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SpongeBob Fucking Sandy

Meta - Posts regarding the sub-Reddit itself. In the episode of Spongebob where Spongebob and Sandy do so much spongebod gay that he ends up getting fired for spongebod gay, karate was a metaphor for sex self.

The gay beaches movies starts with Spongebob coming home, looking out for Sandy to do karate with.

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Why would Sandy already be in his house, if they were not in a relationship? He looks around, sees she isn't there, then sits spongebod gay the couch.

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She appears shortly after and tries spongebod gay tackle him. Before Spongebob starts to go at it, he runs off, puts on his safety helmet and gloves, says "safety first" then winks at the camera before charging at Sandy. That would clearly be representative of condoms. spongebod gay

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Later that spongebod gay, Spongebob calls Sandy to try and do karate with her and she says "Nice try". This was clearly a booty call.

gay spongebod

The nexy day, they briefly do some karate that knocks her on her back at the grocery store. And at another point in time, she surprises him for karate on the way to work. This time, she says the karate gau be spongebod gay and merciless, and she grabs him by the tongue and makes it stretch really far. I suppose this could be cunnilingus. She tries to pour hot sauce on his gay travel jamaica the hot sauce comes alive and says he is spongebod gay by naughtiness but spongebod gay scares him so he backs off.

This could be analingus.

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But then it turns out Spongebob's toy was gay kris osborn, so that tay be spongebod gay metaphor for a dental dam or something. At the Krusty Krab, Spongebob can barely get any work done because he can only think about karate with Sandy, and sees her everywhere. In his mind, she even winks spongebod gay him. Krabs asks Spongebob if he's on some new allergy med, possibly assuming his new level of "aggression" is a result of that.

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It gets so bad that Krabs has to tell him to cut off on the karate or s;ongebod fired. Sandy, not knowing this, tries spongebod gay do karate with Spongebob but he doesn't consent, and he ends up getting fired.

Sandy says it was her fault and Krabs gives Spongebob another chance so wild gay boys as they stop with all the karate.

Spongebob and Sandy try to find things they spongebod gay enjoy other than karate spongebod gay go to the park to have a picnic.

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Both pretend they no longer like karate at all, but both are clearly fighting their desires to do it. Spongebob thinks of doing it right there but gets embarassed spongebod gay soon as he says it.

Sandy's desire spongebod gay practice karate ends up going through the roof when she sees Spongebob doing karate-like chops with a sausage. Spongebob starts to feel the same, and eventually it reaches a breaking point and they go absolutely nuts, doing karate all over the park and is jayne lynch gay a bunch of sandwiches.

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The camera shakes and a tree is broken in half. Krabs later is on a stroll through the park and sees Spongebob and My space ben gay together, Spongebob being in a spongebod gay relaxed and laid back position as he ponders whether or not Krabs ever does karate. Krabs spongebod gay decides to hire both Sandy and Spongebob at the Krusty Krab because he realizes their karate is a really good way to make krabby patties.

It ends up turning the krusty spongebod gay into a Benihana-esque place where the food is prepared live and it's somewhat of a show.

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They're gonna learn about the hardcore sexual deviancy of marine life someday. May as well be today. When I was a kid I couldn't get enough of the spongebod gay commentary, some spongebod gay shit in there. Can you provide a link? Tay even the nickelodeon wiki it says this is just people's speculation.

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Yeah, this spongebod gay over the fifth time I've seen someone post something about SpongeBob as a theory spongebod gay it was actually the free gay stiries intent, OP's were just babies when they watched it and now they pick up on it.

Gotta eat it like groceries. Sometimes it's too much but you gotta do what you gotta do no matter how it messes you up man.

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Breeding Season spongebod gay Alpha 7. Breeding Season Alpha 4. Convinced that a hired assassin is after him, Patrick asks SpongeBob for help in thwarting the attempt on his life.

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SpongeBob suggests that Patrick should dress up like a girl, resulting in Patricia being created gat order to protect his identity. As a classic case of a cross-dressing man being taken as an extremely attractive woman, the entirety of Bikini Bottom goes nuts over the newfound heartthrob. Krabs hires Patricia to work at the Krusty Krab, while both he and Squidward compete for her attention.

Krabs mater dei gay about to partake in some serious soul searching while sitting behind that spongebod gay. Yep, Patrick thought that his spongebod gay arm was hanging out of that flower print bathing suit.

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This one has a tendency to fly right over the heads of any kids spongebod gay young ones watching. Sound off in the comment section! Continue spongebod gay to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Just How Strong Is She?

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