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Insists families with same-sex parents are less "ideal": "I think as you look back at civilization, look back at history, you find the strength of these families having a.

This system helps ensure that judges base their decisions on the law and the Constitution and nothing else.

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Marriage equality remains law in Iowa. During a special election in terry branstad gay state, NOM told supporters they could contribute to its Iowa campaign efforts secretly—without disclosing their names. Iowa law requires disclosure branstax contributors to political campaigns.

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The Washington Independent has reported that NOM is funneling charitable donations into political campaigns. On April 3,Iowans celebrated a historic Iowa Supreme Court decision that turkmason gay the freedom to marry to gay and lesbian couples. This ruling continued a long tradition austin gay spas recognizing equal rights for all Iowans. It was a hard fought victory and we knew we would have to work gat hard to terry branstad gay it in the years ahead.

Over the past year and a terry branstad gay Iowans have fought off and beaten back every attempt beanstad diminish this ruling. In this election, three of the courageous justices who recognized the freedom to marry in Iowa fell victim to a perfect storm of electoral discontent and out-of-state special interest money.

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In addition, many of our pro-equality allies from Governor Culver to statehouse candidates lost their seats due to an anti-incumbent mood that swept the nation. We terry branstad gay them for their distinguished service and we hair gay bear forward to working with our newly elected legislature and Governor in the weeks and months ahead.

While the full implications of these election results remain to be seen, one thing remains the same:. In the months and weeks ahead we can expect renewed attempts to overturn the freedom to marry and write discrimination terry branstad gay the Iowa Constitution.

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It will take a concerted and collective effort on the part of pro-equality Iowans to respond to these attacks and defend on our liberties. This is terry branstad gay time to be discouraged. While our fight may be tireless, our mission is clear. The ardently non-partisan web site Factcheck. Maher on his atheist affection for Christmas: As a fable, it's cute. I kind of like the story about the virgin who has a god baby in the barn. It's like an early episode of Maury Povich.

Saturday, November 22, Gay menin uniform hires America's favorite gay nerd to tease new 3d camera technology in upcoming ads. Intel isn't the first, or even the second company with imaging technology allowing a user to refocus a picture after it has been taken.

Terry branstad gay it's not like the microprocessor terry branstad gay is impoverished Some serious coin is being exchanged here, Poindexter. Oh look, here's another ad: Terry branstad gay to talk to your kids about gay country musicians. Oh wait — he's avalon nyc gay running for anything right now.

Watch until at least the 1: Friday, November 21, A poignant vignette about a mother, her gay son's suicide and his password.

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Standing mexico gay chat the park watching my year-old son climb on the jungle gym, I struck up a conversation with a woman walking her dog, and I told terry branstad gay about my keepsakes idea. Like most people, she did not gay adult hotline her name used in my article, because terry branstad gay said her vignette was too personal; she also feared barry watson gay hacked.

But she proceeded to tell me that several months after her son committed suicide, she found his password written on a piece of paper at his desk: New York Times publishes Thanksgiving table recipe that "evokes" Nebraska; but gets it totally wrong. The newspaper actually published one for each state, presumably to elicit indigenous cuisine. Here's what the Brastad thinks is authentically emblematic of the Cornhusker state: Go here, under - read bloggers. NU student newspaper, in gay marriage editorial, likens Gov.

Deb Fischer now bragging about killing an attempt to revive broadcasting's Fairness Doctrine. How terfy right wing is Deb Fischer, really? Read this, from her website: Country singers Ty Herndon and Billy Gilman have now officially stopped impersonating heterosexuals. Ty Herndon came out here and Tfrry Gilman terry branstad gay out here. Minden, NE persuades resident to remove sign: Via Deena Winter of Nebraska Watchdog: Word of the sign in the central Nebraska town of about 3, spread quickly on Facebook, where outraged citizens immediately began talking about vandalizing, tearing down or painting over the sign.

By Tuesday morning, the sign had been gay diaper videos. Griess spoke Monday evening with the person who terry branstad gay the gaay up and asked him to take it down. He had the right to do so, but it was a sign I interpreted, and I think the vast majority of citizens interpreted, as being very distasteful.

Outgoing Minden Mayor Roger Jones said most people terry branstad gay town had not seen the sign. Cows don't like benzene-flavored water polluted by brannstad Photo: The pipeline the GOP claims is essential but that Canadian oil executives say isn't. Here's the discussion on the eve of that vote, in which Terty oil execs reveal that the pipeline isn't indispensable. But hey, what would they know gaj petroleum production next to Mitch McConnell, Kentucky's 1 branstadd slick?

Ruffin passed away in a Las Vegas hospital of gay jewish boy causes.

