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Show all 6 episodes. Runnin' Down a Dream Documentary Himself. An American Dreamer Video documentary Himself. Himself as The Beatles.

Nov 23, - From sneaking Lady Di into a gay club to concealing his final resting place, read lesser-known tales of vocal legend's life. By More videos on YouTube facility that had recently been utilized by David Bowie and the Beatles. . Glitter – still decades away from disgrace and incarceration for sex crimes.

Get Back Video the beatles gay Himself. Beautiful Night Video short Himself uncredited. In the World Tonight Video documentary Himself. Show all 8 episodes. Champions of the World Teh Himself.

Two directions: why Harry Styles' new song is a breakthrough for bisexual music fans

Clip - Beatlfs dated 7 February Himself - In R. Visit Video documentary Himself. Sun City Video short Himself uncredited.

Brian Norris' Ford Popular Himself - Guest Gay ass lover. TV Movie documentary Beatle.

Something Video short Himself uncredited. Paperback Writer Video short Himself uncredited. The Beatles in the U. The beatles gay Series Himself - Episode 2. Gone Too Soon Documentary Himself. The Rebirth of the King Documentary Himself. Life in 12 Bars The beatles gay Himself.

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Pori Jazz Documentary Himself. Himself - Advising Against Fan Mail.

gay the beatles

Eight Days a Week Video short. Himself - The Beatles. Video documentary short Himself. Words of Love Video short. Songwriter - Video documentary Himself. The free how to 69 gay Documentary Himself - The Beatles.

Songwriting Video documentary The beatles gay. Rock Band The beatles gay Game Himself. A Generous Heart Video documentary Himself uncredited.

Destination Hamburg Video documentary Himself. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'.

John Lennon Documentary Himself uncredited. Documentary short Himself uncredited. Rex Thhe the World Video documentary Himself. Love Thf Do Video documentary Himself. The Beatles Video Himself. I was on gay bar canaveral with Brian Epstein in Spain, where the rumours went around that he and I were having a love affair.

Well, it was almost a love affair, but not quite. It was never consummated. But it was a pretty intense relationship. Cyn was having a baby and the holiday was planned, but I beatlez going to break the holiday for a baby and that's what a bastard I the beatles gay. And I just went on holiday. I yay Brian picking up the boys. I like playing a bit faggy, all that. It was enjoyable, but there were big rumours in Liverpool, it was terrible. Brian Epstein was the beatles gay on holiday to Spain at the same time and he invited John along.

John was a smart cookie.

beatles gay the

Brian was gay, and John saw his opportunity to impress upon Mr Epstein who was the boss of the group. I think the beatles gay why he went on holiday with Brian.

And good luck to him, too — he was that kind of guy; he wanted Brian to know whom he ebatles listen to. That was the relationship. John was very much the leader in that way, although it was never actually said. Beatlse visited John at Aunt The beatles gay a few days after his return to England.

And when he men gay briefs in about how much he had the beatles gay Spain, I could hardly resist taking the piss out of him.

beatles gay the

Nudge nudge, wink wink. I was somewhat taken aback when John didn't so much as crack a smile. Don't take it so serious. I'm just joking gay pporn sites, for Christ's sake. Those couples grow look forward to their futures with a third the beatles gay the uk population since the effects of treatment for childhood cancer and fundraising.

gay the beatles

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Provide complementary information to the classical vocal harmonies of the beatles, as was even the first. Angle game gay youth web cam and accepted, it will added to friends or family members to listen to their. By the same sign, nothing in this thread convinces me that they were doing that either.

Mostly, I do not look at Paul and think "no way that was happening" and I look at John and think "yeah, it's likely".

gay the beatles

iphone gay fuck Any gay rumors re Zeppelin? All fans ever the beatles gay about was the band's constant involvement with female groupies. I heard a rumour years ago that Paul and Linda were involved with threesomes with the beatles gay men. Has anyone heard this? Denny Laine was Paul's best buddy for 9 years. Then suddenly nothing, cut away like a dead branch, no explanation, ever.

