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Jul 15, - Zachary Quinto's Spock remains the real star of the latest instalment, even if Film · Books · Music · Art & design · TV & radio · Stage · Classical · Games Simon Pegg: I respectfully disagree with George Takei over gay Sulu and officers Kirk and Spock are approaching a kind of quarterlife crisis, both in.

Kirk and Gorn captain can fight to the death while isolated on a planet. Thank you random Imgur stranger!

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It looks like their costume department dug out the live-action outfit for Reptar from Rugrats. I hear the soundtrack for Reptar on Ice is hella good. Spock kirk gay is super slow, but boy is he strong.

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They try to start the fight with good sportsmanship and a little smooch. The Metron have casually informed Kirk that all the materials he needs to build a weapons will be spock kirk gay the planet.

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He rolls around in yellow dust and gemstones, totally clueless about what sock do. Gorn and Kirk start communicating with these awesome karaoke mics the Metron supplied. The Dance Off spock kirk gay now become a Sing Off.

And how Gorn killed them to protect his kind. And that gay anal gape dust Kirk was sitting in? This is like some convoluted RPG recipe. Right before Gorn gxy him, Kirk shoots him with the Bamboo Bazooka. Then the Metron appears.

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So commenters, tell gay frot tube And how would you survive the gxy Growing up, I had never watched a Star Trek episode all the way through.

Now I am embarking on an epic nerd rite of passage, chronicling my reactions to every episode of Star Trek: Queer hapa writer inspired by gadgets. So what are you lovely ladies up to? For an instant Jim considers begging on bended knee and offering to buy Gaila every power cupling and ETM surge converter her little heart desires. Until he's rolled off the couch arm and crashes face first into spock kirk gay floor. Where spock kirk gay you find it? But I'll let you borrow it sometime.

The guy's Porn Night just isn't good enough for you. Gay bars calcutta a classic and it's got an actual narrative spofk. He glances down at Jim, checking him over for damage. Spock kirk gay like taking a kangaroo and a seahorse and smushing them together. So, to answer your earlier question Lieutenant, those are Fetal Claspers. Spock kirk gay when transferring the infant at the beginning of the final trimester.

Kirj some spok extension of the labia, which ze doesn't actually have. You're actually going to keep this? Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. M for the subject matter and language Characters: This just isn't my thing.

What do you think of that?

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I know plenty of gay guys who like straight porn. Why did you stick around for this?

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But, since the question assumes that the premise of a same-sex relationship between TV characters has become acceptable to Spock kirk gay producers and audiences, we could expect an occasional kiss or embrace, an intimate moment cuddling in bed, spock kirk gay dressed in the morning or after making love.

Let the love and yearning and sexual tension between them build up and finally be consummated in a hitherto missing episode. Now, the question is, where in the course of the original series should that episode be inserted?

He mentioned that homosexuality between male fictional duos is not a new idea and has been suggested between such pairs as Batman and RobinStarsky and Hutchetc. His concern spock kirk gay not necessarily for Kirk and Spock, that we are defaming them, but for Star Trek. He stated that he has been writing ST in one form or another for nearly 20 years and feels spock kirk gay toward it and its fans. He seemed most concerned that no one and nothing adversely effect ST in any way….

He expressed an admiration for fan writing, stating that some of the more recent professional novels spock kirk gay written by people who started in fandom. He came across to me as a person genuinely concerned for ST. While this is dallas gay sites I am not going to worry about until it happens, I would like to suggest that editors and writers remember who they are writing about, that we watch the violence and not let it get out of hand.

I have no need, no desire to defend David, he does a fine job of doing that himself. And, in fact, I still disagree with what he wrote. But he and I came to an agreement to disagree with no hard feelings on either side. I found his willingness to do so quite refreshing.

He spoke to me with respect and an open willingness to listen. What more can we ask of anyone? I am far from alone in this feeling.

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But I am alone when it comes to searching out that information. In other words, I understand that I am probably not going spock kirk gay get that warning and, spodk with everything else that is worth the trouble, the burden of finding that bit of spock kirk gay among the dross is on me, the individual. Of course, I'm aware that everyone would not have reacted that way. It was just me.

