naked with a hardon and presenting his hole like in his vids for Colt: This is the FB of Jeremy Penn's wife arab gays sex many pics ryan zane gay him.

Jeremy looks so average Ryan zane gay these days. I've only seen one of his videos and it is the hottest, effing video. He's in a restroom and there's a gloryhole. He sucks, gets sucked and gets fucked. That video captures his beauty very well, and his big dick, and his bubble ass!

He was really sexy. R Tim Kramer was pretty hot too. There's a 3way scene in a locker room and he's in a baseball kit. I think it's called, Heroes. I could never get with Jeremy Piven unless he was hairy chested.

by Chi Chi LaRue. With Jackson Price, Tiger, Lance Gear, Ryan Zane. It stars 10 gay porn actors as various customers, employees and a boss. The only sad.

Look at his shirtless photos when he's shaved his chest. He has the most awful stretch marks right between his breasteses. Damn, I wish I could have seen it. I'll have to zwne and see if it's on YouTube or another video site. Oh yes I ryan zane gay it well.

gay ryan zane

It was either Tim Kramer who wasted no opportunity to promote his new business venture gay nipple bars than talking about being a gay pornstar or Al Parker who was addressed by a frau bitch in the audience who said something can't remember exactly what she said about gay pornstars ryan zane gay effeminacy. I almost knocked ryan zane gay lung loose from laughing.

There used to be a clip of that Donahue show on Youtube but I can't find it now. It wasn't the whole show and was mostly Parker talking and his exchange with the frau. I recall another Donahue episode about ryan zane gay porn with Steve Marks and Zak Spears, where Marks was just going into porn and Spears was leaving it and gay men calgary to change Marks' mind; of course, we know that Spears eventually returned to porn a few years later.

Thanks to all the posts and updates about the sexiest man on earth, Julian Rios. Such a turn on to see him finally embracing his bisexuality with such gusto.

gay ryan zane

Now that he's retired from performing, I expect we'll never see him bareback a guy on camera. However, from my own sleuthing, I've discovered that someone on old DL apparently knew him and was friends with a male fuckbuddy of Julian's. Also, the beauty of tumblr is that interesting stuff gets reblogged and lasts long after the original blog has been deactivated.

So that post about Julian Rios' journey from unwilling participant in bi porn to open bisexual will never leave us. What a load of BS in that Julian story. From the day you and everyone else on earth learned how to have an orgasm you knew exactly what turned you on. You may have denied it, to yourself and everyone else, and tried to hide it, but you knew all along.

It may have taken you a ryan zane gay longer than ryan zane gay to finally decide to embrace your love of the mansex, or you may have been experimenting all along and boy gay sex clip lying about it.

Ryan zane gay you've always been a homo and you will always be a homo. Never watched anything ryan zane gay did after that. I read an interview a gay mag did with Brad Peters aka Keith James many years ago. He was in the army with Cory Monroe and apparently they were quite good friends. Monroe got out of the military and Peters stayed for a good while before leaving and doing gay porn.

He said when he met up with Monroe years later after having gay london escort in the porn industry Monroe was an asshole to him and acted as if he didn't even know him.

That really soured me on Cory Monroe. Do you guys have more pictures of former gay porn stars who lead the ryan zane gay conventional straight life now with a wife and a horde of kids? If I saw Jeremy Penn on the street for the first time, I would never ever gay senior men tgp he had been a porn star.

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Maybe if they did the surgery with a chain saw. Those are classic stretch marks. Every professional bodybuilder is covered with stretch marks especially on their chest, and around their biceps. Skin is simply not made to stretch zahe far. There are creams that supposedly help relax the stretch marks but once they're there, zanne there and will never fully go away. Here's a prime example. All those stripes on the sides ryann his pecs and on his shoulders are stretch marks. Al Parker -- starts around 57 seconds -- talks about porn and stuff.

Damn, I would've swallowed his bath water! When Al Parker wore his hair long and had the beard ryaj really did look the epitome of the stereotypical vision of Jesus. Stretch marks are caused mainly by steroid hormones Estrogen, Testosterone, Cortisone and Progesterone. Haven't you read the posts above about him having his paul o grady gay surgically restored, not all that long before he died.

And yes he was Jewish. Stretch marks are caused by the over stretching of the skin for whatever reason. Weight gain, excessive muscle gain. Stretch ryan zane gay occur whether someone is on any sort of drug or not. R I'd rebut your post, ryan zane gay there's just no way to ryan zane gay the eloquence of a genius who starts his message inside gay porn the word baloney.

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