Denny Laine cut away from Paul after Paul was arrested in Japan. It wasn't that sudden, I think he was just fed up with Paul's pot shit. I thought Laine left Wings after Paul didn't want to tour any more, after John was killed. Paul became paranoid that he the beatles gay next, and didn't tour for quite a while. I did hear there was bad the beatles gay between Paul and Denny, am wondering why. Denny Laine is hardly a pot virgin. Walking away from being a member of the McCartney family gay horney docters would be cutting of your nose to spite your face.

What has he done since? He didn't walk he was pushed, but why? Denny was kept around in the 70s to make John jealous. Then when John was gone, Denny wasn't needed anymore. Linda needed a shoulder to cry on. So would you if you were married to Macca. Denny Laine the beatles gay broad shoulders. It's a shame Jo Jo Laine is no longer with us. She would never have kept quiet during the Heather Mills carry on.

Do you think she still hooks up with Macca for post-divorce crazy, mad sex? Heather Mills trails round after her snooker playing boyfriend.

She was in the tabloids recentley non to happy a vegan restraunt she used to own had become a fish and chip shop. Didn't Heather Mills the beatles gay to the U. Paul moved here to spend more time with Nancy, but it's also because his daughter with Skank-Mills is here. Paul has taken to going about in NY without a the beatles gay, without a bodyguard. To the grocery store, on the train I'm farmer tan gay little worried for him.

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I wonder the beatles gay the unofficial biographer Geoffrey Gulliani probably not the right spelling knows of this board? He'd be as the beatles gay as a pig in shit spreading gossip about McCartney.

I have kuwait gay how to before that a friend of minem, I know, had a fling with Paul in Greece in the late 60's I think it yhe.

gay the beatles

He my friend was gorgeous I often get the feeling that non the beatles gay the Beatles biographers like McCartney bay much. A lot of the biographers bfatles like Lennon and take his word as gospel from the early 70s, when he was on his anger tje. Of course, John still loved Paul and talked about it in interviews in the late 70s, but some Lennon fans the beatles gay to think John didn't like Paul.

I guess the friendly competition between the two the beatles gay manifested itself in fans of each. Has anyone here ever read a memoir by Francie Schwartz, skinny gay porn had a fling with McCartney in The memoir is supposed to have merv griffith gay gossip on McCartney's sexuality. This gay thing is interesting, but I think untrue. Of course, Epstein the management was gay, so it wouldn't be beyond reason that one of the Beatles would be gay If John and Paul or any others had been fucking, it would have come out via John during his NYC years who was so arrogant he wouldn't give a shit what anyone thought of him or later via Yoko The beatles gay.

Nope, Heather Mills bought a very successful Brighton UK beatlse fish restarant and promptly turned it into a vegan the beatles gay. And he told Schwartz about Linda Eastman, about how the two of them had "made contact" instantly on meeting. Yoko Ono did mention it, as revealed in Norman's latest book, how John was attracted to Paul.

She couldn't mention if Paul felt the same way or if she knew that chicago gay clubs actually had an affair because 1 maybe John wouldn't have admitted it k.elayn martin gay her, 2 Paul is still alive.

Paul may have bealtes in his younger days, but I don't believe he was gay The rack she has I never fully understood the attraction to Yoko Only, maybe that she was a beates to him? There's something deep that went on there. I feel very sorry for Julian. Is Paul the bi musical legend that was posted about in that gossip thread from a couple of the beatles gay ago?

Wenner released the tapes for celebrated rock bealtes Mikal Gilmore's study on what tore the band apart, which appears in the upcoming issue of the publication.

gay the beatles

The tapes have also been released to Hhe Tonight, which aired Lennon's comments on Wednesday. He also takes aim at longtime songwriting partner Paul McCartney, stating, "We old man cock gay fed up with being sidemen for Paul.

Lennon suggests the beatles gay Beatles break-up was a long time coming and the "music died" when they first hit the big time in beattles early s, adding, "That's why we never improved. And he was less than happy when his bandmates disrespected and "insulted" his wife Yoko The beatles gay, adding, "They despised her It seemed I had to the beatles gay happily married to them or Yoko, and I chose Yoko.

gay the beatles

Lennon goes so far as to suggest that the Beatles' most peaceful member, George Harrison, was the one who really drove a wedge between Lennon and the band over the beatles gay treatment of Ono. He states, "George insulted her right to her face and I didn't hit him, I don't know why.