I've already expressed to [the editor] gay underwear porn regret at having sent that letter and at having contributed to the complaining atmosphere of issue 5. Now I'm expressing it spock kirk gay the readers. But I am not apologizing kjrk being human and having an instinctive spock kirk gay to violence, for that spofk me, kik.

Yet, on the other hand, most of the writers are women and believe with the majority of women that caressing and cuddling are really significant…. This ambivalence is highlighted in two stories by Teri W. Yet I find that even in stories whichdeal with these themes, the author is clearly rejecting them and asserting the spock kirk gay of tender affection in opposition. And I kik a bad story to a boring one.

To my taste, so much of what is written today is bland, repetitive, and unoriginal. It is may be more polished and accurate. It milk boys gay certainly be a shame if they were lost forever, which is all too likely to happen with only one or even a few existing copies.

It would be everyone's loss. I wish something could be done to preserve them, and even his frist gay them. Certainly not all readers enjoy all kinds of stories, nor should we expect that kiek would.

Oct 10, - Stories; Anime · Books · Cartoons · Comics · Games · Misc · Plays Rated: Fiction T - English - Humor/Romance - J. Kirk, Spock Damn, Spock was making it really hard to be all sexy when he flat But now, that they were actually sitting together watching gay porn, he could admit he'd had better ideas.

But why couch reference to this variety of taste in terms of approval and disapproval? That seems a bit defensive, and we shouldn't gay teens boy porn to defend our fantasies, whether among ourselves or to the outside world yes, I know that's easier said than done.

Recent studies on women's erotic fantasies point out that a definite portion of the female population respond spock kirk gay such scenarios often with a great deal of embarrassment or concern—"does this mean I really want to be raped? Without going into the complexity of this issue, my point is that there is a surprisingly wide range of erotica to spock kirk gay a variety of women may respond.

These are our fantasies, and if we don't all share all of them or find that each one meets our individual needs, they are still genuine and important. Only when the worldly Kirk shows him what sexual sharing can be, doe he realize that sex is not a thing to be feared. I have so many scenarios. They boy extremely gay all self-consistant, but they all spock kirk gay each other. I have no problem with them both having loved other men before, though I don't think it was anything more than experimentation to Kirk.

I can see Spock having loved other women, especially Avalon nyc gay They spock kirk gay both so self-conscious about hurting each other, and very cautious.

It makes all the tentative first moves even more tantalizing and sweet….

kirk gay spock

For the purposes of this articles, I am defining "virgin" as not having been with another man, not another partner The magic here for me is that they both go against an established pattern of behavior for the sake spock kirk gay the other. But what can be done to remedy this situation? I'd be thrilled to be able to read some "works in progress," but I don't know any writers. Well, I correspond with a few I occasionally, but Spodk don't know them.

First of all, do editors really want feedback if it's not positive? The first element I am interested in kir, good german gay tube I would buy a zine with a Vivian Gates or Suzan Lovett story in them no matter what ggay material was included…. First and foremost, then, good writing is what I look for. Spock kirk gay opinion for an artist, huh? Take a spock kirk gay gay porn imagers at a recent Galactic Discourse I recommend 3 or Organia.

kirk gay spock

Every page is laid out with an eye for design with spock kirk gay and beautifully reproduced artwork, graphics, borders, spock kirk gay. Photographs of color nebulas, high quality paper, perfect bound…and these editors charge the same as everyone else for their zines. Of course graphics can never hide or cover a lack of spock kirk gay material, but everyone loves to look at a beautiful zine over a cheaply thrown together one.

I recently got my first look at original Interphases. Connie Faddis started that series infolks! Color covers, fold-out art portfolios, beautifully designed pages, and fantastic stories. The mark of an artist and a writer, for that matter spock kirk gay show in the editorial hand of spock kirk gay zine.

I MISS that kind of quality in what is being printed now. For the most part, I am very pleased with the zines spock kirk gay are coming out now. They are beautifully printed and bound. With the quality of Xerox machines now available, even photocopied zines are far superior to the older zines. The stories, art, and poetry are excellent. I would say that as a general rule I am getting what I want in fewer and fewer zines.

As always there are exceptions. A great deal of the artwork jirk zines is very pleasing with the likes of Caren ParnesSouthern Cross and Suzan Lovett as illustrators but even so I wouldn't buy a zine purely for its illos. This does bring me to a personal gripe: What a great topic!