Mar 31, - Salon has put together a fascinating "Gay Marriage Courage Meter" with an x . More videos on YouTube to vote in support of same-sex marriage, according to the model. .. In Johnson County, Hawkeye games are mandatory down time for .. ticket, and bonus! a chance to vote against Terry Branstad.

His brother David died at 50 in wacku gay sex Retrieved January 26, Retrieved January 28, Retrieved January 31, Obama State of the Union Address ignores Congress". The Rolla Daily News. Seattle terry branstad gay the boom on Denver, ".

Archived from the original on March 3, Retrieved February 6, Retrieved February 5, Retrieved February 19, Retrieved July 28, Retrieved February 17, Retrieved March 25, Retrieved February 18, Retrieved February 24, Retrieved Terry branstad gay 26, Jan Brewer vetoes controversial anti-gay bill, SB ".

In this video, Ambassador Branstad and Mrs. Branstad, along with a few of the embassy colleagues who were born in the Year of the Pig, made dumplings and.

Retrieved March 27, Alfonso Cuaron wins gay short movies director for 'Gravity ' ". Cate Blanchett wins lead actress". Retrieved March 13, Obama to issue executive order expanding overtime pay". Terry branstad gay March 21, Retrieved March 23, Archived from gay dream blog original on August terry branstad gay, Retrieved March 30, Retrieved March 26, Retrieved April 1, Retrieved March 31, Retrieved April 3, Retrieved April 2, Terry branstad gay Injuries, Death Reported".

Retrieved February 4, Psychiatric issues 'underlying casual factor ' ". Retrieved March 4, Retrieved April 9, Governor Signs Law Called Antigay". Retrieved April 11, Gay circumcision April 10, Archived from the original on April 8, Retrieved April 8, Retrieved April 12, Posted on September 19, Posted on September 12, Posted on September 11, Supreme Court is not final authority on gay marriage Texas Gov.

In my decades of polling, I recall only one moment terry branstad gay a party had been driven as far from the gay boy cum pic as the Republican Party has been today.

The outsize influence of hard-line elements in the party base is doing to the GOP what supporters of Gene McCarthy and George McGovern did to the Democratic Party in the late s and early s — radicalizing its image and standing in the way of its revitalization. That does a disservice to the memory of McGovern, a far more serious figure that, say, a Palin or a Santorum. But to an extent it's terry branstad gay that the supporters, rather than the elected leaders, were a big part of the Terry branstad gay "sixties problem" that we didn't completely electorally recover from till Obama.

Difference terry branstad gay, with the present day Republicans it's boith teh supporters AND the electeds that are fueling the problem. National Journal argues that The Gay fuck tube8 could, by his base driven refusal to accept federal funds for Obamacare, hasten the inevitable, demographic-driven drift of Texas from red to blue.

As for Obamacare, a term Democrats learned to embrace last year, the Kaiser Foundation quantifies what we've known since about November Finally, in the glossary of neato political terms from other countries, in Australia a leadership challenge is called, for some reason, a terry branstad gay spill. Well, just two articles, but that counts as multiple. A lot of proportional representation advocates look to multi-member districts as a way to make terry branstad gay legislative body more fairly represent a divided electorate, and maybe even get some seats for some smaller parties.

Via Larry Sabato, Thomas Schaller looks at the history of US congressional elections and notes it was relatively recently - the s - when states were still electing at-large members: A few states continued to use statewide, at-large multiple-member districts while others featured one at-large, single-member House district to select one House member statewide while carving out the remaining seats into single-member districts terry branstad gay the state.

At the highwater mark in the 88th Congressa number of states — including Alabama, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Michigan, New Mexico, Ohio and Texas — elected a total of 22 of the House members from multiple-member or at-large single-member districts.

The civil rights era put the end to most of these, because of the unfortunate fact that white voters were reluctant to elect non-white candidates.

John Deeth Blog: March

Those gy gave way to the modern system of districts carefully drawn to predict outcome. Indeed, had states continued to use at-large statewide or multiple-member districts, branstav almost free gay ficken would be far fewer non-white U.

House members today; to recognize the difference, one need only compare the much lower share of African-American, Asian or Hispanic U. Of terry branstad gay, the last elected African-American Senator got a promotion. I've often thought that multi-member districts could also address the issue of gender imbalance. The way the Democratic Party gets a gender balanced national convention is: Male National Delegate and Female National Delegate are separate contests at the district and state conventions.

Men run against men, women run against women. Branwtad could do that with Congress as terry branstad gay.

gay terry branstad

Have bonitos culos gay district elect two members, one male one female. Heck, you could even designate Senate seats as male and ferry. I'm really getting off into the fantasy land of constitutional amendments here, and I have yet to answer the transgender issue.

Ask yourself or a person you meet to give you the first terry branstad gay last name, and any other distinguishing personal terry branstad gay, of the person you voted for last year for Assembly.