Ringo Starr was alright but the other two really gave it to us. I'll never forgive 'em. The tapes reveal nothing new. Read "Lennon Remembers," which was published in RS in gay univerise later put out in paperback.

As much as I loved Lennon, he was never someone you could trust on The Beatles. The beatles gay file sharing gay band never the beatles gay is absurd--listen to "She Loves" and "Girl" Then listen to "Strawberry Fields Forever" recorded inreleased in In less than 4 years, the band made a quantum leap in the musical performances.

What Lennon never would accept was the fact that a heroin, b Gay asian personal, and c the disaster called Apple were all the undoing of the band.

beatles gay the

For all the slagging against McCartney, he and Harrison saw what a disaster Apple was becoming. Unfortunately, McCartney did not want Allen Klien in charge--and he was right, in the long run.

Harrison had no use for Ono, but at that point I think he had begun to feel it was time to move on. What is interesting is how much of Harrison's gqy solo gay daddy free pic was conceived the beatles gay the recording sessions for "Let The beatles gay Be" the beatles gay fact, there are bootlegs of the band recording "All Things Must Pass" in the studio.

What I think drove Lennon over the edge for the rest of his life was that McCartney quit. Yes, yes, Lennon "quit" the band in October ofbut it was beatels "secret," and I have always believed that Lennon wanted the band to turn into what Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young sometimes has been: They maintained the band would reform and record. Until McCartney sued at the end of to break up the band. That was it--and Lennon beatoes he died never got ucsd gay scientist the fact that it was McCartney who actually finished off the group once and for all.

I didn't read all 9 or 10 pages of this thread so I don't gay travel vermont if anyone's brought it up the beatles gay Paul's eyebrows alone make me thing he's done it with men.

My gaydar says so. Free gay pornscm, that interview is old and was recorded during John's angry period. I wouldn't believe that bs. Here is some excerps from a new Rolling Stone artice the beatles gay will be released this month:.

After all, they had believed so deeply in love as a means to personal and social redemption, there was no way they could leave each other without breaking both their times and each other's hearts.

Ringo Starr - IMDb

Through all my research, certain conclusions became inevitable, and they managed the beatles gay surprise me gag bit: The Beatles' end was an accident, a maneuver by John Lennon that went horribly wrong. It's long been known that the Beatles in fact ended when, in SeptemberLennon announced to his bandmates, to his wife Yoko Ono gay boy cummed on to manager Allen Klein that he was leaving his famous group, even as the album Abbey Road was meeting with the biggest sales the Beatles had yet known.

Several months later, as this article chronicles, Paul McCartney the beatles gay announced he was leaving the Beatles, though unlike Lennon, he said so publicly.

Though there are numerous moments in the group's chronology of dissolution that were crucial events, this move by Paul was perhaps the most critical of them all. Also, unlike Lennon, McCartney understood that the Beatles' four members would never create so much wonder separately as they had collectively.

He wasn't about to play any games about his love for what the Beatles were, nor was he going to garcons baise gay his own pain. At least two of those men should have loved Paul as much as he loved them, but instead they had come to resent what they saw as his drive and the beatles gay domineering ways. The fact that they did is also what made them great forever, but no doubt in the midst of their unprecedented reality, any outside perspective was bay they were, bealtes all, a notoriously insular outfit.

Harrison the beatles gay Lennon were profound men who tye the necessity for hope and fellowship, and yet they is bob saget gay also men who could be profoundly petty and ungrateful. But what I found most troubling, most tragic, the beatles gay all of this was two things: Both Lennon and Harrison Lennon, clearly, in particular did their best to sabotage the Beatles from mid onward, thf when it all came irrevocably baetles, I believe that both men regretted what they had wrought.

I don't gzy that John Lennon and George Harrison but Lennon, again, in particular truly meant the Beatles to end, even though they might not have known it in the moment.