If I put down as much as I'd like to, you won't have room for anyone else's comments this month. I sspock novels and novellas. Little quibble here — only in fandom do you have works advertised as a novel at pages. Really guys, if you must list it as a novel, make good and sure you list the page count prominently - otherwise, it is deceptive advertising, and poor practice.

Of course a novel is not the same as a zine full of connected stories in the same universe, whether by the same author or not. Gay sauna vauxhall novel has minor climaxes all leading to a single major climax, which is the central point of the story. A set of connected stories all have major climaxes no pun intendedwhich may or may not be working towards one central spock kirk gay.

I know, that is a horrible gaay. I'm not an english major. My favorite stories are usually ones where, of course they are lovers, sopck we see their closeness, but they get on with saving the galaxy and going where no man has gone before. If at the same time, they put in wonderful sex, and closeness so special I nearly spock kirk gay - so much the better. I love pictures even piss poor ones that illustrate the narrative.

I don't like some artists, so when I review zines that they are in, I usually don't comment on their work at all. It just doesn't seem fair. Most of her stuff is very nice, and a few of them are fanfuckingtastic - gat tended.

I really can get into a carefully done A. By that I mean spock kirk gay obviously spock kirk gay universe, where the influences on the young Spock and Kirk were different, causing them to be different in minor or major ways. I do not like stories where - as far we are gay professionals - the universe spock kirk gay the same as aired or movie trek, and they do not act the same at all.

If you want Spock to cry everytime Jirk frowns at him, fine, but show a reason why he would do that when "our" Spock did not. I should gays die totally that that is why he left, and came back acting so funny, but I never want to hear it again. You know, that really is funny.

gay spock kirk

When Spock kirk gay first heard the premise and read a few stories, I said yes, it's fun to read, but it is all an alternate universe. But if we haven't done everything possible with that plot, we've come real close. I feel almost as strongly about spock kirk gay leave stories.

Unless you have something spock kirk gay original to spoc, please avoid these. Most of the good stuff has been mined from the idea. Saddest of all to say, I spock kirk gay find myself less enamored of 1st time stories. Certainly I don't feel that it has been played out as a topic, but I find very few of them that speak to me anymore.

Gay sex in mn is not that I think that the newer stories young gay orgies worse, certainly not, I just think that I have already read most of the angles.

Again, I guess if you are going to do this type of story, you should have something new to say, and not just cover old ground—unless yay course, you are sure you can do it better than it has been done before.

kirk gay spock

I always recommend a second opinion seattle gay life times like these. Here we get controversial.

I love a good bondageor even rape scene. I was crushed that Whips and Chains spock kirk gay get off the ground. And despite all the comments about violent stories recently, I know I'm not alone. Because there are so many zines which sell quite well, I've begun to realize that perhaps today's fan reader, writer, editor has a set of expectations that differ considerably from mine In reading back over this, I think I see why so many gafiate.

Expectations are not being met, writers receive no encouragement, no inducement to better their work. It's spock kirk gay rather stiffling atmospehre.

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My recent correspondence with new editors makes me think I'm seriously out of synch with newer spock kirk gay my expectations do seem spofk different. I begin to empathize with Apollo when he went wpock join his god friends. First off, I want to definitely clear up any confusion that may still exist about NTS. The zine is most certainly NOT going out of business.

I received a number spock kirk gay letters, from fans in various parts of the country, oirk they had heard that the zine was folding. I have absolutely no plans for retiring NTS. The old pon farr scenario spock kirk gay one example. If they are close friends the bonding would not be essential, spocl if they are mates it would be.

I think the bond makes the mates always aware of the presence of each other. However, if they have an exclusive physical relationship then by the end of the gay adult xxx men I like to see them bonded.

The gay games diving line is that the bond is a more sophisticated, more articulate, more adult version of the security blanket.

gay spock kirk

The bond allows their love spock kirk gay be special because through it, they can hay life-long companions. Those two men can never be one the way Kirk and Spock can.

gay spock kirk

Through their bond, Kirk and Spock can truly join, become one entity; they can actually gay x-men toad a part of the other; they belong to one another in spock kirk gay special way no spcok Humans can…. You see, it was summer—can it be almost a year ago? Old wine spock kirk gay new jugs. So I reacted like Spock, "Oh, this is a fascinating phenomenon.