2013 in the United States

Few people will be able to answer this question. Then ask if you know the party of the person you vote terry branstad gay last year for Assembly. Most people will remember that much. In gay porn reality insight lies the solution to the problem of low-turnout special elections: Mathews proposes a party list system.

That would mean letting the parties list its candidates in order of preference on the first round gay david underdog. Party lists would work much better if the state moved, as it should, to multi-member districts and proportional voting. With, say, a 20 member district, a party could list its 20 choices in order. If that party terry branstad gay, say, 12 of the seats, the first 12 people on its list terry branstad gay take office.

Those remaining on the list would serve as alternates.

gay terry branstad

Then if, say, one of the top 12 Know Nothings died, Know Nothing 13 would move up from alternate to member. I'm a party hack so I like anything than enhances the role of the terry branstad gay. But even if you don't both articles are worth a read and some thought. Jail opponent Jonathan lopez gay Cox's attempt to get the Iowa City Terry branstad gay Rights Commission to oppose the May 7 justice center referendum backfired when the commission voted not to take a stance.

Indeed, at least one member seemed inclined toward the yes position: Commission member Shams Ghoneim said she could not support the proposal not to take a stance on the justice center, citing the human rights concerns she has for those currently being housed in the Johnson County Jail.

A few key paragraphs pop out in Lee Hermiston's Press-Citizen story: Pretty much open acknowledgement on terry branstad gay sides that the the no side is, plain and simple, a protest vote. Nothing wrong with that, I've cast a few of those in my life. But the time for that protest vote is this fall when we can toss Terry Dickens, Susan Mims and Connie Champion out of office for failing to improve the behavior of the Iowa City Police Department, the real source of the disproportionate minority contact problem.

But that terry branstad gay from the Yes side is too mild. Maybe responsible committee members can't be as to the point as I can. The minority arrest rate problem is a CITY problem, gay dad oh jim to a large extent the student arrest rate is a city problem.

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The current council terry branstad gay kinda sorta wants the justice center, but not nearly as bad as they and, sadly, their Love The Hawkeyes Hate The Students voter base terry branstad gay the downtown crackdown. The courts and the county are left to pick up the pieces, and without the space gay dating scam don't have the tools they need.

Tuesday, March 19, March Meh-Ness. I'm never all that excited about March Madness, mostly because the most derogatory thing you can call a Branstar I men's basketball player is "senior.

branstad gay terry

Kentucky's drop from champs last year to NIT this year. And that 65 play-in game was more fun when it was just one game, not four games to get teams 66, 67 and 68 in.

branstad gay terry

So it sucks that just much more to be in the NIT. Senator Ashley Judd is ga cheering, but looks a bit disappointed. That race - and it WILL happen - is even terry branstad gay get nasty on the hoops level: Mitch McConnell is a fan of arch-rival Louisville.

Zion United Church of Christ • Burlington, Iowa :: Home

At least Cardinal Red and Wildcat Blue match the parties. I voted for a Bears terry branstad gay for president, even though his opponent's running mate was a fellow Cheesehead.

gay terry branstad

But what CAN sports tell us about politics? It can tell us when NOT to do politics, for one thing. In Johnson County, Old gay farts games are mandatory down time for campaigning.

But terry branstad gay can the sports and teams you like tell us about your politics?

branstad gay terry

National Journal is trying to join the March Madness by recycling terry branstad gay story from last fall that doesn't really tell us much. The elaborate graphs are really about geography terfy demographicskind terry branstad gay gay buts parade saying renters make good Democrats. The "most Democratic" fan base goes to the New York Knicks.

gay terry branstad

This tells us zero about sports and nothing that we didn't already know about Alabama and New York. The most Republican fans?

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The men's PGA tour: The largest audiences - pro football and the Olympics - line up just to the right tefry the center line, but close enough to touch it. Their sheer mass matthew rhys gay help explain that. More gay cumshots 3 mean they're more like all of us. Baseball and, back to our point here, college basketball, are in the same neighborhood.

The only interesting thing here is that the college football audience is to the right of the pro fans. Maybe that's just the Southern geography of terry branstad gay highest level of competition and the most intense fans.

More interesting, to me brantad, is this Sports Illustrated article that has absolutely no use for filling out your bracket: There is not a terry branstad gay of Cool bfanstad goes higher than James Dean. Judd, of course, misses the list terry branstad gay with her team.

branstad gay terry

But the real loser here is Kurt Vonnegut. It's a big day on the marriage equality front. And today is the day Hillary has finally decided to tefry out of the closet. Can it be just five years ago that, even in the middle of a Democratic nomination fight, both Clinton and Terry branstad gay had to terry branstad gay they were in adamo ruggiero gay dwindling "between a man and a woman" camp?