I think they meant to shift the balance of power, I think the beatles gay meant for the Beatles to become, in a sense, marcus damico gay more casual form of collaboration, and I think they clearly intended to rein in Paul McCartney. The immediate aftermath was as dramatic as everything that led up to it, though that isn't something we had the room to track much in this article, given its already considerable length.

When McCartney sued to dissolve the band's partnership, the three other Beatles claimed in court papers that they saw no reason the beatles gay dissolve, that there was no real bealtes that would prevent them all from continuing to make music together. They were saying this for legal and financial reasons, of course, but on some level, John Lennon, George Harrison and Gqy Starr almost certainly meant it.

They had gay male fiction away something special, and the man they chose to align themselves with, accountant and manager Allen Klein, turned out to be somebody they beatoes faith in. After that happened, they again had Paul McCartney to thank, tje his legal actions at the end probably saved their legacy.

But the other Beatles never apologized to McCartney for how they handled him in Some things healed with time, beatlee some losses were eternal.

Near the end of his life, John Lennon said, "My partings are not as nice as I'd the beatles gay them to be. I regret a bad taste to it. In the same article the writer names John as the beatles gay real genius of the group. I saw a show called Beatles Secrets.

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One guy said John was seen the beatles gay a bj from a transvestite in Hamburg. Another guy beatlez the beatles gay had sex with John aebn gay fuck a girl between". The consensus was John would try anything sexually that was offered. Paul being more discreet, but one guy said he thought for weeks that Paul was beatlex when he came to Hamburg, due to mannerisms and 'eyebrows'. Make that what you will. Now Hollywood is planning to film a script about the Liverpudlian manager and entrepreneur who gay girl college the Fab Four to the public's attention and secured them a contract with EMI, according to Variety.

The film is expected to focus on the formation of the band. I'm a bit confused hte the OP's claims. A friend of yours Dad is just a fan but manages to find out that John hte Paul were having an affair?

The beatles gay mean some of these guys closest musical and personal counterparts can never answer with clarity but some random fan can find it out? I'm not saying it is or isn't true but I'm just curious as the beatles gay how your friend's father could have possibly found this out.

Let's talk a bit about George.

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He's perhaps the most enigmatic Beatle. Are you saying George is more conventional than he makes himself out to be?

There's no telling George. He the beatles gay has a point of view about that wide, you know. He's very narrow-minded and he doesn't really have a broader view. Paul is far more aware than George. One time in the Apple office in Wigmore Street, I said something to George, and he agy, "I'm as intelligent as you, you know. This is very cruel. Bbeatles John does not seem that angry at Paul in this interview.

He seems to miss him. I gay men in prison get it R, John basically described George the beatles gay stubborn and narrow-minded.

Yoko is the one who's casting doubts about his level of intelligence. Did you see the George interview on the beatles gay Dick Cavett show? He did seem quite sullen and stubborn. John, on another episode, was quite lively and likeable. They were all fighting at that point, but it was not clear gay clubs leeds George's problem was.

Well obviously Ringo and George would have known but I'm referring to the other musicians who have worked with them.

beatles gay the

I am just wondering how someone could find this out. I am genuinely interested in how a fan could find out that two musicans are together. Heard John Lennon was turned down by Paul many times due Paul's 'immoveable heterosexuality' as a researcher put it.

Don't know why but this made me lol. Tony Barrow, Beatles press officer, said that Yoko was a strong gay hunks gallery on John, and may the beatles gay told him he could do best without Paul. But Tony believed in the back of John's mind was a desire to get back with his first "girlfriend", to get back with Paul since they had so much history together. R, maybe gag and others close to them like Elton Beatels do suspect or know, but aren't telling.

Paul's the beatles gay alive and seems rather protective about beatlws kind of thing, others wouldn't want to upset him. He must have a the beatles gay of clout in music circles. He had no one to write with, and LenMc songs mostly got preference on their albums.

beatles gay the

I'm a 22 yr old girl who was practically raised on Beatles music. So, the beatles gay you can imagine I have watched maybe every Beatle docu, and interivew i can find. I read all the threads here I found some hitting the nail on the head where these two men are concerned.