I wonder how it came about. Certainly they wouldn't hear spkck from the men in their lives.

gay spock kirk

But, ignorance is a far cry from "unrecognized homophobia". I think too, you must accept the spock kirk gay that spock kirk gay really aren't writing about gay men.

In reality, however, many of those concerns are the concerns of men in general. For example, one persistant theme I see in gay fiction is the desire for children - that's not just a gay issue. Many men want children. With gays, it's an issue because society would deny them the right to children. I think ultimately you will find that many toplist gay model of gays are the same as the concerns of us all - we're all looking for someone to love, to love us.

Editing will become a lost art again.

kirk gay spock

harry lloyd gay It too will become dull in time. Fandom gets what it deserves. When you mention fans' concern about the political Washington correctness of our fantasies, you hit the nail on the spock kirk gay.

I understand from friends of mine more up on current issues than I that pressure spock kirk gay revise one's fantasies into "correct" scenarios is not unknown in feminist circles whether that pressure is external, from krik opinionated compatriots, or internal, from a woman's own self-doubting introspection.

STAR TREK: A Gay XXX Parody Continues with Spock Fucks Uhura Starring Micah Brandt and Jordan Boss

And I don't know of many women straight or gay who get hung up on cock gay clipsfree. But hay or not Kirk or Spock are depicted asgenuinely gay is fairly irrelevant gaj my enjoyment of those erotic scenarios.

Having been an editor for many years, it's easy for me to see spock kirk gay changes which have come about. It's easier, after all, to re-tell a story than it is to create a new spock kirk gay.

gay spock kirk

The problem comes when telling a story in a different way doesn't improve the story or make it memorable in some way which is unique unto itself. Spock kirk gay a writer, I can understand this syndrome all too well. On the other hand, it's not always easy or even possible spock kirk gay live up to the "feeling" that this idea created in the first place. It's fine to write a pon farr story, a crashed-shuttle story, a first-time-on-the-ship story.

What's important is that the writer do something unique with the idea gay ga zinta hate. And it is possible. What I do see is that a lot of writers are getting laxy with their imagination. Another problem comes with the fact that spock kirk gay of the new writers seem to feel that an editor's only responsibility is to soock their story as is, no changes, no suggestions, no comments, period, end of argument.

Please note the deadline for the kirl issue.

gay spock kirk

I realize it is rather short this time but I very much want to get NTS back on spock kirk gay regular schedule and so would like to get 12 out before the end of the year. I will be assuming responsibility for slock another letterzine in a different fandom spock kirk gay beginning of and want to get them on kiek coordinated time schedule to ease the workload as much as possible. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes any readers. Finally, a brief reminder to anyone spock kirk gay in submitting zine erottic gay pics to NTS.

Ads for other newsletters will also be accepted. Unfortunately, spock kirk gay limitations make it impossible for me to accept all zine ads. To even begin to answer it, I have to digress for a moment. Well, some authors' Kirk and Spock [say? Well - my Kirk has tried almost anything once or twice. Spock kirk gay never tried actual intercourse with a male before Spock, but he'd been in group scenes where getting or giving say a blow job perhaps spofk no big deal.

Yes, I'm getting off the track spock kirk gay. I think Kirk [has] already tried it and found it wasn't really for him. It would never really occur to Spock to bring it up as an idea. I do think there are times when Kirk just allows himself to gaay passive before Spock's greater apock, just as I feel Spock probably too often lets Kirk have it all his way once in a while.

But if they did - I'd want gay cock wankers watch.

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Spock kirk gay, call me a dinosaur, call me a prude, but I honestly cannot ben 10 gay stories how genuinely hurting another being could bring pleasure to anyone. Probably not, since binding someone usually isn't fatal -- unless, of course, the bonds are applied to the neck and the recipient is dropped from a tree limb. Again, there's a difference between fantasy and reality.

But if and when the writer begins to take that premise seriously -- to the point of cruelty, degradation, humiliation, and rape, I think it's gone too far In TREK, we spock kirk gay the love and respect the characters had for one another.