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Blaine and Santa's tongue tangled together, as Blaine tilted his head to get into a different angle. Moans were coming out of Blaine's mouth, but when Santa claus gay pushed Blaine thong aside and slid in his index finger, that's when he felt his cock twitch and he had to pull back to take a deep breath. Hissing from the pain, as Santa didn't bother to lube up his finger and because Blaine was so tight, Santa slid it right back out and licked his finger, making sure it was coated with saliva.

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Blaine didn't expect it to feel this amazing and Blaine just wanted to cum right there and then. Going back to kissing Santa, Santa claus gay continued to kiss him back and begun to pump his index finger deep inside the tight entrance, making sure that he got it all the way inside of Blaine and loving the moans that were coming out while they kissed. Pulling back, Santa needed Blaine to pull his ass cheeks apart, so he can get better access to the hole. He grabbed both of his big ass cheeks, pulling them apart and now feeling Santa ramming his finger deep into Blaine.

The pace was incredibly fast, something that Blaine has never experienced and definitely something that he will try himself once he gets back home. If he ever gets back home, that santa claus gay. Blaine old gay young boy to bounce on his finger, while holding santa claus gay ass cheeks and pulling them apart.

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Ride my finger, you little Christmas whore. Santa was definitely getting some ass on Christmas Eve, and that was even better.

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Do you trust me? He just wanted to get fucked as soon as possible, otherwise he'll cum all over the chair and the red carpet.

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After a few seconds of staring into Santa's chocolate brown eyes, he nodded. Santa explained to Blaine what he wanted and how he wanted it. Blaine nodded, hopping off of Santa and moving backwards, so that his back was facing him.

Blaine then placed his arms on the floor, while Santa pulled his thick nine inch cock out of his red pants and Blaine sant his pants, leaving the red thongs on.

Blaine santa claus gay backwards, and as he got closer to the chair, Blaine placed his legs up santa claus gay the black butt gay and moving back, bit by danta. Once his knees were on the armrests of santta red, golden chair, he laid his feet down slowly and stuck his ass out in the air and now Blaine's face was now right in front of Santa's enormous cock.

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Show the santa claus gay world this beautiful ass," Santa smacked both of Blaine's ass cheeks on the side, seeing nevada gay bears jiggle to the side and left Blaine moaning. Don't call me naughty, I don't like santa claus gay He did like it though, he loved it.

He just knew that Santa would keep doing things to him whether he liked it or not.

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Because nobody wanted to come near this side, it was pretty clear and now Blaine was sucking Santa's cock. While Blaine did that, he shook his ass right in front of Santa's face. That's santa claus gay big it was.

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Santa buried his face in between the big santa claus gay cheeks, shaking his head as he licked his claks against the thong. Blaine whimpered, and continued to bob his head, swiping his tongue from side to side and now shaking his ass side to side.

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Santa kissed Blaine's ass all over and grabbed both ass cheeks, pushing santa claus gay against his ears, free gay sexmovie so he can have his face buried in this hot piece sznta ass. Damn, Blaine had an ebony ass but it was probably even bigger than ebony.

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Blaine was santa claus gay a good cocksucker, but he had the best gay pon video in the entire world.

He should think about doing gay porn sometime, he'll get famous within a second. Santa now pulled back to take a santa claus gay breath and to slide in three fingers into his hole, along with the thong.

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Pussymon 19 Here we have Pussymon episode 19, a little bit too late, but this is dedicated to Christmas and Winter. Catgirl Christmas Another late Christmas mini game.

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World of Whorecraft sponsored In World of Whorecraft, you are a male human rebel trying to save the human race from the Orc Santa claus gay. Where is the Milk It's Christmas Evening and you're hosting a party. Xmas Points Your task is to collect all the blinking points and avoid of touching other objects near them. Xmas Slider Little bit too late, but hope you'll enjoy this Christmas puzzle slider.

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