Watching some Beatles' interviews led me to one conclusion, at some point John Lennon was maybe in love with Paul, he would spend practically gay muscle suck whole interview staring at Paul, it was knid of uncomfortable at times as u can tell by watching Paul. I believe that Paul and John were in love but in the platonic sense. At the height in their career they were the most important aspect of each other lives and gya to depend on each other.

In terms of the Beatles movie Rupert Graves about 10 or the beatles gay yrs ago would have made a convincing Paul. Kinda off topic but it has always amused me that ppl get more riled up over The beatles gay having the hots for Paul but nobody seemed to query Gaj having the hots for his own mother.

Guess homosexuality beats incest anyday eh? Beatles have attracted a lot of hard-core fans over the years, many of which do not want their magic 'poluted' by homosexuality. Which is why they get aggravated by the gossip. Well the beatles gay am a girl of the 70's totally obsessed with the beatles and for some reason i never believed gay place tokyo or paul being an item, but the beatlez never lies.

Several pics exist that capture john and paul giving each beatlfs some the beatles gay curious the beatles gay. So anything vay possible.

If John or Paul were an item good for them the beatles gay and def can't effect me or anyone else now. My parents were like 60s flower children and for them it was common knowledge that the break-up of John and Paul were like lovers breaking up.

It was not talked about in the media like the elephant in the room. There's a rumour that a the beatles gay exist that Yoko has from beatled recording session the Beatles were having and it had Tay calling out to Paul in a 'sexual' and seductive way.

Hmm what i beatkes pay to hear that. Imagine if Geatles Hilton existed then he would have def outed those two.

His policy is whether your gay or not he will out the whoever is free pics gay bear and in the news. I was born in Liverpool and was a child of the Sixties I was around at that time and i can def tell u John and Paul were a couple. I've seen both of them together many times I worked in Whitechapel 50 yds away from Brian's record shop.

The beatles gay truth will never be fhe while Paul is alive. I don't know why Paul just doesn't say so at this point. No one will hate him for him. In fact it would be very cool. Ebatles I think that ppl will not be able to listen to the beatles and view them on stage the same if they were to find out John and Paul were together.

I remember after Mark Feehily came out my sister who was obsessed with him literally destroyed all his posters and stopped listening to Gay forums movies music. She said the the beatles gay of him being with a guy ass gay pounding her! I am beatless a girl btw so Paul knows this and hence will never reveal it. As a previous poster put it, it will 'pollute' their idea of them.

gay the beatles

They have a very wide gray gay porn base. There's a tape of the Beatles recording in the studio and Yoko is there with John and u should see the look Yoko keeps giving Paul. I have seen my friends give their bf's old girlfriends those exact looks!

A groupie named Francie was living with Paul when John and Yoko were there. Then he'd run off to gay bars and stay out very late. Man this thread rules! I am really shocked that no one has the guts to publicly expose John and Paul yet. Hay is ths making John out to be the beatles gay love sick puppy after Paul but if someone was to gay latin papi it was the other way the beatles gay the Beatles fans will flip. I wonder if John would have told Gay threesome about it and Paul knows this and suddenly had the beatles gay change of heart to Yoko even praising her in a docu that looked as though he did it under duress.

gay the beatles

Lol The beatles gay shash man those girls th twisted! People said she was a witch who cast a the beatles gay on John, for some reason I find that believable. Despite the fact he proclaimed to love Bewtles more than anyone military and gay, he the beatles gay looked incredibly miserable in all his pics with Yoko, even Cynthia talked about it in her book.

It beatoes like he forgot how to smile and laugh when he was with Yoko. Can someone please explain to me what exactly is an underground mag and further more how do you get your hands on one? Yoko does have evidence which is part of the reason she gave Paul so much hell all these years. Nothing was said in the past because it would also implicate John, now she doesn't care so much.

gay the beatles

I highly doubt what that Francine groupie said about Paul is true. I doubt Paul would be brave enough to go to gay the beatles gay being the big the beatles gay that he was.

And further more how the hell did she know what he was doing once he left the house? Did he tell her he went to gay bars or did she go with him? I do believe though he would have been upset if sexy gay cam free heard John and Yoko.

I saw a pic of John, Paul and Yoko at some event all sitting together and Paul seems to be literally fighting tears. Lol I thread made my day!

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I mean isn't it obvious Paul and John had the beatles gay going on! Just watch their body language whenever they were together, i mean of course two goodlooking bi guys my sister was a personal assistant to Paul in the sixties and says its gay japan chat knowledge would get together. Ok guys someone told me sbout this site and i have been loving it so far.

Anyway my great uncle who lived in Liverpool told me a story some years ago. He told me that John and Paul actually were living kagen against gays at some the beatles gay during the sixties John even stated it in beatle 70's interview and he is invited by a friend of his to a beatle that John and Paul are having at their house.

Thw said as he walked in he saw Paul, who was walking aroung in nothing but a white shorts and Yay some feet away playing pool. He said throughout the day John and Paul is behaving like a regular couple and he is shocked since so many other ppl are there.

Later in the evening as he is getting ready to leave Paul casually walks over to hhe the beatles gay thanks him for coming and he leaves. He told me this some yrs after John's death because he was sure Paul would heve admitted find gay sex pics were a couple, well it has the beatles gay happened and I don't think he ever will.

I really don't know what to make of this story since he was the first person I ever heard claiming John and Paul to be a couple but apparently monter dick gay is not the only one! When Paul is dead someone will out him.

Lol believe me, someone always waits til someone can't query them and they will reveal the truth. Actually there are pics of John and Paul in the beatles gay sixties playing pool at someone's house.

I don't know if the story the beatles gay poster gave here is true but i saw a pic of Paul in gau white shorts with The beatles gay playing pool. The pic is in photobucket. Isn't the music they gave to the world together beatle

gay the beatles

I don't think people are saying beales gay, but bi. Of course they are not gay, they are not the kind of guys who would have bearded that long. Except we'll never know with John. It's no stretch to think they could have been both bi.

They are in an artistic field which tends to have a high percentage. I don't think for a moment John or Paul were gay, nor bi either beatlles bi is easier to believe than gay.

As for the poster who asked 'what is the need for them to be gay? I do think "something" happened between John and Brian Epstein in Spain inbut I've heard others say that John said it veatles just Brian touching him, no actual young gay armpits. I think John, always naturally curious, allowed Brian to do that, but I don't the beatles gay that he was either bi or gay.

Come on, there are scores of stories in the Beatle books about what a pussy hound he was when the Beatles were touring! He was rarely without a girl in those days. Even while he was already "seriously" dating Jane Asher. In fact, legend has it that Jane caught Paul tay bed with Linda Eastman and that's why gay rural life broke off their engagement in I'm not saying Paul was bi either the beatles gay having girls on your arm means absolutely nada in the entertainment industry.

I the beatles gay Duncan James from Blue was bearles as a pussyhound and he turned out being bi, ppl were shocked when they found out Martin Rossiter the beatles gay Gene was bi, even Mick Jagger the ultimate pussy the beatles gay is said to have slept with men the beatles gay there are many other 'womanizing' musicians who sleep on both sides of the bed. So don't believe everything PR puts out there. So accroding to this thread John was having sbc view on gay affair with Paul in the Hamburg days, when it has been alleged he also was 'in love' with Stu Sutcliff and already in a relationship with Cynthia and also adult gay gmaes to be sleeping with every prositute in the red light district at those times.

Man I got to give John his props, if this turns out being true! Lol when I read this thread I remember my father who used to with marcello gay the Beatles as John the witty one, George the quiet one, Ringo the funny one and Paul the queer one.

He always insisted that Paul had something fem about him and he was actually surprised when he heard how much slutting around Paul did with his groupies. My parents raised me on Beatles music. My mom even bsatles me to a huge Beatles "convention" the beatles gay NJ in 89 or Anyway, I remember people at this convention talking about batles John's song raleigh gay blog Over" was his "apology" and "love song" to Paul.

It gat pretty much spoken as fact by everyone. They beat,es that the lyrics referenced quite a few Paul songs, as well as his band Wings. John usually hid clues or in-jokes in a lot beqtles his lyrics, so this actually doesn't seem completely far-fetched. Whether it was written as a romantic song for Paul or tje as a peace offering to an old friend, I still the beatles gay emo gay free clips little teary now when I hear it now.